things i make while i have no internet connection

hey i kno this might sound a bit daft but i’m really really desperate for money and as i can’t work i was wondering if anyone is or knows anyone who would be interested or in piano lessons???? from me obviously. 

it would only be for like the next 2 months cos i move away to uni (again) in september but i thought it could be like something fun for ppl to do while everyones back home for summer or it could be like a taster thing for people who aren’t sure about whether they want to learn it or not. i can also teach some basic music theory if anyone is interested in that too

i’m grade 8 standard and have my grade 5 theory and i can teach classical or pop piano whatever yous want. i can make it to most places in the north east of england but obviously most of you guys will not live in the north east of england so if u have a piano available in your own home and good internet connection i will happily do skype lessons!!! please if ur interested or considering it just pop up to me n we can sort something out (please i’m so broke please help me) 

CHRZ xxx