things i make for facebook friends

signs as people I know (check moon and sun signs)

aries: passionate about finding new ways to show love and create love with others, willing to put themselves down so others feel better, warm hugs, prefers music without words because they understand the message better without words telling them, will drive you to IHOP at midnight because you forgot to eat dinner, they care about literally fucking everyone, easily accept that change is unavoidable, their exuberant energy can seem very intimidating.

taurus: art is abundant in their ‘safe’ place, trying their best tbh, will put aside time that they need in order to help someone else, dislikes close minded people, sleeping prolly, has music too loud but they will tell you it’s not loud enough, thinks a shit ton about wether or not people like them but will never tell you that, actually very confident people, don’t really care about what people think of them but also cares a shit ton about what people think of them, so fucking loyal and expect nothing in return, can complain a lot actually.

gemini: can make anyone easily laugh, knows what’s in and what’s out, veryyyy generous people, pretty smiles, has good music taste because they listen to all types of music, relatable, seems very unattached to reality at times, doesn’t give up something/someone if they really love them, will cook for you willingly, they are ‘too cool’ for drama but typically start drama, will spend their whole night talking to you about future goals they have and the most random shit.

cancer: hold a very warm and gentle soul, can push people away because they tend to be very possessive but that is how they show love, they need a two year break, tries really hard to be relatable, let’s people walk over them without realizing, they love to pamper themselves to show love to themselves, you feel safe in their home, trusts people really easily, can get very broken and in a bad place if you betray them so please don’t honestly, when they’re angry it can show physically (red face, angry tears, etc).

leo: can be independent when they are comfortable in the situation, typically want the best for everyone, will defend you when you’re not there, will block you if you annoy them, just want someone to chill with, secretly want a partner but won’t say that out loud, ‘fake fan’, they have beautiful souls, these are the type of people you should go to last minute plans with (concerts, road trips, etc), just wanna have fun and look amazing while doing it, need/deserve love and attention from loved ones, gives you food if you forgot your lunch at home, you can see their emotions in their eyes if you look hard enough.

virgo: will try to avoid being honest with you because they don’t want to hurt you, is taken advantage of too often, will bring you a cookie if you’re having a bad day, courteous, organized, the person that always smiles at strangers just because, not really sure what they want out of life, can be very whiny, always want to be doing something to pretend like they have it together, if they are your friend please take advantage of how supportive they are to you, will very randomly give you compliments that can literally save your life because they’re always very thoughtful.

libra: passionate about making others’ lives better, cuddle bugs, energetic, gives their time to anyone who actually listens to them, thinking outside of the box, probably really pretty, kind souls but a tough exterior, wears sweats to the store because who honestly cares, makes jokes with people on line at checkout, they probably have a tradition to cook breakfast on saturdays, knows how to look good and feel good, once they find they’re self-worth not a fucking bull-dozer can take it down, please try to fight them on facebook because you will lose.

scorpio: very honest but also very petty without shame, fun and funny, blasts old jams in their car while trying their very best to avoid accidents, hates high school and loves college, just want to find a group that they fit in with, will try their best to make your birthday amazing I swear, open minded to literally everything honestly, critical friend, will tease you about something that happened five years ago, a total nerd about things they really like, very smart and efficient if they are motivated by their passion, unique style in all ways, beautiful minds.

sagittarius: flirty and prolly is dating someone right now, wants everyone to be happy but forgets about making themselves happy, cooks pancakes for you at midnight on a Wednesday night, will almost cry but then remembers a funny video they saw and starts to laugh, hates themselves but shows themselves a lot of love, makes jokes out of their pain, lovable, look intimidating but are actually very welcoming, hides emotions like a pro, very optimistic about literally everything.

capricorn: “doesn’t study” (yes I’m onto you bitch) for tests but still gets amazing grades, can be very fake but honest with people they are close to, traditional without trying, will be there for you, they are very observant and will remember if you did something that meant a lot to them, honestly needs a hug and affection a lot more than they say, takes long hot showers to make up for the lack in physical affection, lovely people, good people to sit with in the back of the movie theater so that you can talk the whole time, will accidentally spill tea and start drama, trying their best, work well with people who have a good drive for things they are passionate about,

aquarius: so fucking funny, constantly trying to be a better person in order to make up for the shitty world, watches documentaries about the sex industry, sticks to their morals, thinks a lot about life and the meaning of all of this, thinks (knows) the government is hiding something, will kill you if you hurt an animal, super chill and loves music, passionate, indecisive to the extreme, smokes weed to see if food tastes differently, interesting individuals

pisces: very confused about life and that makes them very sad, protect them because they are amazing friends, cries about failing a lot, not judge mental, hates it when people accuse them of something they didn’t do, beautiful people with caring hearts that let’s in people who shouldn’t be let in, offer you a hug if they see you upset in any way, wants people to like them, trying to find who they are, tend to let people laugh at their pain, shuts down their feelings when they feel attacked.

“I gave the last nine years of my life to my job. It was all I did. My work made me feel ‘needed.’ I was an accountant and I could do things that nobody else could do. My bosses kept telling me how important I was to the company. But one day they asked me to ‘touch up’ some numbers to make them look better. And I realized I was giving them way more of my time than they deserved—so I quit. The first thing I did was rest. The second thing I did was repair the relationships that I’d been neglecting. I reached out to old friends. I arranged to be with them physically, and not just over texts or Facebook. At first I was nervous because I didn’t know what we’d talk about. It had been so long. But it was easy. One of them had just gotten a scholarship. Another was becoming a father. So much had happened in their lives that I had missed. It felt so good to reconnect. For nine years I’d been focusing on numbers. It wasn’t real. Now I’m connecting with people again, and I feel like my feet are back on the ground.”

(Bogotá, Colombia)

I don’t even know. I was taking a walk today and this idea popped into my head. I swear I’m still writing the bookstore AU, too. Also, *pops confetti*, I hit 2k followers today! Who ARE all you guys? Anyway, this fluff/ridiculousness is for you. ~1.6k words, rated G. Sterek, of course.

now also on AO3

The whole thing starts with Stiles really, really craving a meatball sub from the place across the street.

“God, someone shut him up,” Erica groans. They’re all kind of at their breaking point by now; they’ve been camped out in this meeting room all day, brainstorming. “He’s been talking about the same goddamn sandwich for seven and a half minutes now, and it’s making me hungry.”

“If only our ad campaign were about sandwiches, Stilinski would have it in the bag and we could all go home,” Isaac sighs.

From across the table, Derek rises abruptly to his feet and storms out. (Or maybe it’s just that Stiles always interprets everything Derek does as stormy. With those eyebrows, it’s hard not to.)

Stiles assumes he’s just gotten so fed up with them all that it’s either storm out or kill someone, and he’s just grateful Derek chose Door Number 1. It’s a good day not to get killed by Derek Hale.

Only, fifteen minutes later he comes back in. With a paper bag from the deli.

As soon as he gets within grabbing distance, Stiles practically collapses across the table in his haste to reach for it. “Oh my god, is that what I think it is?”

Derek holds it up over his head. “Who says this is for you? Maybe all your talk inspired me to go get a meatball sub of my own.”

“Oh, please. Like anyone with your abs eats meatball subs.” Stiles leaps to his feet on his swivel chair—because screw safety, Derek will catch him if he starts to topple over—and snatches the bag out of Derek’s grip. Derek doesn’t fight him for it very hard.

“Why don’t I get a meatball sub?” Erica whines, thumping her head down on her notebook. “Doesn’t anyone love me?”

Derek shrugs and takes his seat again. “You didn’t ask.”

“You just like Stilinski better,” she grumbles, and Derek just shrugs again.

Meanwhile, Stiles rips into the bag and takes a huge bite out of the gloriousness that is this sandwich. He can’t help throwing in a few theatrical moans just to taunt Erica, and she suitably rewards him with a glare of death across the table.

“Mmm,” Stiles says. “Derek, I love you so much, dude. Marry me.”

Instead of the grumpy eyebrows he expects, Derek meets his eye, leans back smugly in his chair, and says, “Okay.”

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It’s Not Gonna Suck Itself

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,290

Summary: The reader sends a naughty text to the wrong person.

“What the…no way, dude!” Jared bursts out laughing, practically falling off of his leather chair.

“What?” Jensen asks with furrowed brows, wondering if it’s worth getting up from the couch.

“Wow. I can’t believe she sent me this.” Jared grins widely, glancing back down at the text from you.

“Sent what? Who?”

Jensen grows impatient, his best friend still hasn’t answered him and it’s annoying as hell. He sighs dramatically then moves towards Jared, waiting for an answer.

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things about the livestreamed episode that got me feelin some type of way

1. justin basically never being not laughing

2. Brothers On A Comfy Couch (also included in package: one (1) shoulder lean)

3. “this is not a tarantula i don’t know if –"  "then why’d you BRING IT mark” and in general just griffin clinging to justin's sleeve throughout that entire segment

4. griffin and justin being 10x more excited than travis that he conquered his fear, also the McElroy Cluster of Support and Calming Voices 

5. spaghetti by the pool. ok.

6. the fact that they write off travis hitting justin as an awkward unscripted unprofessional thing and then for the rest of the episode physically cannot stop bringing it up

7. even the mayor of huntington west virginia thinks justin is adorable

8. eight legs of justice

9. alex by the way ended up being absolutely incredible. she gave no fucks whatsoever even when faced by three strangers filming her for their tv show telling her to get a tarantula she basically looked at them and said point-blank to their faces “no” and i wanna be her

10. griffin mcelroy speaking to A Teen: “it’s good ta go, boi”

11. just in general this episode was the first thing to make me feel alive in months and btw for ppl wondering if it holds up with folks who aren’t familiar with mbmbam i sent it to 3 of my heretofore uninitiated friends and they all loved it and want more and also have gone and followed the ranchos facebook page as well, completely unprompted

Travis wants to introduce a trans character to TAZ. He is asking for trans people to advise him.
  • [Excerpt from the episode “From Gaston Rossdale to Learning Through Kindness” from the podcast “Interrobang with Travis and Tybee”]
  • - Beginning 31: 41 -
  • Travis: “We’re about to wrap up our main storyline, from the last two and a half years. And we’re gonna start some new storylines. And we have had, I think an appropriate amount, of audience interest in introducing like some trans characters, some gender nonbinary characters, some characters in which gender is not necessarily the focus [of their stories], you get it.”
  • Tybee: “Yes.”
  • Travis: “I have honestly been wondering, because I want to get it right. What is the right way to introduce a trans character, without having to blatantly say, like: ‘You’re looking at a character that was born a man, but now identifies as a woman.’ Like how do you- I want to correctly introduce a character. I want to do it right. I don’t want to just do it to like check off a box, you know what I mean? I really think not only do I want representation, I also want interesting characters. I want characters that aren’t just, like, the most default character I can think of, but I also don’t want to do it just to pander. I don’t want to do it just to say that I did it. I want to do it right, and I don’t know what that is. So I need help. I need people to give me input on what is the right way to introduce a trans character, and make it clear to the audience that it is a trans character without being pander-y.”
  • Tybee: “Yes. Ok. I hope that our listeners will help you out with that.”
  • Travis: “Thank you, it’s just a thing I’ve been thinking about a lot-”
  • Tybee: “Where can they send that information?”
  • Travis: “I mean you can tweet it at me but [I’m on hiatus from Twitter]. You can email me or has a 'contact’ button if you wanna do that.”
  • Tybee: “Cool. Um, I… I thought about adding to the conversation but I think I will allow for that to be answered by our trans friends and fans-”
  • Travis: “You know actually, I would rather if we’re gonna do it, let’s talk about it on the Facebook [Interrobang group, not page] so that we can get a lot of different inputs on it. Because here’s the thing, I also recognize that any individual person can’t give me the whole scope answer; they can tell me through their experiences and where they’re at and what they want to see. But at the end of the day, I want to value independent opinions - but also an overarching opinion. Because I want to make people feel like they are represented as possible and not just an individual, so I’d rather it be an open conversation in a Facebook group. So, Interrobang [group] on Facebook.”
  • - End 34: 50 -
miscellaneous tips for your first year of college/university:


- try as much as possible to avoid 8 am classes. you could do it in high school, but trust me when I say you don’t want them in college. (but also realize that sometimes you have to take them if you want to graduate on time, especially if the classes are only offered during a certain time.)

- go to office hours. go to office hours. for the love of god, go to office hours. you want to be on good terms with the professors, especially those in your major department because chances are you’ll be in their class more than once and you’ll need a letter of rec from them.

- but if you’re trying to raise your grade, kiss up to the TA (teacher’s assistant). they’re the ones that are in charge of your grade, not the professor. they know you better because of the smaller class sizes and they’ll know how much work you’re really putting into the class.

- it’s quite possible the pull off writing a 5-7 page paper the night before it’s due and still get a good grade on it if you know the material well.

- address emails to the professor with “Hello Professor, …”, include the class you’re in, and conclude with your name and student ID number. be professional and keep in mind that the professor lectures to hundreds of students.

- bring a cold bottle of water to morning lectures and drink from it if you feel like falling asleep. the cold will keep you up (and it’s healthier and cheaper than coffee).

- library floors get quieter the higher you move up.

- if you want to take adderall, don’t start with a large dose. start with 10mg, see how you handle it, and go from there. adderall can be dangerous if you OD. some side effects of adderall include trouble falling asleep and loss of appetite.

- it’s in your best interests not to plagiarize. properly cite all the sources you use. maybe you got away with it in high school, but that shit won’t fly in college.

- study groups are only helpful and beneficial to you if everyone in that group has something to contribute.

- self control, momentum, and evernote are great productivity apps for your mac.

dorm life

- tide pods for laundry is so much easier than lugging down a bottle of detergent and a separate bottle of softener and then having to measure them out.

- if you’ve already washed your colored clothes at least once, you don’t need to separate lights from darks. just remember to use cold water. (I myself am a lazy fuck and I don’t sort my laundry at all. my clothes are fine.)

- ask your RA to get a clock radio for the bathroom (if it’s communal) so music can drown out the sound of the person taking a shit in the stall next to you.

- don’t be afraid to speak up if your roommate does something that is annoying you. approach them in a friendly way (chances are, they didn’t even notice it was bothering you) so that they’ll give you the same courtesy. communication is key.

- you don’t have to be friends with your roommate. you just have to live with them. don’t try and force a friendship if it clearly isn’t working.

- don’t be that asshole that hits their snooze button 10 times so their alarm goes off repeatedly.

- instant noodles = life.

- bring tupperware and hide it in your backpack so you can sneak food out of the dining commons.


- don’t go to parties if you don’t like them.

- don’t drink any hard liquor that comes from a plastic handle.

- you should not be with friends that try to convince you to violate your morals.

- conversely, you should also not be with friends that judge you if you don’t share their morals.

- always. use. the. buddy. system.

- if someone passes out/falls asleep, lay them on their side, not their back. that way, if they throw up, they won’t choke.

- if you get to the point where you need an ambulance because of all of the drugs/alcohol you ingested, tell the medic the truth about the substances you took. they’re not interested in putting you in jail; they’re just trying to save your fucking life. (I can personally attest to this.)

- make sure the change your privacy settings on facebook if you don’t want your family seeing pictures of you with alcohol in the background, dressed promiscuously, etc. some friends don’t ask before putting up/tagging you in pictures.


- to someone that has never had sex, it seems like everyone is having sex all the time and that’s all that matters, but trust me when I say that’s the furthest thing from the truth. don’t let the pressure get to you.

- use condoms even if you’re on birth control to protect from STDs.

- try to take a sex ed/human sexuality class. (the one I took was offered through the sociology department.) in universities as opposed to high school, the sex ed is more comprehensive, usually covers queer relationships (mine did), and does not teach from an abstinence-only POV. they’re very helpful even for those who have had a lot of experience.

- don’t expect people you hook up with at parties to be anything more than that - hookups.

- abstaining from sex doesn’t make you any better than someone who fucks a new person every weekend and being sexually active doesn’t make you “cooler” and someone who has never had sex. remember that.

- don’t use flavored condoms for penetrative sex; you could get a yeast infection. flavored condoms are meant for oral sex only.

- speaking of condoms, it’s really easy to get them for free. student health hands them
out like candy the first couple weeks of school.

- get tested first if you and your partner want to have unprotected sex. seriously.

free free to message me any more questions you might have about college/uni. I’d be happy to help/share from my personal experience or elaborate on anything I’ve said here. reblog and add more tips if you have them; I’m sure i haven’t thought of everything. have a great upcoming school year, freshmen!

1. i don’t know how to say this so i’m just going to say it - don’t text me anymore. don’t call me. don’t ask me how i am when you feel lonely. don’t check up on me. don’t tell me you’re doing well. i don’t want to hear it. i don’t want to hear it because you fucking broke me. GOODBYE.

2. hey, okay, sooo i thought i could be friends with you but it hurts too much. not that you hurt me that much. no, i’m okay. i don’t cry in the shower anymore. some nights i actually fall asleep before 4 a.m. but then there’s some nights where i think about you and her kissing and it’s all that’s on my mind for days. no, no, it’s not like that. it’s not that i love you anymore or that i’m jealous. i just hate you for what you did to me. so yeah, anyways, just thought you should know i don’t want to be friends. hope you’re doing well though. maybe our paths will cross again.

3. i told myself many, many months ago that if i wanted this to work, if i wanted us to be friends, i couldn’t talk to you about my feelings ever again. i couldn’t turn every conversation into our failed relationship. so for many, many months, i’ve been letting it eat at me instead. i don’t want it to eat at me anymore and you don’t want to listen to me whine so i think this has to end. sorry.

4. hey, listen: some days i’m fine, but the smallest things get to me. like i’m pretty sure i saw you on her snapchat story. it’s none of my business, but i’m really mad at you for it. i’m really mad that you still talk to that girl you chose over me and you still like all of these girls’ facebook photos but you never like mine. and it’s not fair for me to be mad at you for having friends or being happy, i have no right to be, you didn’t do anything wrong. but it still gets to me, still eats away at me, still makes me want to knock down your door and ask you why the fuck you had to leave, why you had to do anything you did, why i poured all of my love into you that i didn’t have any left for myself and you took it and gave it to somebody else. god, this hurts. i don’t want you to know how badly this hurts but it does. i’m leaving you and taking this hurt with me.

5. hey, hope you’re doing well, but this still feels like a nightmare i’ll never wake up from. and i’m sorry, i’m so fucking sorry, it’s not fair to you to have to listen to this shit because it’s been two whole years and i’m still not over it. and that’s my problem, not yours. it will never be your fault that i’m so goddamn sensitive. i’ve never been able to get over anything and i hate myself for it. please let me heal. please leave.

6. hey, remember the summer where i hooked up with the first guy who wasn’t you, when you had me blocked on everything and i couldn’t see what you were up to? well, i still read my posts from that summer and i was actually HAPPY. can you believe that? i was actually going about my life without you and i wasn’t thinking about what you did to me. but here i am again, thinking about it and the only thing that’s changed is that you speak to me. and i would love to be friends with you, i would, i’ve been trying so hard to be for months, but it’s making me so damn miserable. and i’m so jealous that she gets to be friends with you and i don’t. i’m sorry i’m not her. i’m sorry i never will be.

7. i’ve been ignoring your messages on purpose and you keep texting me again and it’s exhausting to have to ignore you all of the time and feel so guilty about it. i just don’t understand how you just don’t get the hint. so here’s a bigger one: LEAVE ME ALONE.

8. hey, okay, i know this is sudden but i don’t want to hear from you anymore. i don’t want to think about this anymore. i want to move on with my life and there’s no room for you in it. it was stupid of me to think that just because you’ve always been a good friend to me that we can be friends. we can’t.

9. hey. first off, i want to say i’m sorry, i just need to do what’s best for me. secondly, thank you for always being there when i needed you, but i don’t need you anymore. for now, it has to be just me. it feels like i’m breaking up with you and we’re not even dating, but this is it - this is goodbye. forever. don’t contact me.

10. all you ever did was hurt me. fuck you. i don’t want to see your stupid fucking name on my phone anymore. fucking get out. leave.

—  10 text messages i’m afraid to send because i don’t want to say goodbye to you, not again
The Art of Study Breaks

You know when you’re studying non-stop, working really hard… but eventually, you start feeling less productive? I’ve come to realize that in such cases it’s good, even necessary to take a study break. So here’s how to master them!

How much time?

15-20 minutes: just enough time for you to relax a little, but not so much that you fall completely out of your game.

How frequently?

Honestly, this totally depends on what you’re studying, how hard it is etc, but normally I’ll take a study break every hour and a half.

What do you do during them?

  • Go to the bathroom. Wash your face, remove your makeup, go to the toilet if you need to.
  • Grab some food & water. Sometimes, studying can make you hungry, and water’s always good to have around. I’d tell you to opt for something healthy when it comes to food, but more often than not I’ll choose to eat Oreos, biscuits or some other sweets.
  • Take a nap. This is perhaps the most straightforward one; just lie down for a few minutes. Make sure you’ve set an alarm clock though, or else you will oversleep. Trust me; it’s happened before.
  • Clean up your study space. I have quite a big desk, but sometimes it can feel like the random items of stationery, pieces of paper, textbooks and other random crap is just taking over everything. I swear, it really helps if you clean up the things around you!
  •  Go online. I’m a little reluctant to recommend this because I know how hard it is to stop afterwards, but if you consciously limit yourself and know that you’ll stop after 15-20 minutes, then watching a few YouTube videos, going on tumblr or talking to friends of Facebook can be a great way to relax.
  • Make yourself a tea. Or coffee – but personally I’m more of a tea person during studying. I’ll make myself a nice cup of black tea with lemon and sugar, and afterwards, everything just goes better.
  • Watch an episode of a TV show/anime. These are slightly longer, but are a great way to take your mind off whatever you’re studying. I’d recommend watching something which is short (ie. not a full, hour-long episode of Game of Thrones) – like Friends, HIMYM or Family Guy. These are great because the shows are pretty episodic, you won’t feel inclined to keep watching more and more. As for anime, don’t pick one where you know you won’t be able to stop after one episode. Instead, I’d recommend something like Hetalia (hilarious; also great if you’re studying Geo or History), Gintama (pure gold), Samurai Champloo (the perfect combination of fun and deep).

And so there you have it: the art of taking a study break. Good luck, everyone!

i spend half my time wondering whether they’re right
whether i’m kidding myself, making up my identity from ripped-out magazine covers and pieces of teenage poetry
whether half my crushes were tricks of the light, the dust of a time when i wanted to fit in more than anything.

i spend the other half regretting that waste of time
deleting the facebook friends who dedicate their statuses to discussing my so-called non-existence
explaining that there’s no such thing as ‘choosing’ and no such thing as 'sides’
picking purple flowers from the space between the pavement and the road as i walk home.


i am not half and half
i am whole


I feel like this is when I should tell you how much I miss you, but a part of me knows you probably don’t care. If you did, we’d probably still be friends…right? But I still hope you think of me on occasion and miss me too.

It’s been months since we last talked who would’ve seen that coming? I know I definitely didn’t. So much has happened since we last spoke, and I’ve wanted you to know it all. Isn’t that twisted? Even though we’re no longer friends, I still want to tell you all the things I used to. And it sucks because you’re not that person to me anymore.

You were the one person I was supposed to be able to count on for anything. You used to be a phone call away but suddenly you stopped answering. You were supposed to always look out for me but then you forgot . We were supposed to be friends forever but the next thing I knew, we were growing further and further apart

But I guess that’s life. Nothing is constant and no one owes you anything. And even though we’re not friends anymore, I still want to thank you. Thank you for being my best friend and dealing with everything that comes with that. Thank you for the nights we stayed up til dawn just talking and laughing. Thank you for being honest and genuinely caring about me. Thank you for taking me for me, and never letting other’s judgments get in the way. Thanks for never sharing those embarrassing pictures you took of me. And thank you, thank you, thank you for being the best friend I needed during that part of my life.

And even though we are no longer friends, I just want you to know that I could never hate you. Trust me, I’ve tried. It sounds awful, but I thought it would be easier to get over losing you if I could hate you but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was hurt when you left, but I will never hate you. You were my best friend. And despite how things ended up, because of that, I will always love you.

Sometimes, I still scroll through pictures of us and smile. I see screenshots of old conversations and laugh. And whenever I see something that reminds me of you or an inside joke, I almost always almost send it to you. I don’t think there will ever be a day when you don’t cross my mind at least once, but the sadness and hurt are fading, and I’m learning to look at you as a cherished memory.

Everyone chooses their paths in life, and I guess your path just no longer intertwined with mine. But I hope you’re happy. Because I really do wish you the best. I hope you’ve found someone new to send all those weird memes too, to stay up on the phone with on the nights you just can’t sleep, to binge watch Friends with, and to equally complain and celebrate about all the things with

Just know that I don’t hate you and that I’ll always love you. Know that I cherish the memories we made and wouldn’t trade them for anything. I’ll always check your snaps and Facebook posts to make sure you’re doing okay, because some things will never change. And know that even if I don’t go up to you the next time I see you, I will always be grateful to have called you my best friend.

Sincerely, Me.

—  loyaltyxoxo, #bestfriendbreakups #dearyou 
psa for college freshman

hey, whats up, hello! so you’re gonna be a freshman and you’re probably moving in real soon, and you might be excited but also nervous, not to worry i got you! here are some tips and tricks and general advice based on my own experience. 

okay so step by step:


okay so this is easily the most stressful thing about the first week of school. you gotta get all of your stuff into a tiny dorm if it’s a big room i am literally so jealous my dorm was like a prison so don’t freak out, stay cool and pack efficiently!

  • try not to overpack, it’s really easy to believe you’ll need everything you’re bringing but trust me you won’t even look at half of it
    • a good tip for this is, if you don’t use it at home, don’t bring it to school! (plus it’s really easy to just buy stuff you need on amazon so don’t forget that that’s an option too)
  • if you’re going to a school that deals in snow, DON’T bring that stuff (jackets/hats/boots/etc) with you when you move in. if you know you’re going to go home for a weekend before the snow sets in, definitely leave it at home and bring it with you later!
  • let your parents/guardians/friends/family help you move in. it might not seem like a big deal, but letting them help you will make them feel better. and if you don’t like how they arrange things, let it be! you have all semester to rearrange and settle in, they only have this one day, so just let them have it! also don’t forget to thank them when they leave!


ah yes, the wonderful concepts of roommates. i was lucky my freshman year, but some people aren’t

  • try and connect with them via facebook/school emails/phone, settling things like are you gonna share a mini fridge, microwave, coffeemaker and how you’re gonna decorate (if you’re into that) will help when you finally settle into your room
  • definitely go over ground rules once you’re all unpacked and settled in. my dorm had us go over a list of questions, come to an agreement, and sign it in case there were any future conflicts. cover things like: 
    • is it okay to have my friends sit at your desk or on your bed when you aren’t there?
    • how should we handle overnight guests?
    • do you want me to give you a heads up if i have friends coming over?
    • 100% agree to give each other a heads up on parents coming to your room
    • sharing food?
    • cleaning responsibilities
    • definitely definitely give each other a copy of your class schedule, and if you have classes at the same time maybe you can agree to make sure you’re both awake at the right time!
  • you don’t have to be bff’s with your roommate, sometimes it turns out that way and sometimes it doesn’t. what you do need to be is open and honest with your roommate. your year will be miserable (especially if you can’t switch roommates) if you don’t communicate with each other. don’t be afraid to tell them if something is bothering you. if you’re to nervous to do that or don’t like confrontation, talk to your RA or RD

so now that we got all that out of the way, here are some general tips about social things:

  • that whole keep your door open and people will come talk to you think is a load of bs. me and my roommate did that for weeks and no one came in. everyone is just waiting for someone else to take that chance. so go into peoples rooms and ask them if they wanna grab lunch/dinner! walk around and poke your head in their room! it might be awkward as hell but at least you’re trying :)
  • go to all (or as many) dorm activities as you can! this allows you to meet more people too even if the event is really dumb, at least show up. you always have the option to leave!
  • go to club meetings! even if you aren’t sure you want to stay in the club. it’s much harder or maybe just more awkward to join when you’re an upperclassmen, so try and get those roots down as soon as you can
  • that being said, you can always leave a group without any hard feelings. people do it all the time, so don’t be scared that once you go to one meeting you’re stuck in the group forever
  • don’t let anyone tell you that as a freshman you can’t get involved. if you want to, you can. there is absolutely nothing stopping you. you might have to work a bit harder but i know you can do it!
  • sometimes freshman year can suck, or at least have it’s moments. don’t give up. everything gets infinitely better as time goes one, i promise. if you’re having a tough time or feel isolated or overwhelmed, reach out to someone, a parent, friends from home, an old teacher, anyone really! don’t give up, things might get tough, but you ARE strong and you WILL get through it

I was tagged by @dexsnursey and @geniusorinsanity to do the fic writer’s self rec, and I mean… how could I possibly resist???

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)”

In no particular order… 

1. (the most beautiful thing) Nursey/Dex (AO3)

They kiss, and they touch, and Nursey never wants to stop. He can’t stop, because the moment he stops pressing the heat of his mouth to the pink of Dex’s lips will be the second he loses any semblance of chill. While it’s true what they say about idle hands, it’s even more so with idle mouths - if he stops right now, there’d be no stopping the words from falling from his lips - words he’s been carrying around for months.

Words like ‘I love you’, and ‘you’re perfect’, and ‘you’re the realest person I’ve ever known’.

This is the first thing that I wrote to satisfy the dexnursey itch deep down in my soul, and it will probably always hold a special place in my heart. It’s also super extra, which is… probably a running theme with my writing, my life, and my interpretation of these characters, tbh. Whoops.

2. huddled. Nursey/Dex (AO3)

It’s a funny little thing, the way that they always come together in the end. Like magnets. Or fate. Or a thousand other nameless things that keep them stuck in each other’s orbits.

Whatever it is, whatever the reason, Derek finds that more often than not he’s searching for Dex.

So, I’m gonna be straight up with y’all. I bought Huddled Vol. 1 and pretty much lost my damn mind. There was a lot of squealing and emotion, and this little fic is my love letter to the zine.

3. let my body do the work Nursey/Dex (AO3)

“Brah, we totally need to do that.”

The amount of reverence in Shitty’s voice is… well, it’s pretty fucking reverent.

Joseph Gordon Levitt raps like a motherfucking demon, demolishing Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Merchant like it’s nothing, and for a shining, ethereal moment, Derek can’t disagree. Because he’s kind of always had a crush on JGL, and he looks so fucking powerful as he demolishes the verse, and maybe Derek wants to capture a little of that feeling for himself. And maybe… you know… maybe he wants Dex to look at him like he’s looking at the TV right now, because he looks like he’s got a laugh trapped behind his teeth, and his cheeks are pink and perfect, and he’s watching the lip sync battle like it’s the best thing he’s ever seen.

But yeah. It’s just a moment before reality crashes down. Because, barring Rans, this is the whitest group of white dudes he’s ever met. They just wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

He takes another toke and closes his eyes against the dulcet tones of yet another commercial break, and if he imagines Will Poindexter mouthing the words of Super Bass at him with intent?

Well, nobody needs to know.

This is possibly the most fun, self-indulgent thing that I’ve ever written. I mean. There’s pining, romance, booty shorts, lip syncing, and Wellie the Dancing Well. What else could you possibly want? 

(FYI: That’s not a rhetorical question, I need to know, I’m like Tinker Bell - I need kudos and comments to live.)

4. Facebook Official Nursey/Dex (AO3)

“Um. Dex, I’m pretty sure that your mom friended me our freshman year. Like, I’m also almost 100% sure that she friended everyone on the team. She and Bitty swap recipes all the time, she’s liked every single one of Lardo’s pictures, and she’s always poking me… so, like, your mom is super cool, and if you don’t want me to be Facebook friends with her, I’m not the one you should be taking this up with.”

“First of all, my mom pokes you? What the fuck?”

This is the longest thing that I’ve ever written… it’s over 20,000 words of angst and pining and eventual communication culminating in not one, not two, not three, but four chapters of fluff to make up for the rest of it. 

Also, there are geese. Not to be a hipster piece of shit, but I’m pretty sure that I wrote this before geese were a thing. Take that as you will.

5. Pretty Boy Nursey/Dex (AO3)

They’re two hours into the inaugural kegster of their junior year when it happens for the first time. Music throbbing and bodies pressed tight all around, but the only touch that Derek really registers is from Dex. It’s a loose, grounding heat, the way that Dex’s body leans against his - a little bit comforting and a little bit unnerving, and god, there are times that Derek misses the before, when being around Dex didn’t make him a little crazy.

But then there are times like these, when Dex is the only one that he sees, and it’s easy to remember all the reasons why it’s worth the indignity of crushing on your roommate/best friend/teammate/partner.

I’m just really weak over the idea of Dex being a flirty drunk, but only when it comes to Nursey. I’m also really weak when it comes to communication. Also, pet names. And, like, possessive behavior that gets called out, because while it’s hot in theory, it can also have some seriously squicky connotations. Wow. Turns out that let my body do the work may not be the most self-indulgent thing I’ve written after all. Whoops.

+1. push me or just pull me Nursey/Dex (AO3)

In which the team is completely oblivious to the amount of sex Dex and Nursey are having… until they aren’t.

(aka: five times Dex and Nursey have sex in semi-public places and one time they don’t)

I don’t feel remotely bad for tacking on a sixth fic, because this one is special! I wrote this beast with @dizzy-redhead, and it’s probably the most fun that I’ve ever had writing, and I can honestly say that I have never been more proud of something that I’ve contributed to. Seriously. It pushed me majorly out of my comfort zone (for the first time I wasn’t writing from either Dex or Nursey’s POVs, which… I’m still kind of shocked that it worked??), and it turned out better than I could have ever anticipated. I’m grossly proud of this fic AND I’m probably this fic’s biggest fan, because let’s be real… everything that @dizzy-redhead writes? It’s gold.

Thank you for tagging along for my self rec! Speaking of tagging, I’m gonna be super lame and I’m gonna pass on tagging anyone because I’m the actual worst at tagging people for these things (really, how many times can I say ‘tagging’ in one fucking sentence?)… if you’re still reading and have any interest in tackling this meme for yourself, I hope that you do! <3


I realise sometimes that I get clingy.
And I always realise a little too late.
I never mean harm. I guess I have fears that fuel my anxiety.
I’m sorry. It’s selfish and I just want things to be okay.
I care and sometimes my head makes stuff up that scares me.
Forgive me.

(I didn’t make this. I found them on facebook and put them on here because of how much I relate to them and I don’t know who did them, so if anyone knows feel free to add it to the post)

anonymous asked:

I work at the tiniest coffee shop I've ever seen, and we have a menu up above our heads so the customers can look past us at it when they're at the counter. Despite this, customers routinely order off-menu in a place so tiny as to fit literally one barista at a time, so I'm constantly trying to find a way to distract them while I google it under the counter to see if it's a thing I have the components for since I was trained here, for our menu, not for every possible eventuality. Fuck 'em.

It’s this secret menu bullshit that’s been circulating. Now people seem to think it’s EVERYWHERE they can go for coffee. Everytime I see a friend on facebook share it I make sure to tell them that menu isn’t real, but a lot of places might make it if they know what’s in it so they should keep the recipe on hand. We’ve had a lot of submissions in the past about this. Not surprised it’s spreading like a disease. -Abby

anonymous asked:

Hey qcknd, I was wondering if you have any advice for someone who's dropped out of school due to mental health reasons and is relying on their parents for most of their expenses (I have a small part time job). I'm 20 and I feel like a failure compared to my friends who have gone to college since they were 18. I'm going to go back in the fall and try my hardest again- I'll be starting as a freshman. I cannot help but feel as though I've failed a bit.

comparing yourself to others is a dangerous game. I would say if you struggle with your mental health, deleting your facebook might help you feel less like you need to live up to others expectations. Out of highschool i really struggled with “why” I wasn’t in univercity, why I didn’t have a car, why I wasn’t “taking a year off to go to california/europe” blah blah blah, and the root of all of those feelings was facebook. I was obsessed with my graduating class, not because I liked them, or because they even liked me, but because they were my only insight of life after school, and the only understanding I ever had of ‘direction.’ 
It wasn’t until I starting using the internet to make friends who were like me, and in situations similar to mine, that I felt comfortable being myself, and I stopped using jocks from my school as mile markers, and started to feel strength in my own journey. 
If your friends are off at college, and they’re doing different things, i’m not saying to leave them out of your life, I just mean that it might not be a proper support system for you, and that the internet can be a great tool to find people who are more similar to you.
Deleting my facebook released me from a world of comparison and expectation, and lead me to tumblr, where I could thrive in an atmosphere that inspires me, rather than makes me feel guilty. 
You’re not a failure, not by any means at all. Your journey is as unique as you are, and that’s something to be celebrated. 

anonymous asked:

To the dude that stole £70 of Playstation and Xbox accessories from us the other day: the security guards in the shopping centre (and, by extension, us) know your name. We checked on Facebook and you were literally wearing the same thing that you are in your profile picture, so it didn't take long to find you. I hope next time you steal you get caught and end up back in prison - it's been, what, a month or two?

A friend of mine always tells me when I complain about dumb criminals “if criminals were smart they wouldn’t be criminals” or always makes me laugh.


The Party

The Party

Requested by @angelsdeadromance ;

Hi, could I request a Steve x female reader, where its her birthday? Steve wanted to throw a quiet party but Tony doesn’t agree and throws a huge party, which bothers steve until he sees how happy she is. Thanks :) It’s my birthday today!

Author’s note: I hope you had wonderful birthday!

Contains mentions of food, Steve Rogers and general fluff :)

Steven Grant Rogers sat somewhere towards the edge of Central Park, watching the blades of grass dance in the wind as he twirled a pencil between his fingers pondering how best to capture them on his blank page. He had been seated on the uncomfortable wooden bench for just over an hour now, trying to avoid thinking about the one and only thing he could think about; you.

Or, more specifically, your birthday party.

You had told him with a small smile that you didn’t care about having a party, but the look in your eyes had betrayed your words and Steve had known you were lying. For the past week he had been trying to figure out what to do. He wanted you to be happy, and if having a party would make you happy then he would be the first to run to the store and buy plastic cups, or climb ladders to hang banners and disco lights. He would also have been the first to plan it all, if he’d only had the faintest clue how to. He had never been a party animal back before he went under the ice, and even now he still wasn’t 100% sure what made a good party. Was it the music or the lighting? The theme or the guest list?

Steve shook his head and began sketching the scene in front of him, taking extra care not to press too hard with his pencil. He had a tendency to snap them, which meant you were constantly writing lists with half a pencil, mumbling under your breath about splinters with a small smirk playing across your lips. Steve smiled at the thought of you, and thought not for the first time about how lucky he was to have you in his life. He shook his head as he thought about all the little things about you that irritated him; you never used up a tube of toothpaste, you never went out and got more bread after you’d finished a loaf, he wasn’t sure if you even knew how to tell the time you were so late for everything, and most importantly you had a lot more faith in him than he deserved. If those were your worst qualities, then Steve was truly a lucky man.

With a sigh, Steve set down his pencil. You would probably only want a small gathering of friends and family. Surely that wouldn’t be so hard to arrange?


Sam walked through the halls of the compound, humming to himself gently as he stepped in time to the music leaking through his headphones. The sun shone through the tall, immaculate windows and cast odd shadows on the ground around him as he moved. Tuesday was always a good day, because Tuesday was the day where no one got to tell Sam what to do. There was no mandatory training, no background research or infiltration of secret organisations; it was just him and his music. This Tuesday Sam felt tired of the confining open spaces within the compound and roamed the halls looking for someone, anyone, to talk to.

When he heard a crash come from the kitchen, he looked at his watch and smirked. 13:05. He knew exactly who was in there. Sam crept into the doorway and set his headphones around his neck, smirking at the scene before him.

“Right,” You said with a smile, addressing your class of two “who can tell me what this is?”

You slid a photograph onto the kitchen island your small group had congregated around and folded your arms, regarding them with a quirked eyebrow and an amused smile. The two were silent, all of you unaware of Sam’s lurking presence. “Scott?” You prompted

Scott itched the back of his neck and exhaled “A muffin?”

You made an impassive noise and inclined your head to Bucky, who Sam had never seen look quite so nervous. “Buck?”

He licked his lips and looked at you with hesitant eyes “Fairy cakes?”

You let out a burst of gleeful laughter and jumped into the air, clapping your hands in joy. “Yes! See, Barnes, I told you you were better than you thought. So that’s what we’ll be making today, you guys know the drill. Put your aprons on and scrub up,”

Scott and Bucky smiled at your exuberance and walked over to the pantry to retrieve their aprons, a light spring in their step as they went. You tucked a stray strand of hair behind your ear and grabbed your apron from the counter, looping it over your head and reaching behind your back to tie it. “Nice apron,” Sam laughed, walking into the room

You looked down at yourself and smiled at the small red white and blue shield’s covering the wipe down apron you wore. “What can I say? I know what I like,”

Sam opened the fridge, searching through the lunch boxes with vaguely threatening name labels for something he could eat. A label reading ‘Property of Bucky.’ caught Sam’s eye, and with a devilish smile he took out the container and opened it to find two chicken legs. Jackpot. He took one from the container and placed it back in the fridge before closing the door. “So, how is baking club going?” He asked, biting into the leg

You smiled brightly as you tightened your pony tail. “They’re really improving; last week we made shortbread and theirs came out looking almost exactly like mine.”

“Bet you’re gonna miss it next week,” Sam chuckled

“What do you mean?”

Sam rolled his eyes “Your birthday. Please tell me you aren’t going to be hosting baking club on your birthday,”

You shook your head, but something seemed a little sad in your smile as you replied “Well, it’s not like I’ll be doing anything else.”

“You mean you’re not going out with Cap?”

You walked over to the sink and turned on the faucet, beginning to wash your hands. Sam had a feeling it was just so you could hide your face. “Not as far as I know.”

Sam opened his mouth to reply as Scott walked back into the room wearing a plain white apron and a horrified expression. “No, no, no, no, no! I am not baking in front of the judgemental pigeon here!”

You turned around, drying your hands on a towel as you rolled your eyes “Scott, there is nothing shameful in learning how to bake.”

“Yeah man, it’s not weird at all,” Sam winked, clapping him on the shoulder

Bucky walked into the room, tying his hair into a bun as he made his way over to the sink. “Oh good, Sam is here.” He said, his voice laced with sarcasm

You shook your head and opened the cupboard, your head disappearing inside as you routed around for baking trays. “Play nicely boys.” You chastised, emerging briefly to look at Sam  “Sam, if you aren’t going to bake get out of here; not everyone can handle the heat of the kitchen.”

Sam held up his hands and stepped backwards, chuckling lightly. “Oh hell no, I’m not enough of a man for this. I’ll see you guys later.”

You closed the cupboard and let the tray drop onto the counter with a clatter. “Don’t listen to him boys, I think you guys are doing great. Scott, you’ll definitely be able to make Cassie’s birthday cake this year,”

Sam smiled to himself as he walked out of the room, putting his headphones on once again and biting into his stolen chicken leg. That would teach Bucky for eating his cereal last week; revenge had never been sweet, but it did taste a great deal like chicken.


“This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done,” Steve groaned, scrolling through your facebook friends list “I mean, how am I supposed to know which ones to invite?”

Tony lifted his goggles and looked at Steve, momentarily ignoring his suit repairs. “As much as I’d love to hear who’s going to your fourth of July orgy, I think I’d rather just find out on the day.”

Steve would have rolled his eyes if he’d had the energy, but instead kept scrolling down the page. “Tony, if you were throwing Pepper a birthday party who would you invite?”

“Everyone.” Tony said without hesitation “Party isn’t a party unless it’s embarrassingly crowded.”

“And if you only wanted to invite, say, twenty people tops?”

“Then I’d call off the party and spend the money on something better; like a coupon for dairy queen.”

Steve cursed as his laptop froze and randomly jabbed at the keyboard, waiting impatiently for it to work. Tony set down his tools and made his way over, looking at the frozen number of your facebook friends. “Three hundred isn’t that many people.”

Steve gave Tony an incredulous look and shook his head, standing from his desk chair which gratefully sprung up without the burden of his weight. “How do I even start though? Should I get the catering sorted or the entertainment?”

Tony shook his head with a sigh and closed the lid of the laptop. “Look, Cap, why don’t you just leave it to me? I’ll make sure she gets a good party and you can take the credit.”

Steve frowned, a little offended. “I can’t do that if I’ve done none of the work,”

Tony waved an arm dismissively “Then you sort out the catering. Leave the rest to me and she’ll have a great birthday. You want that, right?”

Steve hesitated; it would be great if he could focus on you rather than worry about the party. After all, he couldn’t control everything. “Okay,” He agreed, shaking Tony’s hand “but nothing too big, okay?”

Tony rolled his eyes “Scouts honour, now get the hell out of my lab and go give someone a pep talk about freedom or whatever it is that you do in your spare time.”


You stumbled your way through the door, an arm around Steve’s shoulder as you laughed so hard that you struggled for breath. It had been the best birthday ever; the two of you had been to a fair and lost all of your money trying to win a Captain America teddy bear which was now slung over Steve’s shoulder. You felt a little guilty as you walked through the compound; you had had an amazing day, but you were a little upset that Steve hadn’t thrown you a party. It was totally irrational, but for some reason this year you really wanted to celebrate with everyone.

The compound was quiet as the two of you giggled and walked down the hall; everyone else had been sent on a mission early that morning. So early that they hadn’t even been able to wish you a happy birthday in person… “It’s so weird without the rest of the team here,” You whispered “I mean, is this how it would be if there was an apocalypse and only you and I survived?”

“Well, I doubt anyone could kill Sam,” Steve muttered, a smile on his face

You rolled your eyes. He had a point. As you walked you thought of how you would be spending this Thursday if it wasn’t your birthday; you’d probably be on the mission that rest of the team had been called out on. Or you would be baking with Bucky and Scott; your heart swelled with pride as you cast your mind back to Scott’s proud face last week as he presented you with a sloppily iced fairy cake. That night before just before you had gotten into bed, he had sent you a photo of Cassie smiling with the icing smeared across her face; you had smiled so much that your cheeks still ached when you woke the next morning.

It sucked that the team weren’t there, but then again that was what you had signed up for, right? There wasn’t much room for sentimentality when civilians were in danger, and you were glad about that. What kind of team would you be if you all took a day off to party when innocent people were being attacked out there?

You pushed open the door to the lounge area, and frowned at how dark it was. Usually FRIDAY turned all the lights on the minute it got dark. You looked over your shoulder to see Steve smirking slightly as he fumbled around and turned on the lights.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” A roar of voices called from behind you

You turned and gasped in awe at the sea of friends and family stood smiling at you. Brightly coloured streamers and balloons littered the room, and a banner that hung from the ceiling proudly proclaimed that it was your birthday. Tears swelled in your eyes as you cast your gaze around the room; Tony caught your eye from the middle of the crowd and winked, raising a glass of champagne in your direction. You whipped your head around and looked at Steve, who had the green expression of someone who was going to throw up. “You did all this for me?” You asked in awe

Steve shifted uncomfortably, looking a little less green as his skin flushed red. “I didn’t realise there would be so many people,” He muttered angrily, eyes scanning the crowd and then nervously meeting yours “do you like it?”

You cast another look over your shoulder and felt a grin consume your face. “I love it.” You said, turning and throwing your arms around him

Steve softened at your touch and let out a sigh of relief, returning your embrace warmly. “Thank you,” You whispered, planting a kiss on his cheek and breaking away

“Well, it was my idea but Tony did most of the work; I was in charge of catering” Steve said awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck

You shook your head with a smile “I don’t care, Steve. It was your idea and that’s all that matters,”

Steve chuckled, a twinkle in his eye as he grabbed your hand “Come on,” He said, pulling you through the crowd “I haven’t shown you the best bit.”

You smiled and nodded hello’s at people as Steve dragged you through the crowd, your favourite music playing in the background. After what seemed like an eternity Steve pulled you to an abrupt stop in front of the food table, and at first you had no idea what was so great about it other than the fact that it was full of food. Then, with a small gasp, you looked up to see Scott and Bucky stood behind the table wearing aprons and smug grins. “You did this?” You asked, awestricken at the table of baked goods in front of you

The boys nodded, grinning uncontrollably. “It took us hours, and I nearly gave up twice.” Scott said, picking up a cookie and biting it “But I think it worked out okay in the end,”

Bucky smirked “Well, only because I pulled this punk into line,”

Sam appeared behind the two of them and grinned, throwing an arm over each of their shoulders “Actually, I think you’ll find it’s because I offered you guys a lot of moral support,”

Bucky rolled his eyes “All you did was throw chocolate chips at us and eat everything.”

“Don’t question my methods.”

You laughed and shook your head “You guys, this is amazing; I think I’ve taught you all I can.”

Scott and Bucky’s faces fell and they exchanged a panicked look. “There’s a lot of stuff that went wrong in the kitchen,” Bucky said quickly

“Yeah, and I’m pretty sure I forgot to sift the flour on these cakes,” Scott said, gesturing wildly across the table

“Not to mention the fact that we didn’t preheat the oven.”

You and Steve exchanged a look and smirked “Well…” You drawled, keeping them in suspense for a moment  “if that’s the case then I suppose we should keep baking every Tuesday until it’s drilled into the pair of you,”

They feigned disinterest, slight smiles still on their faces. “Well, if you’re sure,” Bucky said

“Personally I think we did a good enough job, but it’s your call,” Scott added

You rolled your eyes and picked up a cake as you started to back away “Great job, boys.”

The night went on until it was technically morning and everyone was having too good a time to leave. You danced and laughed and eat so many cakes you were nearly sick; all good signs of an excellent birthday party. When everyone had finally left and the members of the team who weren’t passed out on the couch found their way to bed, you stood in Steve’s arms with a grin on your face. “You know what the best part was?” You said quietly, looking out onto the chaos left over from it all

“What’s that?”

You smiled “That you got the most important part right; you got Scott and Bucky to do the catering.”

Steve blushed as you turned in his arms to face him. “Well, I know how much your baking class means to you, and they’ve improved so much since the first week.”

You yawned, falling gently against his chest with a sleepy smile, wondering how you got so lucky as to end up with such a sweet man. “Happy birthday,” Steve whispered, kissing the top of your head

It had been the best birthday ever; you sure as hell couldn’t wait for next year.

(Another request written by @toastburninglucy​ love this. Lucy has been such a helping hand for this blog, I couldn’t ask for a better writer. To have someone and others be so helpful and supportive of me, it’s amazing! - Rosalee)

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What’s My Favorite Color?

Originally posted by minyoongiaesthetic

♪ Yoongi x Reader

♪ Genre: Fluff

♪ Summary: Being an idol’s, not-so-secret and non-Asian girlfriend has a tendency to bring conflict. And Yoongi gets a glimpse of this. But at the end of the day, when you get to hold that man’s hand.. YOUR man’s hand.. And he yours.. It’s completely worth dealing with.


I suppose by openly being a Korean idol’s non-asian girlfriend, I was signing up for torment and ridicule. But openly being the girlfriend of an idol in one of the most popular K-pop groups in the world? I’m begging for it. Yoongi offered to keep it hidden, to play me off as a worker for BigHit. But I told him it would be worse if we were found out rather then open.

I thought I could handle it.

And I can.

The real true ARMYs aren’t the issue, even being American born and obviously not Asian. If anything, they are so supportive purely because they know Yoongi is happy.

It’s the sasaeng fans, aka, the private life fans. The crazies who believe they’re destined to be with their bias. They’re the ones who found my Instagram and DMed me to no end, my Snow account, my Snapchat, even my old ass Facebook that I only use to talk to my parents, all so they could attack me. An old ex-friend even leaked my Skype and Twitter. I had to make fake accounts under a fake alias just to be able to talk to my family and friends back in America. The sasaeng are the ones that will see me in public, and follow me to patronize me, telling me to go back to America and stop taking their men, throw things, grab me and scream at me like I’m the side chick who slept with their man.

But I’ve learned to fight it. I won’t cry or go running to Yoongi. He hardly knows how they are. Even when they broke my headphones. I went a bought new ones that same day with my “sasaeng funds”.

It was a Tuesday, however, when Yoongi finally saw what life was like for me as his girlfriend. We were walking to the studio, he had met me at the train station and slipped into a cafe to get something to drink for us. I chose to stay outside. It was a really nice day for Seoul. Cloudy and cool, the smell of rain in the air. We both had masks on and matching beanies with the Wings album symbol on the front, his bigger-than-me camo jacket I had stolen months prior draped my body. I was looking at my phone, minding myself when some girl recognized me when I pulled my mask down for a moment of air. A simple ARMY, running up and softly muttering to me that she hopes Yoongi is happy with me and wondering if I could chat while she waited for her boyfriend. I obliged as Yoongi was taking forever and a surprise meeting with an idol of hers would’ve made her day, I was sure of it. We had been standing having a nice convo when a simple, innocent “So is Yoongi-oppa a good boyfriend? Husband material?” was overheard by two passing girls and I noticed them coming to a stop out of the corner of my eye.

“Oh… that’s too far into the future. We’re both far too focus on right now to be thinking something as big as marriage!” I began when the two turned towards us.

“Yoongi? As in ‘Bangtan’ Yoongi? Are you ___..?” One asked seeming… accusative.

I nodded. “Yes on both accounts.” I stated rather bluntly stepping forward to block the girl I was speaking to as she stepped back.

“You’re the American bitch who stole him!” The other snapped. I shrugged lazily. She wasn’t wrong. The man was steal. How I got him, Lord only knows.

They looked at the girl I was speaking to and I stepped in front of her.

“You know it all…! Why don’t you break up with him? There’s no way he’d marry you, his parents are Korean they want him to be with a Korean not some foreigner who knows nothing about him-”

“What’s my favorite color?” I heard him behind me and I jumped turning to him. “Yoon-” I began but he handed me my green tea latte to hush me, which I took, his eyes remaining on them. “What. Is my favorite. Color.” He asked, or rather stated, to the two sasaengs again.

“Yoongi-Oppa! Why are you with her!? She’s American and not even that pretty-” she started but Yoongi sighed, pulling his mask down to take a sip of his coffee glancing at me. “____….what’s my favorite color?” He asked smoothly while looking at them. I answered without thinking and a slight pink flushed my ears. I never thought about what I’d do or what would happen if Yoongi was ever present when these things happened. And in all honesty, I was a little embarrassed he had to go through this with me, as if he never would. He smiled at me and took my hand, twining out fingers together and watching them.

“Where was I born?”

“The Buk district of Daegu.”

“Why did I come to Seoul?”

“To be a producer, not an idol.”

“How do I take my tea when we’re at the studio?” I laughed.

"You don’t. You only really drink coffee with three sugars and a water bottle.”

“What was the first thing I bought you?”

“This beanie.”

“Do I like mackerel?”

“More than you like me sometimes.” He raised an eyebrow at me and shook his head. The sasaeng fans were practically steaming, obviously not know half that I knew. So to rub the dirt in I looked at them and took in a deep breath.

“He loves Holly, but has walked past her to hug me when I surprised him with his family after being away on promotion. He stays at the studio till 4am some nights, and loves when I come by with Chinese and peyjo. He could eat nothing but skewers for a year and still want more and Jungkook would join you with no invite. Sometimes I swear you’re cheating on me with Hobi-oppa and Jungkook-ssi. You hate when I get out of bed before you the nights I stay over and you can’t stand it when I take Jungkook to school with Jin because ‘that’s not my job, my job is to keep the bed warm’. You love mochi ice cream and surprise pecks on the cheek. As much as you resist, you’re so ok with me playing with your hair while you work. You always make sure your phone is charged so I can play games on it when I’m bored. You meet me outside of work whenever you can, and never nag at me when I get a little lipstick or foundation on your hands by accident. And most importantly, no matter how late, or how tired, or how long of a trip it was… you always call to make sure I made it home and to say goodnight.” At some point I shifted from looking to them and talking about him to looking at him and talking to him. He liked this. And he squeezed my hand and looked back at them.

“She knows more about me than you ever will. And I love her for her, not for anything else. I could care less that she’s American and so could my parents. So you really have no argument. So could you not patronize and attack my girlfriend?” at this they ran away, and I had nearly forgotten the girl behind me till I heard a small “ahhhh” of awe behind me and I turned with Yoongi and smiled to her.

“Sorry. Yoongi, this is Myeong. She’s a good ARMY who kept me company while you took forever.” I playfully nudged and he let go to shake her hand and nod at her. “Ah, thank you for keeping her company. Sorry you had to witness that…” He said and she shook her head and held her phone up. “M-may I take your picture? The two of you? I just… I’m so inspired by you two I hope me and my boyfriend will one day be like you two.” I nodded, being fine with it and Yoongi shrugged with a nod. I hugged his arm and twined our fingers again and smiled, my eyes showing my love for him as I grinned happily at her camera and she nodded, thanking us profusely before her date ran up next to her and nodded with envy, the two of us departing hand in hand.

Once we arrived at the studio he calmly closed the door and I slid into his rolling chair a little too hard and rolled into the wall making him chuckle with that signature gummy grin making a slight appearance. It was silent as I licked my hand of the latte that had sort of spilled in that moment and he never stopped staring at me.

“What..?” I asked feeling butterflies as he smiled simply at me.

“I love you.” He quietly spoke and I bit my lip and grinned, holding the cup at my lips as I swiveled slightly.

“I know… I love you too.”

“I know.”

anonymous asked:

I'm worried that my daddy is talking to other girls. He won't check messages in front on me, and it always girls messaging him. I've also noticed that he gives other girls cute nicknames on messenger. There's lot of girls who are all really pretty listed as friends on his facebook. He also refuses to make thing official with me. Even though we do exactly the same thing as people in any relationship and have been doing this for nearly 8 months. I'm really worried. I don't know what to do.

Break up with him. He sounds like a dick flat out. Don’t let a man take advantage of you like that. Confront him if you feel necessary and safe too do so, but unfortunately sounds like a bad man.