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after thinking about it for months, after almost a year and a half of identifying as bisexual and after talking to a few lovely people (you know who you are ❤ thank you!), i have finally decided to start labelling myself as a lesbian.

i cannot tell you how liberating this feels, to realise that i don’t have to pretend i am interested in men anymore, that all the attraction i felt towards them was heteronormativity and other people’s expectations breathing down my neck, that the attraction i still feel towards some men is purely aesthetical. it took me so long to come to terms with the fact that it wasn’t that i couldn’t see myself in a relationship with a man because i’ve never been in one or because i didn’t think i was ready, but because i genuinely do not see myself ever dating and being happy with a man, while the prospect of dating a woman sounds pretty fucking sweet tbh.

all that being said, the reason i’ve been apprehensive about changing my label (even though bisexual hasn’t felt right for a while) was because of the ever present misconception that bisexuality is a ‘phase’ or a ‘stepping stone’ to coming out as gay and that is absolutely not true!! someone made me realise that what i identified as in the past is in no way any less valid than what i identify as now or what i will identify as in the future. my past self was bisexual and that’s the end of that. i’m not my past self anymore.

i’m still struggling with my identity and it’ll take me a while to feel like i deserve?? (tho what even qualifies as deserving) to call myself a lesbian, but for now i feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and i’m feeling so much more optimistic. i would be lying if i said i didn’t know why i made this post. i made this post because this blog is very personal to me and i need an outlet to share a part of myself that i’m not always able to share in real life. plus it’d be pretty weird if i just changed my bio and my 'bi tag’ out of nowhere :)) if any of you feels the same way or is going through the same thing, don’t hesitate to message me, i would be more than willing to listen to you and give you as much advice as i can considering i’m still new to all this myself. i love y'all ❤


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Thank you for tagging me! Sorry that I did this late since my schedule became pretty hectic but here it is~ It isn’t in any particular order though.

1. Katsuki Yuri of Yuri!!! ON ICE

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I was conflicted between Yurio and Yuri but I just felt a stronger connection to Yuri. He’s a precious smol bean and I luv him <3

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of course i’d still be upset with mark and steven even if they made johnlock canon in a 4th episode or 5th season. of course i would be. but right now i’m feeling better than i was days ago, and listening to my own belief and logic helps. performative anger for everyone else’s sake would only damage my own mental health, of that i am sure. so i’m sorry if i’m not upset enough right in this moment but 1. i don’t believe the same things i did a few days ago and 2. it would. not. be. healthy. for. me. but 3. that doesn’t mean i’m condemning anyone else’s feelings i’m just unable to interact with them at the moment. remember when ben c played All in z00lander? i was extremely hurt and upset. i was so angry. i felt sick. i was mad at him. then like that same week my dad had a heart attack and almost died. and i couldn’t afford to be upset at one of my few comfort things. so i got over it quickly. but i’m still upset. i will be indefinitely. but it’s just like that sometimes. sometimes you need to budget your emotions. and this is how i do it.

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Hello frens! So I have been thinking!, I want to mail out any prints and stickers I make myself?

 As much as I like RedBubble I do think some stuff is a little expensive, but most of all it’s not got that cute little personal touch! I make the things I do to put a smile on peoples faces and would love to hand pack them with a little extra something inside and send them to you no matter where in the world you are! And they wouldn’t be expensive.Then you know it’s from me and been made with lots of love! <3

I saw there were quite a few people interested in the prints which was so lovely I was very surprised! I want to do this because I am so so thankful to all of you and want to give you something in return that has genuinely come from me! I haven’t worked it all out quite yet, and I would need to look into mailing prices! But I would love to know if you are interested? I am so lucky to have all of you! I hope you are all well! If you have any suggestions or questions I will be more than happy to answer them! <3

Thank you for 600+ followers

I couldnt be even happier, this made my day. 

i want to thank everyone. 

i would do my mormal thing and thank everyone personally but there’s so many of you guys. I am so happy that you decided to follow my blog.

 don’t be scared of me. if you want to talk we can. but if i lag prettty bad im sorry. life gets in my way and junk. but thats besides the point. Thank you. 

Comment, ask, or message your star sign to this post or me, i’m very curious on how many signs follow me. and i’ll tally it up ;3 

Man of Honour (final 6/6)

Title: Man of Honour (based on the movie ‘Made of Honour’) 6/6

Summary:  @stories-from-stark-tower ‘s Movie Challenge

Based on the movie Made of Honour

Pairings: Bucky and Reader, Tony and Reader

Warnings: Swearing, nothing else I can think of, some kissing, a punch or two get thrown around, some drinking (no one gets drunk)

Word Count: I’m a wordy biatch. Approx 1705 words…

Author’s Note: This is it - the last part! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! This was the first thing I’ve ever put out there and am just so grateful at everyone’s support. A million heartfelt thanks to all <3 Also, I felt bad making Tony out to be the villain so maybe (just maybe) there will be a redeeming fic in his future.

As the days went on, Bucky was losing faith in his ability to get you to fall for him. He promised himself that he wouldn’t ruin the wedding and he held true to that, but he wasn’t succeeding in showing you how he had changed, you still saw him as the womanizing man he used to be. There just wasn’t enough time.

Then it was the night of the bachelorette party. He didn’t want to attend as Tony had turned it into a bachelor/bachelorette party with friends from both sides, but as the man of honour, he was obligated to be there. The good news was, since Steve and Sam were friends with you, they were also invited.

Bucky took his time getting ready for the night, he’d rather be anywhere but there. To make matters worse, he couldn’t even get good and drunk; he was the designated driver and all around man of honour indeed.

After picking up Sam and Steve, he then picked up Natasha and Wanda. Maria and Ally were meeting them at the club.

Natasha and Steve seemed to take an immediate interest in one another and Bucky made a mental note to keep an eye on them.

He had to stifle a laugh when he caught the look on Sam’s face; he had brought his A-game but Wanda shot him down.

Although Tony had rented out the place for the private event, Bucky was reminded why he didn’t like clubs - too loud and too many people. It took a while before he had even found you, you were with Maria and you both already had too much to drink.

He intercepted your drink taking a sniff - “Whoa! Tequila, already?” he asked, noticing the scowl on you face. He ordered himself a beer.

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Alright so story time.
Mahi-Mahi Resort. My allies and I managed to get the enemies pushed back pretty early. They tried to spawn camp them, but they didn’t do the greatest job. It was me who was in the middle sniping everyone. In short: one guy really wanted to get me and tried again and again to get me (I think it was the Luna Blaster), and they eventually DC’d. The others followed suit, one by one during the match the entire team left.
I hadn’t even realized until the last minute however, I was wondering why things were so quiet.
Since I was the only one who got more than 3 Splats, I am taking credit.
So that’s the story how I made an entire team rage quit in Splatoon.

11 Facts 

I’ve been tagged by @seethelovelyintheworld and @spartanguard okay this is going to be hard XD

1- I love to bake. I’m not the best at it but I’ve gotten good, not gonna lie. 

2- I’ve worked at the same food store for 6.5 years now and omg is it time to leave (someone hire me please) But I have been getting commissions from my coworkers and work in the art room so not as terrible right now. 

3- I LOVE to travel. I’ve been very lucky and have been able to travel to a few countries and even got to live and work in Ireland for two months, and boy do I miss it. (Also, currently contemplating renting a place for a week and doing an art thing anyone have any suggestions as to were to go?)

4- I’m a terribly picky eater and am made fun of a lot because of it lol

5- I once met Julie Andrews.

6-I’ve actually never been on a date, and that was gonna change tomorrow, but he canceled lol

7- I can be quite the hot mess… all the time… 

8- I like to look at hair styles and try out new things with my hair bc I get bored. I had long brown hair. Chopped it off for Prom to a bob then dyed it red, now have long blonde hair and am definitely most happy with this.

9- I’ve always loved the look and sounds of the ‘20-’40s

10- I cannot sing and I used to be in choir in elementary school 

11-I touched the Titanic at an exhibit once, they had a piece of the ship and my brother and I couldn’t help ourselves. I mean what?

That was very hard lol Tagging; @seizeeachmoment, @clockadile, @jenmmorrisons, @wedlakeserenities, @sheriffchiselchin, @swan-road, and anyone else who wants to to it! :D

Even More Things To Add To Your Bullet Journal

Hello, my journalers! I am making another long list of bullet journal ideas. If you’d like to see my first list, click [here]. I had 30 ideas on that list, so be sure to check that one out! 

1. Books To Read

There are so many cute ways to create this section. 

2. All About Me Pages

These are some of my favorite pages to make. They can be simple and to the point, or colorful and complex. You do you and show off that you! Here’s a [link] to the post I made about my pages. 

3. Future Log

Having a yearly spread of what you are planning, need to plan, or just simply feel organized will help you feel less stressed about the coming year. I’ve seen a few ways how to set up a future log, but I chose the one that works best for my life. Mine has gotten a bit messy and only has the rest of 2016.

4. Movies to Watch

There are so many good movies coming out soon, and so many movies I just haven’t gotten around to see. If you’re like me and love coloring in blocks to show progress, then I suggest to set up the page sort of like mine. (But you can also do it any number of ways as well.) Here’s a [link] to my post about creating a movie/tv tracker)

5. Skills to Learn

I imagine a simple checklist can work. If you like to be more detailed oriented, you can make it more like a progress log. 

6. Important Phone Numbers/Addresses

Much like an address book, you can make pages in your bullet journal for the same function. Most people put numbers and addresses into their phones, but sometimes it’s just nice to have them written down someplace else. 

7. Year In Pixels 

If you’d like to see an explanation of this page idea, click this [link]. 

8. Fonts, Banners, and Frame Ideas

I think it’s convenient to have a few pages that act as a cheat sheet for your designing needs. 

9. Snail Mail Log

This is something that I am totally going to do soon, and possibly even include you all in on it. I want to start a mailing list for sending letters to more people. I love getting mail from family and friends, but it doesn’t happen often enough! 

10. Savings Tracker

This is such a lovely idea to keep in your journal. Be sure to stay on top of your finances! I like to keep an extra page for things I need to pay off or people to pay back.

11. Favorite Lists

This could also go in your “All About Me” section, but I decided it should be separate for me. You can list things like your favorite restaurants, meals, songs, classes, sounds, tastes, places, shoes, animals, colors, instruments, plays, games, etc. Get to know yourself better. 

12. TV Series Tracker

This is for those people who want to feel like they just want physical proof of how many times they’ve watched that series on Netflix. Here’s a [link] to my post about making your own. 

13. Monthly Challenges

These are so much fun to make for you all. If you want to add a challenge to your journal, click [here] for my master list of challenges. 

14. Music Playlists

You can make playlists on your phone with various apps, but there’s something sweet about writing out your favorite songs. You can create a workout, relaxing, studying, writing, etc. playlists.

15. Timeline of Your Life

Use two pages for this one because it will be filled by the time you are done. You can even use this for what you want to do in the future. 

16. Inspiration Page

Quotes, songs, people, pictures, charts, graphs, jokes, scripture, events, love, etc. WRITE THEM DOWN, BE INSPIRED, AND GO DO. 

17. Self Care List/Ideas

Sometimes we don’t know how to make ourselves feel better. Write a list of things you could try to do to help yourself become a healthier you. Examples: take a warm bath, go for a walk, drink a glass of water, watch a sad movie, etc. 

18. Monthly/Yearly Memories

It’s nice to have a page with all the memories you had that month/year. I tend to put a little doodle with each event/milestone in my life just to make it more memorable. (This was from my first journal. Please don’t judge.)

19. Sleep Tracker

I personally don’t use a sleep tracker because my sleeping habits are the worst and logging them might be upsetting to me. However, you can track the time you go to bed and what time you get up in the morning on a chart that is easy to read and compare with other nights. 

20. Me Time Log

Sometimes we all need a little time to ourselves. You can use this with the “Self Care List/Ideas” pages to log specific activities you do with yourself. You can keep track of the activity, when you do to, and how long your me time was. 

21. Tiny Adventures

Not exactly real adventures, but adventurous enough to get you out of your comfort zone. To see the original post about these adventures, click [here].

22. Word Tracker

For those authors and poets, keeping a goal sheet or tracker of your words helps a ton! 

I’m scared.What if I’m never gonna get over you? What if five years from now, I’m still wishing for you to come back? What if every night whether its 2 or 3 AM, I’m still questioning myself; “Where did I go wrong this time?” Ever since you left, I see you in every little things. I remember how you love kids so much that every time I met one, they remind me of you. I remember you every time I saw your favourite TV shows, your favourite food, or things that you dislike the most. At first it made me smile. But then I remember that everything’s over. We’re over. I can no longer hear you talk about your day. I can no longer see the spark in your eyes every time you talk about the things that you’re passionate about. I can no longer hear your rants, your laughter, everything about you, I just don’t have it anymore. And it hits me. It hits me hard that I could feel the lump in my throat as well as the pain in my chest which would usually bring me to tears.  I’m weak, indeed. You see, it was never easy for me to let go.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1179 // @bynoire on Instagram

highlights from Magnús Scheving’s TED talk:

-he starts off doing a handstand of course

-telling a guy he has a nice enough ass to be sportacus

-he grabbed a stranger in a grocery store and told her she had 3 minutes to fill a basket with healthy foods and if there was one unhealthy thing in the basket she had to do 500 pushups

-and then he made her do it blindfolded

-so much giggling

-his terrible disco moves and singing Stayin’ Alive

-ending his talk with some weird aerobics move

but first, some music


Haikyuu!! + @ao3tagoftheday

[this beautiful pic cr. goes fully to bonnie aka @cafewoozi thank yoU SO MUCH HONEsLTY GUYS I ONLY LIVE FOR BONNIE ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;]

hello everybody~ it’s aqsa back again with another follow forever!! since ive finally reached my goal of 1.7k (th ank you so much special s/o to vivi (@vitaminniedk like you are too kind for promoting me you didn’t have to ;A; ily! also to the last five followers that got me to this point: @simplewoozis @pur-est @munchiesthaoo @monsterkactus @cafedino !! tysm !!! u made my night!! ;u;)

so, in all, i wanted to make a ff to commemorate this wonderful moment!! this was meant to be done ages ago, but seeing as i had no time (or skill hah rip me) to actually create a decent ff i’ll just be sticking to the good old original style!! so, without further ado, let us begin~

also!! i cannot thank you enough! you don’t know how much your support means to me, honestly ;;; why are you even following my blog tbh im such a messy poster it’s ridiculous especially after i had the humongous hiatus over the summer ;A; ahh that’s what i really wanted to thank you for; you all have stayed with me even after almost 2 months of inactivity and i don’t know how to thank you for that ;__; you guys are so so sweet to me all the time and i never ever feel uncomfortable or stressed out on this site thanks to all of the lovely friends and followers i have gained throughout this year old blog :> you all make my life so much brighter with your stories and tidbits of excitement and its really invigorating to be a part of such a gracious community ;u; so once again, thank you so so so much; i have so much to say but if i do this will get way too long and that’s why i’ll do you all a favor and keep this short. i love you so so so so so so much and i sincerely hope that you all know how much appreciation i hold for you guys; let’s keep going on for a long time while we cheer our 20 boys on with everything they do!! :>

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Several observations:

1. This is exactly the kind of movie the world needs in light of recent events.

2. I am so, so happy that bonkers space opera is still a thing.

3. As far as I’m concerned, Valerian takes place in a shared universe with Jupiter Ascending.

4. I am ridiculously happy that films like this can still be made. May the shiny, glorious spirit of Jupiter Ascending live on.


* C-R-O-W-N-E-D *

   * F-L-O-W-E-R-E-D *

       * P-R-O-G-R-A-M *

… And all the friends we made along the way!

My own personal tribute to the recent Kirby games because I love everything about them, but the baddies who turn into your buddies by the end are definitely one of the things I love the absolute most. <3
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