things i loved in 2011

Hello! You might remember me as a person who sometimes draws comics on this site! I’ve been busy as heck with end-of-term work and also some work-related travel(!), so it’s taken me a while to get everything done and then also remember how to draw. The good news is that I’m working on a new Summer Comic Project–

–and the other good news is that I’m drawing it completely print-ready for once, so I’m hoping to make some A5 minicomic booklets out of it (and possibly some older material: the last 6 months or so of comics are–totally unintentionally–exactly the right size, horizontally). The bad news is that there’s no way I’m gonna have it done in time to print/assemble it for Anime North in May so I won’t be able to hand out freebies and probably won’t be attending the con at all due to work/budget restrictions. (Everyone else have fun, though! Especially you fellow artists!) The consolation is that I’m hoping to finish this thing in batches and then post it a few pages at a time based on where it’ll split up naturally.  

P.S. I’m still trying to sort out the JJL timeline in my head. It’s really weird to be making something that you want to be at least plausible while running with the limited information that you have in the moment.  So many things make so little sense as they stand now…

  • <p> <b></b> *friend starts watching a show that I love*<p/><b>Me:</b> isn't it great?<p/><b>Friend:</b> its ok<p/><b>Me:</b> :v<p/></p>
Mario Kart Phan-Prix #2


I wasn’t going to take notes, I was just going to sit back and watch, but between natural hair mentions, sausage fest and biting ass…

-Phil getting massaged by his pixel self and Dan being disturbed, while actually controlling the mouse, telling him he can’t say “yasss” while that happens.
-Teeked, teaked, tiqued? over the edge. Reminds me of teet/teat in ‘I Am Bread.’ The word is tilt Phil. English Language and Linguistics fail.
-“rickety wrecked”
-Phil turned “soft boye” comment into a sort of “yeah boi” with his inflection.
-“Expose me”- P
-Dan totally read the complaint about not receiving soup in a Damien voice from DD.
-Also these promises of things like dates from Mario reminds me of 2009-2011
-I love them managing each other. Dan dimming Phil’s screen and telling him he’s not allowed to do shout outs and Phil checking that Dan tweeted.
-Furry or Philly, “looking sexy”- P
-“Sausage fest”- D
-Phil thinks he should dye his hair mint green. Nah I tried the pastel range, yah gotta go dark Phil.
-Appreciating the well manicured beard
-Natural brown haired mii looks like Phil
-Stop canoodling down there
-“Don’t even look at me.”- P
-“He’ll be coming round the corner when he comes.”- P
-May do something special for 3 million subscribers, that’s a thing
-“Dat ass”- D
-“I’m gonna bite someone’s ass.”- P
-“Protect your butt.”- D
-“My butt has a shell against it and it’s not gonna get touched.”- P
-Phil story about renting a house second year of college, no idea how to live, almost got evicted.
-Dil’s birthday is tomorrow
-Phil is a backseat stream manager
-Beard guy is the most attractive subscriber, that’s why he gets the crown.
-“Shut up!”- D “Buh shudadaduh”- P (or something like that)
-An artist in the chat says Phil is her muse
-“This is your fault Dan”- P
-“Thicccc” microphone
-“I’m gonna shave your beard off.”- P
-“I’ll protect *your* butt.”- P
-Not arms gaming challenge (I’m intrigued, I watched all the gaming challenges the other day and think their due for a new one.)
-“I’ve got a story.”- P (Life going in slow motion, extra step thing.)
-Dan doesn’t want to look at the message for Phil’s Monster Coke anymore.
-“Birthing breaths”- P
-“I know how to play, Daniel”- P
-Dan’s a bastard… well that’s news to me…
-2018 calendar “Oh god the idea”- D (I want to know!)
-Dan unironically listens to the Mario Soundtrack
-“Get bananaed hard.”- I didn’t write down who said this but I’m pretty sure it was Phil.
-D&P livestream “tension ups” (butt clenching)
-Phil touches Dan’s hair after someone complimenting it, asks how he did it today, insinuates he spends hours sculpting it, asks if he prefers having it curly, is basically in love with Dan’s hair.
-Dan says something rude to a subscriber in the game, Phil reminds him: “It’s not me you’re talking to.” (Why does this make me soft?)
-Viktor from Sweden/YOI reference again.
-Dan asks Phil to help with his geography.
-AFlirtingPhil, scolds Dan about bragging
-Phil sings some song about breasts/mountains that has something to do with being humble… Ah it was Shakira. And I forgot to mention the yodeling! There was yodeling earlier.
-What rhymes with “tick tock clock”- Phil demanding a 7 Second challenge, Dan to his credit does not say cock.
-“Phil you spork”- D
-“Kartage”- D, “Kartation”- P
-Phil’s been stalking subscribers

I forget where this belongs but “deep sea green”, “azure mystery”, “jade depths” would look much better on Phil than mint. No, I haven’t been making hair color edits, why do you ask?

Well that was lovely! <3

anonymous asked:

I love it when you guys reblog things from 2011 and now it's 2017 and absolutely nothing at all is the same. But yet you say oh they love each other so much they haven't been in the same room. They are nowhere near each other ever at all and neither have been at anything for the other at all but yet they're married and so in love come on it's 2017. Sure he came to the X Factor for Louis but so did Niall and so did Liam and so did everybody else and the day Jay sadly passed he was nowhere near

Anon, darling, don’t get me wrong. I’m tired, I’m annoyed, I’m stressed, I barely manage to keep up with fandom stuff because I’m super busy, I don’t know what’s even going on in details lately, but I’ve never once shied away from saying I’m absolutely convinced the boys are still together and happily so, be it 2010 or 2017. Who’s your you guys, why are you making such a pointless comment on my blog, can I ask? If I want to say they’re still madly in love with each other in my personal space and reblog 100 gifs until my finger breaks, I don’t see how this is gonna concern you, I’m sorry. Also, please, let’s not make statements like Harry/Louis was nowhere in sight when the other went through a very hard moment. Can we please not discuss things we have no idea about and that’s none of our business. Thank you.