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Surprise, Surprise - Finn Bálor One-Shot

Request: I saw this really cute Christmas thing on pinterest earlier where it would be a gift a day up until Christmas. And I thought “Oh, that would be a real cute imagine idea!” But the last gift in the 25 day of gifts, obviously on Christmas morning, the reader would reveal that she’s pregnant to Finn/Fergal. I seriously can NOT get enough of that irish man and babies. :D

A/N: As I stated before, I love this! Eee! Him with kids makes me weak.


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It started out as a suggestion which soon turned into a rather fun and appealing game for you. You had discovered something on the Internet regarding to Christmas, specifically where you gave a gift a day for 25 days up until Christmas. When you told Finn about the idea, he was on board completely. He loved the idea. That was towards the end of November.

Today marked December 1st, the first official day of the newest tradition inside your household. You and Finn kept yourselves a part of it, allowing it to be just a husband and wife ordeal. Ava’s gifts were neatly tucked under the tree as she would be celebrating her third Christmas on this earth.

December 1st was small, just as you had anticipated it to be. Day one, Finn gave you the first gift, it being the necklace you were dying to have each time you two passed it inside the jewelry store. Shocked, you immediately put it on. You truly didn’t know what to do, so you stuck out with Vans. You swore he bought a new pair each time they caught his eye. Happy as ever, it marked day one.

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Poly Pipercabeth Headcanons!

-she knew she was bi and attracted to boys and girls
-she also knew that she loved Percy with all her heart
-but she started to notice feelings for Piper
-at first she thought it was just a silly crush that would go away
-but I continued
-she really wanted to kiss and hold her and be in a relationship with her
-but she was obviously still in love with Percy and felt the exact same things for him
-she would never even think about cheating
-so she pushed the possibility of being with Piper out of her mind
-but that didn’t work out too well
-she couldn’t shake the feelings for Piper
-and then one night while browsing the internet, Annabeth comes across the term “polyamorous”
-she discovers that she could be with 2 people and not be cheating
-of course she would have to talk to Percy about it
-and at first he was a little confused
-but once Annabeth explained how she loved both him and Piper and how she had no intentions of picking one over the other, he understood
-and he was completely fine with it
-when she told Piper, Piper was just glad she could be with Annabeth while Annabeth could still be happy with Percy
-they all like to hang out together at least once a week to play scrabble(Annabeth always wins) or some other board game
-they lived happily ever after in a healthy polyamorous relationship

Ahh I wrote this really quickly, but it was fun to write!! I hope this is good enough for @polypjoweek and I really want to write a fic next week!


Pusheen is ready for Fallout 4!

Did some doodles today combining two things that I love - Fallout and Pusheen!

(Sorry for the bad photo quality, had to take the photos with my phone. Also, Dogmeat kind of looks like a potato but oh well.)

By the way, I do not own the character Pusheen! (and I obviously don’t own Fallout either.) This is just fanart. If you haven’t heard of Pusheen, I recommend checking out her stuff, she has some really cute art!

Across The World

For my wonderful girlfriend Gabi. Happy Birthday babe! I came back to this because it reminded me of you. I love you. I’ve tried to base a lot of it around us and all of the things we do; but obviously I’ve substituted Yoongi into it. It was meant to be cute but I don’t think it came out as planned hehe. Enjoy baby!

Based off of this youtube video: (video credit @haradanaoyukii )

I watched it a long time ago and I always find myself going back to it because I love it so much. My whole life is pretty much on the internet too and I have so many Internet Friends(and long distance relationship with Gabi)that this kind of thing is really close to heart and means a lot to me so I wanted to write a pre-debut long distance relationship scenario. I haven’t completely followed the video but it is mostly inspired and based off of the video. Enjoy.

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: You X Yoongi

Synopsis:  Based off of this youtube video: (video credit @haradanaoyukii​ )

Word Count: 2633

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You stared at his face through the pixilated screen and stared into his chocolate eyes while your own welled up with tears. When his facial expression changed to one of pure happiness, your hands flew to cover your reddening face and caught the tears that were falling from your eyes. This was him. It was really him. Min Yoongi. The love of your life. On Skype for the first time.

 “Why are you covering your face? You should be showing off a face like that not hiding it. Really Y/n I thought I had told you this enough about photos. Aish, this girl.” He rambled and looked to the side, rolling his eyes and trying to hide his own smile. But his words only made more tears roll down your face. He seemed to notice your nerves about saying words live for the first time, so he started conversation for you. “How are you then? You good?”

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anonymous asked:

(Part.2) I only used the quote (with citations in the bibliography and such) and the explanation of the quote and what it meant to me and whatnot was my writing. The quote I used for my essay was yours (and credited for) but the essay itself was mine. Sorry for the confusion! ~maknae anon (who's feeling very embarrassed that I gave the impression that I had stolen your work)

Please don’t feel embarrassed at all - it was a simple miscommunication error and we sorted it out just fine! And don’t apologise for the confusion - things can often be lost in a kind of translation over the internet through the lack of tone of voice and other factors too ^^

But, I am super glad that you were able to use a quote from me for your essay! You obviously did an amazing job and that’s super awesome my love ^^ Once again, please don’t feel embarrassed, and I hope you have an amazing day maknae anon! ^^


The internet has a lot of things to offer to you and one of these things that I’ve found and learned recently is editing photos with double effect. This might not be new to you, but hey, as the busiest person in the world (probably, bc college) I found this thing really interesting and it took me some time to edit these photos and achieve my satisfaction. LOL

And I’ve been very obsessed with it for the first time I tried it so, here are the artworks! Obviously, it’s my first time to edit photos like these because as you can see, the edges are like sharp or pointy and….dirty. Idk whatever you call it. It’s not that perfect but I just wanted to share these to you guys!
So which one is your favorite?

Thinking for Yourself

We live in a world of non-thinkers who have been deluded into thinking they are making their own choices.

“What!” you shriek in horror, not because you are shocked at the above statement, but because you can’t believe I would say anything so obviously false.

Oh, yes. Thinking for oneself has become fashionable. The entire population has never been more vocal about its open-mindedness and love for all things intellectual.

In fact, this wave of open-mindedness has resulted in a lot of people all trying to be themselves in exactly the same way.

This post is spurred on by a ridiculous advertisement for some women’s fashion which was inflicted upon my eyes by our marvelous internet. The advertisement appealed to the sense of self-identity that each person has, urging the women reading the advertisement to be themselves. And how were they to be themselves? Why, by following the top shoe trends of the autumn, naturally.

I actually laughed when I read that. Oh, yes. Let’s be ourselves by following the trend. I wasn’t certain whether the advertisement itself was funny, or the fact that it actually made its way through marketing without anyone spotting the obvious and glaring logical error therein.

But this is only one small example of how open-minded our culture really is. You see, if you are really open-minded, then stuff can fall out of your mind as easily as it can fall in. Being open-minded is not even close to the same thing as thinking for yourself.

And I believe that a lot of people don’t like thinking for themselves because it brings on a lot of responsibility. If you think for yourself, then you have to make decisions. For instance, is it easier to do what your friends are doing or to do what you want to do?

Believe it or not, the answer might not be the same for everyone. Because for me, it would be easier to do what I want to do. I don’t live with an inherent need for the approval of others. I have other problems, such as the fact that there are times when I really can’t stand people. And it’s actually harder to hang out with people than it is to stay in my room. If I’m not thinking, I can make the second decision in a heartbeat.

But what about when I start to think? Maybe these people actually want me around. I know my friends are here because they want a relationship with me, not for any malevolent reason. Am I really going to be so selfish as to keep from them a relationship that they might actually want?

At this point, I need to reject the really terrible advice to follow my own heart. In fact, I’ve hardly ever heard worse and more selfish advice than that of following your heart. Your heart is the most deceptive little organ in your body, because your feelings are temporary and because your heart can’t know all the circumstances. It only knows you, so it’s going to tell you to do what you want every single time. If I follow my heart, not only am I an idiot, I’m also an incredibly selfish idiot.

But when I think, I know that I have friends that want me around. The word does not revolve around me. I don’t have to follow trends to be myself, because being myself isn’t the most important thing to be. Being a kind, considerate person is way more important than being myself. Because when I’m myself, I’m gruff, moody, and difficult to live with.

This is, in fact, just one example. But it seems that catchy phrases such as “Follow your Heart” have turned a whole lot of people into non-thinkers following their most selfish and primal instincts. And, if you think about it, being a slave to your heart is a miserable way to live.

So please. I beg of you. Start thinking for yourself. Think about others. Don’t follow your heart. 

Be a thinker instead.

if I’m being completely honest, the person I’m most interested in hearing tomorrow about internet safety is phil. he doesn’t express his opinions on these types of things often (if at all), and I know it’s not because he doesn’t have any. he also doesn’t share too much about himself (at least in detail), especially when it pertains to topics like this, and I’m curious to see if he’d be willing to (obviously, he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want). 

phil is very wise, insightful, and well-spoken, and I would love to know what actually goes on in that amazing head of his (not just what he put in his brain tour video).

When the Hawkdaddy says that the internet will break in the next episode of Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir, you just know that some serious Ladynoir shipping is gonna throw down! You just know it!

Mother of all that is sweet and lovely, does this mean what I think it means? Is there going to be a kiss in this episode? The title of the next French episode of Miraculous is “Cupid’s Arrow” so…obviously if cupid is involved then you know that something lovey dovey is going to happen.

And I’m not going to lie.

The ONLY THING related to this fandom that has the profound power to shatter my internet is a LADYNOIR/ADRINETTE KISS!

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I’ve never been more happy about the existance of fanvideos. 1DHQ can try to rewrite history all they want but in the end there are thousands of videos all over the internet showing the R E A L One Direction if there even is a thing like that ,the One Direction we all fell in love with. With F I V E boys loving each other fircely. Brothers, friends…and lovers yes but foremost F R I E N D S. It was their friendship that drew us all in first. Their friendship that had such HUGE impact to their whole band dynamic. It is ridiculous to try and cut this CRUCIAL part out when it so obviously is the essence of the band and the key to their success! Seriously F U 1DHQ for once again selling this band cheap! But what else did i expect…This band wasn’t/isn’t just another boy band, they have proven that over and over again under the most brutal cirumstances. There was M A G I C happening when they were put together in a band and this magic happened through the essence of each of these five boys combined!!! 

So thank god for fanvideos. 



‘’Tumblr is the only reason I know teenager’s internet slang. They often make fun of me, because I’m often wrong. I never noticed, but I’m always messing up hashtags, or using them in the wrong place. You know, they like to use abbreviations such as obviously written as obvz or obvi. They would teach me that kind of language, but they also taught me fomo, the fear or missing out on interesting people or things. Those are the young ones - I love them! ‘’

1) I am Swen

My name is Kelly. I’m 18, I live in New Jersey, and I’m a lesbian. I’m currently a student at college and plan to go into the vet tech program. I’m a rather shy person and am often quiet around people unless I feel comfortable. Tbh I don’t really have any talents and my only real passion is animals (hence the vet tech thing). I spend more time on the internet than I probably should and don’t have much of a social life if I’m being honest. 

My favorite color is purple and I don’t have a favorite food/drink/movie/book because I’m too indecisive for that. I spend a good chunk of my free time reading fanfiction (mostly SQ). Obviously my OTP is Swan Queen but I also love Joniss (Johanna/Katniss from The Hunger Games Series), Hollstein, Korrasami, Margaery/Sansa (Game of Thrones), and pretty much any other femslash ship out there. 

2) I love Swan Queen

I’m relatively new to the fandom so I watched the show about 7 months ago (I think). I had seen SQ on my dash on my other blog before but never actually watched the show (I remember being really excited when I saw the picture of Lana and Jen in the sweaters. I had no idea what was going on but I was happy anyways). One day my friend said that she was gonna watch OUAT so I decided to join her. I was basically shipping Swan Queen before even watching the show tbh. But then I actually started watching the show and fell in love with Regina (also Emma, but mainly Regina). As I watched on netflix I continued to delve into my Swan Queen obsession, eventually leading me to make another tumblr (and a twitter) specifically devoted to talking about it. 

As for why I love SQ, well…I feel like that would take too long to write. To put it simply they are both amazing and wonderful characters whom I adore. They compliment each other really well (duh, ying and yang) and they share a son for god’s sake! How am I supposed to not want them together?! And as a bonus they are both really attractive and look so good together. I don’t think I could pick a favorite season/moment (again, I’m too indecisive). I feel like there is honestly a chance that they could end up being canon. I know some of that finale was a little rough but all in all SQ could definitely happen. 

3) I love Swen

Since I’m somewhat new to the fandom I haven’t interacted with too many people. I’m not that great at making friends but I did decide to join a group chat with some other swen and lemme tell you…it was a great decision. I may not talk too much in it but the chat makes me smile and laugh everyday. But even if I haven’t talked to that many people, I love all of you. All of you seem like such wonderful, sweet, caring, and accepting people. Not to mentioned talented as fuck. 

The fanficiton, fanart, gifs, videos, meta…all of it is simply amazing. I have read so many great fanfics that are way better than many books I have read. Everyone in this group is so supportive and it honestly feels like a giant family. This is the first time I ever felt as if i was actually a part of the fandom (even though I rarely contribute to it). I hope one day I have the chance to meet all of you wonderful people.