things i love about teaching


I think, that someday, you’ll meet someone new,
                                                     and you’ll fall madly in love,
and you’ll have moved on, without even realizing it.

When I make that first big personal connection with a challenging student.

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I love your blog but why is this a thing re: botox that Hillary may or may not have had? Not that it's an issue either way but where did it come from? I also think you/whoever are talking about fillers, which don't paralyze the muscles like botox, they just add plumpness and give the skin bounce/elasticity; I see it quite often and it would be much less "obvious". I'm a different anon btw

OKAY THANK YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE for exposing the fact that I don’t know shit about plastic surgery, botox, or anything of the sort. I quit premed after two semesters and am, in fact, a phony!!

A couple days ago, one of my favorite blogs (who shall not be named) got an ask regarding Hillary’s most recent public events, and how it looks like she’d gotten work done on her face. This person defended her to the bitter end, and I subsequently made a post saying that you don’t have to do that (!), and it doesn’t make you any less of a stan if you don’t 100% believe in everything the person does. THAT was the point of my post. Now, I think she’s had work done based on a HUNCH alone, which is slightly rooted in my theory of Hillma (older, slightly insecure woman trying to keep up w/ a much younger, ridiculously beautiful partner). However, some people, who shall also not be named, took that as me trying to impugn the reputation of their Sweet Gramommy Hillary Who Has Done No Wrong™. My theory is not based off of any facts, nor do I want to argue with strangers about it on the internet. 

Imagine Minghao getting really happy when you ask him to teach you phrases in Mandarin.

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okay so is there anything you would want to change about skam? if yes, what would it be and why?

Ok, don’t get me wrong I FUCKING LOVE SKAM (obviously since I have this blog) and I look up to Julie so MUCH as a writer myself and as someone who also want to get myself into script writing but if there’s something I would change it wouldn’t be about the storylines itself (except the disaster that’s season two), but I would like to add even more representation.

Like, I know that we got Isak’s storyline and IT’S SO GOOD but I would also like to add other perspectives. My 2 main perspectives that I PERSONALLY would love is actually fatphobia and trans representation. Those 2 are so close to my heart personally because I’m fat and gotten shit thrown my way because of it but also because I’m trans and more so non-binary. So those 2 are the things I would love to see on Skam tackle and teach young teens about because it’s SO SO important for young teens to learn in order to not create ignorance around it. However, I’m aware that these 2 perspectives probably won’t be brought up in Skam but it doesn’t make me sad. Because if it’s something I’ve learned, then it’s that just because someone else won’t bring that representation up to the table doesn’t mean that it will never be brought up. The spontaneous thought I can come up with is the way Julie created Even and brought up him being bipolar and how that can unravel and the affect that had which just shows that it matters. Representation matters and I would love to see Skam give even more to the show but again, I get it that Skam can’t be represented by everyone but if it would be possible, that would be the 2 perspectives I would love to see. Just want to clear out though that it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t respect anyone elses potential storylines like Sanas or Vildes but… I don’t know these are the things I personally if I can think about myself, would love to see.

However, I wouldn’t rule out the fact that fatphobia might have a possibility to be brought up because of Chris. I kinda don’t think she would get her own season (though that would be the bomb tbh) but I would just love if it somehow could be addressed with the help of her. But again, if these two perspectives won’t be brought up now through Skam (or I know sadly at least the non-binary/trans perspective won’t but who knows?) then I know for a fact that I will someday make that happen because to me, that were my passion lies and that’s what I want to do with my life and with my passion.

Ask me something in general or ask me anything about skam,tell me something that you’ve been through, just talk to me in general because i’m bored af and need company!

things i love about teaching in a small community: the support from other teachers & parents, the kids i teach, pretty much everything

things i hate about teaching in a small community: the fact that when i leave my house without doing my hair, putting make-up on, and wear sweats, i will DEFINITELY run into at least three students with their parents who want to chat.

a lot of the time when the smart half of me forces the dumb half of me to do something it feels like trying to get a toddler to cooperate

“no, we go to sleep in the bed, not in the shower.” “if you don’t do your homework now you won’t be able to watch cartoons later.” “three more bites and then you can be done”

I made this as a personal piece, but in the light of recent events, these teachings a relevant.

The biggest thing I love about the gay community is that everything they do is built on the foundation of love and acceptance. Same thing goes with the ‘hippie’ community which essentially everything is built on the foundation of patience and reflection. Of course there are bad people in the world and this doesn’t apply to everyone (nor does it apply to everyone in any community). But for now I’m just talking about these fundamentals.

I think one of the hardest things to do is to be selfless. Some of the people I look up to the most are the most patient people I’ve ever met.  I think those kinds of qualities were something I might’ve scoffed at or was bitter about or would say “are you even human?”. But I think those who are more like this have faced their inner demons above anyone else.

So I’m trying to be more like that. Maybe I’m just speaking out of my ass. But I know it’s going to be a long road ahead so I am going to try my best to approach it with patience & love.

One of the things I really love about the teachings of the law of attraction is that they teach you how to be an optimistic person, and I think that’s really important. It’s not just about attracting what you want or better, it’s about learning to be happy or content before it happens. It’s about enjoying the journey, which is the most important part of it all.

Let me show you how! (heads up)

I’m always receiving requests for tips/tutorials from all around the world and I love teaching people new things, so I’m thinking about offering some long distance Skype lessons on digital art. 

To test the water and say cheers for all the continued support, I’ll soon be running a contest for a couple of free lessons, which you’ll be able to enter here and on my Instagram (@drawinds). 

One day (in the VERY distant future), when I’m a mom, I’m going to teach my kids to love every single thing about themselves. I’m going to teach them to care deeply about people, but to be brave enough to put themselves first when need be. I’m going to remind them very often that they are worth all the stars in the universe. But most importantly, I’m going to teach my kids HOW TO USE THEIR FREAKING BLINKER OH MY GOD WERE YOU RAISED BY WOLVES GET OFF THE ROAD