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I’ve been yelling with Olive but all I can think about is John and how all along we were pretty sure he had the shitty, disapproving Thatcherite military dad and that scene in TSOT where he just defiantly is like, “I’m xyz soldier things, let me examine this body,” like let him??? touch??? this man’s body????? and then in TLD Mrs. Hudson is demanding that John examine Sherlock and then Sherlock is demanding that John examine Sherlock except John’s mind is screaming “soldiersoldiersoldiersoldier” now and he’s not comfortable??? and wants Molly to do it instead????? HELP HIM!!!!!!!

on r*yharpers/l*gorobin aka solo/roy

( tw: inappropriate sexual behaviour/mentions - racism - manipulation - children - anti-blackness )

i’m getting tired of getting asked about this because every time i just have to remember every thing he did and now he cries about, or pretends to be a victim about nevermind the fact i talked to him about it extensively. so like, i don’t really have any “receipts” on him besides other people who i don’t want to imply unless they want to imply themselves (feel free to do so)

so you can call me a liar/bitch/whatever you want, idc. basically on the shit he’s done to me and my friends it’s:

  • being sexual in an environment supposed to be for minors (he also didn’t start tagging his nsfw posts until his ex asked him to, and this was after i confronted him about being too sexual around kids. this started in the supertwitter rp (a rp supposed to be safe) where he posted a picture of an uncensored dildo, and even before that he did lots of sexual comments/implications/outright written content)
  •  i have to comment that this is mostly because we’re from a groupchat that was made as a safe gc for people that like dc comics, since people who knows about it know.. how complicated it is to enjoy without running into bad people. i am also 18+, and so is my girlfriend, however we make a clear border between us and the kids as it’s more of the purpose of being able to protect them if they’re attacked (again). meanwhile solo constantly interacted with them as if he was also a minor, which is another reason said minors didn’t want to be around him.
  • he’s racist, which also showed in the supertwitter. major ones is the fact that when the admin of the group, who is not white, called him out on his racist drawings and also on him wanting to rp a jewish character when he’s not jewish (no matter what he says), he ranted to me until i said they (the admin) were right, and then he ranted to a non-white minor as to get validation. now he’s iding as a jewish character, harley quinn. on a minor note, he disregarded dick grayson being roma and has admitted to never actually meeting a black person irl. he also sent me white-guilt asks which, um, yikes lmao, especially since he tried to use me as an emotions-bin just because i’m black-latinx.
  • he also uses his emotional trauma and mental health to attack other people, even those with mental health issues (including me)
  • he’s manipulative towards minors. after i told him this and he blocked/softblocked me, he started talking to minors asking them if they ‘hated him’ and he even said to many of them that he wouldn’t know how to deal with it if they stopped being his friend/implicated that he needed them to stay his friends despite knowing they’re minors. 
  • he also vagued about me and about said minors after they expressed discomfort and cut contact with him. i don’t have a picture of what he said, but i screenshotted my post (first picture under the cut) about calling him out on it because he had blocked me, before he asked me to deleting the post (after lying he’d work on it, which, he didn’t.)
  • he posted once that he should be able to act the way he wanted around minors because he’s emotionally/through trauma a minor (and by ‘whatever he wanted’ he means being sexual/making kids uncomfortable).
  • also idk if this is problematic but three kids felt so pressured by him linking his wishlist in said chat (and on his blog.. over and over and over) that they bought him things due to that reason, and they told me this personally… i think it’s important to highlight.
  • also after i said i wanted him not to talk to me nor interact with people around me, he constantly tried to get in contact with me and even went so far as to message my girlfriend. he also wrote posts implicating i’m attacking him with this information when i talked to him about it. (also this is more personal but he accused me of lying and being an evil person for ‘lying about being his friend’ which um i never did and we never talked, he just made me uncomfortable.)

tl;dr solo has done a lot of shit that he consistently refuses to recognize, and while he posts and says he’ll work on it, he does it by constantly making excuses for himself and crying about it, as to make the person calling them out the ‘bad guy’ (and tries to manipulate other people into hating said person too), then continues doing the same thing over and over. 

also another thing.. that’s unfounded and i don’t know.. if it’s wrong but there’s a lot of people who have DID who have told me personally that he’s most likely faking his DID, since he started iding as roy harper around the same time he started dating mav, who id’s as jason todd (for those not in the fandom, it’s a popular pairing). also he’s dating his alter which is apparently not a common thing/something people with DID do? (also he used to be really insistent, even to a point of erasing other people’s sexuality/validity, about being gay and his alter is a woman… feel free to message me about this and i’ll delete this part of it if this is ableist in any way

edit: “i’ve seen people w/ did date headmates. it happens. what doesnt happen is you realize yr a system and start dating yr headmate withing a few months. that’s weird as hell tbh. as someone in a system: the fuck man. personally i think his system is fake but i wont say that on record bcos i have no real evidence. i just… no one ever goes through all that so fast. it took me YEARS to be comfortable w/ being a system and i still dont have it all figured out and hes dating his headmate in like 2 months? k”  “ just yeah… system shit is complicated but he had nv heard of systems when i strted dating him and like…. it happened so so fast i have a hard time believing its real. i told him i was part of a systme and he was immediately part of one too, i told him i had bpd and he immediately had it too…. i get not being aware of everything but it was weird” (this is by mav, his ex, who gave me permission to upload this. he has DID).

i talked to him about this, several times- the last time i did he blocked me everywhere, then unblocked me when i accused him of doing so- i had a long conversation to him in which he said he would ‘work on it’ before blocking me. and then i got told by a friend of mine that he went into another chatbox and tried to manipulate people into hating me by showing them screenshots of what i said. which, thankfully, didn’t work. (i have pictures of this under the cut, too.) something to know is that i used to id as a trans guy and went by ‘gabriel’ or ‘leo’ then, so some screenshots allude to that.

also he was a fucking shithead to mav, his ex-boyfriend, and mav actually posted about it here so you know, make of that what you will. tw: sexual harrassment, racism, anti-blackness… )

also there’s more stuff that also goes beyond what he did to me and my group of friends that said friends screenshotted. 

screenshots + more things he’s done under cut.

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Miss Everything - Request

Requested by @mrsdeanfuckingwinchester:  Dean x reader have been married for years, she gets pregnant but he doesn’t want it. She leaves but never moves on. He ends up in another relationship and about to marry her. At the altar he decides he needs to be with reader and their child.

Summary: Basically, everything from above.

Pairing: Dean x Lisa/Dean x reader

Word count: 1,878

Warnings: Slightly angsty.

A/N: This was odd… I never imagined Dean doing such thing but requests are requests and I liked getting out of my comfort zone. I hope you like it.


Originally posted by frozen-delight

“We are here reunited to celebrate the union between Lisa Braeden and Dean Winchester in holy marriage…” The priest spoke. He wasn’t a regular priest but rather a priest that had turned into some kind of hunter after realizing demons walked among the rest of the creatures on Earth.

Dean’s hands were sweating. Him and Lisa had taken a while to take the choice of getting married, of starting “a new life together” as some would say. But there was something off about the whole thing.

Lisa was giving him a certain look, but Dean couldn’t identify which one. All he could see and hear inside his head were memories from another woman, a woman he had betrayed, a woman he had hurt. He hadn’t thought of her in a long time, but for some reason, he was remembering her then: at the altar.

“I do.” He heard her words softly, perfectly pronounced and so confident… She actually wanted to marry him.

“Then I pronounce you husband and wife.” The priest smiled warmly at them, who were shaking like teenagers, with sweaty hands and big grins. “You may kiss the bride.

And her kiss was lingering, excited and joyful. She was smiling from ear to ear as Sam took their first picture together. They were young, so young John didn’t fully approve of their relationship – less to say their marriage – but they were in love and so they took the first chance they got to travel to Las Vegas and get married in secret.

It was the first time Dean broke his father’s rules, and he wasn’t even sorry, he loved her too much.

Lisa squeezed his hands as a plead for him to pay attention. The seconds felt like year to him. He couldn’t help but to notice how different the aura was compared to his first wedding.

Sam wasn’t smiling. Dean knew he liked (Y/N) better, but he was still there supporting him through all the bullshit. Castiel was now there as well, and he had also a frown on his usually neutral face. None of them felt like Lisa was the one; especially not after Dean told them why he and (Y/N) split up.

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I wish I was as open and passionate as my classmate.

We were studying at front of the laboratory for a test there and I wanted to ask help from him (since he’s the top of the class) and take a glance at what part he’s reading at but to my surprise, he was reading a Narusaku fanfiction, hardbound.

He actually printed the hell out of that fan fiction and put a hard bound cover on it. (He made it a book for personal, private use.) :’D

viktor headcanons
  • isn’t cold like ever but his hands are always cold
  • feet too
  • (rip yuri)
  • wants to try every single new food known to mankind but also loves to eat a lot of. fuken weird stuff
  • jelly with salami, adds hot sauce to soup, puts salt in his coffee, he’s terrible
  • types like he’s drunk 101% of the time help him
  • a friend once replied to a happy birthday message with a “ahahhah thanx hahahhh~ <3″ then three martini emojis in a row
  • thats viktor
  • really likes catchy music (e u r o v i s i o n s o n g s), but also listens to opera and classical, with a some ballads thrown in
  • is excited about everything to do with other cultures, different customs, new things in general
  • that goes for music too
  • wins the “how many different languages do you have in your songs playlist” game by a mile
  • (there are ones in russian, french and english - obviously, but then he also listens to chinese pop, celtic folk songs, extremely unknown german sugary tunes, his playlist is a mess)
  • v early riser 
  • on top of that somehow manages to sleep very little
  • unironically loves really cheesy romcoms and gets way too invested
  • can’t cook to save his life. probably doesn’t even know how to use the microwave help him
  • both giving and recieving massages is his favorite thing ever
  • goes out to buy milk or smth and comes back with something ridiculous like an aquarium full of tropical fish, having forgot what he came in for as soon as he steps foot into the store
  • gay as hell
  • been on dates with girls but it just went. Bad. 
  • &they didn’t even notice either, cause his fake smiles are a++. but then he never answered the phone when they called
  • practically invented the “lol wait really? my phone was ringing the whole time?? wow lmao i had no idea didn’t hear” *still doesn’t pick up*

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But gabi I can't just stand here and support everything he does unconditionally? I just can't. I don't know what he wants or why things are like this. I also feel uncomfortable with a lot of topics tbh and I don't get it when people never critically look at Louis but he's always the victim. Cause in my eyes he's got a lot more power than most people want to see. He chose to do promo during this time now you know?

he posts a miserable selfie to raise attention that shit will be going down, he literally did that for months while his mom was terminally ill, he reassured the fandom every single way he could and no one asked him. He rebelled as many times as he could, dua lipa, hailee steinfeld and the 2345 other things. This boy is fighting tooth and nails, his family is helping him, his friends are helping him, Oli, Calvin all helping him so it’s not him who has to do it. 

He talked about F while the narrative is that F is his kid - in a live show and he remained professional and polite, but that doesn’t mean he wants this, that he wants any of this. His voice, his body language, his actions speak so much louder.

You’re looking at puzzle piece, and not at the big picture. You don’t know what he chose, and what was given to him. You don’t know what was agreed and what the interviewer didn’t respect. We just don’t know.

All I know is that this boy is a fucking angel for doing what he did for the fandom and keeps doing for the fandom. 

If you feel uncomfortable how do you think he feels? Talking about his late mother, being pushed even after he politely said it’s not making him comfortable, and then his non existent son while he has music out there, fantastic music that blew away everyone and he still has to talk about this shit?

Why don’t you listen to him when he praises the fandom, when he basically indirects his PR team and says the fandom does better PR by promoting music with MUSIC and not stunts.

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Did you see Michael Yo's Instagram? He posted that we overreacted and Louis followed them on twitter so he is cool and that he is coming back soon (the picture is a screenshot of twitter follow). smh.

He’s such a child, lol. 

Like, literally, let’s say we did overreact (we didn’t, btw). The responsible, mature thing to do (since he clearly thinks he’s the adult here, and we’re all just twelve year old children), would be to deflate the situation, and explain his actions, but what he did was pull a “HA IN YOUR FACE LOOK I WAS RIGHT YOU’RE WRONG ME AND LOUIS ARE BRO’S”. So.

I think that’s pathetic. I think a twitter follow is hardly indicative of “being cool” with somebody, he’s just mad he got called out, but I’m not sorry we called him out cause he was wrong. And the fact that he’s not owning up to that is… unfortunate, but not unexpected. But you know what? I don’t care what Michael Yo has to say, I just want my boy to be okay.

Despite everyone and their mom getting into TAZ right around the same time, it was actually my coworker who introduced me to it on our morning work errands

It’s his birthday tomorrow so I badoobled a thing

The card says “Normal is overrated. Happy birthday, weirdo.” And then I wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY! in shaded caps with a little (nerd.)

And told him I’d have gotten a jumbotron but those things sold out like 2 months ago 😜

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I have a family member who works for the CIA andwhen the whole Russia conspired to get the Orange elected thing came out, my mom asked him if it was true. He ripped his button down shirt open like Superman (he had a t-shirt on that said CIA on it under the button down) and went "WHAT DO YOU THINK??"

!!! IM!! YELLING!!!!!!!!!!

Well guys, yeah, I'll take an indefinite hiatus

I will not go or not I will be liking/reblog things, I will post no drawings because I will not draw anything or try not to do it; Until I find the emotion of drawing again. I need to relax and be inspired again. and wait for the popularity of Palette and him, slowly die… but that’s apart…

I really need to disentangle myself…

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why do you love terumob so much. just like go all out and rant and rave and get excited, i wanna know why


okay ill say one thing and thats that teru and mob actually have very compatible personalities. teru is someone who sees greatness in mob and who can uplift and pour confidence into because teru is incredibly confident and supportive and respectful of mob. in fact mob is the oNLY person teru respects like lets be fucking real he gets incredibly soft but also truly believes in him.

meanwhile mob can bring out the best in teru. mob is the first person to really see who teru is past his performative surface. id say teru has a pretty easy personality for mob to understand, because in some ways mob can relate to it. but mob is a person who can see teru for who he is past the surface, and he can help teru build his inner identity up past his ego and honestly?? help him really truly and honestly love himself for who he is.

they both have the potential to bring out the best qualities in each other, because thats how they compliment each other. ive said it before but a terumob fusion would literally be the happiest person on the planet. a person who can honestly love themself because of how complimentary they are and how both of them can help each other grow by sharing their own wisdoms.

not to mention theyre both able to fill in where the other lacks. like teru with leadership and confidence and mob with compassion and peaceful resolution

okay wow this was a rant! anyway thanks anon!! 

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i wrote this really short thing where alex mistook jefferson for laf but not in the usually funny sort of way in the 'i haven't seen you in years what are you doing here i've missed you' that ended in them both Really Upset bc their friend's probably dead and they miss him but being like 'let's not talk about our feelings ever k bye' and i thought that's something you might enjoy? idk sorry yikes

What these boys are good at: speaking for a living
What do they never do?: COMMUNICATE

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Does there ever come a time when Genji realizes he's being treated kind of like an object by Zenyatta but he doesn't mind?

It doesn’t terribly bother Genji that Zenyatta articulates his feelings that way. Besides deriving some perverse enjoyment from it, Genji sees right through Zenyatta–and as far as he’s concerned, it’s all talk.  I mean, Zenyatta doing stuff like giving Genji his bracelet, (or spending time with him, or looking after him, or checking in on him) seems like an awful lot of unnecessary effort to put into an expendable thing. So Genji lets Zenyatta have his cake and eat it too. 

Although it’s probably fair to say that, after a point, if there came a time when it stopped being mere talk Genji would be content with that too. People have been trying to use him all his life, so if he’s going to become someone’s tool, it might as well be someone he actually cares about.  

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I will never understand how in one interview Martin was saying how great the script is? TST sucked, TLD was just okay nothing really great except a few parts but the horrific parts sometimes outweigh them and then we get TFP. For someone who has a way of interrogating a script and has a firm grasp of understanding his characters I really can't fathom why he agreed to this horror show. Honestly, Martin should just stay away from any future series if this is the way they're going to treat him.

there really wasn’t much he could do about it. he was contracted to do these episodes, and you won’t openly slag off your own show before it even comes out. I think it becomes apparent how he really felt about the series in things he’s said that turn out to be dry digs at the show. I feel awful for him, the way he was treated and just wasted like that, it’s honestly a fucking joke 

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what do you think of Fitz downloading AIDA?

My feelings on the matter are complicated. I am disappointed and upset to see that he’s not telling Jemma about it. However, I also wish that she would have agreed to work with him on it. If they did, I feel that they would have figured out Radcliffe’s plan this episode.

While I think people are generally categorically placing Fitz in the wrong here, I do think it’s more nuanced than that. He is trying to do a good thing. He wants to know what went wrong in order to prevent something like this from happening again. If you recall, Fitz also designed Coulson’s hand. If things he are building are going wrong, he does want to know why. I think it’s valid concern. Is there a lot of risk involved? Of course. This could backfire spectacularly. Or, he could figure out what Radcliffe is up to.

While I do think that Jemma is right to say that LMDs shouldn’t be built, I do think her reaction in wanting to table it is also emotional, just like his desire to find out what went wrong. I think she’s afraid of what happened, upset about Nathanson’s death, and by tabling LMDs, it’s easier to resolve her feelings on the matter.

I do think that the best solution would have been if they took a look together to see what went wrong. Not to build another AIDA (which is why I think Jemma is rejecting Fitz’s suggestion, because she thinks that is the intent), but to figure out the problem. And that would untangle Radcliffe’s plot a lot faster. 

(Also, if I were them, I would personally be dying to know if something could really give robots sentience. Imagine being on the cusp of that kind of discovery?)