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YouLove #2

Summary= How many chances there were that your famous crush would like you back? The chance of a click -and a video, it seemed. [YouTubers AU].

Pairing= Nalu.

Rate= T.

Chapters= Multichaptered.

Word Count= 1590.

Hi guys :3 I know this is earlier than I said I’d update, but since it got so many notes and lovely comments, I thought that I’d post chapter 2 now! Thank you so much for all the pretty things you said! It really motivated me and made me so happy! >.< So here you go!

I don’t own Hunter x Hunter nor Noragami Aragoto. They belong to their respective authors.

Chapter two: but baby, I’m still waiting for you

“Okay, so,” Lucy started, smiling at the recording camera placed in front of her. “YukiStellar on Tumblr requested my opinion on the anime Hunter x Hunter, thanks!”

Lucy cleared her throat, pushing down her anxiety, as she always did whenever she recorded a new video. She thanked that so far, the thumbs down were almost inexistent in her account. She hoped it stayed that way.

500.000 subscribers were a really big number. For her, at least.

“I really loved the anime!” Lucy grinned, sighing contently as she remembered. “Its plot is quite interesting, and don’t even let me start about character development. Truly amazing and well done. I could give you a list of my favorite moments, but I don’t want to spoil anything to you guys,”

“So, this anime gives you so many feels! I laughed, and cried, and got to be an emotional wreck. Specially on the final arc. I totally suggest you watch it! My favorite character? Killua, of course! Adorable, dork, smart, fast, strong, dark, and too well-looking for a 12 to 14 years old.”

Lucy wiggled her eyebrows at the camera, chuckling to herself.

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