things i learned from disney

A  L  I  C  E

“if i had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense”
Alice lives in the world she wants to be in. She doesn’t let obstacles get in her way. She knows the importance of believing in the impossible.
Modern Princesses learn from Alice:

*curiosity *

Make your world a wonderland, rock on P R I N C E S S ! 

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Name: Ellen
Age: 20
Country: Belgium 

Hi! My name is Ellen. I’m almost 21 years old and I’m looking for a pen pal.
I’m a college student. I am studying to be a teacher. I love learning about new things.
I like to read and watch series. I also love to dance and go to music festivals. I’m a huge Disney fan. I have been a couple of times to Disneyland Paris. I love to meet new people, so I’m open to become a pen pal with anyone.

Preferences: I would like a pen pal between 18 and 25 years old, but I am open to all genders and nationalities.

Things i learned about Moana from D23

this is long overdue but i havent been feeling the Moana tag…alot of weirdness and negativity..anyway here goes

- Moana is extremely close to her grandmother (spoiler *not really* she dies)

-Her people are famous navigators

-They’ve stopped navigating and exploring beyond their island

-Moana’s grandmother encourages her interest in navigating by telling her stories

-Moana has a friendship with the water (this is NOT a power like elsa)

-She can communicate with it, like an old friend

-I think Moana’s personality is going to be a great mix of rapunzel, pocahontas and Mulan 

-Moana has an adorable pig names Pua (i NEED a plush of him)

-Maui is loud and charismatic, his tattoos tell stories (move)

-He is a demi-god who uses a fish hook to pull up the islands into existence

-The movie makers have a team of Polynesian elders and locals with whom they have met with and sought approval on every aspect of the movie

-The clip of the volcano spirit was awesome, she looked younger then the concept art and with every move she oozes lava

-The music is UNREAL. The authentic music is gorgeous and sets the tone of the movie perfectly. the score we heard on the clip with moana as a toddler was perfect as well. 

-The scenery of the clips shown were breathtaking, the water looked more realistic then any animated movie I’ve ever seen. The island as a whole looked like you were flying over a Hawaiian island

-Baby Moana is one of the cutest disney toddlers I’ve ever seen, the scene with her and the water shows her connection with the water itself that is supernatural and magical in its own right

I seriously cant WAIT for this movie…and the merchandise :D