things i judge myself for making

Whale Shark at GA Aquarium.

Honestly I would love to hear what people have to say about the GA aquarium. I always thought it was pretty sketchy during my Blackfish stage when I didn’t realize how biased the sources were, and I was getting all of my GA Aquarium information from places that were backing up Blackfish. (I now lean towards the stance that, while they don’t do well in captivity and would ideally be able to live in the wild: the caretakers are doing their best to enrich their lives, animal welfare conditions are always trying to be improved, orca are facing a lot of problems out in the ocean that makes me feel worried for wild populations, and the general public does tend to care more when they can see the animal up close.)

So I decided to visit it for myself, I watched the sea lion show (amazing) and the dolphin show. I listened to the educators. Now that I’m more knowledgeable about zoo welfare things I try not to judge so harshly if I see stereotypic-appearing behaviors, etc. because I don’t know the animals’ background or how the caretakers are managing the behavior.

My main concerns with the GA Aq used to be the whale sharks, the belugas, and the dolphins. I don’t know much about the whale sharks, I’ve heard a lot of them have died? But they keep getting more? I’m not sure where from. I’ve read that the Aquarium was pushing to get more belugas from the wild, something about with Russia? I’d love for someone to throw some facts and legitimate sources at me. The dolphins swam in a circle in their tank, a video I took here, but the show was beautiful and they got to swim so fast for a lot of the tricks, the training is obviously enriching and they get to work together for a lot of the tricks, too. 

I’m not saying that justifies it, ideally they would be out in the wild but, you know, lots of problems with them being able to survive in the ocean we have created for them. Food depletion, pollution, temperature and pH changes, boating, nets, etc. 

I have some more posts related to these animals coming up but feel free to start discussions. @why-animals-do-the-thing I’m curious about what you know about the GA Aquarium and its whale sharks and belugas (and dolphins). 

I also follow a few marine mammal/aquarium people so maybe @shipshapeseal and/or @merswine? Curious about what you guys in the aquarium field think about it.

“Apparently, the deceased had liked candles. And long baths. I’m not judging. There’s a possibility I might enjoy a long bath myself occasionally. When Sherlock was alive I did a lot of running and fighting and sometimes I needed to relax and recuperate. And a bath is good for that. That’s a medical fact. So it makes sense. And essential oils and candles help with the whole relaxing thing. People might laugh. People did laugh when Sherlock told them I enjoyed having baths but I was fine with it. I’m still fine with it. Baths are good.”

A Little Individuality

@crankgameplays I don’t know if you’ll see this but I kinda wanted to talk about the whole “being compared to others” thing. I know it’s super annoying when people do that, especially since you’re a growing channel so it looks as if you “copy” Jack or Mark or whoever else. I myself find it annoying because I can see in your videos that you ARE unique, and I think that obviously people who compare you to bigger channels or complain for you to “stop copying them” HAVE NOT seen more of your videos and cannot make the judgement because they don’t know you enough. It isn’t copying to genuinely enjoy doing Youtube. It isn’t copying to have the desire to do charitable things with the channel. People who judge you straight off the bat and don’t give your channel a chance don’t deserve any extra attention for their complaints, because they don’t know the person they are talking about. You’ve been doing YouTube for more than 4 years and YOU ARE YOUR OWN PERSON, so please stay cranky :)

I love you and your videos so much Ethan, and I can’t wait for the livestream tomorrow!!!

Today, I CHOOSE to be happy🌟 I can’t control every situation but I CAN control how I react to it.
I choose not to let bad thoughts affect me. I choose not to compare or judge myself. I choose to do what is best for me and nourish my body with good plant foods, and enough them✨
I spent a very long time waiting for something to happen to magically make me happy, make things easier for me or fix all my problems. But I’ve realised, the only person who can do those things is me.
TRUST ME, I know it’s so much easier said than done. But if you never give it a shot, you’ll never find out what amazing things could have been if you just tried💫🐝🌱💜

IG: @naturally_nina_

i think that’s the biggest difference between social anxiety disorder and avoidant personality disorder, though.

social anxiety disorder = “oh man, no, i’m so afraid they’re gonna judge me for doing the thing, that’s way too stressful, i can’t do the thing.”

avoidant personality disorder = “i’m actually legitimately terrible, so what’s the point if people are just going to hate me for even trying to do the thing in the first place. we all are 100% aware that i’m not good enough and that i’m going to fail, so let’s just completely avoid the thing to keep everyone happy (except me, because even if i’m doing this to ‘protect’ myself, it literally makes me absolutely miserable).”


I like to think of myself as an understanding person. But if someone starts attacking my friends, that’s when I start to lose my patience.

I honestly do not care who you are, what you do or what you ship. Your choice. Own it, enjoy it, have fun doing your thing. Ain’t nobody judging you based on that.

Meet my friend @ihavetobenkyou. She’s one of the most loving people in the fandom. She’s a talented writer, an incredible motivator and she’s always there to cheer people up. She goes out of her way to encourage people. She inspires those around her, and make them better people. She’s a positive person, one everybody deserves to have in their lives. And she’s being attacked.

Some individuals felt it necessary to make a callout post about her and call her names on some of her posts. I don’t need to drop names, you know who you are. I don’t know what made you feel compelled to be so vile towards someone who has done nothing against you, but don’t you dare think that it’s okay to insult a person and everything they stand for over a shipping week.

You’re bad people.

If you’re not one of those individuals and have a few seconds to spare, please do send Ren some positive messages, because she doesn’t deserve any of the things she’s now being forced to put up with. Do not condone this type of behaviour in the fandom.

My tumblr is my feelings.
I’m not posting things I don’t feel or relate to, I’m posting me.
I’m posting parts of myself in hope no one will judge me, also for other people to know they are not alone, and if you wanna talk, ask me about my story or just tell me about yours, I’m always here, I won’t judge you, I won’t make you feel worse, I’m just like you and here to help.

its kinda like……i knw so many ppl who would genuinely love to be close to me and be best friends w me but i literally…..always isolate myself n keep myself from making other friends bc im worried that if i meet a new friend then they wont get how i am or they’ll think im weird or really hyper or really boring bc i can be all of those things n im jus 2 scared to get my hopes up when i knw that the friendships i make usually dnt last lmao

I had promised myself to let it go, to just enjoy Robron and stop. After all, everyone is free to think what the believe and to express their opinions and their feelings, but then I felt personally called into question by some things I read.
Let’s talk about heart of the matter: ROBERT
Not to disturb the great philosophers, but once Aristotele wrote:

“Perfect people do not fight, do not lie, do not make mistakes and do not exist”.

So please, before you start judging from your high horse all of us as the cynical heartless (and abusive in our turn) you think we are, i would like you to think seriously about human nature, and the nature of human relationships.
Rise his hand who, during a heated discussion with their partners, hasn’t said or done something that to an external eye it might seem wrong, bad or selfish? Because if it didn’t ever happen to you, you have my envy and my respect (and you have to tell me how you did it, because I have never been able to stop myself… guilty of all charges!)
Now I certainly don’t want to throw us in a philosophical discussion on the absolute meaning of what is wrong and what is right (this is up to each of us anytime we face a decision), but only that you try to consider that human nature is flawed and the difference is made by the way you try to learn from your mistakes and try to make amend.
And also you have to keep in mind that you can’t change 30 years of being yourself (right or wrong) in a few months. False steps will be made and Robert, the heart of my rant here, certainly did and probably will do again (as much as Aaron).
Not even the greatest love of all can make you change that fast. Only a personality transplant can succeed in this. Or a lobotomy.

Probably none of this makes sense, in my mind yes, but I need to tell it, so bear with me.

Why are so many people getting salty over ships in this fandom? 

 I mean c'mon we’re fighting over a cartoon of flying space men that shoots lasers out of their hands and can make their hair go blonde for jimminies sake! 

If theres something that you don’t like, you can you know, be polite and don’t make people stop liking a certain thing or judge on what they like. Can we just love and support on what we ship or headcanon without being so rude about it?

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First of all… Yes I am one of those very special people and have acknowledged my own skills in the field of drawing funny lines and circles. So let’s start with what I like to call: WTF is happening in this poster?

There’s been much speculation about the poster already and now I want to get in and hopefully raise some valid questions and not just make a fool of myself! So yeah, it’s more like please tell me what these things are than me actually saying anything smart about the pic

So that tail or whatever​ lined with yellow… What the hell is that thing? First I thought it belonged to either Ophanimon FDM or Meistachemon (could still belong to it) but then I noticed that it looks to have a head (or a larger portion of something) behind Stachey. This one I won’t address so much, because I’m fairly certain my tired brain wants to make it into some dragon Digimon and it actually is part of Meicoomon’s Ultimate form. But just gonna point out that it doesn’t look like a fitting additional part for either of the Digimon’s.

Then the white one!! Yes… I know I should wait for the HQ poster, but when you’re obsessed… Anyway it’s a thing in front of Hikari that’s different shade of blue than Ophanimon​ and I thought it looked peculiar. I can’t really say for sure what it is but this will be my #1 question till we get the damn HQ poster. And at some point I thought maybe Hikari was looking at it (?)

The blue one… Looks like a wishbone, I honestly forgot why I circled it…

But yeah, non marked questions include:
- That weird black shredded cloth looking thingy in the lower mid-section of Ophanimon’s schyte
- What is Meiko holding?
- Hikari, why u sad?

1.Every 24 hours I can start over
2. I have people in my life who make sacrifices for me
3. I have a bright future
4. The consuming bad things won’t matter in 5 years
5. I have a house to live in
6. I have food in the fridge
7. I am NOT alone
8. I have come so far from where I was
9. I am patient
10. I’ve been able to go to so many places and experience so many things
11. I’ve helped people
12. I do love others
13. I am in control of my own life, no one else is
14. I can express myself through dance
15. I’m kind to those who need it most
16. I make a difference everyday
17. I can inspire as much as I’ve been inspired
18. I don’t judge others
19. I keep my promises
20. The sun always comes up, even in the darkest of nights
21. I can surround myself with happy things
22. Sunsets are beautiful and I can watch them every night
23. I can write down all my fears and throw them away
24. There is a whole world outside my head
25. I am able to see the beauty in everything
26. I am worth so much
27. My heart is beating
28. The sound of rain is soothing
29. Every day can be a new adventure
30. Today doesn’t have to be the same as yesterday
31. I am so beautiful in my own way
32. I am enough
—  32 Reasons I Should Be Happy

     ➔ episodes 1x01-1x03

  • “This job is eating me alive.”
  • “I’d like to apologize for him. His parents didn’t give him enough attention.”
  • “His code name if Fuzzy Cuddle Bear.” 
  • “Good news for all you murder fans!”
  • “You know how old people always have that gunk on them?”
  • “Does anyone get a little bit of a gay vibe?” 
  • “They’re pretty much worthless but they make good coffee.” 
  • “The only puzzle he hasn’t solved is how to grow up.” 
  • “It’s impossible to solve things unless you’re wearing a tie.”
  • “I gorged myself at that funeral.”
  • “Speaking of murder, what are you doing here?” 
  • “I bet on some over-the-clothes action.” 
  • “A dude broke in, smoked weed, and bolted.” 
  • “First of all, I think you’re overdoing it with the manscaping.”
  • “You’re a bad judge of character and your shirt looks like vomit.” 
  • “I never took off the speedo. Big mistake. It is inside of me.”
  • “I have a degree in numerology from the internet.” 
  • “The drugs are in a location.” 
  • “Your entire life is garbage.” 
  • “I want to see what happens when I taser this cantaloupe.” 
  • “He would literally let you do anything if you gave him a hamburger.” 
  • “I’m anxious to restore my status as a lone wolf.” 
  • “Do you know where we keep the glitter?” 
  • “There’s a penis on my minivan?” 
  • “It’s better to be a criminal.” 
  • “My name is Banana Fartman, MD.” 
  • “Can you go be depressed over there? You’re bumming out my whole area.” 
  • “I’m gonna pee. That’s what I’m doing tonight.” 
  • “I’ll end up on the streets selling my body for a can of beans.” 
  • “Has anyone ever told you that you look exactly like a statue?” 
  • “The universe is a cruel and vexing puzzle.” 
  • “Why are you always telling us about your disgusting body?” 
  • “I will make better mouth.” 
  • “No hard feelings, but I hate you. Not joking.” 
  • “Why was your hand in your back pocket?” 
  • “My first instinct was not to caress her butt.” 
  • “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get your life back on track.” 
  • “Are you saying that black people can’t sell drugs?” 
  • “Why would I ever eat off his shirt?” 
  • “Man, girls are so scary.” 
  • “In all cases, cops are the worst.” 
  • “The fairy princess castle has defeated me.” 
  • “What kind of castle has wheels?” 
  • “I think you have many hidden talents.”
  • “Noooo, I have no talents.” 
  • “Constantly getting his approval is the worst.” 

“how can you like this problematic shit if you’re a survivor yourself?!?”

I understand that these topics can be harmful to some people’s mental health but it’s a way i can rework my own trauma and what happened to me in a controlled environment that doesn’t harm me or anyone else.

to work through my intrusive thoughts as an hypersexual due to my abuse. to work through my urges of wanting to self harm. to work through my anxiety and stress of day to day life.

its the one environment i can make myself not a victim. its the one place i can get out all my feelings safely. its the reason im still living tbh.

so. take trigger warnings seriously and stay away from content you dont like or harms you and leave the content creator alone. dont judge the way i cope or think im an abuse apologist. many of the things i talk about on this blog should not, repeat, should not be allowed irl. thats not ok. fiction isn’t meant to be replicated. just saying.

Lebanese in KSA

I’m honestly so sick of people talking shit about Saudi Arabia; it’s not as bad as you all think it is. I’ve lived here my entire life and I’m actually really happy. Sure I miss Lebanon, but I can’t imagine myself leaving this country. KSA being strictly religious doesn’t make it a bad country. Saudi Arabia puts limits for everyone to help them fear god even more. They’re not doing anything wrong. Of course there are some authorities that take things too far, but don’t you EVER judge a majority based on a minority. I’m not Saudi and I have 0 rights to defend this country, but I was born here and I can’t stand people talking shit about this country. Non-Saudis should be thankful for having the chance to live here honestly. It isn’t a free country, but it’s safe and it’s the reason your parents are earning enough money to feed you and give you the needed education.

Why I love your sign ♥

Aries:  You’re so energetic and fun to be around! The way you talk is so charming and it always has a little smile to it. You keep things interesting and you care so much about your friends. ♥

Taurus: You’re so chill its almost unreal, your loyal to your friends and sufforcate them with all of the love you have! If I ever just want to vent to someone and eat my sorrow away, your the person I’d go to. ♥

Gemini: You’re just too much fun! I feel like a little sister to you! You’re almost always there if I want to talk to you and you show me the most random of things. I can be myself around you and you wont judge because you’re just as crazy! ♥

Cancer: You’re so kind to everyone! You make every friend you have feel special and when their sad, you’re sad. No matter what, you’re there for people. You feel emotions so deeply that not even the greatest writer could describe it. ♥

Leo:  You may have many friends, but you make time for all of them! You put in the effort to make them happy! You hate seeing someone sad, and when you do, your one of the first people to talk to them and cheer them up. You give the best gifts! ♥

Virgo: You take to pratical side of a situation and keep everyone calm. You’re a great person to go to for advice and for a shoulder to cry on. You keep things real and don’t let your emotions get to you, making you a good leader. ♥

Libra: You’re so charming and flirty! You always wants what’s best for the majority. But you’re also strong minded, we all need a good cry every once in a while and I can always go to you for some kind words to cheer me up. Sometimes just a few heart felt compliments from you is all I need. ♥

Scorpio: You are such a strong person! You fight for what you believe in, even if it’s followed by harsh words. You’re always there for your friends, with your goofy jokes and smile, it can lighten anyones day! You feel things so deeply I could get lost in your ocean of emotion. You wish to change the world, and you might just do that. ♥

Saggitarius: You are so much fun to talk to! If I have a pound for every inside joke we’ve ever made I’d be a millionare! You say things as they are, and, even if we don’t show it, we’re very thankful for that! We can explore the world with you, and go into deep, meaningful conversations. Discovering the hidden wonders of the world through words. ♥

Capricorn: You’re so goofy and lovable! You’re like a teddy bear I can cuddle forever! You’re the perfect combination of serious and silly. If we need to project done, I know I can choose you as my partner. And when we’re alone we can make jokes and have the best time ever!  You are strong and independant and we can all learn a thing or two from you! ♥

Aquarius: You’re so loving and kind! I am not worthy of a friend like you. You are so silly and create jokes that I’ll remember to my grave! You care so much about all of your friends and you love to make them happy! Giving them gifts or pushing aside something important so you can spend time with them! You’re that one friend we can all rely on for a pick-me-up! ♥

Pisces: You’re a little cutie who loves everyone! If your friends are hurt then you’re the first to go to their aid. I can spend hours listening to you go on about this dream you had, or hear you talk about your passions. You’re so shy around new people and it makes you look adorable! ♥

I hope this post makes you feel better if anyone has had a bad day! Remember to always love yourself, because I love you. ♥

the combination of me being a sensitive person who feels like they take things too seriously and years of the people around me irl constantly making lowkey homophobic/transphobic/ableist/racist jokes + relentlessly mocking anyone who calls them out has led to me feeling completely unable to be a judge of whether something is offensive or not, which is annoyingly hard to unlearn

I am an RP blog and I have rules. They are there for a reason. I have reasons why I don’t follow back certain blogs, why I won’t interact with some characters and why I refuse to RP certain plots. You don’t get to judge me for that. You don’t get to send me hate for my decision to make this blog a safe place for me and my RP. If you want to know about why I have limits or what they are, you can always talk to me (preferably off anon, I won’t discuss private matters out in the open). I don’t have to be politically correct on my blog, I don’t have to be politically correct about my preferences - as long as I don’t attack anyone for doing things that I myself don’t feel comfortable about, my opinion is exactly that, MINE. And if you don’t agree with it, fine. That’s YOUR right. Don’t click the follow button if you disagree strongly enough with me about something that makes you send me HATE. This is my blog, they are my rules and this is MY decision to not have certain things in my (RP) life.