things i have said to myself in a mirror

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Onion Boy made me fucking hate myself because of all the judgmental things he said about women and their bodies. To this day I can't look in the mirror without hating myself or put on makeup without hearing his nauseating voice say "Don't put on makeup because that's not you. You shouldn't wear makeup if you're ugly without it." Sorry, this didn't really have a purpose. I'm just sick of him and his manipulative power over teenage girls.

Honestly, I’m not sure what I was expecting when I started this blog, but it’s depressing as hell to hear that Onision may have potentially traumatized somebody FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE because of his bloviating, attention-seeking, condescending videos. FUCK I’M SO MAD ABOUT THIS. 

I’M JUST SORRY. I’m sorry that you have to deal with this because of him.

i know retroactively ascribing highly specific contemporary labels to dead historical figures is unproductive because our sense of language, experience, and identity will always be different from theirs but daphne du maurier was a trans man oh my god

Imagine Dean confessing to you how he feels after almost losing you in a hunt, even if he thinks he’s unworthy of you.

“(Y/n)” his voice was a little louder than before and more urgent but you kept your back to him “Every time-” his voice went back to low and rough “Every time I woke up I’d go for a cold shower, habit maybe because even if the dreams were the best in my life they- they felt like nightmares.” he swallowed thickly “I’ll stare at myself in the mirror and I know every time there is only one thing I can say to myself.”

You closed your eyes, fearing to hear what he had to say next. If he said it you knew you’d break. How could you not already? The man you loved said he had been having nightmares of losing you and as if that was not enough he said that even the beautiful dreams he had with you scared him because he didn’t want to wake up to a world that anything could kill you any given moment.

I hate you. I hate you so much. You dont deserve this, you don’t deserve to live and to feel this way about her. And then- then I’ll think about you and I- I say it again. I say it again to try to convince myself of it, I try so hard.” he let out a shaky breath “I hate you. I hate you so much. I try to make myself believe it, I put everything into it. But I- I don’t. I just can’t. I hate you… And I love you. That’s all I say in the end, because I’m too weak to fight it. I love you, (Y/n) and I can burn in hell for this but I- I love you. Even if you never look at me the way I do, even if you never think of me as more than just your best friend. I love you, ‘cause I can’t help it. And I need you to know it, 'cause I might die tomorrow and I will be damned if this words don’t come out of my mouth for you.”

You didn’t know by now if he was talking to you at that moment, standing right in front of him or he was repeating the words he would utter to an imaginary you. Whichever the case you felt hot tears stream your face.

And I need you to know it. he breathed out in the end, his voice breaking.

You didn’t say a word at him, even if there were a million things you wanted to say. But you couldn’t find it in yourself. And you wanted so much to just turn and ran to him but you were so scared. Despite everything, what he’d just confessed would change everything and you - no matter how much you loved the man - didn’t know how you should react to it.You’ve spend half your life hiding your feelings for him, thinking that all the flirting was just a game but here he was. Saying the three little words that you’d die to hear.

✯Super-hero & Super-heroine✯
  • “Honor and Truth will never fail against the enemy.”
  • “I fight because I have to.”
  • “No matter what you do to me, it won’t change anything. I will never break.”
  • “Talk, talk, talk… it’s always the same old speech, if you’re going to do something, JUST DO it already, so I can stop you.”
  • “Even if ONE person needs me, I will fight for them with everything I’ve got.”
  • “I never said you’d be easy to destroy, I said no one else could do it but me.”
  • “I have to look at myself in the mirror every day and shake off what I see, and still get out there and be strong for everyone else.”
  • “Powers are NOT the most important thing; you have to have the guts to stand up to the enemy with or without them.”
  • “Anyone can say they have the answers, but the real decisions are never easy.”
  • “My heritage is only a starting point, I defend everyone else’s right to their own.”
  • “I had the choice too, you know. I could have been as destructive and selfish as you, but I chose to rise above it.”
  • “You think this is an easy life for me? I wouldn’t wish this fate on anyone.”
  • “You can’t make war on the whole world!”
  • “The ones that did this to you are not responsible for what you’ve become. YOU are.”
  • “It’s not about what I want, it’s about what’s needed, and I can provide it.”
  • “Some are born with weakness of spirit and body, and a rare few are stronger than the rest. They have to lead an example so that the weak can hope.”
  • “People may not understand, but they will see, and they will learn through time, we have to be paitent.”
  • “That sounds like something a maniac would say.”
  • “I only need one shot, as long as it counts.”
  • “My burdens don’t lessen. They multiply.”
  • “When you fight through the pain and put blinders on to all the noise, you can move through anything.”
  • “Are you taking lives and destroying people’s peace? Then it doesn’t matter what your cause is, you’re the bad guy.”
  • “Careful your fear doesn’t turn to anger, careful your anger doesn’t turn to rage.”
  • “Those that hate the opposing side so ardently are doomed to become worse than the thing they despise.”
  • “When I say I protect everyone, I mean everyone. Not just those that claim they deserve it more.”
  • “As long as I am around, you won’t win!”
  • “I don’t do the sidekick thing.”
  • “I don’t do this for the fame or adoration.”
  • “All I know is what I am, and I was made to stop you.”
  • “Look at the horror you’ve caused! Look at all the bloodshed!”
  • That… I can’t pay for that, sorry.”
  • “Most of the time, people are just as afraid of me as they are of the bad guy.”
  • “Sometimes I don’t know why I still help them when they would turn against me at the slightest sign of fear.”
  • “I just want a normal life, but I didn’t get it.”
  • “If I had a normal life, I suppose I’d be like all the ones I try to save.”
  • “I can’t just sit here, idly by while innocent people suffer!”
  • “The ( mayor/counsel/prime minister/president ) has me on speed dial.”
  • “I’m not perfect. They only see what they want to see.”
  • “Ignorance and Vanity are diseases that infect even the most educated. THAT is the true plague of mankind.”
  • “I won’t turn my back on them!”
  • “Your fancy weapons and technology won’t win this!”
Jaal x FemRyder

I don’t have a title for this, and probably not going to write any more on it (though I may use the idea for one of my other Ryders; this is totally something my Nell would do). This was written for @elenielwen‘s prompt, requesting a fic where Sara jumps in front of Akksul’s bullet rather than killing him or letting Jaal get shot. Just a very quick one-off, I’d probably rate it PG, just because of the shooting.

Under a cut because it’s a little long (1000-ish words):

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Hey Wily, can you give some pointers on anatomy? I love how simple you make it look, so I was thinking you could give some great advice

Yeah! When doing a general sketch of a character, no matter how loose, it is pretty beneficial to use a couple of “landmarks”. For me I sometimes like drawing out the general shapes of the head, the collar bones, the shoulders,  the curve of the spine, and the hips and the joints regardless of how detailed the sketch is.

Elbows will be sorta on the same line as the belly button.

Wrists will always sorta be online with the crotch area. 

And these things are pretty consistent no matter how tall or short a character is.

That being said when you have a better foundation with anatomy, you learn how to push, and distort it without it looking super wonky =)

But anatomy is tricky. Just practice it a lot. I frequently have to make a dumb pose in a mirror, or need to track down a reference to remind myself how things work

Let me love you  Part 2

Part 1

A/N: I never planned on writing a part 2 for this imagine but it was requested. It is short but I still hope you like it!

Requests:  “Hey it’s the anon that asked for the fp smut 🙋 I don’t know if anyone’s told you this but you’re so FUCKING good at writing smut! I’m so damn impressed with what you can do! I feel bad for leaving it so long to tell you you’re amazing, truly! If it’s not too much to ask can you maybe do a part 2 to it with smut? Like y/n walks in the bar wearing a short black dress and starts teasing fp from far away maybe? That would hot 😍”

“Hey I’m the person that asked for the ‘part 2’ of the fp smut? I’m sure I’ve replied I don’t know if it went through?! But the smut I previously requested was the one where you’re seeing fp behind all your friends back and I asked for a quick part 2!!”

“Heyyy it’s the anon who has requested for a part 2 on the fp smut!!! I’m talking about the one where y/n is seeing fp behind everyone’s back and it’s a secret! I hope this is any help to you 💖💖💖”

It was Friday night and FP said he had some club business to take care of. Everyone else was doing their own thing so I decided to play a little dirty tonight. 

It had been exactly one month since I lost my virginity to FP and we have been going at it like rabbits ever since. 

I slipped on a skin tight black dress, that exposed a little more cleavage than I would normally show. I matched it with a black leather jacket and black pumps. I put on some deep red lipstick to pull the whole look together. I glanced at myself one more time in the mirror before giving myself a wink and a smile as I walked out the door. 

I arrived outside the Whyte Wyrm just as my nerves hit. I immediately wanted to turn around and head back but I stuck to my game. Wolf whistles and catcalls came from the mouths of the different Serpents I passed. I gave them a small smile or a nod before continuing to make my way to the bar.

Once, I reached the bar, I ordered myself a beer. I took a seat on a bar stool as I began to look for FP. I found him right away, sitting on one of the old leather couches talking to other Serpents. 

Our eyes locked instantly, my plan coming into play. 

I winked at him as his eyes traveled up and down my body with a mouth watering look. I began uncrossing and recrossing my legs to tease him. FP’s eyes never leaving my body. I began to lick the rim of the beer bottle in a teasing motion, while FP shifted in his seat. I knew his pants had started to become tight. 

Giggling to myself, I stood up before making a motioning gesture to him. FP followed me like a lost puppy to his dorm. Forgetting all about his club business and his Serpent brothers. 

Walking into his dorm room, I pushed it shut before making my way over to my Serpent. 

“Baby girl, do you know the things you’re doing to me while standing in this dress?” FP questioned putting his hands onto my hips. I looked up at him through my lashes before taking his hands and putting them back to his sides. 

“Tonight.” I began while pushing FP backward. “I’m in charge.” I pushed FP back onto the bed before climbing on top of him. I could feel FP become harder by the moment. 

“Fuck baby, where is this coming from?” I just shrugged my shoulders before reaching down and pulling FP’s flannel open as buttons flew across the room. FP growled before leaning up and pushing his lips to mine. 

Our lips connected in anger and just plain sexual frustration. I pushed FP’s jacket off along with his flannel. FP reached up and pushed off my jacket. I began to rub myself onto his bulge. Groans left his lips, we pulled away from the kiss. Our lips red and puffy from our roughness. 

“You can be on top baby, hell you can be the dominant one. I don’t care! The only thing I care about is that my cock is in that pussy in less than ten seconds.” I giggled before pretending to think for a moment.

“Hmm, I think I can make that happen.” FP smiled as I reached to remove my dress. FP stopped me before I could take it off. 

“No baby, leave it on,” I smirked before nodding my head, I reached down, unbuttoning his jeans and belt. I pulled his jeans and boxers half way down to his thighs. 

I went to put his cock inside of me when he stopped me. 

“Baby, we need a condom,” I smirked again before speaking up.

“I got on the pill a few days ago and I know you’re clean. I’m obviously clean because I only slept with you.” FP’s eyes filled with lust and excitement as I put him inside of me. 

I began bouncing up and down on his cock. FP gripped my hips in pleasure, lifting me up and down he slammed his hips into mine with so much force and pleasure I began to see stars. 

I clawed at his shoulders while repeatedly moaning his name.

“Fuck FP! I’m so fucking close!” I screamed out as thrust faster, if that was even possible. He reached between our body’s before pulling my dress down, exposing my breasts. FP took one breast in one hand and the other in his mouth. He began sucking on my breast, bringing me closer to my release.

“OH FUCK FP! I’M C-C-COMING!” I screamed out in pure bliss. My pussy tightened around his cock bringing him closer to his release. FP’s thrusts began to become sloppy before he slammed into my once more. Releasing his hot cum inside of me. He slowly slid out of me as I fell to his side.

“God, baby. I love you.” I looked up to FP before pressing my lips to his. 

“And I love you,” I said as we pulled away. 

Even though, my friends didn’t know the truth. I still loved the fact that FP Jones was my dirty little secret.

The paladins as things I apparently said on my 21st birthday
  • Lance: I just looked at myself in a mirror 3 minutes ago how do I look worse
  • Pidge: my arms are too heavy for a high five, just boop my finger. Am I having a stroke?
  • Shiro: you can't afford a lap dance from me. You'd have to take out another mortgage on your house.
  • Hunk: just... pass me down the hug train so I can get to everybody without having to walk.
  • Keith: why do I want to fight you so bad
  • Allura: *to the Applebee's bartender* so am I supposed to take this shot out of someone's belly button or what
  • Coran: *deep voice* im a republican
Confusing Feelings

Requested by @fuckkoffcourtney (somehow I can’t tag them) : could you do one where the reader is kevin’s sister and she likes veronica but no one knows she’s gay because she’s scared to thing she’s like copying kevin but she confides in kevin about it and he tells her to go for it because veronica won’t shut up about her so she asks veronica out in a closed room and when they open the door the whole gang falls in the room bc they were listening the whole time and it’s just fluffy fun times with my faves?? thanks so much! <3

A/N: First of all I am super sorry that it took so long. I’m not sure if I like this one here but here you go, enjoy. Feed back is always appreciated! Xx

Also, please note that my mother tongue isn’t English so there might be some mistakes. Feel free to correct me if I made mistakes!

Pairing: Veronica Lodge x Female!Reader
Warning: None I think
Words: 1,331

For a while now I had those feelings towards a certain raven-haired girl. I didn’t know what, but something about her made me drawn to her since the first time I saw her. I was confused, never had felt like that towards anybody before, not even boys.

As hard as I tried I couldn’t tear my eyes off of her. She was the most beautiful human being I’ve ever laid eyes on. I remember how my body seemed to stop working. It was impossible to breathe, or speak; even hearing was difficult. I’m pretty sure my heart didn’t beat either. It was like she put a spell on me. Days, even weeks, later I still couldn’t get her out of my head. Being around her got harder and harder each day passing, always smiling like an idiot, who has never gotten a word out without stuttering. That’s why I tried to avoid her most of the time, not wanting to embarrass myself any further.

“Hey, Y/N/N.” I froze hearing the very familiar voice. I hesitantly lift my head to look at the girl, who was talking to me. “Hey, Ronnie,” I said, trying to sound as distant as possible. But it was hard to fight off the smile, that was making its way on my lips. It faded immediately when I realized what my body was doing. “Do you want to hang out after school?” she asked, sounding a bit nervous.

“I actually can’t today. But we can do that some other time, yeah?” I said a little too fast, standing up in a hurry and grabbing my things. My chest ached at the thought of her being hurt by my actions, but I had to do this. Sighing I opened the door to the girls’ bathroom. “Dammit, Y/N,” I curse under my breath. My eyes stared at myself through the mirror. “Why does everything have to be so difficult?” I muttered, rubbing my face in frustration.

I heard the door open and how someone entered the room. “We need to talk,” the voice sounds pissed. I turned my head to the right, seeing my brother, Kevin. “Not now, Kev,” I sighed. “Now is the perfect time to talk,” he hissed. His tone took me by surprise. He never talked to me like this. “Alright, what is it?” I asked, now fully turned to him. “You have to stop treating Veronica like shit.”

“I don’t know what you’re talki-,” I began to say, but got cut off. “Oh, cut the crap, Y/N. You know exactly what I am talking about. You’re avoiding her for weeks now for no reason. What is wrong with you?” His eyes were fixed on my face. I didn’t even think about giving him an answer. I just let my gaze sink to the ground. Guilt began to eat me from the inside. He took a deep breath in, showing how upset he is.

“For God’s sake, open your mouth already and tell me why you’re like this,” he said, desperately trying to get me to talk to him. His face was softer now, not looking full of anger. “I can’t,” I whispered, still looking at the ground. “What do you mean by you can’t?” he asked confused. “I just can’t, okay?” I raised my voice out of frustration. “I’m worried about you, Y/N. You’re not that kind of person. Please, tell me what’s going on.” The desperation in his voice grew. “But I’m afraid, Kev,” I whispered; my voice slightly breaking. My eyes started to get wet.

“Afraid of what?” he asked, worry filling his eyes. I kept my mouth shut, already regretting that I’ve said too much. “Whatever it is, you can talk to me. I just want you to feel like you can trust me with anything that’s eating you alive,” my brother said softly, wrapping his arms around me, and hugging me tightly. As I hold onto him tears were escaping my eyes, wetting my cheeks. We stood there hugging each other for a little while; a comfortable silence surrounding us.

“I like her… Veronica, I mean. Like a lot,” I mumbled into Kevin’s chest, tightening my grip even more. He didn’t say a word, waiting for me to finish. “I like her for a while now.” Kevin started to caress my head. Before I continued to speak I took a deep breath. “I’ve been afraid that people might think I’m copying you because I wanted attention. Also how high is the possibility for Ronnie to like me back?”

Kevin pushed me softly away to look me in the eyes. His hands took my face; his right thumb wiping the small tears away, that were still left under my eye. “Oh, Princess. No one’s gonna think you’re copying me. Your sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of. And for your information, Veronica won’t stop talking about you. She’s so into you, believe me. And now, go and make me proud.”

I pressed a peck on his cheek and thank him before leaving the room and making my way to the cafeteria, hoping to find Veronica there. The universe must have been on my side because she still sat on the table talking to Archie, Jughead, and Betty. I felt how nervousness filled my body, making my legs all shaky. “Veronica. Do-do you have a second?” My breath was fast, my heart beating like there was no tomorrow. I fiddled with my hands, trying to calm myself down.

All eight eyes were on me now, making me even more nervous. “Sure,” she smiled, standing up. “Let’s go somewhere quieter, yeah?” I asked with a lightly shaking voice. We left the cafeteria, searching for an empty classroom. I opened the door when I found on, waiting for Veronica to enter the room first. “What is it you wanted to talk about?” the raven-haired girl asked, looking straight in my eyes.

Before I replied I inhaled deeply, hoping it would better the stuttering. “Do you want to have dinner with me? You don’t have to say yes. I understand I treated you like shit the past couple weeks and you probably don’t even like me like that. I know you deserve better but I really want to make it up to you. I wouldn’t go out with me either an-” My bubbling got interrupted by soft lips touching mine.

After I needed a few seconds to process what was happening, I closed my eyes, clearly enjoy the feeling of her lips. All I focus on was the girl right in front of me. My hands made their way to her waist, pulling her even closer to my body. She licked my lower lip, asking for entrance. Gladly I opened my mouth. Our tongues played with one another for a bit before we had to disconnect our lips due the lack of oxygen.

“That,” I started to say but I couldn’t think of anything so I just said, “Wow.” The girl in front of me just smiled, “You were talking too much.” A huge smile formed on my face. I probably looked like the happiest person, who has ever lived. But to be honest I also felt like that person. “I’d like to get cut off more often if it’s like this,” I said. “I can arrange that,” Ronnie winked.

“You wanna skip the last 2 lessons and have that date you promised me?” she asked, taking my hand in hers. “I couldn’t think of any better,” I agreed. When we opened the door 3 people fell in the room; the only on who was standing was Jughead. “Were you guys eavesdropping?” I laughed, feeling how my cheeks got warmer. A chorus of No, of course not’s followed. “But seriously I’m so happy for you two. I wondered how long it would take you,” Archie said. “Thanks, Archiebald,” Ronnie smiled, squeezing my hand lightly. I was sure the smile on my face won’t go away any time soon.


Hello, could you do a blurb where Harry joins you to get your first tatoo? Thank you!

You had been thinking about getting a tattoo for a long time. Nobody in your family had tattoos. It’s not that they are against it, it’s just not a common thing in your family.

When your family first met Harry, they were a bit taken back by all his tattoos but one word out of the boy’s mound and they loved him.

‘Hey love, you don’t need to get one if you don’t want.’ Harry said looking a bit worried because you were quite pale in the car.

Harry decided to join you when you told him you finally made up your mind. He had been very excited since the day you told him. Immediately he started looking for the perfect tattoo for you. He also tried to reassure you by telling you all about his experience with getting tattoos.

‘No, I’m sure, just a bit nervous I guess’ you said giving him a nervous smile.

‘Okay, just know I don’t want you to feel pressured to get one. I know I have been a bit excited.’ He said.

You snickered, ‘a bit?’

‘Yes I know, I am just, I don’t know… happy I guess that I can be here with you.’ He said giving your thigh a squeeze.

‘And I am happy you are here with me. It nice to have someone with me who knows what’s going to happen.’

‘Well we’re here.’ Harry announced. You looked outside the car window and saw the ‘Tattoo shop’ sign in neon.

‘You can still go back now.’ Harry said.

‘No, I am sure about this. I am ready’ You said with a smile.

‘Okay then here we go!’ He said getting out of the car. You started to open your car door and by the time the door was open Harry stood there with his hand out to help you out the car. Something he always does. It’s what you loved about Harry, he just does these little things that just show you he cares and loves you.

Harry opened the door of the tattoo parlor. You sighed and not a second later you feel Harry giving the hand he’s holding a squeeze.

‘Hello there Harry!’ Dan said. Dan has been the person who gave Harry his first tattoo and a couple others. Harry told you Dan was the perfect person to go to for a first.

‘Hi Dan, how are you?’ Harry said while shaking Dan’s hand.

‘Good, good and you?’ Dan said.

‘Good, just done the CD promo and starting the promo tour for the movie soon.’ Harry said.

‘Ah yes, congrats man, the album is amazing.’

‘Thanks mate!’

‘But anyway, (Y/N) you ready for your tattoo?’ Dan asked now looking at you.

You nodded your head, not trusting your voice because your mounth was super dry because of the nerves.

‘Well I have this little design for you. I hope it is what you wanted.’ Dan said while walking down the counter to get his sketch book.

‘I am excited to see it too, still hasn’t told me what it is.’ Harry said.

‘Well we were talking about a tattoo in your neck so you can keep it covered when your hair is down. And you told me you wanted something meaningful.’ Dan said while going through his sketches.

‘Ah here it is, I immediately had this in mind.’ Dan said while laying the sketch in front of you.

It was beautiful.

‘I don’t know if you like it, I also have…’ Dan started but you stopped him by holding your finger up.

‘It’s perfect Dan…I really love it’ You say.

‘I am happy you like it.’ Dan said. ‘Then I will get everything ready, be back in a minute.’ Dan said and walked to the back of the shop where all the equipment stands.

‘So, what do you think?’ You ask Harry.

‘I think it’s going to be beautiful on you.’ He said while taking the sketch his hand.

‘Turn around’ He said and you did. He pulled your hair up and putted the sketch against the nape of your neck.

‘Okay, I am ready. (Y/N) I am first going to put the sketch on your neck so you can have a look of how the end result is going to look like and then we can get started. you pulled my hair in a bun and Dan got started

‘Take a look in the mirror.’ Dan said.

‘It’s so beautiful.’ You said excited.

‘So, you sure because I don’t do removals’ Dan said with a bit of humor in his voice.

I am a hundred percent sure!’ You said.

‘Okay the follow me (Y/N). Let’s get this thing inked on you’ Dan said with a wink.

You followed Dan and Harry was right behind you rubbing your shoulders.

‘Hey, you okay you have been quite.’ You asked Harry.

‘yes, I am fine love. I think I am a bit nervous myself and I don’t know why.’ He said and laughed.

‘You silly man, you do really like it don’t you?’ You asked.

‘I do, it’s beautiful, love.’ Harry said

‘Okay so you can sit down here and then I will get started.’ Dan said while putting his gloves on.

You sat down and all of a sudden heard a buzzing sound which took you by surprise and made you jump in your chair.

‘Easy love, he’s not going to start without telling you.’ Harry said trying to get your nerves down.

‘I know I am sorry, I don’t know why I got so surprised by the bussing of the gun. Must be the nerves.’ You said while laughing.

‘That’s okay (Y/N), a lot of people are nervous. But I am telling you it isn’t as bad as you think it is.’ Dan said.

‘Hey, you will be fine, just squeeze my hands when it hurts okay.’ Harry said.

I smiled at him. ‘I am happy you’re here with me.’ You said and have him a quick peck.

‘Always here love.’ He said.

‘Okay I am ready when you are (Y/N).’ Dan said.

‘I am ready.’ I said and Dan started with the tattoo. You know it did hurt but not as much as I imagined it would. Harry squeezed your hands when he saw that you were squeezing your eyes shut because of the stinging feeling. He tried to reassure you as much as he could during the process by saying things like: ‘Almost there love’ and ‘Doing great!’

After 15 minutes the buzzing stopped and Dan swiped over the tattoo a couple of times.

‘So all done.’ Dan said and stood up to get his material sterilized.

You went to the mirror and saw the tattoo. You were happy that you didn’t regret it. It really looked beautiful.

‘It looks absolutely stunning love. You happy? Harry asked.

‘yes I am.’ You said with a small genuine smile on your face.

You hugged Harry and mumbled a thank you in his neck.

‘No problem love. Love you.’ He said.

‘Love you too.’

‘So (Y/N), happy with the result?’ Dan asked.

‘Really happy, thank you so much Dan.’ You said and went over to give him a hug.

‘Well you will be feeling a bit of pain during the next few days. Harry knows what you have to do and if there is a problem. Don’t be afraid to come in.’ Dan said.

‘Thanks again Dan.’ You said.

After you paid and said your goodbyes, you went back in the car and you couldn’t help but look at Harry and smile. He smiled back and you and started to drive back home.


Here you go anon, I hope you liked it!

Sorry for any mistakes…My internet didn’t work last night, so I had to reupload the whole thing…

Also I am the worst at ending a story. Haha. So sorry.

Request are open, so don’t be shy and leave a request!

Lots of love,


I Won’t Back Down - Negan x Reader The Walking Dead Fanfiction Part of Music Quote Challenge @bulletscrossbowpie

Quote: I’d rather die on my feet, then live on my knees.

Warnings: violence, blood, smut, blow job male receiving, fingering, and language

Summary: Y/n volunteers to marry Negan so he won’t kill her brother Aaron's​boyfriend Erick and when she gets to the Sanctuary she’s got a sinister an for her husband Negan.

It was a fairly quiet day in Alexandria people were going about their daily lives. Which for Y/n was keeping watch at the back of Alexandria. She lived in a house with her older brother Aaron and his boyfriend Erick. Erick had become family she loved him like another brother, she knew Erick before the apocalypse. Y/n, unlike their parents accepted Aaron was gay, she accepted Erick into her family.

She was shaken from her thoughts by yelling and screaming coming from the front gate. She grabbed her gun and climbed down the ladder and started running towards the gate. When she got there she saw a large group of people and several trucks. She also saw a man in black jeans, a leather jacket, red scarf and a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. “That must me that giant asshole Negan” she thought to herself, while watching them take all their stuff. “So if I shot the fucker in the head, could I hide fast enough” she mumbled. Her brother Aaron was standing behind her, “please don’t do it, it won’t end well either ways” he said.

She was just about to cuss him out when they heard Erick​ scream in fear, they both ran towards the scream. They saw Erick on the ground on his knees and Negan was in front of him waving Lucille in front of his face. Negan was yelling the anger seeping from his voice, “I can’t believe you have the balls to steal from me, I think Lucille is angry and anger makes her thirsty” Negan said raising Lucille up over his head. Just as the bat was right above Erick’s head, Aaron and Y/n ran over. “Whoa, no I will shut this shit down” Negan said, “no, no please don’t hurt him, take me instead” Aaron said. “Now why would I do that” Negan said, “I know you make deals, so me for him” Aaron said, “ I don’t think Lucille cares who dies today​” Negan said. “Fine if you want to take his place fine with me” he said, he got in front of Aaron. She stood there thinking she couldn’t let her brothers die and break one of there hearts. “Take me, leave my brother’s alone and take me” she said. Negan looked at her, “oh no way I’m killing a woman, I don’t do that shit, but if you wanna make a deal, and save these guys we can talk” Negan said.

“Y/n no, don’t do anything” Aaron said, “Y/n just let him kill me” Erick said, “no I’m not letting you guys die, Negan what do you want, I’ll give you whatever you want” she said. “Well doll there’s an easy solution to this, marry me, be my wife and I’ll spare the dumb asses” Negan said. “No, Y/n don’t” Aaron pleaded, “I marry you and you leave them alone” she said. “You have my word doll” Negan said, “fine, yes I’ll marry you” she said. Negan had a cocky smirk on his face, “let them up, let them go” he said. “Say goodbye to your family and get your stuff it’s time to go home new wife” Negan said. Y/n got her things from her room, “you guys take care of each other, don’t worry about me, I’m a big girl I can take care of myself, I love you guys” she said giving them both a hug and kiss.

She took Negan’s arm and followed him to the truck and got in and she watched out the window. All the way to the Sanctuary she tried not to cry thinking about her brothers​ and the rest of her family in Alexandria. “We’re here doll, welcome to your new home” Negan said extending his hand. She took his hand and he helped her out of the truck and she saw a huge factory. As Negan led her through the Sanctuary she looked around and saw so many people. The people were working, until they saw Negan and they took a knee and waited for him to walk away before getting up. “Here’s your new digs your beds here, these are my other wives, this is my new wife Y/n” Negan said.

Negan left her with the res of his wives, “hi I’m Sherrie, I’m sorry” Sherrie said, “yeah, me too, but I had no choice he was going to kill my family” Y/n said. “I’m sorry, I know what that’s like, I married Negan so he wouldn’t kill my husband Dwight” Sherrie said. “This is Amber, she married Negan so her mom could get her medicine” Sherrie said. “So what did I get myself into here” Y/n said, “well we have free range here, we don’t have to work for points” Amber said. “The only thing we’re really here for is to have sex with Negan, whenever he wants to” Sherrie said. “Great, tell me there’s alcohol” Y/n said, “yes we definitely have that” Amber said. “Here’s your new crappy black dress, or as I call it my ball and chain” Sherrie said. Y/n changed into the black dress in the bathroom, she was looking in the mirror and a thought jumped in her head. She thought back to the prison and the Governor and the conversation she had with Carol and Andrea. Where Carol told Andrea to give the governor the best sex of his life. Then when he falls asleep, stab him in the chest and get out of there.

She went back out to the rest of the wives, she sat down next to Sherrie and Amber. After dinner the wives were waiting to see which one of them was going to have sex with Negan that night. Negan walked into the wives quarters “which one of my lovely wives wants the pleasure of fucking me this evening” Negan said. Y/n thought what did she have to lose, “I will” Y/n said, “oh yes I was hoping you’d say that, I get some new pussy, I love new pussy” he said. Y/n followed him to his bedroom and he closed the door and led her to the bed. “How about you strip for me doll” he said, “yes Negan” she said, she unzipped her dress slowly. She slid it down her body leaving her completely naked in front of him. “Fuck doll, I knew you were sexy, I didn’t know you were naughty” Negan said. He took his jacket and scarf off, then his shirt, he took her hands and put them on his pants. She unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants and pulled them down his legs. “Suck my cock doll” he said she stroked his cock and took him in her mouth. She licked the tip tasting the pre-cum that leaked out, she licked the vein at the bottom of his cock, while taking him as far down her throat as possible.

She licked and sucked and bobbed her head and hollowed her cheeks, “holy shit doll, you’re good with that mouth” he growled. Negan felt his dick twitch, he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her up off his cock. “I wanna cum in your pussy doll face” he said, she laid down on the bed on her back. Negan crawled on top of her, he firmly planted his lips on hers, he shoved his tongue in her mouth. He put his hands on her breasts he squeezed them softly. He took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked it, he put his thumb and index finger around her other nipple and pinched it. She moaned as his free hand slid down her stomach, between her legs and opened her slit and slid a finger in her. “Fuck yes” she moaned, he pumped his finger in and pulled it out. She moaned at the loss, he added a second finger and pumped at a fast pace. He built her up all the way to near orgasm and he yanked his fingers out again.

“Negan stop teasing me and fuck me already” she said, he spread her legs with his knee. “Now you remember you asked for this” Negan said. He lined himself up with her entrance and slammed into her pussy entrance. “Yes fuck Negan” she said as he gave her no time to adjust, he just pounded into her making her scream his name. Negan felt her pussy clench around his cock, he pounded into her faster and harder. “I’m so close Negan, gonna cum” she cried out, “me too doll” he said, he moved her legs over his shoulders. The new position drove his cock deeper and at the new angle he hit her G spot with each thrust. He put his hand between them and found her clit with his finger and rubbed circles on it. Causing her orgasm to rip through her, her thighs shook, her eyes rolled up in the back of her head. She screamed, “Negan, Negan yes fuck”, he came undone right after she did. Negan fell down onto the bed and she laid next to him.

After she recovered and caught her breath she went to stand up, “where you going doll” he said. “I thought after great sex I go back to my bed” she said, “normally yes, but tonight’s your first night here you sleep with me tonight, lay down doll” he said. Y/n laid back down on the bed with Negan and he pulled her close to him and she put her head on his chest. He went to sleep, he started snoring, “Negan, Negan” she said. When she didn’t get any response, she got up out of bed and she went to his pants and grabbed his knife. She walked to the bed and she stood above Negan and she lifted the knife over her head. She went to bring it down, his hands popped up grabbing her arms and his eyes popped open.

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Words: 637

Svlad blinked, trying to pull a coherent thought out of the swamp that was his mind. It didn’t take him very long to figure out that he’d been sedated. After all, it happened pretty often, and he was lying on the same terribly uncomfortable hospital gurney that he always woke up on. This time was a little different though; Svlad was lying on his front.

“-just a late bloomer. It does come late for some people, it’s not necessarily any fault of ours.”

“The testing is barely strenuous compared to Marzanna’s, and hers only came in a few months later than expected. Nearly five years is unheard of.”

The voices drifting through the open door didn’t make much sense to Svlad’s hazy mind until, with a sickening and startling suddenness, they did. He knew why he was lying on his front.

The tattoo had come in three days ago, in the night. The burning had woken Svlad up, and once he’d realised what it signified, he’d spent the rest of the night trying to twist around to catch a glimpse of it. He wanted desperately to be able to read the words that had appeared on his back, just beneath his rib cage, the words he’d thought would never appear, since they came for most people around their tenth birthday and Svlad was verging on fifteen. Unfortunately, his words had chosen an inconvenient spot to appear, and the only mirror in Svlad’s bedroom was two-way.

More than anything in the world, he hadn’t wanted the doctors to see the tattoo. It was like a tiny, flickering flame of hope that Svlad held cupped in his hands, one that he knew the doctors would want to snuff out with poking and prodding and tests and experiments as soon as they found it. The tattoo meant that one day, Svlad would be happy.

Svlad nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard the clearing of a throat. Dr Esposito had entered the room while Svlad was lost in thought.

He rolled over onto his back defensively, adrenaline-fuelled instinct pushing through the haze of sedation.

“How long have you had the tattoo, Icarus?” the doctor asked.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s there now and it’s there forever,” Svlad replied, the defiant words coming out with a tremor to them. He’d never been very good at holding his own against Dr Esposito.

“Why didn’t you tell us about it?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Silence chilled the air between them, and Svlad shivered a little.

“It’s not your place to decide the topic of conversation. I was telling the others that the tattoo wasn’t something to concern ourselves with, but if it’s making you act this way then perhaps-“ Esposito didn’t need to finish the thinly veiled threat, it had had its desired effect.

“Three days! I didn’t want- it felt personal,” Svlad blurted out. He wished they’d sent Dr Lee to ask the questions, Dr Lee was the only one of the researchers who was easy to talk to.

The silence returned, and Svlad stared a little longingly at the shirt draped over the side of the gurney. It must have been removed so they could get a better look at the words.

“Don’t make a habit of hiding things from us again,” Esposito finally said, following Svlad’s gaze and sighing. “Get dressed, I’ll have security escort you back in a few minutes.”

Once he was back in his bedroom, Svlad spent a good twenty minutes staring at the black letters in the mirror, since he no longer needed to worry about the scientists catching him out. He didn’t fully understand what all of the words in his soulmate’s thought meant, but he was immensely excited to find out.

Holy fucking shit, who the fuck is this guy?


Thanks for reading! I know this prompt wasn’t exactly asking for angst, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m tempted to write a lil series of drabbles on the same premise, since I only covered one half of brotzly here and I have an idea for a Bart version too. If you liked this, you might also like my longer fic on AO3. And my askbox is still open for prompts!

EDIT: now with an even brotzlier sequel (click me!

Mister In The Mirror

Divorce is hard. Divorce is harder when there’s a young child involved. It’s even harder still when your ex is an ass and deliberately goes out of his way to complicate everything he can in whatever way he can, even if it meant hurting our daughter.

I didn’t want May to be stuck in the middle of an increasingly toxic situation, so the minute I was able to, I rented the first place to pop up in my budget and got us both out of there. It was no dream home, just a narrow two story with a sagging porch across the front. Between it and the placement of the windows, it almost looked like the place was frowning at us as we pulled up.

But it was cheap, it was ready, and it was away from Cody, which practically made it paradise in my book.

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Do you love yourself?

Yes. Oh how I want to say yes.

Because, well, when someone says something mean, it doesn’t take me all day to get over it anymore.

And when I do something clumsy, or say something stupid, I laugh because I know I’ll never be defined by a single action, a single mistake. I laugh because sometimes it’s healthy to laugh at yourself.

I want to say yes, I do love myself.

Because, well, when I look in the mirror I no longer have the urge to cry.

Because sometimes - most of the time, when I have negative thoughts, I am able to counteract them.

I want to say yes. I really do.

But then I remember last Friday, when I wasn’t so kind to myself. I remember the things I said. I remember the way I was deliberately cruel.

I want to say yes.

But then I remember the fact that I still have this thought at the back of my mind that I will never be intelligent enough to achieve everything that I want to achieve, that I will never fulfil my purpose in life, that I will never be enough of this or I will always be too much of that. I remember and then I feel a little sick.

If you asked me for a black and white answer on whether I loved myself, I’d say yes. Because I do love myself a whole lot more than I did a year ago.

But that doesn’t mean I always like the way I am. And yes, okay, I love myself, but that doesn’t mean I always treat myself right.

And yes, yes of course I love myself, but sometimes we do destructive things in the name of love, and sometimes we don’t treat our loved ones well and sometimes we hurt them because we are only human and here’s the only certain part of this whole reply: I am only human. I am only human.

I.. I love you. (Part 1)

Poly!Hamilsquad x reader
Reader strips around America, feeling lost, like she doesn’t know what to do anymore, and when she meets the Hamilsquad, she feels whole again. Like she matters and is supposed to be there.
TW: Sexual harassment, swearing, drug use.

Part two will come out soon, and what will happen?


Who smokes weed at fifteen? Me. I do. I’m sitting next to my boyfriend, Samuel Seabury, in his car. It’s autumn in South Carolina, a beautiful time, really. I inhale, knowing full well what I’m doing.

“Are you always high? Why can’t I see you when you aren’t high.” He complains. “Sam, I have to be high to be with you.” I rest my hand on my head, looking out the window.

“I’m serious. You’ll have lung cancer by 26. This isn’t safe, and I’m worried.” He told me. “Oh, so now you’re worried?! You weren’t worried when I overdosed in the hospital. You were with Sally.” I yell, losing it.

Weed always put me on edge, I didn’t think I just did.

“I thought you were going to die! I- I was weak, she was there.” He says, yelling. “Oh, so that’s you’re excuse? You slept with her because you thought I was going to die. That’s perfectly fine. Yeah, you slept with her instead of comforting me! How do you think I felt? Feeling all alone and thinking that I was going to die? Yeah!” I yell.

I didn’t cry, I don’t cry when I’m high either. “Y/N, you’re high. Be quiet.” He said, quieting down. “No! You can’t just play me off, thinking that I’m still here! Not after you cheat on me.” I yell.

“Please, it was one time!” I cries. “Okay so now you’re going to cry! I cried so many times in that room. Alone. This is pointless, you don’t understand how it feels to be cheated on.” I yell, knowing what I have to do.

“Please don’t go.” He says, right as I step out of the car. We were in the park, autumn in such a pretty time. “Oh and, I knew it wasn’t once. I see her car in the back of my mind. Working late? I saw her car across the street. I’m not stupid. I’m high. There’s a difference!” I slam the car door, walking out.

My thin floral cardigan blows along with the wind. I look at myself in a pond, realizing that if I don’t stop this I’ll die. I also notice my outfit.

A black shirt with the shoulders cut out, light blue shorts, a golden necklace, and my boots. My small little boots, with no heel. My hair is a mess, my mascara messed up.

I call my closet friend. “Eliza?” My voice wavers. “Are you ready?” She asks, remembering the pact.

“Yes.” I confirm.

~~Three Years Later~~

I’d gotten off weed, and become a slightly efficient person. But I still felt lost, alone, afraid. “Don’t forget to feed Raven.” Elizabeth smiled at me.

We shared an apartment in North Dakota, and Raven was my mini hedgehog. I’d forgotten I’d told Eliza I wanted one when I was like thirteen. Next thing I know my eighteenth birthday is here and a lil hedgehog is in Eliza’s hands.

Her name is misleading, however. She isn’t mean or anything, she’s the nicest animal I’ve ever met. And my best friend. Next to Eliza.

“Okay, Y/N. We’re eighteen, remember what we’re going to do? To get more money? So we aren’t failing human beings?” She comes into my room. I’m sitting on my bed, my messy hair in a bun.

“No, I don’t recall.” I say, not looking up from reading and Raven in my lap. “Stripping has lots of income.” She reminds me.

“You aren’t the type to strip, Elizabeth. You’re a sweet cinnamon roll to pure for this world. Even if it gives a lot of money in return.” I stroke Raven, turning the page of my book.

“Well too bad. We’re going up to Alaska where people are friendly.” She says. “Whatever. And when you see it isn’t for you, we can go back home.” I roll my eyes. “I can still keep my lil Raven, right?” I look up at her for the first time.

I take notice of her beautiful light blue day dress, her hair in a clean bun, with a matching light blue head back with a loppy bow on the side.

“Yep!” She says, and I’m aussimg she’s packing her bags. I lazily get up to grab my bag out of my closet. I look out my window, seeing the bright city and the honking cars. I smile, realizing that I will see this again some day.

Eliza quickly falls out of love with things. This is our fifth apartment. I remember she once dated this guy, Thomas was his name I think. That lasted five months and then she was over him.

He, however, was head over heels in love with her. I think he’s dating a guy now. It’s chill.


I’m nineteen now, and Eliza has finally convinced me to strip with her. She talked with her boss, saying it’s okay. Fairbanks was a small town in Alaska, and mainly people were quite nice. Eliza had told me about there being a group of men always saying, “If he lays his hands on you or does something you don’t like you come over here and we’ll take care of him.”

She thought they were a gang, and they are. I think their name was something like.. Scotties? I don’t know.

We were in the car and I was getting slight anxiety. What happens if I fall or they don’t like me? She reassured me that I’d be fine.

I didn’t know what would happen until I felt the eyes and the lights on me. Eliza normally dressed in light closed, dancing to something soft. She was the lighter side of our friendship. I, however, wore darker clothes.

I stepped into the club.

I always thought stripping was kinda magical, ya know?

But here, men with their friends. The lights, they were Stellar. Eliza hurried me to the dressing room, and I felt suffocated again. All these pretty women, how will I compete?

“You don’t focus on them, they’re your sisters.” She rushed me to my clothes. A dark red bikini with black platforms. The tallest I’ve ever seen. “Okay, change into that.” She said.

I looked around for a dressing room. “What are you waiting for?” She seemed a little impatient. “Uh, a room?” I said as if it was required. That’s when I realized the naked women walking around like it was the most comfortable state ever, and it kinda is but not in front of strangers!

“These people here aren’t strangers, they’re sisters. It’s okay to change in front of your sisters. I should know I have two.” She says, stating it like the most normal thing ever. I changed so fast even I didn’t see myself do it. “Record time!” She says.

There was a row of vanities, beautiful black ones with lights outlining the mirror. Everyone had one with their name on it. I read: Sally, Angie, Veronica, Heather, Y/N, Tiffany, and Elizabeth.

I sat down at my spot, stepping over some beer cans and cigarette butts. This was them saying “we do want we want and you can’t stop us”.

I loved them for it. Confidence and Pride oozed from them, making them seeming invincible. “Hello, I’m Tiffany!” A bright girl said to me, happiness flooded me.

Metaphorically, I drowned in her waterfall of happiness. “H-Hi, I’m Y-Y/N.” I stuttered, taken aback from her nature. “Oh, don’t be nervous!” Her smile got bigger.

“I’ll do your makeup, obviously you want dark, since your outfit!” She smiled, picking up a black and gray eyeshadow and going to work.

She realized her mistake, setting down the eyeshadow palette. Instead, she picked up foundation. How did they have my skin tone? Probably Elizabeth, always being prepared.


I was up next, and Elizabeth was after me. I gave them the song I wanted and they politely agreed. It was Private Show by Brittney Spears. It spoke Strip Club. But that’s what the song was about.

I heard Heathers music ending, and watched her collect all of her money and walking off. “Good luck biotch.” She told me, smiling. I think she meant it. I strutted onto stage.

That’s when it hit me. It hit me so hard and so fast that I just stood there and stared for a few seconds. I was meant to be here. I don’t feel lost anymore, these are my sisters and this is my audience. I gripped that pole and danced.

In the end, I collected $1,000 from the dancing and my pay. No wonder Eliza has so much money for clothes and other things. I saw four boys in particular, seemingly cool.

I didn’t pay too much attention to them because I do like this a bit. “You did so good!” Tiff congratulated me, along with all the other girls. They started playing ‘Grigio Girls’ by Lady Gaga over the speakers back here.

We all started singing along, dancing like crazy idiots. That’s when Burt, the cool ass boss, came in and pulled me aside.

“Yes?” I politely asked. “There are four men requesting a private show.” His thick gray mustache moved, his lips moving around his cigarette. “Okay, so what do I do?” I ask.

“Well, you do what they ask and if it gets to.. scary you walk out, tell those men that you don’t like them, and they’ll be gone.” He simply says, smiling. Everyone seemed to smile.

I walked out, leaving my sisters behind.

Before I opened the door, I gave the gang a smile.

Indecent Proposal - Chapter 7

Read from the beginning

Read Chapter 6

Reader’s POV

I woke up the next morning, and at first it was weird being in someone else’s bed. I opened my eyes and looked over my shoulder to see Jared sitting in the bed and scrolling through his phone. I sighed a little and rubbed my eyes.

“Good morning sleepyhead,” Jared said and chuckled.

“Morning,” I yawned and rolled on my back raising my arms to stretch. The cover was spread only over my knees, and the rest of my body was bear. I’ve always been a restless sleeper, so I hope Jared didn’t feel like he was sleeping through an earthquake.

“Well, I guess you’re pretty comfortable, huh,” he looked at my body and smiled. What I didn’t realized is that my shorts was all the way up, looking like I only had my underwear on, and my shirt barely covered my boobs, slightly showing off the bottom part of them.

“Oh shit!” I gasped and pulled the cover all over me.

“That’s OK, I don’t mind,” Jared was being smug again.

“Yeah, but I do… ugh…” I covered all over my head and huffed under the sheets.

“You should really get out under there, or you’ll suffocate,” Jared said and nudged me a little.

“I can’t I’m embarrassed,” I almost squealed. Jared kept silent, but I could feel him smirking. I peeked over the cover and saw Jared occupied with his phone, not paying attention to me.  “I should get up and dress, we have a long day ahead of us” , I said as I slid off the bed and ran into the bathroom.

After I’ve freshen up I got out and picked out the wardrobe for the day. As I was getting my jeans and black blouse, I looked at Jared hoping he’ll go to the bathroom so I could get dressed, but he just laid on the bed.

“Aren’t you gonna go take a shower,” I said as I looked at him, taking the blouse out of the suitcase.

“I already did. I’ve been up for quite some time, ” he answered not taking his eyes off the phone.

“Oh…OK” I said and walked towards the bathroom again. I couldn’t dress in front of him.

“You do realize I’m gonna have to see you naked eventually, right,” Jared asked and I immediately froze. I took a deep breath and gulped.

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I used to be..ashamed of my smile.
I wouldn’t show my teeth. I would just smile with my mouth closed.
In school pictures, family pictures, etc
I think I was like this until about…around the end of September.
I was afraid of showing off my teeth, since some of them are crooked and I have ‘buck teeth’. I was afraid of showing them off because I got called nicknames like 'Beaver’. I showed my top gums when I smiled, which I thought looked stupid. Even some of my family made fun of my teeth, which didn’t help me, since I didn’t like very many things about myself and was in a pretty bad spot at the time. I didn’t even like taking pictures of myself or even looking at myself in the mirror every morning.
Now, this will sound incredibly cheesy and cliche but both Jack and Mark have helped me embrace my smile, looks and body. I’m not ashamed of myself. Yeah, sometimes I have those times where I do think that I look ugly, but I end up forgetting about those thoughts.
Now, I smile and wear whatever I like confidently. But, as I said before, I’m never 100% confident with myself. And that’s okay. The way I look at myself changed, and I’m happy it did.
Thank you for reading this, sorry it’s so long haha.