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Paul Ryan Pulls Doomed Health Care Bill at Trump’s Request

The GOP has pulled the Health Care bill that would have repealed and replaced the Affordable Care Act.

“You’ve all heard me say this before — moving from an opposition party to a governing party comes with growing pains and, well, we’re feeling those growing pains today,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said following the announcement.

“This is a disappointing day for us,” he added. “Doing big things is hard. All of us, all of us, myself included, will need time to reflect on how we got to this moment, what we could have done to do it better. … This is a setback, no two ways about it — but it is not the end of the story because I know that every man and woman in this conference is now motivated more than ever to step up on their game, to deliver on our promises.”

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President Trump spoke from the Oval Office after Ryan’s announcement, saying that the health care bill fell short in the lead-up to the House vote because of no support from Democrats. “They weren’t going to give us a single vote,” the president said.

He went on to say that he is “open” to tackling health care again if “Obamacare” implodes. “If [Democrats] got together with us and get a real health care bill, I’d be totally open to it. And I think that’s going to happen. If it loses… Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer… now they own Obamacare. They own it. They 100 percent own it.”

Trump added, “It’s imploding and will soon explode. And it’s not going to be pretty.”

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With news outlets reporting that 27 Republicans in the House were solidly in the “no” camp and another four likely to follow, the outcome of the bill was in doubt from the get-go. As of Friday morning, the approval of the GOP health care plan was at 17 percent.

“Why would you schedule a vote on a bill that is at 17% approval? Have we forgotten everything Reagan taught us?” former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich tweeted earlier. MSNBC calls it “a failure marked in the official congressional record.”

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi told AP, “Today is a victory for the American people.”

Next on President Trump’s agenda: a pivot to tax cuts and tax reform.

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Another thing gf prepared me for that I was not expecting to be a recurring part of my fandom experience: A character in a position of authority over the protagonists who has slowly been developing a warmer relationship with them is theorized to be one of the bad guys, but after a tense confrontation (involving the confirmation of a secret twin conspiracy theory) the character is revealed to have been working to protect the people they love the whole time. Every single one of their previous appearances now has a new layer of angst to it. Have fun crying about everything they have ever said or done.

6x14 Sneak Peek Thoughts

I think the sneak peek of Regina & Emma hugging falls under the same category of spoiling Hook and Emma’s wedding. 

They both feel like red herrings to me. 

Usually, you don’t just show your hand like that unless there is something bigger and better in store. Otherwise, it just makes everything anticlimactic. 

Considering how tight-lipped A&E seem to be with everything about this show, I can’t imagine they don’t still have some surprises up their sleeve. It seems strategic for them to be spoiling these things like this.

Emma and Regina finally hugged and based on things that JM has said, they actually cut a hug from an episode in the past. To me, this says that the hug we saw was something that was done very deliberately. I imagine JM’s and LP’s actions/reactions were directed to be very specific, and they didn’t dwell on the moment for very long at all. I agree with some of the others that it didn’t feel special, but I also feel like it wasn’t meant to, not overly so anyway. It was all done in a very fleeting way.

As painful as it is sometimes, there is a process taking place for Emma and Regina to get to that magical point of finally becoming each others true love, so I haven’t given up hope even though these spoilers can seem daunting.

#96 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt: "First time with Van”

Note: Instead of focusing on the actual sex, I’ve done the lead up. There is another fic you may like if awkward sex is your thing and that’s what you were hoping for here - linkylink. =^.^=

In the back of the taxi, as he wraps one arm around you, bringing you in closer, and leaves the other hand to rub circles and patterns across your thigh, you have a moment. You wouldn’t call it panic, but something along that spectrum. When he’d asked if you wanted to leave the bar, go someone else, you knew you should have said no because you knew he meant ‘do you want to come back to mine so we can fuck.’ You didn’t say no, though. You bit your lip, red from kissing, and nodded. You waved goodbye to your friends, who looked confused, and followed him into the taxi.

The reason you should not be here is because as a virgin, you have no idea what you are doing. You have three choices then. The first, get out right now. Fake sickness. Get out the taxi. Run. The second, just tell him. The boy may be biting bruises into your neck, but he’s sweet. The third, wing it? Try to guess how to have sex with a stranger effectively?

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Live Q&A Starting Now (March24)!

Use the message icon at the top right of the home page and send me a message.  I will definitely respond to you using the messenger and will also cut and paste your message and my reply on this blog so others can follow all the conversations.  If you want to keep our conversation private then just tell me so in your message, though I hope you will be OK with me posting it.

I prefer the questions and comments to be of a sexual nature - and I especially enjoy anything said about my tits and nipples - but they don’t have to be.  You can be as intimate and “dirty” as you like.  Believe me, I’ve done just about everything.


My Live Q&A’s are about having fun and probing deep sexual desires.  You can go many places with that, please don’t go to places I put in bold above.

All comments and questions will be answered in the order I receive them and all will be answered.  It may take me a few minutes depending on how many questions I receive.

So let’s get started!  I’m horny and ready!


donttellmymomilikecock:  Hi! Love love love your blog! My question is would you be interested in anyone around the age of 25? How can I get involved with a shoot?  I’d love nothing more than to suck on your beautiful breasts, and eat your pussy

Marti:  Of course I am interested in a guy of 25.  I’m interested in any guy who is 18 or over and finds me sexy!

themaskedhillbilly:  Hey Sexy, hope you have a fun-filled, juicy, milky evening!

Marti:  If I’m having fun them I am being milky!  It’s become so easy for me.  Glad you joined in tonight!

1flashlog0:  May I join in tonight?

Marti:  You sure can!  Ask me or Michelle anything

:  I know your son was 39 when he first got to experience fucking you but I was infatuated with the fantasy of fucking my mother as early as age 12!… By age 14-15 I jerked off while spying on her multiple times a day if I were able and if not then I looked at photos of her I’d sneak out of the album of her in a bikini sun bathing etc … Always came so hard! So my question is when did you first want to become sexual with your son and the same as to when was his first intentions made clear to you??

Marti:  My son did the same to me when he was a teen.  He kept the pictures and wanked to them for over 20 years before we actually had sex!

Marti:  I didn’t know I wanted to be sexual with my son until the day it actually happened.  His intentions were forced upon us by my daughter.

bbwlookers:  Long time since I pushed anything I’m hoping Michelle remembers me lol

Michelle:   Yeah, I remember cause I save conversations.  Glad to hear from you again

:  Wouldn’t miss the chance to chat with you, especially when Michelle is there too.  Love the shot of her legs you shared and the pix Jake took of you in the kitchen are fantastic!

Mari:  Always nice to hear that you like what you see - whether it is of me or Michelle!

amoe42608:  Do either of you lovely ladies smoke.

Love those big natural tits. I wanna cum all over them.

Michelle:  Neither of us smoke or have ever smoked.  And whose tits are you referring to?  We’re both pretty big up top!

dion1900:  Do you like masturbating 

Your tits and nipped make me so erect just like your gorgeous 

Marti:  I love to slowly stroke a cock as the guy stares at my tits.  The sight of a cock blowing its load is so erotic!  Oh, and happy you appreciate my nipples.

cd-4:  Well it’s about time I got to speak with you.  Been with you so long thought you forgot about me. Really miss the chats a lot to catch up on. But quickly never saw anything on the photo fuck winner.  Did you have it? Do you like your body now? When do you travel again.  One’s coming up right?

Hi Michelle. Are you going to be able to keep yours hands off your mom long enough to do this for more than 30 mins ? Did you ever find your happiness? Know things were a little rocky there for a while? Miss ya! Nipples being taken care of?

Marti:  Hi CD.  I could never forget you.  You and TMH have been with me longer than anyone.  The contest did happen, though I was a little disappointed with the weekend.  I’ll write about it soon.

As for my body - I’m loving it!  I like that my boobs have grown 4-5 cup sizes as I’ve learned to lactate.  I don’t even mind that they now droop almost to my navel!

Michelle:  I feeling pretty good now, thanks CD.  It’s still a little difficult being a lesbian while married to a man, but we’ve worked things out - thanks to Mom.

Michelle:   And, no, I’m not keeping my hands - or mouth - off Mom’s tits and nipples for long!

aw8295:  Evening Marti and Michelle, amazing blog, how does one get to join one of your sessions?

Marti:  Glad you could join.  Being involved in my photo sessions is mostly by luck.  My husband, son, and a few friends find the photographers/lovers so the guys in the sessions are mostly locals.

:  Haven’t fucked my mom yet but we discussed it , it even lead to us masturbating in her room together

Really? How ? 😈I have fucked my sisterIf you’d like I can show you her pic ?Only once but words can’t describe 😍👌🏼

I’d love that detailed story btw 😉

Marti:  The details of how I got into incest are given in my Sexual Jounrey page here:

jpark111:  Hi I’m an 18 year old virgin and you are my favorite blog! What would be your ideal way to take my v card?

Marti:  Glad you are loving my blog!  No doubt my favorite way to take a virginity is riding you cowgirl with your hands (and eyes!) on my tits.

bbwlookers:  It’s nice to talk to u I figured I’d take a break from 3d printing to join the chat. How have u been

Michelle:  I’ve been doing good.  Actually, I’m doing great right now because I’ve pulled Mom’s tits out and am playing with them - when I’m not typing.

:  Good evening my question to the both of you have either one of you had sex in a public place

Marti:  Lots of times, but just out of sight - like in a car or behind a bush.  Love sex out of doors.

Michelle:  I feel Mom up anytime I think someone won’t see

themaskedhillbilly:  As good as you look in lace, I tend to imagine you in a clingy chiffon peignoir.  You’re putting the final touches on your make-up as I walk up behind you.  You look at me through the mirror and smile, you see the bulge in my pants.  I caress down your chest as I lean over and kiss the top of your head and tell you, you’re beautiful.  The night we had planned doesn’t matter anymore, the need between us is too strong now.  You stand and lean on your dressing table, the mirrors giving us both wondrous views of your swinging, swaying tits as I slowly saw my hard cock in and out of your juicy, dripping wet pussy.

Marti:  Fuck, baby, love the imagery!  (Yeah, that’s it Michelle, masturbate my nipples as I reread TMH’s post.)  I especially love the bit about us both watching my tits swing as you fuck me!

dion1900:  Oh how erotica that would  be while I pull and suck on your long nips I would blow a huge load all over your 

Thank you for answering

Marti:  You’re welcome!  Pull enough of my nipples and I’ll spray you with milk.  And about that cum on my tits - I’d lick it all off as I smiled at you!

vanman3360-blog:  Mmm.. Marti and Michelle…I love your sexy pics…Can I join

I love your last set of pics..Those sexy tits and highheels​..And a horny ass..

I would love to fuck both you and Michelle..And see you clean my cock after ..

Marti:  How about Michelle and I with our M and J cup tits suck and titty-fuck your cock at the same time!

Michelle:  Or I’ll suck Mom’s nipples and drink her milk while she blows you!

1flashlog0:  You seem very happy being large breasted and exposed, what do you suggest that would help other ladies become comfortable and exposing their sexuality?  Do you enjoy nudity and others admiring your assets?

Enjoy reading your stories and sexual experiences. I would enjoy being your photographer.

Marti:  My #1 piece of advice to help ladies be more free with their bodies is to not wait as long as I did to do it! Now there is nothing I enjoy more than having people - men or women - look at my body with lust, especially to look at my tits!

donttellmymomilikecock:  could I send you a dick pick?  I’ve never had sex with an older woman before its my biggest fantasy 

I would like to be a photographer and get a chance to fuck you

Marti:  You’re always welcome to send me a dick pic.  Older women know what they want and they want to please their man.  Hope you get to try it!

bbwlookers:  Lol I’m printing out Batman cufflinks for a customer but I’ll trade u

Michelle:  Not a trade - but I’ll share  Mom’s  monster boobs and long hard nipples with you!

Marti:  Oh, God, guys.  You need to ask Michelle more questions.  She’s not busy enough so she has my tits out and is really working them over.  It’s hard for me to type with one of my hard nipples in her beautiful mouth and the other between her tiny fingers!

cd-4:  still the freak luv it..

Michelle I know fighting happeniest is a hard thing to do  been there but you are staying for the right reason and that well be why you will be rewarded with it in the end. You are a good person  (most of the time) it’s all good .

Michelle:  I’m letting myself be me more than I ever did - think that is important to happiness.  Of course, that means I still have too much of a temper!

Marti looks like your nipples are getting depth ot thicker?

You should do an update on the crew and your son’s latest fetish that took him away you for awhile.  Any lucky lately special additions to your circle of lovers?

Marti:  Both my tits and nipples have grown considerably over the last 9 months.  It comes down to my increased ability to lactate.  My breasts think I’m eternally pregnant!

And, yes, several new close lovers - mostly women.  I sure need to write about that.  Have been a bit hesitant to write about Jake’s fetish since he’s somewhat past it.

:  Your nipples dragging along the smooth, wooden tabletop, leaving trails of milk droplets only to have them erased when I pull you back and we tumble onto the bed, you turn and mount me, slipping into your drum tight ass.  The groan and growl you draw out of me makes you smile down at me before you bury my face, smothering me with your awesome tits as you slowly bounce up and down on my cock.  Your moans become whines as you beg for my cum.  My hips thrust up as my cock swells and throbs then erupts in your ass!

Marti:  My nipples, so hard, covering you in spurts of my milk.  Your face and chest covered in white.

speedracer0068:  How can we see even more of you

Marti:  Stay tuned here and you will.  Another way is to google my old porn name martiddds.  You can find some older vids of me that way.

purple-lamborghini-lurkin-2:  Thank you! Yes she does, we’re both in other committed relationships now but I know if we could be alone for one night again she (like myself) would want to fuck again…But I’m lucky really , most only fantasize of it and I actually hit her from behind and got to cum all over her big sexy ass 😍👌🏼

Your daughters legs are amazingI’d love to see the three of y'all pictured in a three some if ever possible 😉

Marti:  Doesn’t she have the best legs ever?  I doubt I’ll show any of her and I having sex - at least until her kids are 18 (which is another 10 years).

rbrandhoefer:  Can you describe the taste of Marti’s milk.

Michelle:  Love to!  It depends on what part of her letdown I’m drinking from.  Early, it is richer and a bit sour - more like dilute buttermilk.  Towards the end it becomes less intense and milder in flavor.  Throughout, there’s just a slight taste of earthiness.

Do I sound like a Mother’s Milk connoisseur or what?

bbwlookers:  Sounds like fun to bad I’m never get to Florida anytime soon unless I go be a roadie again

Michelle:  When you said you were once a roadie it reminded me of some pictures of Mom when she was in her 20’s.  She was quite the hippie!

kaunaz  asked:

I just wanted to add my piece (if I may ;) ) to the candle blowing debate; I, too, had long heard that blowing your candles out either blows the magic away or leaves a door open and that they should instead be snuffed out, and I know that witchcraft/magic generally is very personal and different for everyone, but I have to take my seat on the opposite side with this one! I like to blow my candles out and think of it more as breathing life into the spell.. :) sort of like an "it is done" thing.

I think, honestly, it depends on how you think of things. I think magic depends on the instinctual and subconscious. If you feel it’s one way, it’s that way, and vice versa.
For me, little things like that don’t matter. The energy is sent, I said my closing words, the spell is done.

sometimes i think back to when i was taking “Creative Writing” as a magnet thing in high school and my junior year, the teacher called me out on not doing the writing assignment (or even pretending to do it, I think I was ripping paper into squares) all “I hope you can get a 2k writing project done before tomorrow despite how you’re wasting time now” and I, being made of pure spite, was like, (there’s no actual response to this statement from an adult), but I said something about how I’d have it.

And I went home from school that day and rage wrote 5x the required word amount wherein a soldier from the Civil War is walking along a path amid the Chaos of War and finds all these dead dogs and people and has basically a mental breakdown and ends up trying to bury them all but he can’t because he’s exhausted.  And she made me read it out loud (to prove I wrote it?  I guess?) and I had gruesomely described (in loving detail) the state of the dead bodies and dog remains, having been left outside to rot.

And two things happened: 1. everyone who was not my friend probably thought I had mental problems including the teacher, and 2. she let me use her massive chalkboards for the rest of the school year to plot out whatever book/story I was working on and never again asked me if I thought I could get a writing assignment done on time.

15 Million Bosses, Day 5

Have you made friends/met anyone since being part of the channel? This one is strange because I’ve never really done the whole meeting people online thing. I’m quite lucky in that I have a few friends outside tumblr and the jse community. But that doesn’t mean I count the people I do talk to here any less! The great thing is that this community shares the same love towards Jack which can’t be said for the majority of my friends in real life so I can talk about things to do with Jack here and not get a groan or eye roll in response. I talk about theories with @fear-is-nameless a ton and it’s always fun when something new comes up so we can break it down and get a new line of conspiracy going. I consider them as well as @memoryofnow, @septic-heart-and-mind and @that-arty-youtube-watcher @nerdqueeniplier to be friends that I’ve talked to. I know that being part of this community means that there is always someone willing to listen so I know there will more friends out there. There’s a famous phrase that I like: “People aren’t strangers, they’re just friends we haven’t met yet.” I think this is perfect for the way I feel about the JSE community as a whole.

anonymous asked:

I don't get one thing.Simon is running out of video ideas and I think we all know it.I don't get why he doesn't listen to his fans for once.And why does he think all fans wanna see is some private shit.I mean i have friends who have given him like lists of amazing video ideas and he hasn't done any of them.Like hello we exist,and it's not like all of your fans care only about your love life.Like I don't get this guy.(btw idk why I am telling you this I just wanna see if you think so too)

yes that’s what pisses me off too. as you said people have been sending either to him or to kim lists with dozens of video ideas every single time he asked for them and he still continues to complain. and he does the same thing with the questions for q&a. “all of them were terrible” yeah right. it’s like he doesn’t understand that there’s nothing wrong with being honest and saying that you don’t feel like making a video that particular day instead of using the same old excuses.

anonymous asked:

When I last talked to my mom about my gender she said that I was hurting her because it was like her (binary gender child) had died. Like wtf mom at least phrase it "the (binary gender) I thought I knew never existed" or something

that’s a pretty insensitive thing for her to say, i’m really sorry you had to go through that :/ you’ve done nothing wrong by being your true self, and your mom should at the very least respect that - i think all parents should be proud that their children have the courage to be themselves.

- mod emery

anonymous asked:

Eeeh? Wait could you explain the cuckoo thing? Or at least what is it to you? lmao

I’m gonna explain the actual cuckoo reference first, just in case. 

In history, there is a traditional story about The Saneiketsu (Three Heroes, Nobu Hide Yasu).

“If the cuckoo doesn’t sing, kill it,” said Nobunaga.
“If the cuckoo doesn’t sing, I will make it sing,” said Hideyoshi.
“If the cuckoo doesn’t sing, I wait,” said Ieyasu.

It’s the “classic” interpretation of the three. Nobu the cruel, Hide the negotiator, Yasu the patient one. Ofc nowadays more research have been done so it’s pretty obsolete and you get whacky new interpretations. Evil Hide, plotting Yasu, Nobu is a girl, etc.

Anywayyyy, some genius decided to write in their manga “'If the cuckoo doesn’t sing, kill it’ refers to unrequited love". I don’t even know what’s the point of it, because there is NO other reference for that line except Nobu that I know of so…

If “kill the bird” is unrequited love, then…? “Make it sing” means flirting? And “waiting” is just waiting, I guess.

Eventually I just keep on imagining Hide trying to flirt with Nobu while Yasu watches with a  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face from the bushes and the cuckoo is singing in the background. The Saneiketsu triangle/OT3 is fun for crack purposes anyway. Yasu is funnier when he be creepin’, not as an actual part of the ship. 

And on a less crack side, in Japanese symbolism the cuckoo is associated with loneliness (sometimes loneliness specifically because someone died) and nostalgia and everything and… well, I don’t know if you know, but apart from the crack up there, I ship Nobu and Hide semi-seriously, so with Tenka/SLBP I associate the ship with the cuckoo a lot hahah just because it gives me opportunities for it. Other fandoms, not so much. 

I’m not gonna tell it here unless you ask me to LOL, because it’s… kinda long.  I have a pretty elaborate imagination, so there’s actually a plot to it.
GOP health-care bill: House Republican leaders abruptly pull their rewrite of the nation’s health-care law
The opposition continued despite President Trump’s ultimatum: Vote for the bill, or reject it and move on. The House Rules Committee approved the revised legislation early Friday.

Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-Ala.), who planned to vote for the legislation, said that Friday would have been the “first big vote in the presidency of Donald Trump. I think it’s a statement, not just about him and the administration, but about the Republican Party and where we’re headed.”

“So much about political power is about perception. And if the perception is that you can’t get your first big initiative done, then that hurts the perceptions down the road about your ability to get other big things done,” Byrne said in an interview before the decision.

Yeah, and the perception is that your bill sucked

This is what calls to legislators has achieved. Pump your fist in the air, take a deep breath, and focus on the next thing.

It’s finally the end of a rather long week at work. Even though it’s been long and rather arduous week at work, it’s been a rather strange one. About four people have said thank you to me, for helping them or their family member. They told me that I was easy to talk to and they hoped that I wouldn’t leave the practice because they didn’t want to see another doctor.

It’s so touching that they are grateful, and even more unusual for people to actually say thank you. I feel a little guilty though, because out of all of these people, I can’t remember a specific thing that I’ve done that I wouldn’t have done for anyone else. I’ve not given them any special treatment.

And why do I always feel extremely uncomfortable when people compliment me? I literally don’t know how to act. I feel so stupid and undeserving of their kind words.

Originally posted by eighthmark

anonymous asked:

Do you think Jax would have done all the things he did after Opie died if Opie hadn't died?

It’s hard to say. I definitely think he wouldn’t have been SO out of pocket. Losing Opie, as he said, was him losing his moral compass. Opie was the one that was more balanced for the most part and tried to see things for what they were. Jax at times tried to push things away if he didn’t want to believe it or deal with it. I think losing Opie is what kinda threw him off into a state of not really giving a fuck. Thankfully he had the rest of the club and family to try to help guide him but I think losing Tara is really what turned him into a full fledged sociopath. He had done everything to please her and to make a good life for her as best as he felt he could. He placed her above the club numerous times because he loved her and I think losing her and not having Opie there to ground him was what sealed his fate. I think had Opie stayed alive, Jax definitely wouldn’t have gone so far off the deep end. Losing Opie essentially opened his eyes to the fact that everything you do has a consequence and the club isn’t excluded. Everyone has to pay for the shit that they do and what happened to Opie showed Jax that they weren’t as untouchable as they thought they were.

It’s similar in part to what happened on the Walking Dead with Negan. When you get too comfortable and too cocky, bad shit happens. There’s always going to be someone bigger and badder than you. Losing Opie showed him that but he was still too dense to grasp the concept. I don’t think it was until Bobby was killed that Jax truly understood how some people shouldn’t be fucked with. You can’t poke to bear and expect not to get bit. But in short, I do personally think that had he not lost Opie, things would’ve worked out better than they did. Opie would’ve been there to talk him down from a lot of the things he did or at least try to see another side.


Ultimately I am too tough [on myself]—I don’t know—I live with my anxiety and fears and want to do something special with my work. Sometimes I’m not satisfied unless things are as good as they can be. Sometimes things are out of my hands. I can’t control everything. Some things I can. That will get you every time! I never want to look back on performances where I could have done more, said this or that.

i hate how being bioware critical apparently means u dont love the games they put out like … shut up, bioware fucks up constantly, bioware has done things so bad they make me feel sick ranging from the way they write characters to the way they design women to the disgusting things bioware staff have said on social media —

but i love bioware’s games? i love them. nowhere is more home for me than in  thedas, sitting around the campfire with zevran and morrigan or running around skyhold and kirkwall. i adore, so much, running around every version of the normandy, getting lost in the citadel, every beat of the romance with garrus, everything about miranda lawson’s character and being scared shitless of collectors

that doesn’t mean i have to sit back and praise them and to be honest i’m getting tired of the fact i feel like i have to quantify “this bioware thing is bad” with “but i love it/this game anyway” like stop being so self absorbed that you can’t see any reason why anyone would criticise this stuff

and yea im talking about criticism, not randomised hate, yet another distinction i can’t believe i have to make because theres always one asshole who comes out saying “[x] isnt criticism tho” like fucker do i look like im talking about that

Mob Psycho 100 characters as things the children I watch have done
  • Mob: The child that brought a huge bag of his own toys and quietly played by himself for two whole hours.
  • Shou: The kid who blocked off an entire room and yelled "THIS IS THE DAB ROOM IF YOU WANNA HANG OUT IN THIS ROOM YOU HAVE TO DAB"
  • Ritsu: The kid who said "I am here to protect my sister" and held onto his sisters hand the entire night. He was 5, she was 10.
  • Teru: The child that made all 20 kids in the daycare sit down and watch him perform a ten minute rendition of twinkle twinkle little star.
  • Takenaka: The child that would stare at other kids from across the room and say that he could read their minds.
  • Tome: The kid that pointed at the moon for an entire twenty minutes waving to it and saying "Hello Moon"

SO I said I was gonna post something before new years but I didn’t have time to get anything new done, so here’s a couple of character designs from the comic I’m currently working on that I did earlier this year. I’m not sure what her name is, but you may notice some resemblance between her and the protagonist, Lucille (the lady with the eyepatch).

Big new years resolution for me is to actually start, develop and finish more than one personal project this year. I tend to talk myself out of a lot of things (story ideas, designs etc) wayyy before they ever reach the outside world so I feel like I probably waste a lot of effort. Looking back on my computer at all the stuff I’ve drawn this year I feel a bit ashamed that so much of it is probably just gonna reside on there forever - in 2017 I’m definitely going to see some things through to completion.

I still like these designs but I think they’re maybe a bit too precise. I’ve been drawing with a more wobbly freehand line lately - which is slightly more relaxing and also means I can produce work faster. It’s a balance I have to find.

Anyway - if you’re reading this you made it through 2016 in one way or another, so well done. Here’s to 2017 being better. x