things i have played with in photoshop

Hello again guys!  Here are some tips about brushes- once again, I’m no expert, so explore these points on your own!  Some of these are a little more abstract, while others are to help deal with minor brush annoyances ;)

1.  PHOTOSHOP BRUSHES are based on a “stamp” system, not a brush system like some painting programs. That is why photoshop brushes are great for things like chains and repeated patterns, but you have to fiddle with them a bit to make them look natural.
2.  The first brush setting underneath the brush panel you must become familiar with is “transfer.” this tab plays with the opacity and flow of the brush.  
3.  As stated in previous tutorials, the essential hotkeys for brushwork are:
[/]= brush size larger and smaller
alt= eyedropper tool
Numbers= opacity of brush
Shift+Number= flow of brush
4.  Brush icon not showing up/ behaving correctly?  Usually one of four things: Caps Lock is on, Edit in Quick Mask Mode is on (which can be found on your left main tool panel), the brush blend mode is on a different setting (found next to opacity and flow), or you have something selected (crtl+d will do the trick). 
5.  DON’T knock the photoshop brush sets that come with the program.  Many artists I know use these brushes while tweaking the settings.  Consider utilizing settings such as dual brush and texture to make these ordinary brushes great.
6.  Brushes with large amounts of detailed texture tend to pixelate and not work correctly when scaled down too far. 
7.  Trying to create a natural brush tip? Brush settings>Shape Dynamics> Angle Jitter> Control: Direction. This will make the brush more natural and dependent on how you stroke your pen. 
8. Do you use a signature/watermark a lot? A certain shape or pattern? Make it a brush. 
9. When changing things like opacity and flow in both the brush settings and the layer settings, Photoshop will sort of get “stuck” there, and you will see the number highlighted.  Simply hit enter (don’t bother reaching for the mouse!) and it will go away.
10.  Rotating the canvas will help you with your brushstrokes. Shift+R rotates the canvas in nice equal increments, and is a easy way to set the rotation back to 0.
11. Texture brushes just don’t look right?  Make a selection, zoom out, and make the brush slightly bigger while you paint. Think of them as big sponges, not brushes.

Thanks again guys! I have a lot of tutorial requests from you, and I’ll be working through more soon! 


Been playing around with the pen tool, illustrator and photoshop. Life is a little hectic and I think I needed to spend some time reminding myself that things will work out, which ever way that is.(Side note: the font isn’t mine, it’s called Bromello, I am currently in LOVE with this font). Have a good day <3  


Mikaela and Enzo

[Supergirl] and Superman are truth, justice, and the American way. She sets some really high standards to live up to and, playing the role, it has definitely infused itself into my life and helped me to be a stronger, braver person than I ever have been. It’s been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. Definitely the most difficult job, but really rewarding in that way. I love it. I love Supergirl.

I managed to pick up my camera the other day for the first time, properly, in years. I had a fun little play about with various stuff. With not having photoshop any more, I downloaded a new editor and had fiddle with that as well. Here you see the end result. It’s not fantastic but it IS symbolic. And that’s why I wanted to share it. My illnesses prevent me from indulging in the things I love and joy, as a form of self punishment and denial. It was a real challenge to allow myself to do this. I might not ever win the war against my disordered and diseased brain, but I will continue to revel in the little victories. After all, that’s what keeps us going.

Please don’t remove caption. :)

There are 287 posts to the Sailor the Baby Instagram account.  That’s 287 photos in less than a year, staged to look like these dolls are eating and playing, even with the owner posing as Louis in some of them and photoshopping pictures to make Harry or Louis look pregnant.  That’s 287 photos to a fictional account in less than a year.  All for what? People can defend it all day long and say things like “We’re just having fun”, “it’s just a fictional account”, but it’s so obvious that the intent from the start was to mock an actual, real life baby, especially when you consider the lies the owner has spread about Freddie being a doll.

I would wager that if anyone made a fictional account depicting her, it would be “harassment”.  But, yeah, I guess we’re the obsessive ones.

Bonds (Ginny, Pitch)

As requested by @pottercastleminds, Ginny’s reaction to her team’s surprise appearance at the photo shoot!

She’s kind of proud of herself for thinking this whole thing up.

Getting ahead of those pictures, taking her power back, with professional photographs and all. She’ll even get to have a little photoshop magic. Suck on that, hacker.

It’s a little nerve-wracking, sure, but she’s got this. She’s played in front of over 40,000 people live. She’s a fighter.

Okay, pep talk over. Time to get this fluffy bathrobe off and do the damn thing.

A motion in the corner of her vision gets her attention (great, isn’t this supposed to be a closed shoot?), but to say she expected Lawson and Blip to walk in would be a big fat lie. Lawson shoots her his typical grin, shrugging off his entrance. She doesn’t have the words, so she offers a quick nod and a warm smile.

By the time the boys are in matching robes, Sonny walks in, ready and raring to go. Like a hype man, he leads in a few more of the boys (her boys). As soon as Amelia starts clapping, Ginny knows who set up part two of this crazy little scheme. She throws her arms around her agent, unable to put into words her gratitude.

And if she jokingly tries to pull back the curtain to sneak a peak at her teammates, it’s all in good fun.

(And if Lawson, jokingly or otherwise, eyed her through the space between the curtain later on, offering up a cheesy nod and grin, that’s all in good fun, too.)

When all is said and done, when she’s reflecting back on the whole afternoon, she feels stunned. In just a couple of months, these guys have gone from hostile to reluctant teammates to friends. Brothers. People that have her back no matter what. It’s mindblowing in a way. It’s so easy to expect everyone around her just wants something for their own gain. This? This was comradery and backing up a fellow player.

A fellow Padre.

She watches Garbage Time with Katie Nolan, who is practically drooling over the pictures (not that she can be blamed. The whole damn thing turned out great). The talking heads are on her side for a change, and she knows she has her boys to thank for that.

She won’t even give Sonny or Salvamini a hard time when they ask her to sign her picture for them.  

She’s got a good band of brothers.

This is the first entirely digital thing I have done in a looong time. I drew it on paper first, then scanned it in and did the rest in photoshop. I didn’t have much idea what I was doing, but I think it turned out alright.

I’ve been playing a lot of mother 3 in my free time. It’s so charming and I want to do more fan art of scenes like this. I was attempting to do an @enecoo​ style drawing with no black lines and a very soft colour scheme. It doesn’t look much like his stuff, but that’s okay.

Hope everyone has a nice day.


TVD Movie AU: Six Mornings After || There’s a loooot more to goody-goody Stefan than meets the eye. 

An Icon a Day Makes the Waiting Easier

My first contribution to the Caryl tumblr fandom was a series of 100x100 icons I made and posted one each day. It was initially a way to help make the hiatus go faster - hence, “an icon a day…makes the waiting easier” (playing off “an apple a day…”). The great thing about that was that I approached a ton of Caryl fanartists to ask permission to use their work. I hope I exposed people to the variety and talent that we have. (I also hope I set a good example about how to create derivative works the responsible way.) However, I will be the first to admit that the quality of the icons was often poor, since most were made in the days before I got adobe photoshop. I am embarrassed at how many of them looked.

But, I still love making little graphics, so I’ve gone ahead and remade a bunch of icons. For the new icons I have made them 150 x 150 and used almost all photos of Caryl or McReedus, with very few screencaps. Some of the original were of questionable quality, but I did the best I could. I will also repost a very, very select set of the old icons that I thought were the very best of the batch.

This post will be updated with more icons as I make them.

There is no need to credit me if you want to use an icon. However, crediting the original fanartist or faneditor (if one is noted) is always an appropriate gesture.


Photomanipulations (mine):



So a recent Until Dawn binge (i literally spent all day yesterday watching Markiplier play the whole thing) has resulted in me screwing around on picmonkey to make these. It’s not super professional or anything cuz i don’t have photoshop but i think they turned out alright.

not gonna lie, i’m actually a bit nervous to start things here, because I am new to the mass effect universe and I haven’t played the previous games. i had no money when they came out aand i still don’t really have money to buy them now. (i also only have an older laptop who can luckily run photoshop, but no real games so that is out of the picture too. i play on my ps4 otherwise.)

like i’m scared to fuck things up with the lore and stuff and I haven’t even started the account and already kinda regret it because i’m overwhelmed but I also like cora and just…

basically, i apologize beforehand for any mistakes and stuff, because i am still in the process of reading up on everything. 

Happy Miura Monday Tumblr

You know that that means! Oh, you don’t because I made it a thing just last week and said I didn’t know what I was going to do with it? Well, I decided It’s just going to be a day where I upload a few Berserk outtake clips. 

The queue is going to be pretty light with regard to fanart as I’m REALLY trying to focus on writing today. I say “trying” because I’m going to spend some time on @rkdiscussions and making a few gifs today now that I finally have photoshop to play around with. Any fanart I post today will probably just be stuff I still have hanging out in my drafts folder. Don’t expect too much in the way of new fanworks just yet. 

The queue starts up in about 3 hours. Hopefully you’ll like what you see. 


a-court-of-pain-and-night  asked:

hey!! how do you make such beautiful edits? love xx

aszdxfcghvjbk you are so sweet tysm ♡

honestly, it took me awhile to get where i am with edits which isn’t saying much bc my edits are still ????? but i started off by playing around with canva. it’s a FREE website with a ton of different layouts. one of the sections is even called “tumblr graphics”
it’s super easy to learn and make things with :) 

i mainly use photoshop now but i’m still a newb and kind of just make up stuff as i go. (there are a bunch of tutorials out there but i’m impatient and just stumble through ps instead)
i find all the pics i use on pinterest and usually assign them to a scene or character or quote and go from there

idk if you actually wanted an answer so here’s a half answer??? tbh it’s something i think you just have to play around with and learn as you go. practice makes perfect right?