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BTVS aesthetics: Willow Rosenberg 

‘Hi, um…Tara. How are you? I was wondering…do you want to go out sometime? For coffee? Or food? Or kisses and gay love?’

[Supergirl] and Superman are truth, justice, and the American way. She sets some really high standards to live up to and, playing the role, it has definitely infused itself into my life and helped me to be a stronger, braver person than I ever have been. It’s been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. Definitely the most difficult job, but really rewarding in that way. I love it. I love Supergirl.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for dumb humor, but the face Link makes when he tries to draw a weapon without having one equipped is the funniest thing in the entire game, so I took pictures of every version of Link doing it for kicks and giggles.

just like photoshop something into his hand for the perfect ‘wtf is this’ reaction image lol

distasteful background shading! welcome back, photoshop. i only went about a week without, but i feel out of practice already. i need to think about how i draw. i’m really glad i didn’t have to do more than one of those mspaint things. also yes spock was playing ‘pon farr’ with the tribbles hes such a weirdo gosh

The Pluto Administration and how things went down.

I don’t know if anyone will see this who it will change any opinions for but I have been involved with the Pluto Administration since @promptguy​ put up the post for AI’s.

I thought it would be fun and it was. I got to play with Photoshop and PG was trying to create something beautiful and collaborative. Within days Charon appeared. I didn’t really pay them any mind because I knew they weren’t part of the plot. PG reached out asked them if they wanted to be involved and they said they didn’t but that they would stay out of it, he then asked us to ignore them, let them be. 

Everything was fine when people payed attention to this advice. When people did what they were supposed to do it was all cool but soon the problems started. There were too many people involved who had time on their hands and expected PG to be able to accessible at all times. When he wasn’t (as people are wont to be) they decided to act on their own. I don’t know who exactly did what but I do know that people decided it was okay for them to attack because “Charon was the one getting too involved”. This was the day before yesterday.

Last night before Charon even posted PG stepped down because he didn’t feel he had the time. He had stopped being involved for at least an hour before Ahfairehnuff went offline.

Now in case this is your first meeting with me, I’m Irish. I live in Scotland at the moment. Ireland has a terrible problem with suicide. I personally have lost people. I know that I couldn’t stand by while this all happened. So I started to try and find Ahfairehnuff. To the point where I had a breakdown last night because I was afraid I couldn’t help them. I didn’t sleep. This morning I finally was able to contact somewhere that could contact her. I did not do this lightly. Not only would it be bringing a member of staff into something that could easily distress anyone, but it also means making her feel watched, but the risk of the greater evil was too much. I couldn’t sit by and not do it. After that the lady who was super distressed by this as well called me back to let me know she was okay. 

All this time PG was talking to me too and he was terrified that what Charon was saying was true. People who joined an idea he had decided to cause trouble and he was the one carrying the burden. People blame him for what happened but he simply had the idea. You cannot control others and you cannot predict what you cannot expect.

As well as this, PG then showed me that Charon and Ahfairehnuff both had the same IP. I cannot explain how angry I was when I learned this. They had put prompt guy through hell in the last 24 hours and they were all the same person?

Do no blame prompt guy for this serious of events. He did nothing wrong. There was literally nothing more he could have done once this all started. I don’t know what cause Charon to do all this but I do hope that whatever it is they get help, but above all I hope that they do NOT cause this kind of distress to anyone else again.

how to make matching backgrounds for character aesthetics

I have had a lot of requests lately about how I make my character aesthetics. So here is a brief explanation of my process. To do this type of edit all you need is just basic editing skills and an original image that already has an light/white-ish background.This is my first tutorial so sorry if things aren’t super clear. Please message me if you have any questions! 

Here is my process to turn 

     THIS                                                into                                         THIS 

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How did you do the hair thing. Seriously.. How???

Tonks: I can usually change my hair colour if I think of a feeling or place in particular, like the Hufflepuff Common Room for yellow days… but it’s mostly down to a whole lotta’ finger crossing

(( OOC: In all seriousness I do it through photoshop. I’ve been tweaking and playing the past few weeks to create a way I can change the colours and have a moving gif rather than a moving gif with one colour, or multiple colours on a still image… it took a lot of trail and error, but I’m happy with how this first test is going :) ))

If YanDev is truly hellbent on this “purple hair for theater kids and snobs” thing, the absolute least he could do is not give them all the same few shades of purple and magenta. Here’s what a bit of playing around in Photoshop got me, based off that Kokona/Kizana comparison that had the exact same hues all around.

My ultimate goal was to give Kizana a colder and softer purple, something that felt like a graceful color; Kokona getting warmer colors seemed like a natural balance to that. I also put in a little more contrast for Kizana’s accent colors, since her eyes and barrettes have the same brightness as her hair and thus muddle together in greyscale. I left Kokona alone in that regard, but I could also see her with darker eyes, too. And much shorter socks, so that they don’t get mistaken for Kizana’s stockings. A so-called background character shouldn’t have the same long socks that most of the rivals have, anyway, and that applies to all the Rainbow Six.

This isn’t a perfect fix: Assuming that Photoshop’s Proof Color previews are accurate, they might still be difficult to tell apart with some kinds of colorblindness. This is one reason why they also need to have distinctive shapes and silhouettes. I actually really like the side ponytail Kizana got sketched with once, and it’s different from Yuna Hina’s side ponytail in both color and shape. Just, please, YanDev, don’t put it in the same exact magenta that Kokona has.

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How, how, how did you learn to draw the way you do? It's incredible, how beautiful your illustrations are. And do you have any tips for me, learning how to draw more realistically?

Thanks! It’s basically just practice, practice and more practice.

I always enjoyed drawing, but I became really obsessed with it in middle school when I was introduced to anime and manga (thanks, Sailor Moon!), and that interest quickly spiraled to other arty things. 

When I first discovered Photoshop there wasn’t a lot of tutorials out there and my family’s computer could barely run the program. Everything I made sucked, especially before I could get my hands on a tablet, but I didn’t care. It was fun, so I kept playing with it. It was also fascinating to me that some of my college instructors thought photoshop was evil and needed to die… . So I applied what I was learning in traditional media to what I was doing digitally. Fortunately, my instructors at the college I would eventually transfer to were a lot more open-minded. There was even a digital illustration class (*gasp*).

I still have a lot of room for improvement, and I try to do a little better with each piece. For the most part, I like to include something in each new work that I’m not particularly awesome at, that way I’m constantly learning something.

Some General Tips:
- Draw. A lot. Of whatever interests you.
- Draw from life as much as possible, especially the human figure.
- If you are just starting out, I recommend sticking to black and white until you get some basics down. Color is complex as hell, and working with it too soon can be distracting.
- Learn how to use reference the right way and how to make your own (and here is an article to get you started)

I have some very strong feelings about art school, that I won’t get into now, but I firmly believe it isn’t for everyone. There are a lot of resources out there (many of them for free, btw) that can help you just as much.

Some Resources:
YouTube. For everything.  Here is a playlist to get you started drawing the figure - An awesome figure drawing tool if you can’t find a model
MuddyColors - A TON of wonderful tutorials, advice, and general awesomeness by some incredibly knowledgeable people.
ImagineFX - More general awesomeness
Color and Light by James Gurney - When you want to start playing with color
And there are some more awesome things here.

I hope this was helpful. Good luck! <3


So a recent Until Dawn binge (i literally spent all day yesterday watching Markiplier play the whole thing) has resulted in me screwing around on picmonkey to make these. It’s not super professional or anything cuz i don’t have photoshop but i think they turned out alright.

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How do you make the GIFs? If I may ask. I've been wanting to do some on my own but don't know how 😅

Hi! Since I’ve been asked this question several times already, I figured that I might as well make a detailed tutorial on how I make my gifs! I’ve never really made a tutorial nor am I an expert, so please bear with me. If I’m unclear on a step, feel free to message me and I’ll clarify it for you :-)

Please like/reblog because this tutorial took hours to make!

This is the gif I will be teaching you how to make: 

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Unrelated to the comic but do you play DnD? If so what character do you use currently?

I don’t play D&D, but I do play Pathfinder (which is essentially the same thing) and I have been playing for quite a few years now. I don’t really show off my characters because of two reasons: 1. I like to keep this blog fairly focused on the comic alone, and 2. We Photoshop images together or edit images to make our characters instead of drawing them ourselves. Its great for the games but I don’t feel comfortable showing the images around without making it very clear we did not draw the base image

Most of our games are nearly at their ends now which is rather interesting; Everyone is high level and their stories/arcs are reaching their climax.

Counting only my alive or active characters I have…

Amusingly it seems like I either play super tall dudes or halflings. There isn’t really much in between.

Captain Maximillion Madelhari.
Way of the Wicked, adventure path. 
Male Human/Outsider (Lawful Evil)
Antipaladin of Asmodeus. (level 13)
He’s basically a mix between a Alexander the Great and the Major’s speech from Hellsing. He LOVES war…

Lunette Cordilia Ywain & Lethys (True Name: Htelzardiel)
Secrets of the Shackles, Homebrew game set in the Shackles
Female Hafling & Male Contract Devil (Lawful Evil(Both are more LN though)).
Unchained Summoner and Eidolon. (level 12)
These two have something akin to a Father/Daughter relationship, both trying to find a place where they belong in this world.

Godric Earthbuckle
Rise of the Runelords, adventure path.
Male Human (Neutral Good)
Fighter. (level 15)
Blacksmith on an adventure. He’s one of those genuine good guys who believes that if someone asks for help he should help them.


TVD Movie AU: Six Mornings After || There’s a loooot more to goody-goody Stefan than meets the eye.