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Hi! I'm sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you've ever done an icon tutorial? Your icons are really the most beautiful I've seen, and I'd love to know your secrets 😊. But if you aren't interested in posting them I totally understand. I hope you're having a great day!!


Hey sorry this took so long to get around to but I finally felt inspired to make this. A couple things first. I want to give a special shout out to argetnallison cuz I learned how to make icons from her tutorials here. I picked up a few tips and tricks that aren’t included in other tutorials so we’re gonna call this an extended icon tutorial. I’ve also been told I explain things well but if there’s anything from this that needs clearing up later just send me a message and i will be happy to help guide you through it. This Is my first time making a tutorial so bare with me if I ramble. 

we will be going from this:

to this

to this 

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Some overwatch characters. 

I’ve got requests to draw these characters together. I just fell in love with the diversity of Overwatch female characters.


Hello. I usually don’t write a long comment on my own post, but I have to say something.

First, I got the point that Sombra and Pharah look brighter than they should be. However, my intention was ’not’ to them look more like ’white’. As you can see, I made Zarya’s skin tone comparatively brighter than Pharah, also Widowmaker vs Sombra.

I don’t play this game. And when I drew them, I simply used few images as references to figure out overall colors. With the photoshop, I put some effect to look them in the light, as a result, they kinda went bit brighter than I originally painted.

After I read a comment, I searched for images that all Overwatch characters standing together to see the comparison. And I realized they are actually darker than I thought; especially Pharah.

I don’t want an argument over this. You can get your own opinion over things you saw on the internet, but I have to give you some explanation since I drew them.

It’s kinda sad to see someone call my stuff out as ’white washing’.

Also, the waist. As you can see, I didn’t draw Zarya’s waist so small with Pharah. And yes, I drew her waist tiny at the one on the top.

I really appreciate of the diversity Overwatch characters have on their body shapes, age differences and ethnicities especially, female characters.

Bottom two pieces, I was focusing on showing the differences between characters like their faces, height, body types….

The one on the top was more freely drawing. I never drew Zarya before this request, and I simply wanted to draw her for my own. She seems like a super strong badass fighter type kinda woman, and I loved it.

Thing is, I love to draw ridiculously tiny waist either for men or women. I like it because it makes curves and contrast of shapes. It is fun to draw. If you check my other stuff, you can see I draw tiny waists a lot. It’s just my style. I honestly was more focusing to make her arm and back look strong and big….

@sujimoon89 This is my twitter and I have more stuff here. You’ll see my point. I am guilty drawing specific body types over and over. But I’m also aware that many artists deliver a certain type of body shapes when they draw female characters and it should be changed. So I admit I have a habit and I think I should show more diversity on my drawings.

However, I’m also saying I made her body looks like that not because I think female body only supposed to look like that nor only small waist with big boob and hips are attractive. Thanks. -Please, be understanding about grammar. My first language is not English.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for dumb humor, but the face Link makes when he tries to draw a weapon without having one equipped is the funniest thing in the entire game, so I took pictures of every version of Link doing it for kicks and giggles.

just like photoshop something into his hand for the perfect ‘wtf is this’ reaction image lol


BTVS aesthetics: Willow Rosenberg 

‘Hi, um…Tara. How are you? I was wondering…do you want to go out sometime? For coffee? Or food? Or kisses and gay love?’


Sometimes situations don’t allow you to capture the photos you want, for me, today, it was the fact that i was about to pass out and havent left bed in 3 weeks but really wanted photos to play with.
It can also be simple things like lighting, placement, or a very uncooperative subject! Been there, so I get it. 
Its possible to get photos nearly perfect straight out of camera, but it takes extra talent to be able to save photos like these.
When I’m out taking photos, I always have something in mind as to what I want the end subject to look like. Today, I captured that perfectly, even though I didn’t capture it in my camera.

distasteful background shading! welcome back, photoshop. i only went about a week without, but i feel out of practice already. i need to think about how i draw. i’m really glad i didn’t have to do more than one of those mspaint things. also yes spock was playing ‘pon farr’ with the tribbles hes such a weirdo gosh

I had an anon ask me how I did this edit and decided that i was better off making a mini tut than explaining it. This is honestly just a tutorial on how to use the clipping mask bUT let’s just hyperbolize and say i’m teaching ya on how 2 do an edit. I used photoshop for this tutorial. and I’m also assuming you’re somewhat comfortable with photoshop and its tools so if you’re brand spankin new you probably won’t understand this sorry rip.

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[Supergirl] and Superman are truth, justice, and the American way. She sets some really high standards to live up to and, playing the role, it has definitely infused itself into my life and helped me to be a stronger, braver person than I ever have been. It’s been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. Definitely the most difficult job, but really rewarding in that way. I love it. I love Supergirl.

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could you post a little bit about your process when you paint? the way you shade and render your art is so so beautiful!

Oh shit. I’ll try. But dear Anon, you need to know… most of the time, i have no idea what i’m doing.

Keep in mind i’m a newbie to digital art and painting in general. I’m probably doing some things wrong and making bad choices, so be critical of what you see friend. Also; i paint in Photoshop CS5.

(1) I start with a not-too-detailed-nor-polished-and-never-will-be sketch. I just need an idea of what i want to do. I don’t want to go into details here, because i don’t want to put any limit to what i can do when i’ll start painting over it. Also I’m using deep red color so that i can mix it with the painting later on.

(2) color layer under the first one; I usually select it (ctrl+clic-on-layer) and paint inside that silhouette at first.

(3) I start painting on a new layer, mainly put some red to the cheekbones and nose and some highlights. The brush I use has some transparency to it; this + the base color help keeping things consistent. I usually use colder colors for the jaw & forehead… you can see a better exemple of this on my last dragon’s dogma post.

(4) Then I merge everything (except the bg color) and keep painting on the same layer. I keep the previous steps in one Group so I can come back to it if i feel like i need it, but i usually don’t.

From there i just keep painting on top of the last layer (always in NORMAL). I try to define some planes using lights and shadows. It’s all pretty rough if you really look at it. Big brush strokes to quickly define planes and shapes. Keep it simple (i’m not good with details)

Last step can’t be seen on the layers but I’ll explain to you what I did. First, CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E gives me a new layer with everything i’ve done on it (I keep previous stages in a Group, as a save) I make two of these and work on the last one (for… safety reasons?)

I’m really bad at chosing colors, so I usually apply the “auto-color” and “auto-tone” features to this new layer (you’ll find them in “image”) I’m not giving you screenshots of this because my Photoshop is in french ahah but that’s what they translate into. I don’t keep it at 100% opacity, you’ll have to play with that layer a bit and see what works best.

Very last thing; CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E again. I go to “Filter > Other > High-Pass”. I put this layer in Overlay and it makes everything sharp and well defined :D

ah. I also tried adding a more saturated line around different planes and shapes to give more volume. I only tried this on Melqart (if you look at Fanel on the same image, she doesn’t have that kind of thing) and I think it looks quite nice? I DON’T KNOW, ANON, I’M JUST TRYING THINGS.

Anyway, I hope you find this useful :D sorry for my bad english ahah

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so my mother did end up ordering me an art tablet (i sent you and ask a week back or so about what kind you'd recommend to get) and i realized i should have asked you what app you use as well ! which app do you recommend getting?

ooohh!! congratulations, I hope you have a lot of fun using it and that it serves you well!! (*≧▽≦) some tablets come with apps actually, so it might be worth looking at what app your tablet comes with? if it doesn’t, I recommend these ones:

free to download and very versatile!

if you want to buy one (but careful, these can get expensive! they all have free trials though if you just wanna play around)

and if you’re looking into working with comics (professional mangaka use this one too, clip studio paint is the way to go! hopefully that helps!

The Pluto Administration and how things went down.

I don’t know if anyone will see this who it will change any opinions for but I have been involved with the Pluto Administration since @promptguy​ put up the post for AI’s.

I thought it would be fun and it was. I got to play with Photoshop and PG was trying to create something beautiful and collaborative. Within days Charon appeared. I didn’t really pay them any mind because I knew they weren’t part of the plot. PG reached out asked them if they wanted to be involved and they said they didn’t but that they would stay out of it, he then asked us to ignore them, let them be. 

Everything was fine when people payed attention to this advice. When people did what they were supposed to do it was all cool but soon the problems started. There were too many people involved who had time on their hands and expected PG to be able to accessible at all times. When he wasn’t (as people are wont to be) they decided to act on their own. I don’t know who exactly did what but I do know that people decided it was okay for them to attack because “Charon was the one getting too involved”. This was the day before yesterday.

Last night before Charon even posted PG stepped down because he didn’t feel he had the time. He had stopped being involved for at least an hour before Ahfairehnuff went offline.

Now in case this is your first meeting with me, I’m Irish. I live in Scotland at the moment. Ireland has a terrible problem with suicide. I personally have lost people. I know that I couldn’t stand by while this all happened. So I started to try and find Ahfairehnuff. To the point where I had a breakdown last night because I was afraid I couldn’t help them. I didn’t sleep. This morning I finally was able to contact somewhere that could contact her. I did not do this lightly. Not only would it be bringing a member of staff into something that could easily distress anyone, but it also means making her feel watched, but the risk of the greater evil was too much. I couldn’t sit by and not do it. After that the lady who was super distressed by this as well called me back to let me know she was okay. 

All this time PG was talking to me too and he was terrified that what Charon was saying was true. People who joined an idea he had decided to cause trouble and he was the one carrying the burden. People blame him for what happened but he simply had the idea. You cannot control others and you cannot predict what you cannot expect.

As well as this, PG then showed me that Charon and Ahfairehnuff both had the same IP. I cannot explain how angry I was when I learned this. They had put prompt guy through hell in the last 24 hours and they were all the same person?

Do no blame prompt guy for this serious of events. He did nothing wrong. There was literally nothing more he could have done once this all started. I don’t know what cause Charon to do all this but I do hope that whatever it is they get help, but above all I hope that they do NOT cause this kind of distress to anyone else again.

how to make matching backgrounds for character aesthetics

I have had a lot of requests lately about how I make my character aesthetics. So here is a brief explanation of my process. To do this type of edit all you need is just basic editing skills and an original image that already has an light/white-ish background.This is my first tutorial so sorry if things aren’t super clear. Please message me if you have any questions! 

Here is my process to turn 

     THIS                                                into                                         THIS 

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Quick question: I've been hearing about this thing called the away colors, I'm still halfway through season two but is it Canon that karasuno changes their uniform colors to reverse(orange) and Nishinoya gets black? Or is it a bunch of photoshop???

Its canon! Teams have 2 sets of uniforms that they use, one regular set and then one for when they’re playing a team with a similar colour to theirs I believe? We got to see it in a colour spread a few chapters ago. 


Also Nekoma’s:

Aoba Johsai’s:


So a recent Until Dawn binge (i literally spent all day yesterday watching Markiplier play the whole thing) has resulted in me screwing around on picmonkey to make these. It’s not super professional or anything cuz i don’t have photoshop but i think they turned out alright.

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have your recent drawings been made with the ipad pro? i saw you were trying it out with procreate. would you recommend it/ how does it compare with sai?

hewwo!!!!! no, the doodles i made on my ipad mini have not been published here besides this mikasa one!!! okay okay, thing about my ipad mini is that the display colours are very washed out compared to my phone and laptop, so when i transfer them over to check, they end up looking too saturated.

other than that tho, procreate has been relatively easy to use with many fun brushes and textures to play with! great for sketching but i plan on getting an ipad pro and apple pen in the future to use it more comfortably with better display of colours! it has easily customiseable brushes like photoshop and straightforward tools like sai. a handy pocket sized hybrid!