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Tagged by @stargogh i love you sm angel 😇!!
Name: Vanessa
Nicknames: Nessa
Zodiac sign: capricorn !!
Hogwarts house: i don’t know don’t hate me😰
Orientation: asexual, bi romantic
Ethnicity: colombian + ecuadorian
Favorite fruit: ahhh all the fruits i can’t choose !! but i’ve been eating a lot of peaches 🍑apples🍏and green grapes 🍇lately
Favorite season: winter winter winter !! ❄️
Favorite book series: twilight ahhck
Favorite fictional character(s): mike wheeler from stranger things !!
Favorite flowers: i prefer plants but i love sunflowers 🌻 and roses🥀
Favorite scent: mint ! + fresh homemade bread
Favorite colors: red, black, pastel blue + yellow
Favorite animals: DOGS 🐶otters, giraffes, bears 🐻cows 🐮chickens🐔 foxes 🦊lions/leopards🦁 a looot more
Favorite bands/artists: mcr, halsey, pvris, tove lo
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: coffee ☕️
Average sleep: 7 sometimes 8
Number of blankets I sleep with: depends but normally 1 now that it’s hot + my life sized cuddly bear 🐻
Dream trip: backpacking through Europe (probably doing that next summer !!)
Last thing I googled: silent house
How many blogs I follow: 2247
Number of followers: 2247 (that’s so weird it’s the exact amount of blogs i follow whattt)
What I usually post about: dogs/animals, how gay i am😹
What is your aesthetic: photo shoots of dogs, fruits, abandoned alleys, backpacks + pins 🎒messy hair, rooms being taken over by the plant monsters 🌱
I tag: @anovembersparrow (nat you’ve been double tagged you have no choice !😸) @astreals @tihpsy @asleepymess @peachisty @tahnuki @niamhtoomey @dayxdreamxng (no one has to do it if you don’t want to! ) and i tag any other lovely people who want to do it !💛💛