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穢(けが)れきった 頭の中 太陽になりたいのさ 優しくね なりたいの 本当は

My late contribution to the Oiran!Ivlis au.

More expressions below cuz yeah.

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social media demigod style: Annabeth Chase.

Marital Signifiers

So I had a dream where two people from very different cultures have to get married to prevent a war, and in it, one culture used rings to signify marriage while the other used (pierced) earrings.

This got me thinking about what traditions exist to visually show that someone is married. So a bit of research later, some examples are:

  • Wearing a ring (left or right hand, depending on culture) on the “ring” finger (third finger), sometimes getting a tattoo on the appropriate finger (especially if the person’s job makes wearing an actual ring dangerous and/or impractical)
  • (For men) having a beard, or wearing a prayer shawl
  • (For women) wearing a special necklace, or special bangles, or special hair style/covering, or a sindoor

So that’s pretty cool, but I think there are lots of other ways people could show that they’re married. (And maybe there are cultures that do–they just weren’t among the ones I found in my 30 minutes of googling). Maybe things like:

  • Pierced ears/nose/lip
  • Specific colour of nail polish and/or tattoo on hands/fingers
  • Hair length (either unwed individuals must keep hair short, or unwed individuals are not allowed to cut their hair until after marriage)
  • Special type of clothing (a sash, shawl, belt, or scarf)
  • Specific colour of clothing (for example, maybe only married people can wear blue)
  • Less visual, but what if only married people could use certain scents (like lavender) for their soaps and/or fragrances?

There are lots of possibilities! So why not use something other than “exchanging rings” in your fantasy story? Just make sure you think about what that means for the culture. (For example, puzzle rings [which are super cool–I love the ‘woven’ look] were originally developed to catch wives who cheated on their husbands, because they fall apart when taken off. Which shows that women weren’t trusted, and that they weren’t expected to be very clever [otherwise they could put the ring back together])

Permanent markings (like tattoos and piercings) are likely used in a culture where divorces are either not common, or not allowed. Might make for an interesting exploration to look at how such a culture might handle widows/widowers, or those rare instances of divorce. (Do they have a different way to show widowhood vs divorce? How easy/hard is it for a divorcee to make it look like their widowed instead?)

For specific colours/items only available to married individuals, think about how easy it is for the poorest people in the society to access. Do they have to use alternatives to achieve the same visual representation of their marriage? (For example, if a sparkling teal nail polish is what denotes a married person, but it’s expensive, do poor use a fruit/flower that stains their fingertips instead? Maybe the polish is accessible to everyone, but then the rich are going to want some way to denote their wealth as well [comparable to massive engagement rings], so maybe they use a flat teal and then add the sparkle by placing tiny slivers of diamonds on the wet polish?)

And then you must think about the difference in how men and women (and other genders, if it’s a multi-gendered society) present their symbol of marriage. Even with a symbol like a ring that both men and women use, the rings are often very different in appearance. Men’s rings tend to be thicker and simpler, while women’s rings tend to be thinner and more “elegant” (swoops, swirls, curls, multiple gems, etc.). So in a society that uses nail polish or piercings to show marriage, how might it be worn by different genders?

There are a lot more Ninjago meme possibilities than you think...

There’s that one time the falcon spoke to Zane in Zane’s dream.

This weird thing with Sensei Yang I found on Google Images that I love

when you pause ninjago at just the right time

and never forget the manga

Best and Worst of: Block B Photoshoots

Looking at Block B photoshoots is such a wild ride because on the one hand half of them look like this:

Thrift shop meets witch aesthetics and Park Kyung is holding a fake bird but it still looks good?

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oh my god ohhhh my god so im lying on the floor doing my exercises and stretches right and my hand touches something round and sorta hard sorta squishy and im like wtf is this did the cat poop under my bed and i look and its a GIANT ASS TICK and i FREAK like what the fuck are you doing in here so i flush it and check myself and i had to clean everything to make sure there were no more stripped my bed cleaned the floor put away laundry i mean all this had to be done anyway but ive had no spoons for it leave it to anxiety to get me going bc i could think of NOTHING ELSE until this was done

I still feel like i need a shower and go vacuum but its too late for that i dont feel like waking my mom (or our neighbors) but what the fuck all ticks need to immediately disappear from the world and go to hell where they belong

I Messed Up - Peter Maximoff x Reader

This is a pretty fluffy thing. Pretty fluffy.

(I found this gif on google. I don’t watch AHS so I don’t know the context. But hey, in this context it’s Peter. And that’s adorable.)

You walked briskly out of the classroom before the other students.

“Hello!” Peter waved to you, waiting leaning against the doorway of your classroom.

When you ignored him, he zipped in front of you, “What’s wrong?”

“I messed up.” You shook your head. “I can’t control my power, They all hate me.”

Peter smiled sympathetically, taking your hand in his.

“Hey, let’s get out of here.” 

He waited for your nod before wrapping his arms around you and speeding you away to the outskirts of the grounds where he stopped under a tree.

“Better?” He asked, grinning.

You tried to smile, but the stress of everything - You burst into tears, hiding your face against his chest.

Peter was shocked at first but quickly wrapped his arms around you, stroking you comfortingly.

“I just mess everything up.” You sobbed, “I can’t do anything right. I’m a danger.”

Peter tilted your chin up, “Hey. You didn’t mess up with me. I think you’re great.”

You smiled, despite yourself.

Peter pressed a kiss to your nose, holding your face gently.

“Better now?” He asked.

You shrugged, “A little.” 

Peter smiled and pressed his lips to yours, kissing the tears off your lips, off your cheeks, kissing your eyelids. 

“How about now, Princess?” 

You smiled, nodding. “Thank you, Peter.”

“Anytime, (y/n).”

“You really helped me.”

“Hey, I’m just that good a kisser.” 

You laughed and he took your face in his hands again.

“But it helps to have a great kissing partner too.” he smiled.