things i draw

i just love them and tis anime so much i just can’t

this is part of my life now and i cant wait to see season 2 and what they will come up with

based on this sweet @zimmboners post

I’ve fallen and i can’t get up

Haven’t drawn anything(especially silly comics) in AGES and now there’s yoi which gives me power and inspiration

based  on @alisayamin post!

finally i’m paying homage to Nothing Gold Can Stay written by the amazing bilboo that made me cry and scream for moNTHS with this fic 

(i couldn’t pass the opportunity to draw thorin in a royal outfit ///;;;;;;)


I couldn’t resist drawing something colorful for his birthday~

Happy birthday, Vityenka! <3


althouugh in russia we celebrate christmas like 7th january but i think that makes it more painful for vitya haha


so!!!!!!!! ive been working on this gigantic 34 x 31 acrylic piece for about 5 days and im finally done with it! im really proud of how this came out and im sufficiently obsessed with it so im gonna allow myself one pat on the back! its my first actual acrylic piece that ive done since high school (aka ~6 years) so im like so stoked to play around with some new stuff and improve my painting skills