things i don't handle well

me, as nicely as possible: i’m not great with affection sometimes! it’s not your fault and nothing you’ve done wrong but please don’t smother me with it ‘k?


people: why aren’t you responding, why are you so cold, ugh :/

anonymous asked:

Your blog was supposed to be called "nap-time" to celebrate the fine art of napping - but you made a spelling error and here you are, ranting about olives on a kpop blog

this is ALMOST true. My blog was supposed to be called “baptime” as a reference to naptime (let them rest) but it had been taken so here we are

how i ended up being known for olive discourse i have no idea

anonymously make an assumption about me and i’ll confirm/deny it

I finally did this digitally, our band of brave heroes valiant adventurers daring space pirates lovable idiots.

I tried a different kind of shading and I think it looks better.

I kind of really wish I’d stop seeing the phrase “feminist movie” or “feminist book” applied to any piece of media that does a better than usual job of handling it’s female characters.

Feminism is not the absence of sexism, it’s a word for the movement dedicated to raising awareness of and eradicating institutionalized sexism.  A feminist movie would be a movie ABOUT the feminist movement, or a movie that directly identifies and addresses issues of structural inquality between genders.

Just having a female character you don’t sexualize in a piece of media doesn’t make it a grand stand against the patriarchy.  It literally just makes it a little less sexist than most everything else.  It doesn’t make you a feminist film director for making it, it just makes you not a fucking asshole with his head so far up his ass he can’t see the way the world is actually built.

Is SW:TFA a feminist movie?  No, not even close, not even a little tiny bit at all.  The movie’s not ABOUT gender or related struggles, ideas and philosophies.

But is it a movie that respects its female characters, gives them usually-limited-to-men levels of agency and power over the plot, makes sure there are women in the background of shots, and doesn’t sexualize them?  Yes, abso-fucking-lutely yes.

SW:TFA is a movie feminists will like (at least parts of it), it is a movie that demonstrates some of the basic, basic things Feminism wants from media, but it’s not a feminist movie.

It’s just not really sexist.

JR: I love all my show characters equally!! Lexa, Clarke…
*reads smudged writing on hand* Ramen, Baloney and… Thriller?

I found this pic and I thought I’d share it with you guys. Last year for my grandmother’s birthday I painted an egg (it’s paper) with a bluebird on it for her, because she likes birds a lot. I’m hoping I have time before Christmas to paint the next one - a chickadee. It’s either that or fanart, and I don’t think my conservative grandmother is up for K/S, unfortunately.