things i do with my time instead of doing homework

I don’t see why everybody and their mothers tell people going into college “don’t take 8am classes” as if it’s some profound advice, like yes getting up early in the morning and going to a long and boring class is fucking horrible and I would never recommend it but at the same time, out of my own personal experience

  • It got classes out of the way early so that I could spend my evenings decompressing and doing stuff like homework or videogames while other people were stuck in their evening classes.
  • Evening classes suck WAY worse than morning classes. I’d rather leave my last class of the day and still have some daylight left to do other non-school related things instead of it being pitch-black and there being nothing left to do but go back to my room for the night.
  • ^ this goes especially if you live in the city because usually by 9pm or so, restaurants, your college’s cafeteria if you have one, etc are all closed so not only will you be tired, but now you’ll have to use more energy making food for yourself because most evening classes go RIGHT through dinner hours.
  • I NEVER used to eat breakfast before I took morning classes but since I had no choice but to be awake that early I began needing to eat breakfast, and once I did, my mood and alertness noticeably improved and I was way less tired during my afternoon classes than I was on days that I got to sleep in and wasn’t able to catch breakfast cafeteria hours.

MY experience aside, there’s this revolutionary concept that a lot more people than you might think are morning people.

If you don’t want to take morning classes or you didn’t like taking them then fine but don’t go around telling other people that it’s what they SHOULD do because what doesn’t work for you, might actually work BETTER for them than what you chose. Let them decide for themselves and form their own judgment based on their own experiences.

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I have clinical depression, any help you can spare with feelings of emptiness and not liking anything you once loved? (I'm not being sarcastic or mean btw)

Find happiness on your own, there was a time when I was quite down and I tried putting it into one person and thought that if a person can make me happy then i will be okay, this doesn’t work, if anything I got even worse as they didn’t help me at all, what did work was when that person was out of my life and i became happy by simply being on my own, I took time to do things for myself like instead of doing homework I would read fanfiction till 4am bc it made me the smallest bit happier, I started drawing because it made me happier, just do little things that can make you happier until one day you have forgotten what it feels like to feel down :)

I Hate School.

Not because of the people (although that is a factor), or because I hate the work (again, one of the reasons). The biggest reason I hate school is because it’s taking time out of my day that I could use being productive in my own way, working on things that I will need to get better at for what I want to do when I grow up. Instead of practicing guitar or drawing, I’m stuck sitting at a desk working out math problems or writing essays. School should be more personal to each person, and more about building up skills for the future and less about test grades and homework. Because for every minute that I’m in school doing math that I’m never going to use again is another minute wasted.

my least favorite thing about homework is that when youre actually genuinely tired and ready for sleep you have to do it. like it really sucks because even tho im always tired i have a hard time going to sleep, but when i really want to i have to do this instead

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How do you stay on top of things? Like how do you do homework and manage your Tumblr and do everything and still have extra time for yourself?

I have a schedule that I stick to which can be changed to suit anything that might come up. I usually give myself a few hours of free time after school bc my school gets out at 2:40. My best advice is to stay on top of your work in class, it’s fun to talk to people but it’s better if you have enough free time after school or on weekends to hang out with them instead of having to do homework/missing class work. I usually start working on homework around 6 or earlier if there’s more. If I don’t have a lot then I do it after I wash my face and brush my teeth and stuff, but that’s if it’s very little. It’s also important to stick to a good sleep schedule which I’ve found reduces stress for me. My school doesn’t have an extremely strict phone policy so I can usually go on tumblr during lunch break and passing periods or if I get my work done.

i feel like exercising is similar to being in a relationship. when i’ve been exercising, i’m extra jolly. when i stop exercising, i feel like i’m going through a really bad break up. just like with past relationships, i eventually move on. the difference is i continue to miss working out! the great thing is i will rarely have any homework starting next week bc we’re mostly going to review for finals & AP tests. i’ll be extra stressed, but i’ll have time to exercise & that’ll help me cope. ahhh i’m so eggcited. i might just start tonight instead of tomorrow. i’ve been doing squats but it doesn’t feel like i’m working out. i prefer exercises that actually get my heart rate up. i used to do cardio, strength training, yoga & pilates, and sometimes have workouts that would “target” certain body parts. i’m thinking about only doing cardio every day this time around, and 2 days dedicated to any other type of exercise because i want to burn fat first and then focus on toning up & building up a little bit more muscle. i know it would be ideal to build muscle while burning fat bc the muscle would help to burn fat faster, but i think it’ll be easier for me to build up muscle once i’ve slimmed down. I’m extremely determined to finally achieve being comfortable with & proud of my body. I miss feeling strong & healthy; it’s time for me to get back into the groove of things B)