things i do with my time instead of doing homework

Why Ravenclaws don't win Quidditch games

Captain: “Okay, guys, don’t forget to come to the tower after class to discuss strategies”

Team: *is magnetically attracted to the library instead where the last thing on their minds is Quidditch*

*take a hundred breaks because they’re tired*

*secretly do their homework under the stands because they know they won’t make time to do it later*

*get distracted by talking to each other about literally anything else*

*collect samples to test the soil acidity*

“Oh my god, you guys! I just figured out the answer to that riddle we couldn’t solve in Novemb–”
*gets hit in the face by a bludger*

“Oh, well, we tried.”

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Hey Emma! Do you have any tips on how to stay ahead of your school work? Like constantly revising class work everyday etc? Thank you!!❤️❤️

Hello! Here are a couple of things to do:

  • set a review day - set yourself a day to review and plan out each week. I would recommend Sundays! On this day, look at the past week and see what you accomplished and what you didn’t. This can help see where your productivity lacks and what you can change. Then move on to planning out what is up coming during the week.
  • read material beforehand - if you have a textbook that you can look at before your classes, have a read through it. If you can, highlight and make summary notes on post it notes (forces you to be brief!). By understanding - a bit or fully - the topics before you go to class will help consolidate the information rather than learning something entirely new.
  • review your notes - once the class is finished or once you’re home, look over your notes. Again, use a highlighter or post-it note to mark out the key information. Alternatively, you could use a flashcard to summarise. With flashcards, you can do one each class and then you actively reviewed the lesson and have created a study option for later.
  • prioritise the next due - you’ll most like have homework and tasks to complete so my recommendation is do them in order of priority or when they’re due. Instead of leaving something till last minute, get on with it so it is done!
  • utilise the weekend - on a Friday night write down things that you want to get down. These two days give you some extra time to catch up and get ahead. I don’t recommend dedicating the entirety of the weekend to studying, remember having a break is really important!!
  • don’t procrastinate - easier said than done, right!? However, I have recently written this post that might give you a few tips on beating it!
  • remove distractions - this post gives my top tips on focusing!

Hope this helps :-)

EXO WOLF: Reaction to when their mate is in high school and there are other wolves

Note: I decided to collapse the two together since they were practically the same. I hope you still enjoy it!

Xiumin: *Stalks you to make sure no other wolf is hitting on his mate*

*Under the table*
“Here’s your lunch jagi! You forgot it this morning”

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Luhan: *Pretends to be a student*

“Tsk. I’m way better than all the wolves here.”

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Kris: (You’re D.O) *Very protective*

“No, I’m not letting you go when I know that there are beasts in your school! You can get hurt!”

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Suho: *Lot’s of pep talks*

“Do well in school okay? Hand in your homework on time, try your best, study and please, please, please be careful.”

lol he’s practically your second mom

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Lay: *Tries to help you study… but you end up teaching him things instead*

“So… we need to divide?”

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Baekhyun: *Makes sure that you love him and only him*

“But none of them are hotter than we right ;)”

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Chen: *Knows you have to do homework*

“Haha you have to do homework!”

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Chanyeol: *Would want to meet the other wolves and probably become friends with them*

“I want to meet your friends jagi!”

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D.O: *Proud but…*

D.O: Awee, my jagi is so smart! Wait… there are other wolves too? 
Let me just kill a few people

You: Hmm? What was that?

D.O: What? Oh nothing…

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Tao: *Encouraging wolf bf*

Okay, but if anyone is ever picking on you or hurting you, you know who to call okay baobei?”

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Kai: *Also protective*

“Be careful and don’t let anyone hurt you. If they do, I’ll claw their eyes out.”

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“I’m probably smarter than all of them. You should just stay home and let me teach you. Just saying”

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Hope you liked it! Sorry for the wait ~


Advice for University Freshman


While you still have time, enjoy the last free days before the beginning of your first semester at university! This is probably the last free summer that you will have, because after your freshman year, you will be looking for job and internship opportunities. You should also be preparing for moving to university (if you have to), shopping for your dorm and packing. It’s exciting, so enjoy it!


Orientation or freshers, is a week before the beginning of classes at university, where new students are welcomed! It lasts from a few days to a full week and is full of different activities, events and meetings for incoming freshman students. My advice is to not worry about school, classes, etc. because all of your questions will be answered during orientation and if not, at least there will be people you can ask. Also, keep in mind that during orientation you will be introduced to a lot of people, especially new students who may potentially become your friends. However, you don’t have to stay friends with everyone you meet and chances are that further down your first semester you may not even be talking to the people you met during orientation. That’s ok too! Just socialize, introduce yourself and have fun! Fun fact, I made 4 friends during orientation and they became my closest friends in college (that didn’t happen to everyone!). 


is going to be hard. The day before your classes start, I would recommend taking your schedule (with building names and class room numbers) and walking around campus figuring out where your lectures will be, how far away you will have to walk (depending on the campus), how much time it will take for you to get there. It will ensure that you will not get lost on the first day. I would also recommend bringing only a pen and some paper, because during the first week of classes professors only hand out syllabi and talk about what you can/can’t do in class (they will say whether they will allow students to use laptops), etc. Also, professors are aware of incoming freshman, so I wouldn’t worry too much about lectures. The first week is tough because you’re still adjusting, but don’t be ashamed of your feelings, as you don’t have to enjoy university from day one. 


is also hard. Mostly because by the end of first month at university people have gotten used to the idea of being away from home, attending university, homework load, socializing, etc. Some may still struggle with homesickness, but that’s ok, because everyone is different. The adjustment period is hard, but it does get better afterwards! Stay focused and remind yourself that this too shall pass. 


Please attend all of your lectures, labs, tutorials etc. You’re paying a lot of money to attend university in the first place, so don’t waste money on sleeping in! Depending on whether you’re a morning person or not, you can often choose the times when you would like to go to class. 8 am lectures aren’t a bad idea if you’re a morning person. 6 pm lectures are also great! I should also mention that you should always, ALWAYS check your student e-mail (I would even add it to my phone and turn on notifications for it), because you never know when a lecture is cancelled or if you need to bring something last minute. Professors like to e-mail students last minute if there are any changes! So read your e-mails!


This is the key to balancing school and life. I recommend buying a planner (sometimes university’s have their own) and during the first week of classes transferring everything from your syllabi to the planner/agenda. That should include homework, assignments, papers, tests, quizzes, exams, etc. I would also add life events, extra curricular acitivities and anything else you have to do. I used to color coordinate my planner, by assigning different colors to the different lectures, so I knew when I should do homework and for which class. A planner will also help you stay on track with assignments, so you will be able to work on them earlier. Just get a planner, it’s a wonderful way to stay organized!


Is a great way to make friends. However, if you take school seriously, you may not have as much time to hang out with your roommates or friends and that’s ok. Also, don’t give into pressure of attending parties all the time. I went to my first one at a night club during orientation week, I witnessed a bunch of horny children doing crazy things they normally wouldn’t do, I didn’t want to go again. So I didn’t. Instead, I would spend my Friday nights productively, doing homework, which helped me get A’s. C’s get degrees, but I managed to get A’s and have a social life. I just chose different ways to spend time with friends than partying, like hanging out in the dorms watching movies, going to a bar instead of a club, eating out, etc. 


Depending on whether you can, I would highly recommend joining clubs and organizations! Getting involved will give you something other than school work to do, it’s also a great way to meet new people sharing similar interests and it helps you feel more welcome on campus. During my freshman year, I joined a psychology major club, which allowed me to meet upperclassmen in my major. It was nice because they gave me advice about lectures, professors, etc. You could also look for volunteering or research opportunities or get a job on campus. 


May feel like death. Just because you have tests, assignments, quizzes, presentations, etc. in all of your lectures, so this is where time-management skills will save your life. I would suggest working on papers as early as possible, before they’re due, so that you could dedicate studying time for exams. Also, usually mid-terms and finals make up a big percentage of your final grade, so it’s important to study for these exams. Don’t worry, you’ll get through it! 


The sooner you can develop a routine, the easier it will be to survive your first year at university! It’s nice to sleep and wake up at the same time throughout the week, I always made sure I got 8 hours of sleep. It’s also good to regularly eat, drink water, dedicate time for studying and excercising. A routine will make life easier. 


When are we not worried about grades? The truth is, your grades and GPA may drop, or stay high. If it drops, research ways to improve your studying techniques, so that you can get higher grades and improve your GPA next semester. It’s possible to improve your grades and overall GPA, but you have to care about it and have the motivation to improve. 


Freshman year is so exciting! I wish I could do it again! The reality is that time flies at university, so before you know it, you will be graduating! Make it count! I wish you all the best! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me! 

I hope this post helped answer some of your concerns and was useful. I wish I had written it after my freshman year at university, maybe it would have been more original! Check out my other blog posts HERE for more back to school advice! 

i see you fanfic writers...

😞so, i’ve noticed a trend among many writers lately that does not sit too well with me, so i would like to take a quick second to acknowledge their frustration.

see, i follow many talented writers after stumbling upon fics that i end up falling in love 😍 with bcuz of how it made me feel or how my fave character (im trash for Bucky😏) was portrayed or even bcuz i want to binge read every piece of work made available on these author’s masterlists. even after ppl complain, constantly ask for the next update, ask for re-writes (😐seriously?!) & other self-centered behavior, these artists continue to be gracious writers😌.

however, i haven’t been a very good job as a reader as i was before😔. prior to this semester, i was honored to be a beta reader for some of you as a way of showing my support but since classes started, it’s been hectic! sometimes when school/hw/kids/time allows, I’ll read a fic until the next distraction comes up & keeps me from giving feedback or commenting at that moment or when i miraculously DO get a breather😥.

so what does that mean? it means that the author doesn’t know how they wrote a scene so vividly that i swear i was there or how i cried😭, laughed😂, loved😍, felt & experienced in a particular chapter or even how i learned about things i never knew were “things"😲!

for this, i wanted to acknowledge your passion💗& creativity🤔💭 to write a fic, imagine, drabble, etc.

i want to acknowledge the time⏳ you spend writing on laptops💻, tablets & even *gulp* cell phones📱😨 instead of sleeping/relaxing 😴, doing homework📚✏, hanging out w/friends, family, kiddos or bae💋.

i want to acknowledge your gifts 🎁 in forms of writing that you don’t even have to write or share at all but am grateful that you do😊 & all for 🆓💸!!!

so, I’m gonna give my all to be a better reader 💯 bcuz really…what is it that’s being asked for in return😕?
▪FEEDBACK (w/o being ungrateful or critical)
▪ACKNOWLEDGEMENT (of your time & efforts)

that’s all.

if i have the time to read a fic, i should have the time to do my part by supporting you & your work whether by a “this was awesome!” or “i loved this ending/chapter/_____”, a gif, emoji 👍/😂/😭/💜, or if given time, a lil feedback with some details but WITHOUT SPOILERS (c'mon ppl, stop doing that😐). bcuz i really do appreciate you writers as well as your talent. i know i couldn’t do what you do…i can barely get thru writing dissertations without pulling all my hair out😠😭!

ok im gonna wrap this up but one last thing before i shut up🤐…i apologize to the incredible authors i personally follow. i 💜 you guys & all that has been given to me with your work: @bxckyfxcknbxrnes @caplanbuckybarnes @sebbytrash @a-tale-of-two-comics @opagued @emilyevanston @thatawkwardtinyperson @annadier @angryschnauzer @maddydallas1 @lancefuckrr @imaginesebastian @winterwolf57 @plumfondler @ghostofasoldier @asseret-sarim @punkpeqqy @softcorehippos @buckyskorpion @just-some-drabbles @hellomissmabel @ourpeachskies @marvelous-fvcks @therealjamesbarnes @imhereforbvcky @lenavonschweetz @redgillan @marvel-ash @austinamelio @beccaanne814-blog @hymnofthevalkyries @abovethesmokestacks @mellifluous-melodramas @volklana @writingbarnes @bovaria @marvel-lucy @writingismyhappytime @buckysbackpackbuckle @avengerofyourheart @sexiyarnlover @avengersandchill @buckyssinbin @avasparks @carabarnes13 @theycallmebucky @buckyywiththegoodhair @wakandasoldier @capsbuchanan @knittingknerdy @daisykane535 @sebbys-girl @bionic-buckyb @mangosoldier @imagine-assembling-the-avengers @just-call-me-mrs-captain @fvckingavengers @no-love-for-the-sick @smuttypariah @ylove-bandimagines @whotheeffisbucky @chrisevans-imagines @catwomvn @whitetigrrrr  @sketchbookthingz @harleyqueen7 @whatsbetterthanfantasy @mrs-squirrel-chester @totheendofthelinepal  @cumonbucky & all other writers that i follow but may have not mentioned (tumblr not showing everyone i follow for some reason but I 💜 you too!

tips for success in math

these are the things i’ve used to really turn my math performance around!

- pay attention to the teacher. pay attention to the teacher. pay attention to the teacher.
- do your homework!!! it really helps!!! you’d be surprised!!!
- if it helps you, learn how to derive formulas instead of just memorizing them.
- by the same token, look up applications of what your learning. i find that this better motivates me to learn.
- do homework and reviews multiple times before the test. make sure you fully understand how to do each type of problem.
- use the internet! oftentimes, i find that the way my teacher explains things just isn’t enough to fully understand the concept. things like khan academy and purplemath are great resources.
- make sure you have a solid foundation. i took college algebra in addition to pre-calculus last year, and i think that solidifying my basic algebra has really helped me this year. plus, i drill algebra and geometry all the time since i’m taking the sat this year.
- have a positive mindset. it’s really easy to get stuck in a negative train of thought (“i can’t do this, i’ll never be good at this,” etc.). be persistent and patient! you’ll get there eventually!

Tanaka Ryuunosuke Procrastination Headcanons

Guess what I’ve been doing… NOT MY ESSAY (I have, like, two pages written). xD

My boyfriend thought it would be a good idea to go work on the website he’s making so that I can work on my paper without distraction. HE SHOULD KNOW ME BETTER BY KNOW. Lol, but enjoy what I have produced instead of a research paper.

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  • Literally, I guarantee you that this boy puts everything - unless it’s volleyball - off until the very last minute. This includes all homework and studying, shopping for gifts, and even planning get togethers. This kid just cannot do things in a timely manner
  • But he complains about it all the time. Probably multiple times a day, so it’s not like he forgets. He’s constantly reminding himself and yet still waits to do it until it’s almost too late.
    • “Shit, I still gotta get my sister a gift for her birthday” or “I still haven’t done any of my summer homework and I only have a week left!” I’m sure Ennoshita gets sick and tired of hearing about it on nearly a daily basis, like GO GET  YOUR SHIT DONE, TANAKA.
  • I am 246 percent sure that Noya is Tanaka’s enabler in this field - because he’s probably just as bad - and is always like, “nah bro, you got time. Wanna go see who can throw these rocks the farthest?!” (legit that was a competition my brother and boyfriend just had).
  • And then when he actually starts working on it he just stares and stares and STARES. Because where in the world am I supposed to get the motivation to actually do this??? He didn’t want to do it when he got the assignment and he still doesn’t want to do it even though it’s almost due!
    • Ennoshita has given one too many angry tantrums about Tanaka’s work production - he’s like a strict father, lol. Saeko is always greatly amused and tends to listen outside the door.
  • Shopping. Omg, shopping for someone else is a nightmare. Christmas has been approaching all freaking year long and chances are he’ll wait until two days before to go out and try to find that PERFECT gift, because he cannot give them anything less than perfect!
    • He fucking always does too. This kid is the procrastination miracle worker.
  • Even though he stayed up all night long doing it, he got the homework done. It may not be right or the essay may not be that good to get him an A, but damnit, he turned it in completed so he deserves SOMETHING for all his hard work! (Treat yo’self, bae!)

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Hi Emma! I love your blog, it helped me so much through my A Levels! I'm starting uni next month and I'm commuting, I didn't want to stay on campus for family reasons and my train journey is around 35 mins! I'm worried that I'll tire myself out or fall behind on my workload. Do you have any ideas or tips on how I could keep on track and not fall behind? Thank you!!😊x

Helloo! Thank you so much :-) Here are some things that should help:

  • find a planner that works for you - it could be a daily agenda, a customised bullet journal, a digital calendar or printables! I’m quite picky about planners but find weekly planners with a decent space for each date the easiest to use. Here is a list of loads of stationery stores worth looking at.
  • set a review day - set yourself a day to review and plan out each week. I would recommend Sundays! On this day, look at the past week and see what you accomplished and what you didn’t. This can help see where your productivity lacks and what you can change. Then move on to planning out what is up coming during the week.
  • read material beforehand - if you have a textbook that you can look at before your classes, have a read through it. If you can, highlight and make summary notes on post it notes (forces you to be brief!). By understanding - a bit or fully - the topics before you go to class will help consolidate the information rather than learning something entirely new.
  • use spare time during university to work - you might as well take time whilst you’re in that “uni zone”! Instead of wasting time in your breaks or on the train, try to find things you can be doing to utilise that time.
  • review your notes - once the class is finished or once you’re home, look over your notes. Again, use a highlighter or post-it note to mark out the key information. Alternatively, you could use a flashcard to summarise. With flashcards, you can do one each class and then you actively reviewed the lesson and have created a study option for later.
  • prioritise the next due - you’ll most like have homework and tasks to complete so my recommendation is do them in order of priority or when they’re due. Instead of leaving something till last minute, get on with it so it is done!
  • utilise the weekend - on a Friday night write down things that you want to get down. These two days give you some extra time to catch up and get ahead. I don’t recommend dedicating the entirety of the weekend to studying, remember having a break is really important!!
  • don’t procrastinate - easier said than done, right!? However, I have recently written this post that might give you a few tips on beating it!
  • remove distractions - this post gives my top tips on focusing!

Hope this helps :-)

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Hi lovely 🌻 I'm going to be a junior and I've followed your blog since I was a freshman and I see how good you are at your studies Do you have any back to school tips?

haha honestly i feel like the main reason i am such a good student is because i have pretty bad anxiety and know this so i don’t let myself procrastinate or i will stress out and break down. Like not turning something in on time and doing it will gives me a lot of stress. 

That aside, some other tips (idk if you are in college or high school so if some of these relate only to college and you’re not then just ignore them or save them for if you do go):

  • USE YOUR PLANNER. like i seriously can’t stress this enough. I take mine with me to every class, meeting, study sesh etc and i write down everything. never assume you will remember to write something down later, keep it neat and organized!!!
  • Go to office hours, write all your teachers office hours down in your planner somewhere or save them to your phone and do not hesitate to go to them. Not only are teachers normally much more helpful during office hours but it also kind of gives you a leg up in the class because you are showing your teacher that you care and put in the time and work outside of class to. If you are in high school this can also translate to not feeling scared to talk to teachers outside of class and ask for help!
  • Make lists, write the tiny things down to (feels good to check things off and will make you feel more productive aka less stress)
  • Study breaks!!!!!! I personally do not study well in the library because it is too distractionless(?) and then i get stressed (lol see a theme here?) if i am studying or doing homework for a long period of time i focus and work hard for a certain amount of time (depends on the day) and then i will get up and walk around the block, or walk downtown for coffee, or do some yoga etc and then i am able to come back to my work with a clear head and continue working instead of getting too stressed/burnt out and quitting
  • Find a place that you work well where you can go when you have a lot. This might be the library, or a cute cafe downtown, or the park etc. for me it in a little cafe/bakery and i will go get some soup and tea and i can work for a while there. I tend to work in my room normally but then if i can’t focus there or have a lot to do i will go to my fav cafe and it helps me a lot!
  • Outlines are everything when it comes to a paper. Step one for me is to always just get something down on the work document and just start typing ideas or fact or topics i want to go over or whatever it is down and then working that into a paper
  • I have never had much of an issue with procrastination but during times that i do i will break the assignment into different parts and give myself a due date for each (say i have a paper due in a week, on monday in my planner i write that my sources are due, tuesday i do research, wed i do an outline etc etc) it makes it seem less huge and therefore easier to complete
  • Take care of yourself (especially during finals week and times like that) Your brain and body are not going to function well if you don’t give yourself sleep, water, healthy food, and breaks!!! Sometimes it is better to quit something a little early so you can get some rest or go make yourself a good healthy meal
  • Reward systems, if i really don’t feel like getting things done but i have things to do i will tell myself if i get something done i can go get a cookie downtown with my coffee later

Hopefully some of this is helpful to you!! Good luck babe!

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i have no motivation to do my summer homework can anyone give me a reason to get any progress done because i cannot find one thanks guys

Pidge: So your gpa doesn’t drop, and you can get into good college/job.

Lance: To make yourself proud.

Hunk: So you can stop stressing about it.

Keith: Because making progress feels good.

Shiro: So you can spend the rest of your time doing things you enjoy instead of procrastinating. 

Today has been thought provoking. I had the opportunity to be with a mentor and friend who recently had a life threatening experience. Such events lend themselves to greater appreciation for Time, relationships, and the small things in life.

To almost emphasize the point, the words of a song stood out to me…that the best moments in life seem like wasted time.

Do we sometimes give too much of ourselves to things that have no value? I was thinking about productivity. Often productivity is measured by tasks completed, products made, or dollars earned. One of my frustrations as a child is that my mom wouldn’t sit down with me and watch a movie. She always had to be working. As a working mom, I really understand because after working, there is cooking, cleaning, homework, baths…the To Do list. But, I don’t think those memories are best for my son. He needs to know he is more important than the To Do list.

It is the same with others. How easy it would have been for my mentor to stay home today with the list of all consuming work? Instead, he spent time with me… accomplishing little things on my list that were daunting and reconnecting with me. There must be balance I think.. time for the work that must be done, time for relationships old and new, and more importantly time for oneself.

So, perhaps the most productive time is actually reading a story or watching a movie? It will be unique to the individual and their needs. Be patient with yourself and others. ❤

anonymous asked:

Hey, Ida. Since your tumblr's name is "organized study" could you give me tips on how to do it? Probably you have already answer it here but i'm new on tumblr and i'm trying to learn more languages and to improve myself on studies.. thank you tack!

Hi! I’m sorry this took a while to answer, I have a lot going on atm. Honestly, I have quite a lot of ways of organizing and it’s a little hard to describe. 

Some general tips are to break your tasks/homework/assignments into smaller tasks. Instead of “study for history exam” have things like “make flashcards with important dates”, “reread the text book”, “do a past exam” etc. I personally keep these tasks in trello which is a really nice organization system. 

I keep a weekly to-do list in my planner of the school related things I want to get done that week. I also like to estimate how much time each homework will take and every day I write down how much I’ve studied. My planner is literally my savior and I write down everything in there. Here are some pictures of it from a few weeks ago. 

I use google calendar to plan my days on a deeper level and I also use it as a way to see what I’ve done during the week. 

I use a small binder for all the papers I get in class so that I always have them with me when I’m in school. 

I use a mixture of OneNote and notebooks for taking notes but I do all of my hand-in assignments in word.

This wasn’t a very detailed description but I’m thinking I might do a video/post explaining it in more detail if you are interested! Good luck with your studying! 

anonymous asked:

Hi Emma ! Do you have any tips on how to balance homework with revision ? Lately, I've been having and homework due on the same day and I'm having a hard time prioritizing both tasks. Thanks in advance :D

Hey! Here are a few things that might help:

  • in a sense, homework is revision - try not to beat yourself up if you’re not getting round to studying every day! you’re still working on homework and learning, so it isn’t like you’re being unproductive.
  • prioritise individual tasks - when choosing what to revise or what homework to do, you should check which is most important. Is it due tomorrow? Is it due next week? By determining what should be done first then you’re making an active decision which shouldn’t make your feel like you’re doing one thing over the other because you just want to. If you have some homework due the next morning, do that instead of revision!
  • create a study timetable - plan out your daily activities for the entire week and see where you could possibly fit in some revision time. When I was in high school, I would generally do homework during the week and study over a weekend. Obviously, if I had a test coming up I’d add in a bit more revision. You can check out my study schedule printables if you want too! They’re free to download and might give you a bit of motivation to stick fo a plan.
  • remove all distractions - if you can reduce the amount of time you spend on homework, there is going to be a better chance of fitting in half an hour or hour of actual studying! My top tips for removing distractions include: using Forest to stay on task and not use my phone - you can see a post with lots of time management/productivity manage apps here; have a “brain dump”/“procrastination page” where you write down anything that bothers you during a study session!
  • make life easier on yourself by doing revision notes during the year - often students, myself included, will leave study or revision notes until the end of the year and then have to do them properly before starting. If you can summarise your notes throughout the year - either when you finish a topic or at the end of each month - then it will make it much easier and quick to revise along with doing homework.

I hope this helps, even just a little bit! x

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hey, i was wondering how to balance karate w/the rest of life. this past year has been rough for me, and karate keeps me going thru it all. i'm currently training for my black belt, and i love putting in the extra work and time bc it makes me happy...but it's also extremely draining. i'm so tired when i leave practice, i crash instead of doing homework. i can't help my mom around the house as much as i want to, and i feel like my friends have forgotten me. i still have 7 months--any advice?

Well, this is a hard one, but not impossible. It’s difficult to balance this stuff because of how our work system operates, taking so much time out of our lives, put school on top of that and you got yourself pretty stretched out.

The best thing you can do to begin with is prioritize. Put certain days into school, and certain days into training at the dojo. If you have to put one in front of the other sometimes, do so, don’t over stress about it. You can always put 15-30 minutes a day into practicing what you need to on your own. When you feel you need rest, rest. Sounds simple enough, but it can get difficult when we feel responsibilies are creeping up behind us. Haha

You can always adjust your schedule to be up earlier in the morning so you can train or do school stuff. Eat strong and healthy to keep that energy up throughout the day.

I know starting earlier sounds like blasphemy, but it can do wonders to your training time. And to be honest, training in the morning is often better than training at the end of the day when you’re already tired of everything else (but that’s my personal opinion there).

Sensei Funakoshi would be up before dawn, walk to work, work all day, and then later he would walk a couple miles, often at night, to his Sensei’s home to train in secret (because of the ban), after which he’d walk back to his home and repeat. That’s without mentioning his adventures in between and the work he did on his own to promote Karate. I can’t imagine he’d slept as much as we like to sleep now a days. Haha

I say this about him, because I often have to remind myself of it when I myself say things like “oh there’s no time”, “I’m too tired” etc.

But again, when you need rest, take a break, relax, breathe, sleep if you need to, and tackle the rest with a refreshed mind after. Remember, our minds get tired first, so remind yourself to give your mind some breaks. Sometimes we take breaks and sit and try to relax, but keep our minds busy, working, thinking of what’s next, how to approach this, planning on what to do with that, on the phone, TV, stuff like that. Then when we get up from our “break”, we feel equally or worse, because we didn’t actually rest.

So in short, start your days by getting up earlier, tackle a nice workout, eat a good breakfast, take some 10-15 minute breaks every few hours where you just breathe, try to let go of everything during that time, and thus relax your mind, and prioritize your activities. Say, if you have a test coming up, and you know you need to study because you’re lazy like me and put it off until 10 minutes before the test, then take whatever time you feel you need from other things, for studying.

Also, and this one might hurt a little, prioritize training, school and house work, on your free time. I’m referring specifically for whatever time you use for hanging out with friends and stuff like that that we think are relaxing but we always end up just as tired anyway.

Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own time or time with friends or that they have forgotten you. Most will understand that you’re busy, and those who don’t are just being selfish, but you can make appointments, keep a schedule, make dates with your friends, agree on when to hang out and what to go do that will not get in the way of your training and school.

Sometimes we need to focus on what we love, and what we must do, this is what our lives revolves around. Everything else is optional.

Hit me up if you wanna talk more about it.

just not now / only this time

Another abuser tactic that is really sneaky and can be hard to see through (especially as an observer who doesn’t get the whole picture!):
Forbidding you to do things, but denying that they forbid it, telling you you can do it, “just not now”. They’ll tell you you’re allowed or even encouraged to do that thing in general, in theory – but in real life, they only discourage, stop or punish you whenever they “catch” you doing it. And the reasons they give for why it might not be good to do that thing at this particular moment can vary wildly. Maybe today it’s not ok because of the weather, tomorrow it’s because something else is supposedly more important, then it’s because you “always do that” etc etc.

Forbidding things is just one example, this tactic can be used on other things as well, like forcing you to do things (”It’s not too much to ask that you do this ONE thing for me ONE TIME” when actually they consistently demand more work from you than is acceptable) or endure their bad mood/behaviour (”Cut me some slack, work was really stressful today!” when they’re not only rude/grumpy/etc on occasion, but consistently or in an abusive pattern (being unpredictable can be used as an abuser tactic, too, but isn’t inherently abusive!))

The thing is, they’ll forbid/force something (or otherwise stress or hurt you) on a majority of occasions while claiming that it’s an exception. They’ll give reasons why you should do/not do what they want in this specific situation and refuse to acknowledge the broader picture or a pattern, instead distorting it. It’s a form of gaslighting that makes it out like you’re unreasonable if you dare to protest. Because after all why do you have to do this thing JUST NOW and why can’t you do them a favour ONE TIME? They even give a good reason!

It can be so, so hard to see through or argue against this, because it’s also hard to prove or even notice that there is a pattern.

For example I believed my mother that she “didn’t mind me reading” – just not now. Not before I’d finished homework. Not while the weather was so good, I should play outside! Not now, she wants me to help with chores. Not now, it’s late, I should sleep. Not now, I’m being unsociable and why do I “always” “hide”?! (I wonder why I needed time to hide from abusers and to escape into worlds of fantasy :/ /sarcasm) (also why did I have to HIDE in order to be able to read???)

I’ve told people about how she made me do chores and the response was “well, it’s not unreasonable to expect a child to help with chores.” It’s hard to argue against that sentence. But the thing is, there definitely are situations where it absolutely IS unreasonable to expect a child to do chores, for example if they’d just been abused and traumatised literally out of their minds and need safety, comfort and support for healing, not demands and work. But my mother always told me that this one thing wasn’t too much to ask and that it didn’t take long and wasn’t hard (never mind that she also made me do chores that WERE hard for a small child, like hanging clothes on lines so high I had to stand on tiptoes to even reach them, or feed the bunnies whose cage was in a creepy and dark and lonely corner of the backyard etc etc). She insisted on viewing the things she expected of me in isolation. This one thing is not too much. Maybe not, but it’s NOT just that one thing. It never was. And she never thanked, praised or rewarded me either.

Sorry this got so long, I’m not good at being concise. If someone can add a tl:dr I’d be grateful!

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Hi I hope your breakfast tastes good ! Im curious about 36, 43 and 27 (I forgot the number of the ask so I picked a random one instead) please !!

27. things I hate
This list is fucking long: not knowing what to do with my art, peas, people who don’t clean up their own messes, not liking my art, not knowing what the fuck I’m doing with my life, waking up at 4 in the morning, not having my alone time, homework, the education system, people knowing my food intolerances but giving me that food anyways, mold, vinegar, hot weather, adulting, etc.

36. 3 dreams you want to fulfill?
To one day not have to worry about money or what I’m doing with my life. Live in the middle of nowhere in a small house with a ton of plants. Get to the point in my life when I can leave any social event without anyone thinking I’m being rude or ask why.

43. favorite song ever
Hmmmmm, I don’t know about favorite, but I am always in the mood to listen to September by Earth, Wind, & Fire