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College AU where roommates share one Netflix account. Minho can’t be in one room with Gally because he can’t stand his chick flicks, while he himself marathons Gossip Girl twice a month. ”But I watch Fight Club!” - Gally™. Thomas watches too much party and hero movies it inspires him in real life to do more stupid things, and is too curious to let go of Pretty Little Liars. Newt has the best taste in movies and series. Alby is strangely addicted to Lost. Frypan loves cooking, alright? And lowkey has a crush on Robin Scherbatsky. Everyone freaks out on how striking is the resemblance between Teresa and Effy Stonem, except for this transfer student slash feminist, Brenda. She thinks Teresa is way hotter than Effy.

Begin Again

A/N: I think you can guess by the title what this is about. I feel like I’m 3 years late in writing something based off the song, but oh well. I thought I should do a fluffy imagine, considering I haven’t done one in a while (i believe I haven’t. I’m sorry, don’t hate me) But I thought this song would be really good to base an imagine off of (if that made sense, I don’t even know anymore) So yeah, I hope you guys enjoy it :) and give me some feedback, good or bad. 

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 1212 words

“And you throw your head back laughing like a little kid. I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny, cause he never did. I’ve been spending the last 8 months, thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end. But on a Wednesday in a cafe, I watched it begin again.”

Your. P.O.V

I take a deep breath in as I look at my reflection on the other side of the mirror and my mind somehow always wonders to the guy that broke my heart, my ex boyfriend ‘he never liked it when I wore high heels’ but it he doesn’t matter. it’s not about him right now, I like wearing heels. I exit my room and soon I’m exiting my house. I turn the lock in my door to lock it, and then put my headphones one, playing one of my favourite songs ‘he always said he didn’t get this song…’ my subconscious goes back to him, and I have to once again tell myself that this is not about him. I get in my car and I start making my way to this cafe for a date.

*Time skip to cafe because i cbf*

I walked in expecting him to be late, but he’s not. He’s right there and he’s standing and waving at me. I go up to him and shake his hand, introducing myself.

“Hey, you must be Dan. I’m (Y/N)” I say with a smile. He was really good looking, but that’s beside the point. He smiles at me and his smile is just beautiful. He’s beautiful.

“Hi (Y/n), it’s so lovely to meet you.” Dan leads me over to my chair and he pulls it out for me, and helps me into it. I blush at his actions. He has no idea how nice that is for me, but I do. I thank him and I wait for him to sit down. As soon as he sits down and gets comfortable in his seat, he smiles at me.

“So (y/n), tell me more about yourself.” He says, looking directly into my eyes.

“Well, ummmm….”


“Oh my god? How many do you have?” Dan asks me intrigued. He brought up the fact that his parents have a lot of James Taylor records, and well, so do i.

“I uh, I-I have quite a lot” I shyly answer. “It’s almost uncountable.”

“I have never met one girl, with that much James Taylor records.” Dan says fascinated. I nod extremely shy, considering I hadn’t come out of my shell yet.

Dan tells me stories about his travels and experiences, he tells me about his career and how much opportunities he’s been able to have because of his career choice. He tells me stories about what him and his flatmate, Phil get up to on a daily basis, which isn’t much, but his voice is fascinating, and I’m too shy to talk. And he seems to have picked up on that

“Hey you alright? You seem kind of shy” Dan asks concerned. I nod and give him a quick 'I’m fine’ with a smile on my face. “Okay then, so enough about me. What are some adventures that you’ve had?”

I tell Dan this one particular story about how one time I went paddle boating on a lake with my friends, and how me and my friends were singing songs at the top of our lungs and how these tourists and an old couple applauded us, and also how I fell in the lake when I was trying to get out of said paddle boat. (a/n: this actually happened to me guys and it was hilarious 10/10) and he threw his head back laughing, he looked like a little kid.

It’s strange how he thinks that, that’s funny, that I’m funny, because my ex never did 'remember, you’re here with Dan. It’s not about him. Stop thinking about him. Stop comparing him to Dan.’  my brain tells me.

A little while later, we decide to wrap up our date, and being the gentleman that he is, Dan decided that he wanted to walk me to my car. It was just down the block.

“I had fun. Thank you for spending your Wednesday afternoon with me” Dan says endearingly with a smile. I smile back, still a little bit shy.

“Thank you too, Dan. I also had fun, you know my uh-, ahhh never mind. I had fun, and that is whats important” I say, flustered looking to the ground. I cant believe I almost brought him up.

“Here’s a question for you. What kinda movies do you watch? Whenever I go home for Christmas or  something, we all get together in the lounge and watch cliche Christmas movies.” Dan asks and then rambles on. I smile at him and he also gets a bit flustered. “I’m sorry, that bit of information was quite unnecessary.” He says nervously. I smile a reassuring smile at him before talking.

“Hey, it’s okay. I love the fact that you and your family do that, it’s cute. Also, I love horrors, honestly. The adrenaline I get while watching them is so amazing so yeah.” I say, with a giggle. I wasn’t really into chick flicks. Well, I was, but horror movies are way better, in my opinion. Dan laughs and nods agreeing with my opinion on horror movies.

“Well, It’s a good thing I asked that question, because I was wondering if you wanted to go and see a movie next week? Preferably a horror movie. You know, that is if you wanted to go on a second date?” Dan asks awkwardly and nervously, for about the billionth time tonight, I smiled. But I could feel my smile beginning to feel more and more genuine as the night went on.

I loved being with Dan tonight, he is absolutely amazing. He’s so sweet but awkward and he has done a lot of amazing things in his life. I cant help but feel proud of all of his achievements.

“I would love to go on a second date with you, Dan.” I say, and I watch the expression on his face go from awkwardness, to relief. He leans down and kisses me on the cheek.

“Meet me here, same day and same time, next week.” He smiles while blushing and walks off.

For the last eight months, I had no idea how people could fall for other people. Love always hurt you, all love ever did was break, burn and end. I didn’t think I could find love again. But ironically enough, on a Wednesday, in a small cafe, I watched it Begin Again.

#13- Neighbors

“(Y/N)! Let’s go! We can’t already bother these people!” Your mom yelled. “Coming!” You yelled, stumbling down the hall and slipping on your ankle boots. “You look cute!” Your mom winked. “You picked out this outfit. Apparently, jeans and a t-shirt is inappropriate.” You sighed. “It is! We have to make a good first impression. Now, grab the cake and hand me the mashed potatoes.” Your mom said. “Why is the cake so big? Isn’t she a single mom?” You asked. “She said her son and his friend might be over.” Your mom answered, shutting the front door. You nodded and followed her along the cement to the house next door. “Hello, welcome, come in. Nice to meet you! My name is Melissa. You can leave the cake on the dining room table and Scott, my son, should be in the living room.” Melissa smiled. “Thank you.” You smiled, once again following your mom. “I’m sorry about her, her name is (Y/N). You know how teenagers are.” You heard your mom chuckle. You walked to what you assumed the living room was and caught sight of two boys lounging on the couch. “Hi, one of you must be Scott, I’m (Y/N).” You smiled awkwardly. “Oh! Yeah! Hi, hi, I’m Stiles!” The paler one smiled. “So you must be Scott, nice to meet you too though Stiles.” You smiled, holding your hand out for a handshake. Stiles immediately jumped up and hugged your waist. He smiled and let out a purr, “This is nice.” “Stiles! Get off! You’ll scare her away!” Scott exclaimed. “I am so sorry about him, I’m Scott.” “Took you a while there buddy.” You winked playfully. “Sorry, I was zoned out. Nice to meet you though. Stiles and I were just in the middle of picking what to watch, do you have any suggestions?” Scott asked. “So far all that’s running through my mind is chick flicks.” You shrugged. “I’m on with that.” Scott smiled. “Ok well, I’m thinking Clueless.” You replied, hopping onto the couch and making yourself comfortable. Thus the start of a beautiful friendship began! Saturday nights were made for movie nights, since Friday nights were clearly made for lacrosse games.

“I got your picture! I’m coming with you, dear Maria count me in! There’s a story at the bottom of this bottle, and I’m a pen!” You began singing while picking up your room a little bit. You had your windows open to allow the fresh fall air in and just make you feel productive. You sang the guitar and drum parts while carrying your clothes to the laundry room and straightened out your desk. Your neighbor Stiles had just gotten home from some errand or Scott’s house. He smiled, looking at you hopping around and dancing wildly to the music. He’d be lying if he’d said that he wasn’t proud of the music playing. It never crossed your mind to check if your neighbor was home, just because he almost never was, so without thinking you began to undress and get ready for a shower. The song changed to some Sublime song like Santeria. “Oh my gosh you have the best music taste!” Stiles finally exclaimed after he fangirled over his neighbor’s awesome music taste. “Geez!” You screamed, immediately running to the bathroom to grab a robe or towel. Stiles blushed and waited for you to come back so he could apologize. “Hello Stiles.” You greeted after turning down the volume. “Yeah, hi, sorry about that. I really am. I just got really excited when I heard you jamming out.” He smiled sheepishly. “I was in a bra and underwear Stiles.” You chuckled. “I didn’t want you to think I was a peeping Tom! Why did you have your window open anyways?” He asked you. “My window faces the house of a cop, my bathroom window faces the house of a cop, my room is two stories up, so I figured I was safe from perverts.” You answered. “What a very logical answer, but yeah, I wanted to say that you have good music taste and sorry again.” Stiles waved. “Hey! How about you come over in about 20 minutes and we can share our music? Not trying to make it sexual or awkward but nobody’s home and I’d feel safer with you and your bat here.” You suggested. “Yeah, yeah, ok. I’ll keep look out. Just text me when you’re done.” Stiles replied. “Great.” You smiled, quickly shutting the window and shutting your blinds. Then finally sending a wink in Stiles’ direction.

“Yeah, mom. I’ll just stay in tonight.” You heard Liam lie through his teeth. You knew the routine now. He’d go to Scott’s and then to your house at around 10:45, but the joke was on him tonight. Lydia and Malia were spending the night at your house. Would he really want to expose his clingy, needy habits? Every night Liam would sneak through your window and cuddle with you until he fell asleep, then wake up at around 6 so he could sneak back into his house. The whole ordeal was confusing but it helped both of you sleep better, but mostly him. He was a crazy sleeper, meaning he kicked or hogged the blankets and had no control over his leg actions. After about 10 minutes Liam texted you, letting you know he was going to Scott’s. You didn’t reply but rather began straightening out your room. “Mom! Lydia and Malia will be here in about 15 minutes, can you order the pizza now?” You called out. “Sure thing, honey!” Your mom replied. You ran to the kitchen to set out snacks and make sure everything was in order. “(Y/N), your friends are here.” Your dad called out. “You guys are early,” you laughed, “come in, come in. My room is this way.” You led both girls to your room and immediately they asked if anything had happened between you and Liam. They were obsessed with you two. After a while, the pizza showed up and the three of you began to do the stereotypical sleepover things. Face masks, pedicures, manicures, and watching chick flicks. As told, at 10:45 Liam knocked on your window. “Is that Liam?” Lydia asked, her head immediately snapping towards the window. Malia jumped up and peeked out of the window. “It is! It’s him! How cute!” Malia gushed. “Perks of having a boyfriend that lives next to you.” You shrugged. You leaned out of the window and helped pull Liam in. “Thanks sweetie. This is why I love youuuuu- Hey!” Liam blurted out after pressing a kiss to your cheek. “Ew, your nose is cold.” You giggled whilst Liam nuzzled his face in your neck. “What about our sneaky cuddles?” Liam sighed. “Maybe you can sleep in your own bed for a change.” You whispered. “No, I can’t sleep without you now.” Liam whined. “Maybe I’ll sneak over instead at around 11:30.” You whispered in response. “I heard that.” Malia snapped, causing you to laugh. “Sounds like a plan.” Liam winked before hopping out of your window and slipping into his room.

“Are you kidding me right now?” You sighed. The neighbor above you was so annoying sometimes. Based on the music he blasted twice a day you presumed he worked out. Why else would some one wake up at 5:30 in the morning and blast EDM? You took a deep breath and turned your music up even louder and attempted to finish your painting. Eventually you finished and decided to bake. “Ooh! Chocolate chip cookies!” You exclaimed. You began pulling out the ingredients, then mixing and eventually putting them in the oven. Since you had recently moved into the spacious loft, you still had a lot of decor to add to make it YOU. So you began nailing up some family and friends pictures and some posters that you absolutely adored. You hadn’t even heard the music from your neighbor go off, until there was obnoxious knocking at the door. You stopped your actions and tiptoed over to the huge doors, peeking through the tiny peephole. There stood a handsome man, looking very sweaty. “Hello.” You answered after sliding the door open. “Hi, I’m Derek, the neighbor from upstairs, I was wondering if you could please stop the hammering or whatever it is you’re doing in here.” He smiled. “Oh so it’s mister body builder huh? I’ll make you a deal. You don’t blast your music so loud or too early and I’ll only use the hammer for 20 more minutes.” You offered. “That doesn’t sound very fair…” He trailed off. “Well then do you have any suggestions?” You asked. “I could train you!” He exclaimed. “Psh! Yeah right, good try buddy. Maybe just help me move furniture or cook me dinner.” You scoffed. “Ok! We’ll switch off, once every other week I’ll cook. In the weeks that I’m not cooking you will. And if needed I’ll be here to help you move your furniture…” He smiled. “Sounds like a deal Derek! My name is (Y/N) by the way.” You replied. “Nice to meet you too. So I have 10 minutes left of my workout. I’ll be back in 20 to help with that furniture moving, so by then you’ll be done with your hammering.” Derek stated. “Yup sounds about right.” You nodded. “I’ll order pizza too.” Derek added before he jogged up the stairs. “Cookies are done.” You said to yourself quite meekly. “He’s so freaking good looking!” You screeched. Completely unaware that your new neighbor felt the same way and had heard your little comment.

“Theo, I’m coming over. My sister is annoying me, and we have Biology homework to work on.” You sighed into the phone. “No! Not right now. My dad- uh my dad just hurt himself.” Then rushed out. “Where are you? Your parents aren’t even home. There are no lights on at all.” You told Theo. “Yes we are! Family night.” Theo chuckled nervously. “Theo! There are no leaves in your house! Tell me where you are right now!” You yelled through the phone. Theo flinched away from the phone and sighed. “Yeah, I’m taking leaves outside.” Theo laughed. “It’s the beginning of call in California! There’s no leaves on the floor yet! Tell me where you are right now, or I’ll march right over to your house right now and knock until somebody picks up. After 2 minutes I’ll call the cops and tell them that you were home only seconds ago and now nobody’s answering the door.” You growled. “Ok! I’m not home! Geez! What’s so wrong that you need me right now?” Theo yelled. “Theo, I have cramps and you’re the only person who can make them go away!” You whisper yelled into the phone. “All you had to do was say so, I’m on my way.” Theo laughed, before hanging up. Stupid best friend. Dirty lying best friend. What was he doing that was so secretive anyways? Hiding bodies? No, he was way too transparent for that. He was too nice and he would tell you. There was knock on your door, to which you immediately rushed over to. “Finally!” You screamed, throwing your arms around your neighbor/best friend’s neck. “Now let’s see where it’s hurting today.” Theo sighed. “Carry me to your house, please?” You asked. “And what about your sister?” Theo chuckled. “My mom is here.” You sighed into his chest. “Ok fine hop on my back, but I’m bringing you back home by 10.” Theo laughed. “No, my mom knows your house is the only place I go to other than school.” You sighed. “Maybe my parents won’t like it.” Theo said. You licked his neck, “You have the chilliest parents ever, calm down.” “Ew, you nasty! Why’d you lick my neck?” Theo asked. “Because you’re my favorite neighbor.” You smiled, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

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Word count: 788

Rating: R

Pairing: Michael Clifford/Reader

Request: No.  please request things I’m lonely

‘Dom!Mikey calling you Kitten and talking dirty to you while the boys are in the room so you go upstairs to take care of it.

A/N: Fucking Michael calling you kitten I’m so upset this isn’t reality. Also this is my first Mikey smut so I hope you guys like it!! <3

“So what do you boys wanna watch?” You called over your shoulder to the four idiots wrestling on your couch.

“Whatever you want babe!” Michael called back to you as he pretended to punch ash.

“No! Don’t say that! She’ll choose a chick flick!” Calum complained, sitting on Luke’s lap.

“No I won’t!” You protested and grabbed The Avengers off the movie rack and stuck it in the DVD player. The boys sat up as the movie started and you placed yourself in between your boyfriend, Michael’s, legs.

Half way through the movie you started getting uncomfortable and wiggled around trying  get comfortable again. You felt Michael tense every time you moved but you thought it was because he was annoyed you were distracting him from the movie. You were wrong.

“Fuck babe stop.” He growled in your ear.

“I’m not doing anything Mikey.” You whispered back, confused.

“Kitten,” He paused after saying your pet name that you loved so fucking much. “You keep moving and it’s making me hard.”

“Mikey stop, the boys will hear you.” You whispered sternly and glanced over at the boys. They were engrossed in the movie, completely oblivious to anything else around them.

“Maybe they should hear, maybe I should make you moan right here right now so they can hear all the pretty sounds you make Kitten.” He growled lowly making you squirm again.

“Michael fucking stop.” You hissed.

“I could flip you over on this couch right now and pound into you and make you scream. They would love to watch that.” He hissed back making an effort to moan quietly in your ear.

“God damnit Clifford.” You whispered, standing up and grabbing his hand. You both raced up the stairs to your shared bedroom and you were pretty sure the boys hadn’t noticed that you both had left. You tore his shirt off before you even got through the bedroom door. He pushed you against the wall as you got in. His lips trailed down your neck and he reached down to tug your tank-top over your head. You were both completely naked in no time, and he was hovering over you on the bed.

“Fuck kitten you look so pretty under me. I’m going to fuck you nice and hard.” He groaned and trailed a finger up and down your slits. “So fucking wet for me baby.”

He slid into you, making you moan out and grip his biceps. His pace was agonizingly slow but hard, hitting your g-spot almost perfectly every time.  You moaned as he picked up his pace, moving swiftly in and out of you. His gaze was locked on the spot where the two of you connected. He bit his lip, muffling his moans.

“Michael.” You whimpered as he slammed into you. All you could do was moan and whimper and you knew he loved every second of it.

“Ah-Ugh kitten, you’re so tight. You take me so well.” He moaned loudly when you clenched around him. His fingers rubbed tight circles on your clit while he sucked marks onto your neck. Your high was approaching quickly and you screamed out as it crashed over you. He kept pounding into your sensitive pussy.

“One more time for me Kitten.” You moaned as he called you your pet name again, loving the way it rolled off his tongue so easily. Your nails scratched down his back and his thrusts begun to get uneven and sloppy and you knew he was close. You clenched around him making him call out and spill into you. You came a few seconds after him. He slowed down eventually coming to a stop and pulled out of you.

“You’re so good to me kitten.” He praised you while coming to lie beside you.

Knocking sounded at the door. “Aye Michael keep your girl quieter next time you sneak away to fuck!” Luke called while banging on the door.

“Or just ask us leave come on dude. You don’t need to rub it in that you’re getting some!” Ashton groaned and you laughed.

“Suck it up boys. Michael can’t seem to keep me quiet!” You called back giggling.

“Yeah whatever you say ‘Kitten’!” Luke said mimicking your nickname. You groaned and laid your head against Michael’s chest.

“I think he ruined that nickname.”


Happy Birthday to my best friend Kasey!!!! (allalongtheroad)

Here’s a list of why I love her so much, and why you should too:

1. She always, always, always, asks me how I’m doing. No matter what she’s going through, she makes sure she gives me a chance to vent or seek advice whenever we talk.

2. She’s one of the coolest people I know, even though she doesn’t admit it. 😉

3. She defends me even though I’m not perfect and constantly do things that are indefensible.

4. She’s always game to see a scary movie or chick flick with me as well as all the nerdy movies I am obsessed with.

5. She puts up with all my crazy fandoms.

6. Who else will sit at a bar with you for five hours and talk?

7. There’s no one better to fangirl about hot actors with. You should hear us while we watch Outlander.

8. Some of the worst things I’ve ever been through… she went through first and is there to give advice and a kick in the ass when I need one.

9. She battles negativity, like we all do, on a daily basis and is flat out honest about it.

10. She isn’t afraid to call out hypocrites on FB!!!!!

11. She inspires me to be healthy and take care of my body on a daily basis.

I love you Kasey, and I’m so glad we both were friends with that certain person (you know who I mean) and got to meet.