things i do while watching chick flicks


College AU where roommates share one Netflix account. Minho can’t be in one room with Gally because he can’t stand his chick flicks, while he himself marathons Gossip Girl twice a month. ”But I watch Fight Club!” - Gally™. Thomas watches too much party and hero movies it inspires him in real life to do more stupid things, and is too curious to let go of Pretty Little Liars. Newt has the best taste in movies and series. Alby is strangely addicted to Lost. Frypan loves cooking, alright? And lowkey has a crush on Robin Scherbatsky. Everyone freaks out on how striking is the resemblance between Teresa and Effy Stonem, except for this transfer student slash feminist, Brenda. She thinks Teresa is way hotter than Effy.

Happy Birthday to my best friend Kasey!!!! (allalongtheroad)

Here’s a list of why I love her so much, and why you should too:

1. She always, always, always, asks me how I’m doing. No matter what she’s going through, she makes sure she gives me a chance to vent or seek advice whenever we talk.

2. She’s one of the coolest people I know, even though she doesn’t admit it. 😉

3. She defends me even though I’m not perfect and constantly do things that are indefensible.

4. She’s always game to see a scary movie or chick flick with me as well as all the nerdy movies I am obsessed with.

5. She puts up with all my crazy fandoms.

6. Who else will sit at a bar with you for five hours and talk?

7. There’s no one better to fangirl about hot actors with. You should hear us while we watch Outlander.

8. Some of the worst things I’ve ever been through… she went through first and is there to give advice and a kick in the ass when I need one.

9. She battles negativity, like we all do, on a daily basis and is flat out honest about it.

10. She isn’t afraid to call out hypocrites on FB!!!!!

11. She inspires me to be healthy and take care of my body on a daily basis.

I love you Kasey, and I’m so glad we both were friends with that certain person (you know who I mean) and got to meet.