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My opinion on the “James vs Snape” issue.

I love the HP fandom, but I just hate how in this fandom Snape gets more love than he deserves, meanwhile James Potter gets more hate than he will ever deserve. I can’t believe that it’s 2017 and people still believe Snape was a hero and James was a terrible person.

James Potter was a jerk when he was a teen and yes, he bullied Snape. But he was 15, and “a lot of people are idiots at the age of fifteen”. Tell me that you weren’t an idiot sometimes at that age, I dare you.

If he was such a bad person, then why was he totally okay with Remus being a werewolf? He loved his friends like nobody else, and it’s canon. He became an unregistered animagi so that his werewolf friend wouldn’t have to suffer through the full moon alone.

Do you realize that when James Potter used Levicorpus on Snape, he had already been planning on becoming a death eater and had been trying to out Remus as a Werewolf? This is actual canon from DH.

You have to remember that even if James was an idiot, Snape was no saint either. Remus even said that Snape “never lost an opportunity to curse James”. In fact, it’s mentioned by anyone who talks about the marauders and Snape that the animosity and hexing between them was mutual, so don’t tell me that only James hexed Snape.  We don’t actually know how one-sided Snape’s bullying was. But if what Remus said it’s true, then it was mutual. Even if Snape’s worst memory is true as told,  this happened after he was openly associating with pureblood supremacists, dismissing the use of dark magic as ‘a joke’. 

You need to remember that James despised Dark Magic, and he couldn’t even just say the word “mudblood”. He was the complete opposite to a pureblood supremacist.

He grew up and became Head Boy. He matured, and did it enough for Lily to fall in love with him.

After school (possibly even in his final year), James grew up, and became part of the Order of the Phoenix as soon as he left Hogwarts. He realized what a douche he was to people and changed for the better. He joined the Order because there were innocent people dying for no reason, and he knew he could fight and help. He joined because he loved Lily and he wanted to make sure there was a future for them, a future where they could live happily ever after. And then he died trying to protect his family. He faced Lord Volvemort wandless, unarmed, so his wife and their baby could escape. James Potter was many things but he was not an idiot. He knew that facing Voldemort at that point would be the last thing he did, but did it anyway. He decided that Lily’s life, and Harry’s, was more important than his own. 

You have to rememeber that literally everybody from Hagrid to Lord Voldemort thought James Potter was a good and brave man. 

On the other hand, Snape called the girl he was ”in love with” a mudblood infront of the entire school. He directly verbally abused her with a racial slur and became involved in a movement that wanted to kill her and eradicate her kind. He chose to shatter their friendship because his ego was hurt that a girl was helping him, even though she probably was the only person who was nice to him. 

His treatment of Petunia was terrible. He’s been bullying people since before he even went to Hogwarts. Since he was little, he thought muggle-borns and muggles were inferior. 

He created a spell that could kill his enemies when he was at Hogwarts. And after that, he finally joined a terrorist organization that wanted to kill people like the woman he was supposed to be in love with. He probably killed and tortured people. He was a loyal Death Eater for multiple years.   

Snape may have loved Lily, but his love for her was selfish, seen in the fact that he was willing to let her husband and her infant child die. Actually, I don’t think he loved her. He was obsessed with her. Or at least, he loved the idea of her that was on his mind, not the real Lily Evans. If he had really loved her, he would have tried to save her family, knowing that she would suffer if they died. But he was willing to let a baby and an innocent man die if it meant he could save Lily. If it meant he could have her. 

And when Lily died to protect her child, he realized that he made the wrong decision and “changed”. He became a spy, and I know it was hard. I understand that. I acknowledge Snape’s efforts as a spy and his contributions to the war. In the end, he turned out to be a brave man who tried to rectify his mistakes. But that doesn’t really change how a terrible person he was.

He abused his students, he bullied them. He targeted Neville, knowing he already had self-esteem issues, knowing what happened to his parents.  He threatened to poison his pet. He consciously targeted someone he perceived as weak, to the point where he became Neville’s worst fear at age 13. A fucking teacher was his biggest fear, not the people that tortured his parents into madness. Don’t you see how fucked up is that?!

Snape body shamed and insulted Hermione, who was an intelligent and hardworking student (just like Lily). He made her cry. 

Yes, he tried to protect Harry, and saved his life more than once. But he also verbally abused him, a neglected, abused, orphan who had done nothing wrong but look like his dead father. A father that he didn’t even know, by the way. Snape mocked and insulted him at every turn. Snape did everything that he could to make Harry’s life miserable because it was his way to have his revenge against James. This is not a 15 years old boy bullying another, it’s a fucking 30 years old man abusing a kid because he couldn’t let it go his hate about a dead person.

He tried to have an innocent man killed because of what happened when they were 16. Yes, Sirius was an idiot for that, I’m not denying it, but he didn’t coerce Snape into doing anything. He just gave him information. It means that Snape, on his own, decided it would be a great idea to sneak into the Shrieking Shack just to prove that Remus was a werewolf. 

He caused Remus to lose his job after spending years suffering in poverty. He deliberately made Remus’ students to write an essay on how to spot and kill a werewolf, to emotionally attack and possibly out him as a werewolf. He later did out him to the entire wizarding world, just because he was angry because Sirius didn’t die.

After seeing the abuse Dursley’s inflicted on Harry, he thought it was funny and felt no sympathy. Harry was fifteen. The same age that Snape was when he was (supposedly) “bullied”. He didn’t care about the abuse, he didn’t see himself in Harry. He thought  it was funny. Fucking funny. 

Usually, people at 15 are jerks and bully each other. But teachers aren’t supossed to abuse kids. 

James Potter was a jackass, but he didn’t join the equivalent of a magical nazi organization when he left Hogwarts. He didn’t experiment with dark magic and he died protecting his family. He grew out of it. He was a good person in the end.

Snape only betrayed Voldemort because he was chasing after Lily. He only left the death eaters because he wanted to protect Lily, if Neville was the chosen one, he would remain in his position as a Death Eater.

So sorry if I prefer James over Snape all the way.

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I'm working on an assignment about how we could modify the way we teach Shakespeare so students understand it. In combing through JSTOR (our lord and savior) I found two articles both discussing how damned difficult it is to teach Shakespeare. Each is titled 'Teaching Shakespeare'. One is from 1942. The other is from 1893. It is 2017, and we still don't know how the fuck to teach this shit so people get it. Academic struggles all day every day and literally nothing has changed

University was a dream come true for me. I had amazing lecturers and the class had a three-pronged approach:

1. Explain the historical context of the play, how it was originally performed and how it was received

2. View different modern adaptations (at least 2-3, sometimes more, and ideally look at some from other cultures and in other languages) and compare and contrast how they interpret the same text

3. Encourage students to interpret the text in their own way. Wanna make A Midsummer Night’s Dream about two lesbians, Lysander and Hermia, running away from a homophobic society? Go for it. Now explain why you chose to do that and how you would stage it.

We would have lectures that were theory-based, interrupted by the professor playing some clips from different adaptations. Later in the week we would meet in a theatre space and work with the text physically, vocally, and have an open and honest discussion about what we were studying. We got through one play every two weeks over a 12 week period and came out with a solid understanding of each one. Extraordinary stuff.

Now, compare this approach, which is interesting, engaging and relevant to the modern era and our own experiences, to how it’s traditionally taught in high school.

You sit.

In a room.

You read the play.

You’re stuck with it for weeks and weeks.

You have no fucking clue what’s being said or why you should care. 

Your teacher then asks you to write an essay on a topic that will have some ludicrously long title that you barely understand.

You go away hating Shakespeare and viewing it as horrible and boring. 

And you completely miss what the text is about and what it can be about.

The thing that was really powerful at uni, and what we should endeavour to bring to teenage students, was looking at other people’s adaptations. Reading Shakespeare as a 15 year old, or indeed at any age, can be a struggle. It feels like you’re reading gobbledegook. How the hell are you supposed to understand Elizabethan slang? How are you supposed to engage with the story if you keep reaching for a dictionary every 2 seconds? But that’s where skilled actors and directors come into it, because these guys do the work for you. For example, The Globe theatre is a massive draw for tourists around the world. They perform plays in the original language in a way that is hugely accessible and entertaining for all people, no matter their background. They use voice, action and gesture to make sure you understand. It’s an old maxim that Shakespeare is meant to be seen and not heard, and it’s true, so let your students watch the professionals act it out. Let them watch two or three! Maybe more! And once they start to grasp the text, aided by historical context, get them up and get them speaking and performing. And if someone’s shy and doesn’t want to perform? That’s totally fine! They’re now the director, and they can come up with ideas that others will put into practice. 

Get people talking. Start arguments. Shakespeare’s plays will say something different to each different person. What is it about this text that you latch onto? Which adaptation did you like best? How do you think it should come to life? And when you assigns essays and assessments, let them write and argue about what they are passionate about. I fucking hate those essay prompts that box you in and allow no room to put forward your own feelings, which make you talk about the theme of forgiveness or whatever when you think fuck you, this play wasn’t about forgiveness at all, it was about (x).

Even with the little stuff, there’s no point just saying “so the definition of iambic pentameter is…” and moving on, you should be up there with your hand on your heart, making them tap along to their own heartbeats, ba-DUM, ba-DUM, ba-DUM, Two HOUSE-holds BOTH a-LIKE in DIG-ni-TY - great! You feel it, don’t you? You feel those 10 beats in your heart, and now what happens when you recite a line that’s slightly irregular? Sometimes you’ll get a weird line that’s 9, 11 or 12 syllables where everything else is 10, sometimes you’ll get the stressed syllable in a different place than it should be, and you can feel that as you’re reciting - it’s as if your heart suddenly started beating faster or skipped a beat, and you have to listen to it and ask - why did Shakespeare want me to stress that? Why did this character suddenly falter and slip out of rhythm? Same with things like assonance, alliteration, repetition, juxtaposition and all those others words that make students’ eyeballs melt out of their heads. Don’t just make them memorise an arbitrary list of definitions, show them what they can do.

For example: repetition in Much Ado About Nothing. Beatrice and Benedick will often choose a word or an idea and then hit it back and forth like a shuttlecock until one of them drops it. But it’s the repetition of the word heart that is most striking, and the image of Beatrice’s heart in particular. Beatrice has a “merry heart,” she has a “wild heart,” Margaret jokes she should lay Carduus Benedictus to “your heart,” Benedick declares he wants to “live in thy heart.” The word crops up close to forty times throughout the play, associated with love, happiness, sexual ardour - nice things, in other words. In the confession scene we see:

BEATRICE: I was about to protest I loved you.

BENEDICK: And do it, with all thy heart.

BEATRICE: I love you with so much of my heart none is left to protest. 

And then, all of a sudden, just a few lines later, Shakespeare pulls the fucking rug out from under us. Remember all that nice heart imagery? Throw it out the window, and listen to what Beatrice has to say about Claudio, the scumbag who disgraced and almost killed her innocent cousin: I would eat his heart in the marketplace.


Do you see that? One word, one image, one idea and suddenly it’s like the the roof has caved in. Claudio said he loved her cousin, and then he nearly killed her. And Beatrice, with her loving, merry heart, the heart that Benedick wishes to live in, says I would eat his heart. If hurting women is what Claudio intends to do with his love and his heart, then by God she will fucking pull it out of his chest and eat it where everyone can see so they know what should happen to men like him. 

Feel it, listen to it, live it. Those definitions will seem abstract and alien when you read them on the page - who cares if a few words start with the same letter? What does it matter if he repeats a couple of words? But you have to get into the text and really hear and see, viscerally, what these techniques are capable of. They should make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. 

Historical context is another issue I won’t go too far into, but suffice to say that it’s something that deserves far more attention than it gets. Apart from anything else, it’s interesting! People got up to crazy stuff in Shakespeare’s time, we should know about the world the Bard lived in.

I apologise for ranting, but yes. Shakespeare is often taught in an inadequate or inappropriate way, and for the sanity of high school students everywhere we should endeavour to teach teachers how Shakespeare should be taught.


This was stupid

This whole thing, it was so stupid, and it made Annabeth feel stupid, and she wasn’t stupid, she was smart, gods damn it, so why couldn’t she do this? She should have been able to do this.

She only realised she was crying when a tear splashed on to the page of her textbook, blurring the black letters printed on the white page. That tear falling felt like conceding defeat, and soon enough she was crying in earnest, sobbing hard enough that the words became even less intelligible than they’d already been.

She put her head down on the book and let herself cry, feeling terribly stupid and sorry and frustrated. Her whole face felt hot, flushed with anger and annoyance - at this essay, at herself, at the fact that she was a daughter of the goddess of wisdom and she couldn’t seem to write a simple fucking essay.

When the door to her room opened she instinctively straightened, grabbing her dagger and spinning in her seat to face the intruder. When she saw who it was she immediately collapsed back onto the desk, face first, letting her dagger fall to the floor. 

She heard Percy shut the door behind himself. There were a few soft footsteps, and then a gentle hand on her shaking shoulder and a quiet question. “Annabeth, hey, what’s up?”

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wait what's the tumblr con thing i don't get it

all right young whippersnapper here we go

the year was 2014. the plan was a convention for tumblr users in some random-ass city in illinois. what started out being marketed as tumbl-con usa soon became the disaster we cringe to think about today: dashcon. it was supposed to be a fun, cheap event, with panels and celebrities from multiple fandoms. it was supposed to be the largest gathering of tumblr users for new friendships to be forged and internet friends to meet. alas, it was not meant to be.

picture this: the first night of dashcon, you’re surrounded by people who are just as obsessed with tumblr as you are. you can barely contain your excitement. nothing could ruin your night…or so you thought. suddenly, organizers start to ask for, nay, demand, money. they need $17,000 by 10 pm or the con will be shut down. you start to sweat nervously. you paid ahead of time for this and it’s going to be shut down unless the unexpectedly low amount of attendees can cough up a buttload of money? you check the time on your phone: 9 pm. why on earth would they only have an hour to collect that much money, you ask? the organizers claim that hotel management didn’t like them. instead, it’s just because they had miscommunication with the hotel. trying to stay hopeful, your fellow tumblr users turn to their fandoms, doing the three-finger salute from the hunger games and singing songs from high school musical (most notably, “we’re all in this together”).

after this whole ordeal you think you’re done. the rest of the weekend will be amazing. surely this was the only mistake? oh, how wrong you were.

unbeknownst to you, guests checking in for your beloved panels are experiencing difficulties as well. they were told the con would be paying for their rooms. as a result, some panelists cannot attend. panels are dropped. when this news reaches you, you’re devastated. the organizers quickly try to control the situation: “no worries! you’ll be reimbursed!” you don’t get your money back. instead, you get various rewards and: AN EXTRA HOUR IN THE BALL PIT. sounds fun, right? except the ball pit was open to everyone. at any time. so your extra hour meant nothing. and look at this ball pit. it has seen things that should never have been seen.

poor thing. it probably needed therapy.

considering this was a convention for tumblr users, most everyone in attendance was liveblogging it. we other tumblr users watched in horror. but like, the laughing kind of horror. because we were so glad we weren’t there to experience it. but we were glad we were able to make fun of it. and so, memes were born. some posts circulated for months afterwards. after a while, it eventually faded out of popularity. new tumblr users had no idea what a dashcon was. but those who attended can never forgive. and we who laughed about it can never forget.

How to happily Ask blog:

  1. Do you. Make an Ask blog about your favorite Pokemon, even if it’s an Eevee and there are already 50 Eevee blogs. Only complainers care, and they’re not worth your time anyway. Absolutely don’t let people tell you what characters and/or species should be on your blog. You may be interested in these characters if you’re lucky, but chances are, if it’s not something you want to do, it’s not going to work.
  2. Take your time. This is something I had to learn was okay for me to do. You don’t need to update every day. Or 24/7. Or every other week. You can let your blog sit for a month even. Doesn’t matter. Take your time. Ask blogs are for fun and you don’t owe anyone answers to Asks or plot updates or RP responses because you can’t snap your fingers and be done. Those things take time. People are generally patient; they will wait.
  3. Character count doesn’t matter. Have as many or as few characters as you want, because it’s your blog, you do what you want. And if you DO have a lot of characters, you can always put them on Ask rotation, that way you and your followers won’t be overwhelmed!
  4. Take a Hiatus if you need it. Your health is more important than your blog. Take care of yourself, mentally and physically. It can be as long or as short as you like. You can also be like me and be hella notorious for taking a Hiatus and IMMEDIATELY COMING OUT OF IT. Because apparently announcing that I’m going on Hiatus gives me a boost of inspiration for the blog I’m Hiatusing from. Don’t ask how that works Ihavenoflippinclue.
  5. If seeing other blogs update stresses you out, unfollow them. Please do not let yourself get stressed. There is a reason I follow a minimal amount of ask blogs. When I ran Wandering Fairy Twins I almost drove myself to the point of tears because I wasn’t updating as quickly as the other blogs. Please don’t stubbornly follow 500+ blogs. Follow your favorites. Unfollow everyone else. Seriously. You can always make a list of blogs you like and stalk them instead, like I do. Of course, if it doesn’t cause you stress, then don’t feel like you have to unfollow people either. I’m just speaking from personal experience, and I am happier following maybe 5 ask blogs and stalking everyone else. I really don’t care if they’re your BBF from 900 years ago, if seeing them update stresses you, unfollow them. Hell unfollow my blogs if they stress you out. Pls. Stalk me instead. I’d rather that you have less stress than me have 500+ followers.
  6. If you run multiple blogs, you don’t need to update them all at once. Section it out. And if you’re in the mood for doing stuff for one blog, but suddenly get a drive for another, update the one you suddenly have a drive for. And if a schedule works for you, you can do that too! You can even set aside certain days to work on specific things for specific blogs. Or work on all the references for your blogs at once. Whatever works for you.
  7. If you run multiple blogs, and it’s causing you stress, start dropping blogs. Do not make a blog for every new character you think of. Put them on a pre-existing blog. Move characters around. Merge blogs. Cut down on the amount of blogs you have. Sure, there’s no limit to how many Ask blogs you can have, but if it’s starting to be a problem, start letting go. You can always use those other characters for other things. But drop blogs. Save your info, your plots, etc, but drop some of those blogs. Doesn’t matter if it’s your most loved blog. Drop it. Say bye. It’s not worth your time if it’s causing you stress.
  8. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation. I apologize though because I’m bad at this, and so are a lot of other people. Tumblr’s messaging system makes it easier to interact with other bloggers though! Keep in mind that a lot of blogger’s can be busy, so they may not respond right away. That doesn’t mean they hate you. They might also be sleeping because Time Zone’s a bitch. But you can’t always wait for people to come to you. Just make sure you check the FAQ and Rules on each blog before you start reaching out. Some people may dislike being approached. Respect that.
  9. Having a friend circle in the community is okay. You do not need to be friends with everyone here. You don’t need to talk to everyone here, or send them asks, or start RPs, or anything else. If you find five people you click with and that’s it, then that’s it. You got those five people you click with and you are still awesome and cool and don’t let complainers being antsy about “popular” people not interacting with “unpopular” people get to you. You get your little circle and be happy with it. Or your medium circle. Or big circle, IDK man for all I know you are like super good friends with 300 people and you manage to plot with all of them and honestly YOU GO you do that. But I really can’t stress enough that you ARE NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE REQUIRED BY TUMBLR LAW to befriend / talk to / plot with / ship with / friendship with / meme with every last person in the Ask community. You are allowed to be picky. You are allowed to be picky. You are allowed to be picky. Nobody gets to be friends with you because they decided so and you’re a bitch/bastard if you aren’t friends with them. Block those people. Just no. Bye. Also don’t be that person. And if you aren’t accepted as anything more than an acquaintance move along my dude, move along. Being acquaintances is just as good as being friends. You don’t have be friends with everyone out there, having 900 friends does not mean you have shallow, meaningless friendships just like having 2 friends is not a direct reflection of your worth. Either way, you are worthy. And either way, you are amazing.
  10. Having a friend circle doesn’t mean you can’t interact with other people either. The friend circle is more in regards to who you click with, who you really like, and who you are ultimately able to plot with easily (or you do the thing where you just yell at each other in frustration because HOW DARE YOU GIVE ME FEELINGS). You can still send asks to anyone, and you can still start RPs with anyone, and you can still ask for asks from anyone (especially if they make a post that they’re sending out Asks. Get IN ON THAT).
  11. There will be people out there who dislike you. Or your art style. Or your writing style. Or your headcanons. Or your subspecies. Or your designs. Or your hyrbids. Or all of the above. Or none of the above. Or they dislike you just because they dislike you. They’ll complain about you. They’ll probably send you anon hate. Ignore them to the best of your ability - because you have more people who adore you. And if those dislikers ever send you hate, delete it. Get rid of it. Don’t post it, don’t give them that pleasure. Delete it so that they can sit and wait and agonise over the fact that their mean comments meant so little to you that you didn't even need to grace them with a response.
  12. Remember, you are cool, my dude. You are cool.

That’s everything I can think of O:

texts with SVT (your boyfriend)
  • seungcheol/s.coups: texts you all day. will send you good morning texts and good night texts. will message you about every little thing throughout the day because he can't help but tell his most important person about it. will surprise you by talking about things you thought he forgot about. "this made me think of you" texts. sends you pictures of him being lonely without you. will take pictures hugging other members with captions like "this should be you." woozi tries to call him out on always being on his phone but that never seems to stop him, so you constantly have to remind him to work hard and that you'll text him after practice.
  • jeonghan: texts when exciting things happen, which for jeonghan is luckily all the time. "MINGYU JUST SPIT ALL OVE R THR FOROL LMAO" When the group has a little bit of rest time, you're the first person he wants to talk to. he likes hearing your stories, so he's always asking you about your day. will also ask you very personal things through text, and sometimes you have to tell him (in the sweetest way) to find his chill. expect a lot of selfies because your reactions are priceless and he loves teasing you. He's actually very laid back when it comes to texting though, and he doesn't mind when you forget to text back. Often sends texts meant for you to other members on accident and vice versa.
  • jihoon/woozi: is always worrying about you so he surprisingly texts quite often, but his texts are always straight to the point. "wear a sweater. it's cold out now." you two are always arguing over text (never anything serious just little stuff), and just when you're about to win, he'll bring up conversations from long ago that you don't even remember. on the off chance you do win, you don't let him forget it and he'll respond by sending you a really gross aegyo pic that kills you inside. But you also feel special because he trusts you enough not to show anybody else. He also likes to talk about the other members with you because sometimes this boy just needs to vent, but you know he writes those things with a good heart because he loves them. will send you pics of him working late at night and gets mad when you won't send him one back.
  • soonyoung/hoshi: is the biggest spam texter. sometimes you wonder how this boy can type so fast. It's like rapid fire, but it's okay because you'll reciprocate the speed. you two have at least three conversations going at once at all times, and what's amazing is how you both can talk about anything. He's the type to love every little detail and will text you when so much as a leaf falls to the ground, and when you text him about the smallest things he gets so happy. He likes to show the group your texts when they're funny and members are always wondering why you two talk about such nonsense, but it's like your own language that nobody else can understand, and you both love it for that reason. When things do get serious, you sometimes wonder if it's the same boy texting you because it's like a completely different aura, and you're surprised that you like it so much.
  • joshua: is most likely to emoji text. Sometimes conversations are had using JUST emojis. Joshua is always fun to text because he's such a funny and awkward person. Usually you'll talk about some weird anime he found, or Joshua will send you funny memes. Joshua texts less frequently on days he knows you're busy because he doesn't want to bother you and feels bad when he does, so you're constantly reminding him that he's never a bother. His favorite thing to do is send you random texts full of heart emojis and explaining how much he cares about you because he knows it'll make you smile. He also sends little reminders for things he thinks you might forget. "Remember to bring your flash drive to school today. Good luck on your speech! ♥♥♥"
  • junhui/jun: texts you a fair amount. He loves to send you greasy lines because he loves your reactions to them, but when you send the occasional one back he gets so flustered and kind of happy. Sometimes he'll show the other members. He especially loves to send greasy lines when he's sitting right next to you because he loves to watch how flustered you get when you read them. you both actually text the most when you're sitting right next to each other. when you both go out with the other members, you both text in a secret code only you two know and use code names when you're teasing the other members for their weird antics. when you both are apart, you're usually just talking to about your shared interests. Jun loves knowing things about you, so he's always trying to surprise you with research he did on that one subject you talked about for 5 minutes that one time.
  • seungkwan: is the most fun to text in seventeen because he always has so much to say. He's another spam texter but not as intense as hoshi. Seungkwan is only a spam texter because he separates his texts for dramatic effect. You and Seungkwan actually text a lot of mean things to each other and look like you're arguing all the time, but its how you both show you care. "Your face looks so silly in this picture, why are you making that face?" "Because I was thinking about your bad breath in the morning." "Next time I'm going to breathe right into your face." The others wonder how you both can be in a relationship like that, but it works for you both. On a sunny day when you're feeling generous, you'll tell him how cute he looks on tv, and seungkwan will almost burst into tears because you were watching him, but he'll never admit it. That's what you love about him.
  • hansol/vernon: a lot of one word responses. You often get a lot of "kk" and "lol" but that's only because you keep sending him memes. (Why are you doing that to him? He doesn't deserve this.) He actually does find them funny, and sometimes he'll show the other members when it's something he can't help but laugh out loud at. Once you guys get deeper into the relationship, Vernon opens up a lot more. When you surprise him with the occasional thoughtful message, Vernon gets to be his really shy and sweet self, and that's when he'll feel inspired and type an essays worth of stuff. Sometimes he'll make you happy cry because he actually really does have a way with words. He'll start messaging you more often too. He'll start your morning and end your nights with thoughtful messages. You'll see the real gem in him and he'll make you fall for him even more just through text.
  • seokmin/DK: always wants to give you a reason to smile so he's constantly sending cute pictures or memes or fluffy messages or funny messages. Other members will ask him why he's staring so hard at his phone. It's because he's trying really hard to send you quality material. Sometimes when he sends you stuff, you overreact because you want to make sure he knows you appreciate it. You are also always pestering him to send clips of him singing and deep down it makes him feel really happy and special that you like hearing him that much. Even if he pretends that he doesn't want to, he'll do it and your praise afterwards sends him to the moon and back. There is not a moment when this boy's texts don't make you smile. Please keep him safe.
  • mingyu: gives such an oppa vibe in his texts. He's always trying to take care of you and pretends like he's so much older than you when that's not really the case. "Let's go get some coffee tonight so you can work on your essay, but I'm not letting you stay up too late because you need rest." Which is funny because it's him that really needs to rest, but when you tell him that, he just texts back silly emojis. You get a lot of links to food tutorials with an excited Mingyu saying "Let's try making this!" He also keeps you updated on his career and likes to run his ideas through you first because he values your opinion a lot. You often send him pictures you find of him because you want to praise him but he thinks you're making fun of him so he pretends to be sad. That's when you start over-praising him and telling him he looks so good, and that just feeds his ego more.
  • wonwoo: There is so much fluff with this boy. he loves showering you with praise and supports everything you do. "Fighting!" Sometimes when you send him sweet messages telling him how cute he is, he won't respond for a few hours because he's so shy about it and doesn't know how to express that you literally just made his heart beat out of his chest. The truth is you both don't text each other too much because you both like to talk about your lives face to face. You'll spend whole nights talking instead of on your phones. Occasionally he'll send you a video message because he wants to make sure his words reach you in the best possible way.
  • minghao/the8: is the biggest victim of autocorrect. sometimes you wonder why he doesn't just turn it off. "I've got a long practice today, but the thought of our first kill last night is getting me through it." "First kill? Did we do something I'm not aware of?" "Kiss***" This is followed by a bunch of texts about how embarrassed he is. Despite this, his texts are the kind that make you smile during a bad day. The thing that will surprise you most is how funny he can be. He can say really weird things sometimes. He'll text you something weird, and you can tell from the way he typed how confident he was sending it. He'll talk a lot about the weird things the other members are doing, and sometimes he'll text you about things deep in his heart because he trusts you so much. It's very rare that minghao spam texts, but each time was because something major happened. The texts were the most precious things you've ever received. You enjoyed it so much that you have them screencapped and saved and archived on your computer.
  • chan/dino: is actually the most confident through text. Words seem to come much easier when he's texting you because he can look over it a thousand times before sending it. Often consults the other members around him before he sends fluffy stuff. Probably the member that gets his phone stolen a lot which means you get a lot of weird texts that make you think 'there's no way chan would write this.' Can sometimes be a little cocky through text but in a charming way that makes you smile. "You're so cute, but you would look much cuter next to me. Let's take a photo together next time." His favorite thing is to send you pictures of the other members when they don't look their best because since he's the maknae and they do it to him all the time. Is actually another member on the spam text list but he can't help that he's so excited, "I'm dating you after all, why shouldn't I be happy?"

angiestar  asked:

How do you make an animation and a song match together, like the animation won't be too long for the song or the song too long for the animation, I'm planning on making one but I'm stuck at this XD (LOVE your Art, animations, and everything! *-*)


(rather than music made for animation) 

Animating in time with music can be very difficult, but for me personally, I absolutely love doing it, even if it means putting a little more effort in keeping things in time with the transitions, beats, and certain groups of measures in a song. But how I start an animation that matches with the music, is because I literally imagined most of the animation simply by listening to the music. I’ll listen to the music, close my eyes, and see the animation play in my head as the characters move with the beat, transition in song, and escalate with crescendo. So I get at beats a basic idea of how the scene plays out with the music before I even start animating, or write a script. 

I play violin and was classically trained in music for the violin for two years before I branched off on my own when I couldn’t afford private lesson anymore, but what I’m saying is, it’s very helpful to animate in time with music if you understand any form of music theory, but if you don’t, I’ll try to explain it as best as I can. 

My animation Save Him was not animated to music, me and @haylizbeth just so happened to find music that fit so well with the animation that it might have seemed like it from time to time, However with Death by Glamour, and with my upcoming animation Megalovania, they are intentionally animated to the music, rather than animating and putting music in. 

With Death by Glamour is was very difficult because I didn’t have an actual animation program, and I didn’t have any FPS at all being as I drew each frame individually in Elements 11, and then saved them into files, and put them one by one into my current video editing program Camtasia, so how I kept track of the drawing each frame of the animatic wasn’t in FPS, but literally by counting with the beats in two measures. Death by Glamour’s time is 4/4, so there’s 4 beats per measure, so I counted two measures to direct me to animate with the music, aka counting to 8 with the beat. And if you watch my Death by Glamour animatic, you can actually follow along and see what I mean if you count, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8″ with the beat. or by counting one beat per measure like “1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4″ XD I made a lot of the attacks land on a beat, or turn with a transition, such as the pick up from Frisk getting kicked by Mettaton, Sans grabbing his head (for the pick up to the next 2 sets of measure) to transition to the start of the next measure where a new theme in the song plays, which animated is Mettaton’s heart coming up from their abdomen. If you want to see what I mean it’s at 1:48 of the video.

Megalovania:  with Megalovania, I actually HAVE an animation program just like Save Him, called ‘Toon Boom Harmoney Essentials’. Unlike what I had with Death by Glamour, I suddenly had a time line with FPS (frames per second), could put music into the program as I animate over it rather than separate, and there’s a tool that literally makes animating to music SOOOO much easier than trying to use all this basic music theory. (which is still helpful by the way) Which is called the SCRUB TOOL, and the SOUND TOOL!

The Sound tool allows you to play the animation with the sound turned on so you know where you are in the music and or Voice track that you are animating to by clicking the play button on the far left. The Scrub tool However is mainly meant for animating to a Vocal track to lip sinc animation to sound, however I find it incredibly useful when animating to music as well. What the Scrub tool allows you to do, is by simply dragging the marker on the timeline from frame to frame, you can hear the sound that plays on each frame without needing to play the animation, So it’s great to make sure things really aline with the beat or in a musical transition with the song. 

For Megalovania I still use a lot of basic music theory such as what I was explaining with Death by Glamour, but these two simple tools, and having a FPS, sure making animating to music a WHOLE LOT EASIER! But counting with the beats per measure, following the transitions of the music, utilizing pick-ups before a new measure, and changing direction in animation with new themes in the music as well, such as the beginning theme of Megalovania is subtle, so therefore I’m going to make the beginning animation subtle with a build to a climactic fight, then a later theme in megalovania (such as the theme at 1:20, of the song) is a lot darker, so I’m going to follow the context of the song and make the animation darker too.

SO LISTEN TO THE MUSIC CAREFULLY AND SEE WHAT THE MUSIC TELLS YOU! Follow beats, measures, transitions, pick ups, and take follow the context of the different themes that play in a single song, and it will direct you through what the scene is suppose to do or look like. 

Note!!!!!!: Sometimes a song might not allow you to do some things in a fight based on the limitation of how long the song is. And what I mean by that is, for example in Death by Glamour, I really wanted to put the “Essay Question” and “Take 5 break” in Death by Glamour, but there was literally no where in the music and thus animatic that I could fit it in without it disrupting the flow of the animatic, so unfortunately I scrapped those two things despite trying to keep my fight scenes as accurate to the game as possible. So animating to music (and in general) also takes some writing as well. 

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Hello! Do you know when you'll be updating? (Not trying to pressure, just curious, take all the time you need!)

If you’re talking about SIMH, then…soon. I have more free time now but the term’s also ending, so I have like three big essays due next week. But I am writing. I have 22 pages of the next chapter done, and about 15 pages of the final chapter. So I promise it’s coming. 

anonymous asked:

Question - which you don't have to answer - would you be interested in talking abt *how* you write? More specifically I guess how you outline/plan your fics; esp world ain't wide enough. You kind of are the president of Unrequited Pining, but how you managed to drag it out for 16 chapters and make it both the familiar rhythm of pining fic and also emotionally refreshing is beyond me. I really love ur fics and want to learn from them but am bad at understanding why what I'm reading works so well?

hi! thanks so much! i assume you mean world ain’t ready although oh man a hamilton crossover would be wild. all i know for sure is that hercules mulligan is DEFINITELY the straight guy in lavender jeans who makes inexplicable mix cds and mysteriously always knows the hot gossip.

anyway i’m gonna try to be helpful here although honestly it would be disingenuous for me to present myself as an authority on plotting. w.a.r. was the first fanfic i ever started with any serious intent of finishing, and prior to then, plot was by far the thing i struggled with most. i think the longest piece of original fiction i had ever even finished was maybe fifteen pages. in college i majored in creative writing but with a focus on creative nonfiction, because my main goal at the time was to do david sedaris-style comic essays but also in part because i could never keep fiction projects going for very long and it made me feel like a phony, like i didn’t deserve to call myself a writer

(a feeling i had all the way through college and still have now sometimes but that’s its own whole can of fish)

so anyway then i graduated in the middle of a recession with a creative writing degree and had some real rough years, until i was just like fuck it, fuck trying to make something deep or literary i’m gonna think about all the elements i love reading in fanfics and i’m gonna write the most self-indulgent fic in the entire goddamn world 

i wrote the first few scenes with no real plan for where it was going and to give you an idea of how little i knew i DECIDED ON FAKE DATING IN PART BECAUSE I HONESTLY THOUGHT THAT WAS GOING TO BE THE MOST EFFICIENT WAY TO GET THEM TOGETHER

i was like, ‘man who knows when i’ll ever write another fanfic, this is probably the only one i’ll ever really do so let’s try to make this as easy on myself as possible’



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A few days ago, you did a lil fic and it was like John thought he'd screwed up and scared Alex but bam it was fireworks and then laf kinda said about how John doesn't love himself and then that they'd all help him love himself (sorry if this doesn't make sense I'm tired whoops) But anyway, I was just wondering if you'd write a sequel type thing with like the three of them helping john love himself and all. I've just been feeling kinda down lately and I need some cute whoops sorry.

I MEANT TO RESPOND TO THIS LIKE DAYS AGO OOPS!!! But anyway, this is a follow-up to this lil fic. I hope you guys enjoy the angst/fluff combo! ;) <333 (Want me to write you a lil fic, too? Choose a prompt from the old list or new one and just let me know which list you used!)

It started out just like any other night at the Washington’s. The four boys were hanging out together, this time outside, around a fire Martha had started for them, roasting the vegan marshmallows Laf had gotten earlier that day.

Laurens was staring intently at his marshmallow on the thin stick, watching it bubble, crisp into a golden color, and finally start to burn.

“Laurens likes ‘em hot, I see?” Hercules chuckled.

“Well he likes me so obviously,” Alexander retorted, causing all of the boys to burst into a round of laughter.

Laurens removed his now black marshmallow from the fire, blowing on it for a few minutes before biting in, reveling in the contrast between the crisp and flaky outside and the warm, gooey inside.

“So, mes amis,” Lafayette said in a voice that always signified one thing–– he had a plan of some sort. “We’re gathered here today to celebrate.” He looked around the circle smugly.

“Um, celebrate what?” Laurens asked after everyone was oddly silent for a moment too long.

“You, mon ami!” Lafayette exclaimed, beaming.

Laurens felt his freckled face begin to burn bright red, hoping everyone would assume it was the heat of the fire and not what Lafayette had just said.

“But it’s nowhere near my birthday.” Laurens looked at his friends, his eyes lingering on Alexander. Alex simply grinned at him.

“This isn’t about that, mon ami,” Laf said. “This is about helping you.”

“Helping me?” Laurens was getting more and more confused.

“Helping you love yourself, baby,” Alex said, reaching out to squeeze Laurens’ knee.

Laurens was silent. How could he tell them that that simply wasn’t a possibility? He didn’t want to let his friends down like that, not when they’d clearly put a lot of effort into planning this for him. He decided he had to play along, at least for now. He owed that to them.

“So we all prepared a little something,” Herc said, pulling a paper out of his shorts pocket. “A little something about the reasons we love you.” Hercules looked around the circle, Lafayette and Alex nodding at him to read.

He cleared his throat. “So I prepared a little rap for ya’all,” Herc said. He looked around the circle one last time before beginning.

Laurens, my man, what can I say
that won’t sound so horribly cliched?
You’re kind and true,
and you always come through
for anyone who ever needs you.
You’re a real friend,
someone on which I can depend,
a brave one
who fights with his pals ‘til the end.
I wish you could see what’s so clear to me.
I wish you could receive
even half of what you give.
One day you will, but for as long as we live,
I’ll be by your side,
always there to remind,
that you, my friend, are one of a kind.

Herc was met with a round of applause and cheering when he finished. Laurens could only look at his friend, too stunned to clap or cheer, his mouth slightly agape.

“I am next!” Lafayette declared, holding a finger up to Laurens as if he needed to silence the other boy. “You may speak when we are all done.” Lafayette sat up straight, his posture as perfect as ever, and looked down at the piece of paper in his hands.

“Mon ami,” he began. “When we first met, I was alone. I was new to your country, state, and school, and you sat down with me in the cafeteria on my first day, and have done that every day since.” Laf caught Laurens’ eye for a moment, smiling at him.

Laurens had nearly forgotten that. Lafayette–– small, scared, and alone, starting at their school in the middle of seventh grade, with an accent other kids made fun of.

“That day is an example of who you are. Someone who is kind and brave, who will endure difficulties, like being teased for being friends with me, when it’s for something you really believe in.” Laf cleared his throat.

“Mon ami, I believe in you. I know life has not been easy, that you have come to believe things about yourself that simply are not true, but I need you to know, mon ami, that I will not rest until you like you, until you love you.”

When Laf looked up there were tears in his eyes, glistening in the flickering light the fire cast upon his brown face.

“Babe,” Alexander said, shifting Laurens’ attention from his teary-eyed friend to his boyfriend. “I’ve told you before–– I write essays about you. About your freckles, about your hair, about you eyes, about your ideals, about you stubbornness, about your spunk, about your bravery, about the sadness that you try to hide, about the way you’re always ready to fight someone for me or anything you care about.”

Alex paused, taking a deep breath. “I could fill volumes with my words about and to you, John. And it breaks my heart that you can’t even fill a page with good things about yourself.”

Laurens cringed. Alex was referring to an exercise they’d had to do in Spanish class a few weeks prior, where they used adjectives to describe themselves. Laurens’ had been almost entirely negative until he realized people were writing good things about themselves, causing him to scribble one or two words at the end of the list.

“I know learning to love yourself will take time, but baby, we’ve got it.” He reached out and took Laurens’ hand in his. “And we are gonna get you there, all of us,” he said, gesturing to Laf and Herc with his free hand. “I promise.”

Before Laurens could say a word, his friends leapt up and enveloped him in a crushing hug. At first his body tensed, but soon he relaxed, breathing them all in, for once thinking that maybe, he could eventually let love win.

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Will you please do "I threw a croissant at my dick of a best friend and it accidentally hit you I'm sorry?" with wolfstar

Believe it or not, taking three days to write a request is actually a new record for me. I normally take a couple months at the very least. 

  • Sirius managed to stay still and quiet for about thirty seconds before giving in and asking James, “What’s he doing now?”
  • James sighed, placing his cup of coffee back on the table as he tolled his eyes in exasperation. “The same thing he was doing a minute ago; attending to customers.” 
  • “Yeah, but is he like, sneaking glances at us and blushing?” Sirius asked eagerly, ignoring his croissant and tea. 
  • “Sirius, why are we here again?” James asked in a tired voice.  
  • “You know why,” Sirius answered, frowning. “I’m trying to woo Remus.”
  • “I’m pretty sure Remus doesn’t even know you’re wooing him! To him, you’re probably just another person that loves making small talk and stuffing croissants in his gob!” James replied, voice rising in annoyance. 
  • “B-but I also tip him extremely generously every day!” Sirius said petulantly. “Other small talkers don’t do that! And I constantly compliment him.” 
  • “Telling him the way he rolls his sleeves is fantastic is not complimenting him,” James said, eyes flickering behind Sirius’ shoulders for a second before settling back on his best friend, lip curling slightly in a smirk. “Neither is telling him that he has beautiful, childbearing hips! That’s fucking weird! You’re going to get us thrown out one day.” 
  • “I got nervous, okay? He’s just so beautiful, I get nervous and start blabbering,” Sirius said hopelessly. 
  • “His beauty still isn’t enough reason for you to drag me here everyday,” James complained. “You don’t even like tea!” 
  • “Are you shitting me right now, James? Who cares about fucking tea! Have you seen his face? His hair?” Sirius said earnestly, leaning forward on the table in his excitement to talk about the beauty that was Remus, Saint Curly Hair. “And his eyes, Jesus Christ! You could literally, actually, really drown in those beautiful, brown eyes. I could write sonnets about his stupid smile. I could write essays about the lame jokes he makes an-”
  • Sirius sputtered to a halt, eyes going impossibly wide when a tomato red Remus walked by their table to go clean the one next to theirs. 
  • Floundering and breathing hard, Sirius looked to James for sympathy and suggestion when he noticed how smug his fucking ex-best friend looked. 
  • “You knew!” he hissed, pointing an accusatory finger at a cackling James. “You fucking douchenozzle! You’re meant to be my best friend!” 
  • Wanting to hurt him somehow and not knowing what to do, Sirius picked up his untouched croissant and lobbed it at a still laughing James. Only, he had the hand-eye coordination of a drunk baby deer trying to ice skate and ended up rocketing the croissant straight at Remus’ flushed face. 
  • “Oh. My. God,” he whispered, his heart beating at an alarming rate as James fell of his chair in his fit of laughter. 
  • Remus froze for a second, staring at the croissant on the floor in shock before clearing his throat noisily and picking it up. “Um, I’ll, um, get you another one,” he told Sirius, looking at his nose instead of meeting his eye. 
  • “Fuck, fuck, I hate you, I fucking hate you so much,” Sirius chanted, planting his face firmly on the cold surface of the table. “Why does this always happen to me?” he whined, just as he heard a plate being placed in front of him. 
  • Remus stood there awkwardly for a second, wringing his hands in nervousness. “It’s fine, you don’t have to be embarrassed,” he said in a rushed tone before pacing away from them. 
  • Sirius glared at James who seemed to be getting a cardiac attack from laughing too hard before noticing a piece of paper beneath his croissant. 
  • He stopped breathing completely as he snatched the paper in his excitement, finding a loopy, messy handwriting scrawled upon it with a number at the bottom. 
  • Call me if you’re interested still. I’ll teach you how I roll my sleeves :) -Remus xx
  • Sirius grinned, showing the paper to James and pulling out his phone already. 
  • “I’m still burning your friendship bracelet later,” Sirius informed him as he typed a message to Remus. 

Hope you liked it! :) 

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Prompt idea in case it inspires you: AU where soulmates do exist and Derek and Stiles are together but are not eachother soulmates when one day BAM Derek/Stiles meet his soulmate. But they stay together bc i don't care if there's someone out there more compatible with me bc i love YOU.

OR, au where Derek’s soulmate is Stiles, and Stiles’ is Derek but there’s this whole I HATE YOUR FUCKING GUTS thing they have from childhood. Derek tried to share his crayons and Stiles ate his favourite red one, and there was DRAMATIC SCRAPPING with crying from both sides, and then all through middle school they couldn’t look at each other without remembering and being mortified, which meant every time they had to interact it’s awful, like, full on angry comments and mean barbs. they have a couple of serious fights and they can both feel it, feel how good it feels to be touching and to have that connection, and their bodies are screaming finally, but they’re both way too proud to make the first move. so they go on to high school and they piss each other off even more, Stiles catcalls when Derek gets a question wrong, Derek makes some kid swap lockers with him so that he’s next to Stiles and every day he slams Stiles’ locker door shut when Stiles is trying to get his books out. and every time they get in each other’s faces it feels like they should just be touching, they should be holding hands, taking care of one another, but they won’t because fuck HE’S AWFUL. the worst thing is that sometimes… Derek knows Stiles is upset about something and he wants to TELL HIM IT’S OKAY, THINGS WILL BE OKAY. and once, Stiles watched Derek get taken down on the lacrosse field, heard him crack two ribs even though no one else did and was OUT OF HIS SEAT AND RUNNING TOWARDS HIM before he realised and stopped, clung to a bleacher and watched in a panic until he saw Derek get up again. hated that he was even worried for the douche.

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First of all as a Cser I love how fair you are to Csers in your metas and congratulate us when we get something good in reviews. I like to read a Neal essay on his suppose plan to end magic. The few sfers I found said it was a retcon and Csers feel it makes neal worse. I don't want to dig through post to find things negative about Cs. I was wondering if you could tell me your explanation

Thank you, GoodShipJollyRoger!Anon– I love my CS followers. You pose an interesting question about Neal and magic because Neal is a tricky character.

Originally posted by lookin-for-my-happy-ending

Own that ambiguity!

My short answer is:

  • Young Baelfire = Yes, destroy magic
  • Flashback Neal = No, that’s not cool, man
  • Corporate Neal = Maaaaaybe?
  • S3 Neal = Yes, if magical people agree (Note: this is hypothetical as post-Manhattan Neal never got a chance, alas)

Confused? Well, so am I … but let’s explore, shall we?

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“Poor Harry”: A Play

(or, basically, a very unconventional dramione fanfic)

[A one-act play about secrets, blackmail and psychological trauma] (notes at the end)



                                                Act I, Scene 1

(The stage is divided in two parts: Stage right is some Hogwarts’ corridor; Stage left is completely dark. Harry Potter enters from stage right, panting. He just saw something very horrible involving his best friend and the biggest asshole he’s ever met, and only wants to get away from it. He’s so disturbed he doesn’t notice Blaise Zabini’s presence behind him)

Blaise: Potter. Take a sit. (Harry turns around, to face Blaise Zabini, sitting on the floor with a considerable amount of beers at hand)

Harry: (Stuttering) E-excuse me?

Blaise: Take a sit.

Harry: I- why?

Blaise: You look like you need a beer.

Harry: And you are offering me one because…? (Harry stops, to stare at Blaise with a wary expression. Blaise stares back. There is something in his eyes that… Harry’s eyes widen) Wait. Wait. WAIT-

Blaise: (Unshaken) I’m waiting. But you know what cannot wait? This innocent, cold, delicious beer. Don’t make me drink it, I’ve already had four. Maybe that’s why I’m doing this in the first place.

 Harry: You know.

Blaise: (Cocks his head to the side) I know what?

Harry: You- you- know.

Blaise: I always try to be impartial when Draco calls you are a complete idiot, but I’m starting to reconsider his words.

Harry: When?

Blaise: When did I-? (Sighs) I don’t know, uh- six months ago?


Blaise: Was it six months ago? I remember it was right before Christmas. They were under a mistletoe, and I was like, ‘Uh, well, it’s just a mistletoe.’ I didn’t tell anybody because they totally freaked out when they saw me. I thought it was funny.

Harry:  And then…?

Blaise: Take a sit, Potter. This is going to be wild. (Reluctant, Harry sits next to Blaise, who offers him a beer. He takes it, after a brief moment of hesitation. Blaise nods wisely). The next week we played Truth or Dare in the Slytherin Common Room. I suspect that Draco did something to make Pansy really mad. Maybe Pansy knew about it all along and I was the only idiot who thought it was just a fucking mitletoe, or it was just the liquor Draco stole from his father. Anyway, it started like this…

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29. James Potter would be lovely

29:  “Don’t say something you’ll regret.” i can already feel the angst

“You said before winter holiday,” Remus said offhandedly as he scratched over part of his Charms essay. He glanced over at James who sat at the couch beside him. The Gryffindor common room was empty, but James kept looking around frantically as if someone was eavesdropping.

“It’s not even December yet,” James replied irritably, snapping his attention back to his own essay. “And keep it quiet, Moony. Anyone could walk in.”

“You and I both know Lily went to bed hours ago. It’s two in the morning – we can send students to their dorms if they’re out this late. You’ve never had a problem telling someone to shove off before. No one’s going to overhear us.” Remus glanced at one of his papers, nodded, and continued writing.

“I don’t see why you keep bringing this up. Even if I do ask her, there’s no way she’d say yes,” James said, doing his best to keep focus on his writing. 

“She wouldn’t turn you down like last time. You spend so much time together,” Remus reminded him. James’s face when slightly pink, but he kept his voice composed.

“I spend a lot of time with you, Moony, but I’m not about to ask you to Hogsmeade on a date.”

“Well that’s not very nice. We’ve been to Hogsmeade dozens of times, are you telling me this has all been a lie?” Remus said in a wounded voice, but he couldn’t hide his grin when James shoved him to the side.

“You know what I mean you git. But Lily…she’s not interested in me like that. I couldn’t make our friendship…” James shrugged, struggling to find the right words, and shook his head. For a moment, Remus said nothing as if he were debating to say what was on his mind, then opened his mouth.

“Well,” he said slowly, not looking at James, “If I told you I knew Michael Abbott was planning on asking Lily to go to Hogsmeade with him…would that change your mind?” He glanced over cautiously, noting that James sat up a little straighter and his eyes widened.

“How do you…why would…Lily wouldn’t say yes to an idiot like Abbott. He’s…” James sputtered, running a hand through his hair roughly.

“He’s handsome, nice, Hufflepuff’s Quidditch captain, and a N.E.W.T. student. And Lily fancied him back in fourth year,” Remus answered casually, knowing he had struck gold.

“You can’t be sure about that…”

“You know Lily and I got along well when we were prefects together, she’d ask what I thought about these things. Not to mention she wasn’t very good at hiding it. And I overheard Michael talking to his friends in Arithmancy.”

“Why are you telling me this?” James said, completely ignoring his essay at this point. “If you know she’d want to say yes to that prat then why would she –”

“James. Really? You’re going to make me do this?” Remus looked over, sighed, and set his papers aside. “You were full of it fifth year. I could hardly stand being around you and Sirius at times. But now, you’re tolerable. Sure, still overly confident, but you’re also a Quidditch captain and a N.E.W.T. student, you’re Head Boy, and you only jinxed Avory the other week because he was getting on Sirius’s case. Two years ago you would’ve jinxed him just to get a laugh at breakfast.”

“So?” James said, trying to keep his demeanor stiff, but his voice was considerably more relaxed.

So Lily wouldn’t even waste her breath on you if she wasn’t interested. She wouldn’t offer to be your partner in Potions if she wasn’t interested.” Remus said, biting back impatience. “She wouldn’t get up in the mornings to eat breakfast with you before a Quidditch match – even though she always says how much she loves sleeping in late on the weekends.”

“Friends do that –” James said, but Remus held up a hand.

“You’ve fancied her since fourth year. Even after you two fought, you never stopped fancying her, and I would hate to see you give up just because you’re afraid. I mean…you took a bludger to the head, you became an animagus for me –”

“Oh come on Moony I just thought it would be fun –” James said airly, grinning, but Remus didn’t stop.

“And ever since you were eleven you said you were proud to be a Gryffindor because it meant you were brave and strong and what would your father say if he heard you gave up happiness because you were afraid of a what if?” Remus huffed. James was speechless, gaping stupidly at his friend. Remus looked over his papers, nodded, and gathered his belongings. “I’m going to get some sleep. See you in the morning, mate.” He clapped James’s shoulder and headed up to their dormitory.

James had hardly turned his attention back to his Charms essay when he heard the door open again, and he turned around groggily. “Remus I promise I’ll – oh. Er – hello Evans.” James’s face went red as Lily sat on the staircase at the back of the common room. She was smiling at him smugly, making James wonder just how long she had been there.

“How’s the essay coming?” She asked. Without waiting for an answer, she stood and crossed the room, leaning over the back of the couch to inspect his paper. James begrudgingly handed it over and cleared his throat.

“I couldn’t focus.” James muttered, averting his gaze to the dying fire.

“Was it Remus?” Lily wondered, grin still wide on her face. “I told him he should’ve left you alone. But you’re just so bad at Charms, so…” Lily snorted and handed James’s essay back to him. James made a face and swatted Lily away.

“Very funny, Evans,” James said, “I’d keep your eyes open in Potions tomorrow if I were you.” He looked over his shoulder at Lily and immediately wished he hadn’t. His mind went blank when he saw how her hair glowed in the faint firelight, how her eyes crinkled as she laughed. Lily’s gaze met his, green locked on hazel, and James could hardly process just how close their faces were.

“You realize,” Lily said, raising one brow, “If you pull a prank on me, you won’t win. I’ll just get you back some other time.” She smirked and nudged him. James chuckled a little too late and shook his head while regaining his train of thought.

“I happily accept that challenge, Evans. I have six years worth of pranks to pull from, and I have many more.” James said, his voice strained as he tried to keep calm. He angrily thought about how now would be the perfect time to ask her – no one was around, there were no distractions. And yet, James looked back at his essay and continued writing. He couldn’t form sentences, couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t get himself to ask a simple question.

“James,” Lily said, still leaning over the couch. James could feel her eyes staring at him, but he didn’t look up.

“Don’t say something you’ll regret, Evans,” James said with a light smirk. When she didn’t respond right away, James paused. He heard Lily give a sigh. She mumbled something that sounded like “what the hell” and drummed her fingers on the couch.

“If you go with me to Hogsmeade we can call it even,” Lily said a little too loudly, and James dropped his quill. His mouth fell open and his heart felt constricted. Had he heard that correctly?

“I…uh, er…is this…did someone put you up to this?” James’s voice was higher than usual, and he could feel his hands shaking.

“Yes, James. With my incredibly busy schedule the next thing I need is to lead someone on and crush their spirits. No. James come on I just spent all day talking to Remus and he said I should go for it, and it took me all night to work up the courage, and I’d rather not go back up to my dormitory to cry to Marlene because you thought I asked you on a date as a joke.”

The two stayed there, red-faced and staring at one another until James blurted out, “But what about Michael Abbott?” Lily snorted and shook her head furiously.

“What about him, James? I’m not asking him, am I? Now can you please just give me an answer?” Lily was shaking with laughter and James couldn’t help but join in.

“Lily how could I say no? I’ve been dreaming – well not dreaming – but I mean…I’ve…how can…” James was breathless, his grin so wide he felt his face would tear. He didn’t bother trying to hide his excitement, causing Lily to bury her face in her hands as she laughed. And the Charms essay didn’t seem to matter, their lack of sleep could wait. It seemed fitting, somehow, to sit up for the rest of the night and talk about pointless things, because there would be no more nights of doubt or worry.

His Kisses

Ichihime Week Day 5: Kissing

Characters: Kurosaki Ichigo and Inoue Orihime

Pairings: Ichihime

Orihime was starting to think that Ichigo had certain kisses for certain moments. They all made her feel different and each one felt unique. She didn’t know if he did it on purpose or if it just happened accidentally but she was sure she could tell the difference between each one.

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anonymous asked:

I miss you. I'm happy your life is going awesome sauce, but I wish you'd come back. I miss my internet big sister. I miss reading your sassy Q&As. I miss having you be the trailblazer for life... you're just a touch older then me. I want you to come back and tell me I'm better off without the dude. That I'm worthy of everything. To quit the job. To follow my dream.

Last week, my passion for writing finally became my career. I moved from the project management department to the editorial team, being promoted to Managing Editor. And in the midst of my joy, I thought to myself, am I worthy of this?

I was lucky in the timing, grateful for the opportunity, and excited for what it meant for my career, but was I worthy?

We too often question how deserving we are, if we can do it, if the timing is right, but the question isn’t if we deserve it, it’s if we’re trying to earn it.

My sweet, are you worthy?

Have you done the work? Have you blistered your hands and forgone the hours of leisure to call yourself worthy? Have you the bags under your eyes? The sweat? Do you feel the insatiable energy only earned through toil? The resiliency only garnered through failure? Are you ready for your dreams to be the only things keeping you warm at night?

All of this, all of your wants, all of the pain of lying on the couch of life wishing there was something more, wishing things were better than leftovers and the same bar every night, wishing the arms around you didn’t leave you feeling cold, all of this wishing is wasting. It’s wasting your time, it’s wasting your opportunities, it’s wasting life.

You want to be worthy? You need to stop missing and start taking action.

Life doesn’t get better because some angry woman on the internet tells you to make it better. It gets better when you get fed up. It gets better when you make a decision to change things, when you schedule a meeting with your boss to say, “this is what I want and why I think it will work.” It gets better when you clean your face, when you use your body, when you understand that loneliness is not a lifetime sentence for misery but a chance to work hard and furiously and without rest.

Every time you think, “why wasn’t that me,” also think, “did I ask for it? Did I work for it? Did I focus and fight for it?” Because if you didn’t, that’s why it wasn’t you. No one is out there handing out good graces and great jobs. They’re out there hustling for their own.

If you want to follow your dream, you need to follow it closely and with vengeance every day of your life, lest it get away from you and you find yourself lost amongst the woods of “this’ll do” and “maybe one day.” You’re about to get older. You’re about to feel time change. You’re about to wonder where the year went. You’re about to go to bed before 10pm every night and not have the energy to hustle. And what will you have shown?

You want to be worthy? You really want to be worthy? Because you’re gonna have to sweat for it. You’re gonna have to embarrass yourself with effort over and over again. You’re gonna need to get shot down and have your feelings hurt and be honest about what you want. And most importantly, you’re gonna need to learn to do it on your own. The right essay, the right song, the right pick-you-up companion won’t always be there. You won’t always have time for the pep talk. The only way to be better off, to be worthy, to follow your dream is to make the decision to do it and to do it every day.

Go to a mirror. Go to a mirror in your room, in the bathroom, in your car, go to a mirror where the only judge and jury is you, and tell yourself what you want. Look yourself in the eye and talk to yourself about what you want until make a decision. Maybe you won’t know what’s right for this year, or even tomorrow, but decide what you want today and then do something to earn it.

That’s what makes you worthy. That’s what makes you better.

anonymous asked:

I don't remember Koujaku's backstory being so stereotypical? He's very inconsistent! Koujaku was mad because the jealous wife beat his mom. She was one of his dad's girlfriends, but not a cowering domestic abuse victim in the drama CD. N+C overexaggerated to make the story more pitiful? She was nothing but an extorted pawn USED AGAINST a kid, weak, and a martyr who still didn't protect her kid. I imagined she at least made an effort, but that's not even true. This makes less sense than before!

As anon maybe I have to make disclaimers when talking about “domestic abuse” in fictional yaoi drama CDs. Abuse is abuse but Koujaku’s family circumstances were twisted into an even worse, more exaggerated situation. I’m criticizing the inconsistent writing. I label the mom ‘weak’ due to the summary. The stereotypical tactics to get sympathy for his story is poor (Yo mama a cliche, Koujaku). Portraying a parent’s role in abusive situations is ALSO touchy, and this was still not written well.

At first I was really confused as to why you’re even sending me this in the first place, but then I remembered that I’m regarded as the resident Koujaku expert, so I guess it’s to be expected.

I’m sure you meant well, anon, but this kind of struck a nerve for me so prepare for an unnecessary essay.

One of the things that I’ve always admired about Koujaku’s character is how realistic he is. He’s suffered through a great deal in his life, and is understandably damaged by it. Koujaku has built up a number of emotional barriers, putting on a false act around others. When he’s alone with Aoba, those barriers come down, and he turns into a sappy, dorky little mess. He hides this true self; his vulnerable self, away in favor of a smooth, ego-inflated persona to be used in public places. Because of this, he appears to be a genuinely happy person.

Sadly, that’s far from the truth.

Koujaku clearly suffers from depression (yet another thing that’s beautifully expanded upon in the drama cd, as my bae Madelezabeth points out). His struggle with depression is heart-wrenching, because it’s so wonderfully written. It makes you wonder how much of the Koujaku you see in game is a façade, and how much is his true, unfiltered personality. Anyone who has struggled with depression could agree that this is a very realistic interpretation. At times, it can be overwhelmingly difficult to distinguish yourself from your depression, and you can begin to wonder where your depression ends, and where you begin. As a result of his deep set emotional baggage, he romanticizes the one bit of happiness that he remembers from his childhood; Aoba. This is also a very understandable trait, and serves in making his character all the more realistic.

So, with such a complex character, it’s only expected that his mother is just as complex, right?

Abuse is abuse but Koujaku’s family circumstances were twisted into an even worse, more exaggerated situation. I’m criticizing the inconsistent writing.

In Koujaku’s route, it’s established that his father would beat him. I believe it’s also implied that he received some of the scars on his back through domestic abuse. Let me pose one questions to you, anon.

In a household where the father is blatantly abusing a child, is it likely that he then chooses not to abuse his mistress as well?

There are cases of spousal abuse where the child remains unharmed. However, if a parent strikes their child, they will most certainly strike their significant other, let alone a mistress with little to no respect in the household.

Now, that’s all simple enough. We’ve established that Koujaku’s mother was an abuse victim. Let’s move on to her reaction. Or rather, your reaction to her reaction-

She was nothing but an extorted pawn USED AGAINST a kid, weak, and a martyr who still didn’t protect her kid. I imagined she at least made an effort, but that’s not even true.

Okay, I’m going to have to stop you there.

Let me just say, I completely understand your frustration. His mother wasn’t defending herself or her son, which was a very bad reaction to have. The thing that makes this so realistic, however, is the fact that she reacts this way.

I’m very well educated in emotional manipulation, which can be achieved through physical and/or verbal abuse. I’ve seen a lot of it, and I’ve experienced a lot of it.

It’s one of the most disgusting feelings I’ve ever experienced. To know you’re being manipulated, to realize how utterly weak you are, is incredibly frustrating. It’s frustrating to the people around you, but it’s mostly frustrating to yourself. You’re very aware that you should be standing up for yourself or others, but you can’t. The abuser has molded and manipulated you through fear and degradation, and you simply can’t break the mold.

It’s degrading, and you know you’re being manipulated, but you can’t change it. You become convinced that you’re completely worthless, unworthy of helping yourself.

In short: you feel stuck. You’re stuck, and there’s no way out, and it’s infuriating and unfair and holy shit you want to change it so bad, but in the end you’re still just stuck.

She feels ultimately responsible for what’s happening, but can do nothing to fix it. If she stands up for herself, she’ll only receive more punishment. If her son stands up for her, he’ll only receive more punishment. She’s unable to change the situation at hand and all she can do is repeatedly apologize for what her son has to go through because of her. This also ties into her whispering “I’m sorry” over and over before dying in front of Koujaku (ouch). In her eyes, she’s been nothing but a burden for Koujaku. Everything was her fault; the tattoo, the abuse, everything.

She’s convinced herself that she’s useless.

So, yes. Get annoyed at her reaction, because that’s what you’re supposed to feel. Abuse victims rarely react how we would want them to, which is the very reason abuse continues to happen. It’s a cliché story because it’s something that happens every day, all over the world.

And that’s what makes characters like this so very real.

hoetrera  asked:

omg your post (/post/95419801212/second-of-three-requests-for-the-anon)~ will you be doing anything else with it BECAUSE I AM IN LOVE~

[i’m so sorry this is so late] but bro, that AU, where gray and juvia are childhood friends who grew up together? i have so many headcanons it’s literally insane, brace yourself

and please listen to it was always you by maroon 5 because it is literally the theme of this story omg

again this is SUPER LONG so buckle in and enjoy the ride/my messy headcanons/my notes lol

  • juvia’s parents died when she was young so little gray, who’s a year older than her, and his parents make it a point to look after her

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anonymous asked:

I dont like what my story's plot ended up being (really long and going nowhere) so I'm gonna scrap it and start over. What do I need to know about plot strucutre and stuff so I can avoid doing that again?

[record scratch]

Hold on a minute.You know what really frosts my cookies? When writers don’t see the value in their past work, and so they chuck it out.

Do not scrap anything. Do not scrap anything. EVER.

Keep it—hide it in a sock drawer, shove it in the back of your closet, tape it to the underside of your desk or something if you can’t stand to look at it, but do not throw it away. It might be frustrating right now to think of how it turned out vs. everything you wanted it to be, but do not throw it away please I am begging you.

Someday, you can look back on it and remember that amazing turn of phrase at the end of the chapter. You can pull lines of dialogue and remold them to the new plot, the new story, the new characters. You can go back with a red pen and vengeance and whip it into shape. And someday, you might look back on it and be able to say, with a smile and a little nod, “Yeah. This is where it started.” Don’t deprive yourself of that opportunity.


If you’re stuck with a meandering plot, it might do you some good to go back to the basics. Let’s look at a few different plot structures (vastly simplified)—whichever you like best/want to try/think will work, give it a go!

Five-Point Structure

Five-point structure is a good place to start if you’re struggling with corralling a wandering plot. Narrow it down to your main plot and assign events to one of the points to get a stronger sense of what the truly important events in the story are and when they take place. Five-point structure works for subplots, too!

Exposition: In which you introduce the characters, the problem, the world, etc.
Rising Action: In which it starts getting harder for the characters to solve the problem.
Climax: In which the problem comes to a head.
Falling Action: In which you show the aftermath of dealing with the problem (be it successfully or not—not all climaxes end favorably!).
Resolution: In which you tie up all the loose ends of the plot.

With five-point, you can take your existing plot and see if/how it fits into the structure. Where does it start to fall off the rails? Why? What changes are you willing to make to bring it back on track?

LOCK System

LOCK system might do you some good if you have a lot of subplots/multiple plotlines and have started to lose focus on what the main goal is.

Lead: Your lead character, of course!
Objective: What does the Lead want? What is their goal?
Conflict: What is preventing the Lead from reaching the Objective?
Knockout: How are you going to knock the reader’s socks off with a great ending?

LOCK feels a little less step-by-step than five-point, but can get you started towards building a five-point or other structure by getting you to ask specific questions about the story you want to tell. When you’re forced to narrow it down to one lead and one objective, you weed out a lot of information that might not be necessary to tell the bare-bones story. (You can, of course, still keep the extra/add it back in—LOCK would just help you identify the basic parts of your story).

Sdrawkcab Structure

Write it backwards because you’re a rebel! I do this a lot since I write out of order, and I usually end up writing climactic/plot important scenes first. Here’s how it normally goes:

The Climax: Wham! Bam! Exciting things are happening! I have an idea of how the story is meant to go, and I’m writing the climax because it’s exciting and I want to and no one can stop me.
The Ending: This is the goal. This is where I want to go. Now that the ending is down on paper/screen, I have a tangible thing to build the rest of the story towards.
The Breadcrumbs: These are the other important events that ultimately lead to the climax and ending. They are usually important to the plot and character development, and act as the breadcrumb trail leading to the end.
Wait, How Did I Get Here?: This is the rest of the stuff—the middle bits, the subplots, the breather chapters, etc.

Writing backwards/out of order works for some writers (like me) and drives other writers up the wall. Using any set structure form or checklist can be hit and miss until you figure out what works for you and why. Out of order works for me because I am a global thinker and enjoy fitting things into the big picture, a bit like a puzzle. Meanwhile, Dev is a linear thinker and enjoys writing things in order, step by step. (I once suggested he write an essay beginning with the conclusion and he looked at me as if I’d told him I had undeniable proof that the moon is made of cheese.)

How you approach your plot’s structure is totally up to you, these are just a few different ways. Mix and match and try new things until you figure out what works. If nothing works in the end, you may be a strong Pantsing spirit—perhaps your talent lies in editing to make it flow after you finish. If that’s the case, give it a try! Don’t give up on yourself if you’re frustrated. It’s ok to get stuck, there are lots of ways to get unstuck.

And please don’t throw any writing away. Please.