things i do when i should be doing schoolwork

mmm authority figures in school actually used to punish me for my asthma a lot… I would get snapped at a lot for coughing cause they thought I was faking it to get out of things, or trying to be disruptive on purpose.

turns out, when you get bad grades, anything you do can be used as justification to harm you!!! because anything you do that isn’t schoolwork (bathing, sleeping, having asthma attacks, going to the grocery store, visiting yer dad) is evidence that you’re bad at school on purpose!!!!!

I was too scared to get a rescue inhaler until I was TWENTY FOUR, because I was terrified the doctor would tell me I didn’t need one and I should stop being lazy

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🔥 that 'write what you want' 'purity wank' nonsense that's been flaring up like a bad case of herpes.

That I have an opinion on “purity wank” that doesn’t support fandom claiming criticism of kinks/tropes as an assault of their right to sexual expression apparently makes it an unpopular stance to take.

That being said, here’s another unpopular opinion (truly directed at people who believe “purity wank” is what happens when we talk about how slavery isn’t sexy and neither is dehumanizing people of color so they can be sex objects to white characters):

If you’re going to talk about “purity wank” as it actually exists in fandom, at least talk about the things that we’re actually seeing happen and that are exemplary of a focus on purity and keeping ships “pure”. You know, like how all of these young'uns are out here calling slash ships and shipping “sin” and “trash”, like that’s actually a problem that y'all haven’t managed to solve either and it’s a bit more harmful than people pointing out problematic and harmful focuses in fandom.

Like… instead of taking fans’ thoughts on how white women are consistently using their desire and their sexualities to silence comments made by fans of color about how racist fandom can be as an attack, maybe try and figure out how to:

a) educate young shippers who are out here genuinely calling actual sexual expression and queerness in fandom “sinning” even if they’re applying it to ships or “joking” because that shit is actual purity wank

b) accept criticism and maybe think of ways to make fandom welcoming (since “safe spaces” don’t exist for anyone but the people in power apparently) for marginalized fans who see their seuxalities or avenues to sexual expression constantly ignored, dismissed, shot down in fandom discussions because you’re too busy wailing and calling that “purity wank”.

Whenever I see the phrase “purity wank” used non-ironically especially as it relates to fans of color talking about racism/misogyny in fandom spaces, I want to shake the OP and demand that they grow some empathy and think about why they feel like only certain people get to center in these discussions about sexuality we’re supposedly having when we go “please stop objectifying MOC” or “writing about BBCs is racist because it dehumanizes Black men” or “this ‘trope’ is racist and eroticizes harmful history”.

Like why is “purity wank” the term you use to dismiss people talking about certain “tropes” and preferences fandom has come to adore? Is it that “kinkshaming” currently inspires cackling from people who hear it because it’s almost as silly a term as “reverse racism” in terms of “things that do not actually oppress people”?

Also, another unpopular (or slightly unexpected??) opinion:

I am actually a huge fan of writing what you want. I write what I want all the time. This is what I’m doing right now both in responding to you and in the Luke Cage and Doctor Strange posts I’m currently writing. It’s what I do when I write fiction – original and otherwise. I write whatever the hell I want and then deal with what I’ve written afterwards, deciding whether to scrap it or share it and how that’ll affect people who interact with it.

And honestly, I don’t think anyone should write things that they don’t want to write outside of schoolwork. That’s weird and it doesn’t lend to good writing or honest, inoffensive narratives. It leads to resentment and terrible, clunky writing.

But I need people to understand that “write what you want” isn’t a shield that you get to hold up to bat criticism away. Because writing what you want and posting what you want are two different things. You can physically write whatever you want and no one can stop you. But once you put that thing out there well…

There’s nothing about “write what you want” that says that other people can’t write what they want either… You know, like criticisms of the thing you wrote.  Like… I think it’s hilarious when people are like “you can’t say that, let people write what they want” in response to my posts or tweets because hey, we are both exercising our rights here.

If you get to write what you want and it gets to be problematic as fuck, at the very least, I get to make blog posts or tweets talking about it because that’s what I want to write about.

Fair’s fair, right?


“I walk away from a lot of things in life when it does me head in. School, I hated it, I was rubbish at it… didn’t complete it. Haven’t got married have I? Again something else I haven’t really finished. There’s some wallpapering that needs doing, haven’t finished properly. I didn’t even get any sort of badges for swimming when I was at school.

Unless it’s a packet of biscuits I don’t finish it…”

Finish Your Stuff: But Why Do I Have to Finish Now?

One of the most vexing part of writing is all the little distraction demons running about; tumblr, youtube, that book sitting on your desk, the dishes, the laundry, the schoolwork you should have finished last week. All distractions (except for that schoolwork, maybe you should do that) whisper their sweet little lies to you, all focused on one thing. You have plenty of time. You can do it later.

Fuck that noise. 

When I was young I went to an ill-advised Baptist summer camp and remained heartily confused for a good chunk of my (former) Catholic upbringing. Along with declaring the one character of the skit shows, a racist portrayal of a Chinese kung-fu master, would go to hell because he wasn’t Christian (seriously, fuck this camp), one of their skits was the devil trying to convince someone to put off stuff until later. Well a stopped clock is right at least once a day, because your distractions are the devil and they are trying to stop you from getting stuff done. 

Why You Should Do Your Work Now and Not Later

  • The more you put it off, the more it stays not done. It’s not gonna finish itself, as nice as that would be. Finishing your stuff requires working on your stuff, no matter how hard it is.
  • The more time you waste, the more you let those good ideas slip away. Ever had an idea you didn’t write down because you were ‘busy”? Can’t remember it now, can you? You might get it back, but you might not, and all that would help is if you kept your focus on what you should be doing.
  • Breaks are important–when they are needed. Your mind is great at tricking you to click off to check tumblr just because it’s there. Don’t do it. Turn the wi-fi off and leave it off, if it’s that tempting
  • There needs to be a solid end to your break. Plan your breaks. Set timers, go for a limited walk, schedule, but be sure you’re back at your work area in time to get cracking again. 
  • Remember that you promised you would do this at the start of the month. I still have that bat. 

~Agent Black

Things you Miraculers whom don’t want to be spoiled by the Korean airing of the origin episodes can do to avoid spoilers
  • Get Tumblr Savior and/or Washboard and download it. 
  • Go on the blacklist and cram in all of those tags relating to the origin episode spoilers for good measure. (ex #ml origins, #mlorigins, #originepisode, #ml origin spoilers, etc.) You can never have too many blacklist items.
  • Hope that the people you follow that are going to watch the episodes remember to properly spoil tag and put them under read mores. (For those of you watching the episodes, please do this for the sake of the people whom want to wait to watch the episodes, ty)
  • Avoid mobile Tumblr anyway just in case.

Disclaimer: And even then, you’ll still be at risk of spoilers on Tumblr and onsocial media in general. Do as you will, but you if you want to for sure not be spoiled, avoid most sites concerning the fandom for at least a couple days following the airing (I recommend at least three days, but at least five might be safer) . And keep the blacklist tags until mid-March (when I think the French dub of the episodes are supposed to air). 

And don’t make death threats please. That’s rude and you can’t control what people reblog which isn’t to your liking.

On the bright side, if you choose to stay away from Tumblr for a few days, you can spend more time doing other things in life you’ve been slacking off on instead of crying over the infamous love square. 

  • Homework/schoolwork/studying (I should be doing this right now)
  • Write a story
  • Hang out with your friends
  • Tell your parents you love them
  • Allow FE:F to overtake your life instead (….what’s really happening to me right now)
  • Actually sleep at a decent hour
  • Try a new hobby
  • Make some DIY projects
  • And much more

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Hey, i just want to ask for advice. You are one of my favorite others out here and we are graduating the same years too (different school, massart student here) and one of my downside in producing art is that i only draw for my classes but when i don't need to i don't draw. I just want to ask, how do i made myself draw more that it become a instinct instead of logging in on tumblr more so than to draw. You are someone who draw everyday and i want to do that bc i don't want to have art blocks thk

aw thanks! the most helpful thing is to remove the separation between schoolwork and personal work; all art should be personal, and you should be enjoying yourself – which i know can be difficult in some classes/settings. but art that clearly shows passion/enjoyment is, to me, the most important thing. when i made that realization, i started to love what i did a lot more and be less stressed in general.

it helps to remember what you enjoy about making art - for example, storytelling, character creation, building worlds, sending messages. or even just remembering what got you into art in the first place - for me it was watching animated movies and reading fairytales as a kid. take that inspiration & try to run with it as much as you can. because what keeps us going isn’t just skill but sustained passion

I like rules and regulations.

I like having fun, as we all due, but I actually prefer it when it’s controlled and within guidelines.

Being able to to anything and everything you want isn’t the only way to enjoy things.

At school, I liked strict rules because the more people were kept under control, the easier it was to focus on schoolwork during lessons.

In work I like lots of rules so there’s more organisation and it’s harder to veer down the wrong path and do your work wrong.

If a rule is obscene and blatantly oppresses people, or is harmful in some way, then it should be defied, but other than that when rules exist it’s generally for a good reason, so you do well to stick by them.