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Sherlock practically insists on butting in on Mycroft’s love life, or lack thereof, in The Empty Hearse. I mean, he’s genuinely concerned that his big brother is lonely. I couldn’t help but wonder if Sherlock felt lonely in that area of his life as well.

Not long after that scene, we see Molly come over at Sherlock’s request to solve crimes with him. He looks nervous waiting for her arrival and asking her to do so. Sherlock doesn’t get anxious about minuscule things like that… unless it wasn’t minuscule to him at all. See where I’m heading with this?

Why is there like super romantic music playing as he asks her? What’s up with that? Then there’s the part where he’s talking to the client saying, “and you really thought he was the one didn’t you? The love of your life.” He gives Molly this LOOK. Oh and both cases in 221B are relationship involved. He’s much kinder to these clients than we normally see. Is this a ‘hey, look, I can be sensitive too’ thing? Idk.

In conclusion… the smirks, eye contact, silly faces, shared observations, giggling together at ‘mind the gap,’ THE FUCKING ASKING HER OUT FOR CHIPS AND THEN WATCHING HIS HEART BREAK WITH THAT DAMN SMILE HE GIVES HER BEFORE KISSING HER CHEEK AND WALKING AWAY.


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Did you know that after Sherlock finishes a case he sleeps for basically two days straight? Usually as a doctor I’m all for him getting over his brain working on overdrive this way.

But the one time I desperately needed to talk to Sherlock after the… events of last night, I come back to the flat and he’s sound asleep on the sofa.

If he wants to talk about this then he can. I’m not going to make him tell me about his life or his… history. Who am I to force him to do that? I’ll be here until he chooses to talk to me and if I act as a “distraction” from drugs even for a little while, then at least I’m doing a good thing until then.

In the meantime, I’ll wait. He needs the rest. A few of you have asked me to write up everything that has happened so I’ll do that as soon as possible, but I think I need the rest, too. 

Making your acquaintance (fem!mystrade <3)

Mycroft blinks in surprise at her sister’s text:

You’re too early. Drive around in a circle a few more times. -S

Oh, she will do no such thing. Mycroft raps on the glass divider. 

“Stop the car.”

She has hardly opened the door when the realisation hits her, just why Sherlock was trying to avoid her again. Yellow tape. Police. Cars. And Sherlock, standing in the middle of it all, in typical rant mode, hands flying every which way. 

Mycroft rolls her eyes. “Oh, Jesus Christ.” She storms forward. “Arrested, sister mine?” 

Her voice is deliberately loud, and Sherlock cringes as she spots her. 

“I told you to wait,” she replies.

“You are being ridiculous. Utterly-” Mycroft takes a deep breath. “Come on. We’re going.”

But, before she’s even considered how to persuade Sherlock to actually get into the car, an even louder voice bellows across to them.

“Oi! Just who the hell do you think you are?”

Mycroft does a double take as another young woman joins them, striding across with confidence, white shirt sleeves rolled up in a way that could only suggest outrage.

“Well?” the woman says, hands on hips now. 

Sherlock snorts.

Mycroft clears her throat and vaguely wonders why she fears becoming tongue-tied. “I am Sherlock’s sister.”

It’s the woman’s turn for a double take, now. She gapes at Sherlock. “You never told me you have a sister!”

Sherlock shrugs. “Evidently. Must have slipped my mind.”

And the woman is glancing between them, back and forth, with the beginnings of a smirk. “Actually, I can see the resembl-”

“Oh God, please don’t-”

“Excuse me,” Mycroft cuts across them. “If I could just clarify exactly what damage my sister has wrought and I’ll be able to pay a sum of-”

“Eh?” The woman is staring at her, and Mycroft feels odd- as if she’s in some sort of spotlight. “God, don’t you know? Your sister’s a genius. She’s working on a case for me. Got the lads bloody clueless, let me tell you, don’t know what we’d do without her.”

Mycroft blinks in confusion again. Of course, Sherlock’s genius is not a surprise, but the fact that she is actually… well. She’s doing very well indeed.

Mycroft clears her throat. “Men are idiots, anyway.”

The woman laughs. Mycroft likes the sound- un-apologetically raucous. “Too right. And a nightmare at work. At everything, really.”

Mycroft smiles. “Always.”

“Oh, what line are you in?”

She considers, and studiously ignores Sherlock’s grin. “Politics,” she replies, which is true as it stands.

The woman grins. “Ooh, hark at you. Right, dear,” she nods at Sherlock. “Are you free to go over that with me one more time?”

Sherlock actually hesitates, and Mycroft internally winces. She decides to say nothing, and she heartens at her sister’s confident reply when she realises Mycroft will not interrupt her: 


Mycroft has already began to step back when the woman looks earnestly at her, and she freezes.

“We’ll only be another ten minutes, that alright with you?”

Once more, Mycroft blinks. “…I suppose I can go on a short drive.”

“Cracking.” The woman sticks out her hand. “Georgia Lestrade. But, don’t call me that. George works.”

Mycroft shakes her hand. “Mycroft Holmes.”

“You never told me your name,” Sherlock says indignantly.

George (George, Mycroft’s mind echoes) tuts. “You cheeky beggar, you’ve stolen my ID, how can you not know…”

Ten minutes later, Mycroft promptly returns. She opens the car door and slides out to give Sherlock room, only to nearly trip on the kerb at the sight of George Lestrade standing there.

Sherlock shuts the car door. They both ignore this.

George runs a hand through her hair. “Listen, Mycroft, can I ask you…”

Her heart is categorically not in her throat. “Yes?”

George grins. “Why are you carrying around an umbrella like that in summer?”

Mycroft blushes. To tell the truth, she almost forgets that it’s hooked over her forearm. “It goes with the image,” she lies.

“So I see.” George winks at her. “Maybe.. explain more at a… well, don’t know if you do pubs.”

“Fish and chips,” Mycroft says quickly, and feels her face growing even hotter.

“Uh- alright, then. Fish and chips. Sounds perfect.”

There’s a laugh in that, but it’s not mockery, which Mycroft appreciates. It could even pass as… fond.

She shakes George Lestrade’s hand one last time, and braces herself for a teasing car journey with Sherlock.

(tags with folk interested under the cut! This is my first try at fem mystrade, but I’d love to do more <3)

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Fanworld as a person

Me:I’m bored and sad

Fanworld:Hey come with me



*they both walk and see a cave*

Me:What is this?

Fanworld:Enter and you’ll see

Me:Wow!this is amazing!But wait,what are you doing?

Fanworld:I’m just closing the enter…*locks it*

Me:Fuck.There’s no exit.Well,I’m gonna read the fanfics.

Last Call (part 1) - Sherlock x reader

A/N: Hello, everyone! So, this is my first time ever writing anything Sherlock related, and I’ve also never in my life written anything with a reader, so excuse my ordinary attempt at it…
This supposedly takes place during 2x03, but I’ve changed some things to fit the plot, so the timing is a little bit different.
Also, this is a new writing blog, so if you want to read more like this, don’t hesitate to follow me!

Word count: 4252
Warnings: angst, mentions of suicide

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[Part 2]

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Magical Realism and Johnlock

Some of my favorite-ever fics from my favorite-ever genre.

I am not including Potterlock or His Dark Materials (really their own genres!), anything involving a very Dark or Murdery Sherlock or John, or Wingfic/Angels/Demons, and also I probably will not have a terrible lot of werewolves or vampires here because those are not really my thing.

Please remember to check the tags first before reading, especially for main character death which is featured in some of these (in an impermanent fashion).

Please remember that I am a human being with my own personal opinions and tastes and therefore stories that other people might find quintessential may not be featured here.

If there is a fic you love/fic you wrote that is not on the list for some reason, it’s not a personal slight.  It just means it wasn’t my thing or that I didn’t get around to reading it (or that I got very lazy at the end of making this list and just stopped reading and curating before I got to that one).

I will do my best to @ authors if I know their URLs.

All summaries are from AO3, none of them are written by me.

Bullet points by my special favorites.

Enjoy the magic and the sparkles. 🎇

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attention, attention!!

“Hi, everyone! This is Steve. Me and Tony have some news for you all—”

“I don’t like this.”

“You don’t like what?”

“I don’t like him being here. I know that Winchesters and Wolf couple deserved their happily ever after, but do we have to have him here? We don’t need another smartass around.”

“Tony, it won’t be so bad. Just give him a chance.”

“Fine. But I am still the smartest person here.”

“Oh, you meant– I thought–”

“You thought I meant…? HAH! I knew you had a thing against Canadians!!”

“What? Don’t be– I don’t–! Okay, maybe we should let them introduce themselves. Come up, guys, and tell us something about yourselves!”

“Hey. I’m Peter Parker or your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. I’m finishing up my master’s degree in science. I plan on going into science journalism. This is my amazing and quirky boyfriend.” *makes a hand gesture*

“I’m – wait, where did these come from? I don’t ev – what? Oh!” *tosses the sunglasses* “Hi, I didn’t see you there. I’m Deadpool, but some people call me Wade. I work for S.H.I.E.L.D. now as their merc. Long story. Peter is my wonderful boyfriend and I appreciate him putting up with everything I do.” 

“Hello. The name is Sherlock Holmes and I am the world’s only consulting detective. This is my partner, Doctor John Watson.”

“Hello everyone." 

"And Mr.Stark I will admit that you are quite knowledgeable when it comes to certain things, yet you are quite ignorant in many other regards, as is everyone else. You all see yet you do not observe. You know this and that is why you are nervous about me being here, you fear that people will begin to see that you don’t actually know everything and deep down, that terrifies you." 

“Interesting. Well, it’s nice to meet you Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson. I hope we can work together on some cases sometime.” *turns to Karen and Foggy* “Karen, Foggy, Wade and Peter are my other team, Team Red.You called them “The red guys” a while back, Foggy.”

*eyebrows rise up slightly* “I was not expecting to hear you say that you work with Deadpool and Spider-Man. Pleased to meet you.  I am also pleased to meet you both, Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson. I’m a fan of your work.”

“I am glad to have met all of you. You all are inspirational in your own ways and important to so many. I hope we can become acquaintances and eventually friends.” 

“Wow Sherlock did hit the nail on the head for Tony. *He chuckles as Sam gives him the look* “Uh right glad to have you guys here. It sure is going to be interesting have a merc and detective under one roof.”

*Sam sighs before teasing Bucky* “Bucky you better play nice or you might end up in some hot water. I made some brownies for the new couples without nuts, gluten, or eggs. Wasn’t sure if any of you had any allergies.”


“Aw, babe… Calm down, eat a brownie. It will be fine.”



two new ships joined our askblog family!

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ps. Peter Parker aka Spider-man is NOT Steve and Tony’s son. Tony and Steve are his mentors, but not fathers. as lovely as Superfamily is, please don’t push it on us here.

4Chips - Requested

Requested by anon:  Hi!can u make a one shot with Sherlock where he finds out she self harm(he couldn’t deduce it&they’re together)&he takes her out 4chips like in the lying detective&twalk around London &shows her that she doesn’t need to do this with lots of fluff?

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 2,120

Warnings: Cutting - mentions of blood, pain and depression.

A/N: This was such a release to write…


Originally posted by sir-mycroft

Sherlock was out on a case; (Y/N) calculated he would be away for at least three more hours. She had no idea what the case was about, or who ended up being the criminal, and she didn’t care at all. She needed to do it.

That day had been rough, and she was feeling less than nothing. Sherlock was far too focused on his case and ignored her, as usual. Not that she expected much from him, they had only been together for a month and Sherlock wasn’t precisely affective. But sometimes one just needs a little bit of attention.

He was a know-it-all. From the instant they met, Sherlock deduced everything about her… Almost everything about her. He always missed a detail and the one he missed on her was one of the most important part of her life, whether she liked it or not.

Hiding the scars wasn’t hard. London was a place so cold it wasn’t weird to wear sweaters and multiple layers of clothing; also, Sherlock hadn’t tried to get intimate with her, maybe his disgust for other humans or the fact that, for a whole month, he had gotten a case right after the other.

She locked herself in the bathroom, taking off all of her clothes and the small razor blade she carried in her makeup bag. Nobody had ever noticed it, she could’ve worn it as a necklace and everyone would’ve thought it was a fashion statement but it was more than that.

Her inner pain was far too hard to bear, and needed to be opaque against something else. Physical pain, yes, that was her only way out. When the brain is too focused on the outside, it forgets about the inside.

Her tears ran a second after her fingers grabbed the blade. She knew it was wrong, she knew she had to stop, but she lived in a world where no one noticed how much she ached; no one noticed her suffering, her fear… Not even the Great Sherlock Holmes, who everyone thought of a master mind, someone who no one could keep a secret from him.

“Ha-ha” (Y/N) whispered at the thought, she had hidden something from him and she hadn’t been discovered.

The cold blade ripped her skin as she moved it swiftly over her thighs. The burn gave her a sweet release, something no therapy could, but she was insatiable. She needed more than one cut to forget about his inner pain for the rest of the week. Hence, she made another one, and another one, and another one until the bathroom floor had small droplets of blood.

She stayed there, observing the red liquid running down her shivering skin. It was warm, and dark… When people thought of red liquids to forget, they usually think of wine, but this… This was more intoxicating than any wine.

She was too mesmerized by it, and so she didn’t hear when Sherlock arrived two and a half hours earlier. If she had only known that the criminal wore too many fluorescent colours to sneak in the darkness… It was harder to cut a cake than to trap him.

Sherlock noticed the locked door before even touching it. He knew (Y/N) was there, he had asked her to wait for him because Watson insisted that he owed her a date. But she was quiet, only a soft sob could be heard from afar, almost like a whisper and Sherlock – aware of the many death threats he and his friends received daily – couldn’t think of something else but to drop to the floor and try to see something from the little separation from the door to the floor.

He didn’t have a clear view, but he saw the droplets of blood as well as her bare feet next to them. Judging by her position, she was leaning over the toilet, like she had fainted, and so Sherlock panicked. He opened the door with a kick and revealed (Y/N), wearing only her underwear, with a blade in hand and with dry blood all over her legs, arms and belly.

“What did you do?” He whispered, falling to his knees.

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Imagine that Sherlock saw how another guy was flirting with you
  • <p> <b>You:</b> [waiting for Sherlock outside]<p/><b>Guy:</b> Hey! Y/N? Is that really you?<p/><b>You:</b> OMG, glad to see you! What are you doing here? [hugging him]<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> [coming to you]<p/><b>Guy:</b> You look good. [smiling]<p/><b>You:</b> [seeing Holmes] Sherlock, this is my old friend..<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> [interrupting you] who has just went out of one nice club after some passionate nights there.<p/><b>You:</b> Sherlock!<p/><b>Guy:</b> [opening his mouth in shoke] I...<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> d rather go.<p/><b>Guy:</b> [noding you and going away]<p/><b>You:</b> Holmes, you are impossible.<p/><b>Holmes:</b> He was flirting with you!<p/><b>You:</b> He just said a usual thing, Sherlock.<p/><b>Sherlock:</b> [looking into your eyes] Your beauty can not be called just "usual".<p/></p>

Because T6T has shown another evidence of how well Molly can handle Sherlock, I can imagine that in (my shipper) future when Sherlock and Molly have children, Sherlock will just suddenly be smacked by the realization that they have well adjusted little geniuses because of Molly.

It would go like this:

*Sherlock dismissing Greg without saying thank you*

*Mini-sherlock stepping in the way*: Daddy you have to say ‘Thank You’ when people do nice things to you!

*Sherlock geniunely confused but also surprised by the vehemence in his mini-me’s voice*: Why?

*Sherlock mini-me responding with a lecturing voice*: When you say thank you, they appreciate and that positive feeling encourages them to do the same thing again. Operant conditioning daddy, just like the dogs with the whistle.

*Sherlock stunned by his mini-me*

*Sherlock mini-me, holding his father’s gaze, inevitably reminding his father of the same look he receives from his wife that says “Go on, we both know I can wait this out.”*

*Sherlock concedes and turns back to Lestrade*: Thank you, Gizmo

*A stunned Lestrade just nods as his mind tries to accomodate Sherlock thanking him and also being likened to a dog*

*A still recovering from being stunned by his mini-me Sherlock, bends down to carry his tiny version*: Come on spawn, I believe Mrs. Hudson has some gingernuts for you.

*A satisfied and excited mini-me Sherlock*: Yay, I love gingernuts!

While stepping downstairs, Sherlock can’t help but stare at his tiny version. Here is a little him that can spout advanced knowledge while saying adorable, polite things in one breathe. In his arms, he is carrying a little genius who is perfectly comfortable reciting the pi and then squealing in delight when his Granny H gives him fairy cakes. Here is a little boy who can deduce who among his playmates is lying, but chooses not to do so in public and instead confronts the guilty boy in a corner so that he can coax him into telling the truth, thus minimizing the kindergarten drama without damaging his social engagements (or as he like to call them: “my buddies”).

He, Sherlock Holmes Mr-Alone-Protects-Me, has a well-adjusted genius son.

His heart swells with pride, but being Sherlock Holmes, it comes out as: The dog with the whistle is an experiment by Ivan Pavlov and it’s for classical conditioning.

*Tiny Sherlock giggling*: Oh silly me! I got them confused! It’s the one with the cats!

*Sherlock stunned again by another manifestation of his son being a well adjusted boy who does not beat himself up when he gets things wrong, unlike a certain someone.*: Yes, the one with the cats. It’s okay, you are still learning.

*Tiny Sherlock still excited about the prospect of eating his favorite nummies*: I learned it from Mummy, she said we should appreciate people and when I asked her why, she told me it makes them feel good and then she told me the stories about the dogs and then the one about the cats. Mummy taught me so much! She’s brilliant!

*Sherlock already filled with so much pride for his son, becomes inundated with pride and gratitude for his wife.*: Yes…she really is.

drugsbust  asked:

main 2 things that have been bugging me about the john's dream tfp theory: so how does john know about redbeard? and if eurus shot him wouldn't that imply that both she and the events of t6t and tld actually happened? cause i'm an emp supporter lol, and i can't see any of s4 being "real" (the glowing skull painting, everyone being ooc, water imagery, etc) and if we were suddenly to enter john's mind, then that means the events leading up to it would have to have actually happened.

1. Thank you so much for your incredible meta! I love this fandom like crazy. 2. According to the theory that TFP is John’s near-the-death dream… How can we explain this - when Sherlock found out that “Eurus killed Viktor” we hear her words about deep water and see the shots of TGG pool and (!) Reichenbach fall from TAB? Why this piece of Sherlock’s MP in John’s dream? I stuck on this…

LOVE theory of TFP being in John’s mind after he is shot! So is it Eurus that still kills him? I’ve read metas where it explains Eurus and Sherlock are the same person, so then Eurus doesn’t really exist..? But she still shoots John? Or is this in John’s min while we are still in Sherlocks MP on the HLV plane? Kind of MP inception or something? :)

so I thought I would compile these 3 asks here cause they’re all basically asking the same thing. <3

So, here’s where I’m at right now: to me a ‘Garridebs’ minisode would be the most likely way of hiding a secret ‘4th episode.’

1) It doesn’t have to be long, it could take place during the suspicious “missing 10 minutes” from John’s therapy appointment as I say here, like a Series 4 version of Many Happy Returns. 

2) The fact that I think the ending of The Lying Detective is an allusion to the James Bond ‘red’ title screen (see here) gives us a clue that this is going into John’s point of view, because of his watching Bond films. To me this also explains Moriarty’s weird “red alert/klingons/cowboys/Darth Vader” line (see here)- they’re all allusions to things John would have watched on T.V.

3) The way Mycroft is acting apparently out of character to me is explained away by this being from John’s PoV- John doesn’t think Mycroft is impressive at all, see here

 I still do like/ have written this being a dream from Sherlock’s PoV, but I’m warming to John’s version of TAB much more now because it parallels how Sherlock ended up creating TAB:

  • Sherlock is faced with a mystery: Moriarty’s ‘miss me’ message. Overwhelmed by the drugs he is taking, he loses consciousness and retreats into his mind, and invents TAB- his mind seemingly focused on solving that mystery. Except, rather than this really solving the Moriarty thing, the whole thing is dependent on him and John being together“There’s always two of us.”
  • John is faced with a mystery: Sherlock has a secret sister. He gets shot, loses consciousness from the pain and retreats into his mind, and invents TFP- his mind seemingly focused on solving that mystery. Except, rather than solving the Eurus thing (too many loose ends), the whole thing ends with John and Sherlock back in 221B.

In my opinion, this is why we are faced with a literal ‘dangling Garridebs’ scene in TFP (I can’t believe I actually typed that haha @waitedforgarridebs): it’s a clue that the real Garridebs moment going on behind the scenes is left ‘dangling’, unresolved. John is stuck in limbo, waiting for Sherlock to save him.

And his mind fixes on the last thing he was told: that Sherlock has a secret sister. He is left reeling, trying to come up with explanations. This explains the major loose thread at the beginning of TFP: we gloss past and ignore the “mutual friend” who gave Eurus Faith’s note because John still doesn’t know this. 

So, what about Redbeard? I still think John doesn’t know who/what Redbeard exactly is. All he has to go on is Sherlock’s reaction to Magnussen saying “Redbeard” in HLV. So, what does he do? I’m going to quote @marcespot here:

I think because clever–oh so clever– John, figures out what many of us have been speculating. That Sherlock just cannot be this traumatized over a dog, it is painful, yes, but a grown man still not over the loss of a dog? He saw the look on Sherlock’s face when Magnussen brought it up. It can’t be a dog. It just can’t, and John is always right. Remember John was very invested in Henry’s trauma in THoB, tellling Dr. Mortimer: “because I have another friend who might be having the same problem.” Henry had replaced the memory of a murderous man for that of a dog because he couldn’t cope. John made his deductions. Remember John announcing in TLD “I’m gonna make a deduction”. He deduced Mycroft must’ve had made up a lie to protect Sherlock from some horrible truth… why not the death of Sherlock’s only special childhood friend. Note how John equates himself with Victor because the whole point is that he thinks that’s the reason why Sherlock grew up under that imposed ‘conceal don’t feel’ lifestyle, which had to be born out of a trauma because John knows Sherlock, and how emotional, friendly and in need for a companion he is. He literally told Sherlock he needs to get himself a romantic partner! Some great loss must’ve happened for Sherlock to develop any kind of issue with interpersonal relationships, and ever choosing to put on the sociopath façade. (x)

And here’s the thing: this could both mean that John has got very close to the truth (that Redbeard is Sherlock’s past “great loss” or even love)… but to me it also explains why the Holmes family background seemed so weird and contradictory in TFP. We know that behind their facades, Mycroft and Sherlock are “ordinary”, we even have TEH show us how very ordinary Sherlock’s “lovely Mum and Dad” are.

So, why the change to this odd big Holmes mansion cliché? (x) Because John the writer, with his imagination and his adoration for Sherlock, is left reeling from the Eurus reveal. He’s trying to explain it, and to do so he simply has to go back to Sherlock’s childhood. And John is a Romantic so of course Sherlock would have this epic childhood backstory, of course John would imagine him as little Sherlock the Pirate off on adventures, after hearing Mycroft’s “Initially he wanted to be a pirate” quip. And the fact that Mycroft’s description of “the ancestral home” (there was always honey for tea) is an ALLUSION TO A POEM BY RUPERT BROOKE… just makes me think of the poet John, writing unspoken things on his laptop. Poetry or truth, John? He makes Sherlock into a Gothic Hero, and gives him a grand ancestral home, because to John Sherlock is so extraordinary, so everything around him would be, too.

Sherlock x Reader: The Baby Is Coming



said: 96 and 97 with Sherlock please! 😂❤

A/N: I’m really sorry but I couldn’t manage to get 96 in. I did try though. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. x

Warning: Swearing.

“Y/N, turn that music off!” Sherlock exclaimed.

“Ugh!” You replied and ejected the CD. “The baby liked it. They were dancing!” You placed your hands on your bulging stomach.

“Or it was kicking because it wanted you to stop.”

“Very funny." You were driving to his parents house because they had insisted that you should both come over because it was Mrs Holmes’ birthday. The baby could be born any day but it was a good thing because you didn’t mind having your baby in the countryside. It was more peaceful than the busy streets of London and the Holmes parents had a cot, which was Sherlock’s old one, and plenty of baby supplies in case the baby did arrive. Mycroft didn’t want to come, especially if a baby was on the way, but he didn’t want to anger his mother.



You felt water and you panicked. Sherlock sensed that something was wrong when you tensed up.

"What is it?” He asked.

“My water has broken!” You exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, I know where the nearest hospital is. Have you been having contractions?”


“And you didn’t tell me?”

“Well you’d probably say I was exaggerating!”

“No I wouldn’t!”

“Yes you would!” He ignored your last comment and tuned the car around. Unfortunately, the car began to break down.

“Sherlock, please tell me this isn’t happening.”

“It is.” You began to panic but he took your hand.

“Don’t worry we’ll be okay.”



You were sat at the edge of the road while Sherlock was pacing up and down calling 999. The only problem was, you were in the middle of no where.

“An ambulance is one its way,” He told you. “This is awful.”

“No shit, Sherlock!” You yelled. You were scary when pregnant.

“The only thing we can do now is wait.” Sherlock hated waiting.



In your arms was a beautiful baby boy looking up at you with eyes that mirrored your own. Sherlock was on the phone to his parents.

“Yes mother,” You heard him say.

“Y/N and the baby are okay.”

“Yes you can come and visit.”

“Oh you’re already on your way?”

“No, I have to go.”

“Bye.” He hung up quickly.

“She can talk for England,” He said to you.

“Sounds like someone else I know,” You replied smirking. He rolled his eyes. “I wonder if little Arthur here will turn out the same.” You looked down at your son.

“As long as he isn’t as reckless as I am, he will turn out just fine.” He kissed Arthur on the head before kissing you. You had a perfect little family.

When eavesdropping goes wrong...

*Mycroft, Eurus and Sherlock listening in on Jim’s conversation*

“Think I’ll pay a little visit to my favourite Holmes sibling tonight.”


Sherlock *in a rush* - “Well, best be off. Things to do…”

Eurus - “Wait; you think he’s coming to see you? Don’t be stupid; It’s me he’s visiting.”

Mycroft - “At least I can look forward to a quiet evening without interruption…or squabbling siblings.”


Sherlock *pacing impatiently*

Eurus *quietly fuming*

Mycroft *hears doorbell; wonders who it could be; realises who it could be; is pleasantly surprised.“

…because no-one listens in on Jim without him knowing, and he does so love to mess with their heads.

anonymous asked:

Headcannons for what being Sherlock's best friend since childhood would be like?

Being Sherlock’s best friend since childhood:

  • By now, you’re used to Sherlock’s antics and know he’s not very good at showing that he cares about you, but deep down you know he does. 
  • Sherlock is so so grateful that you’ve stuck by his side, and surprised at the same time. He’d be devastated to lose you.
  • The only reason you don’t move into 221B with him is because you have you own apartment which is closer to your job, but you still come visit him as much as you can. 
  • Usually you just pop in and have tea and talk about anything. You usually go to him for advice on something or advice on how to deal with people. He usually talks to you about cases or whatever interesting things he’s passionate about. Although you don’t necessarily share the same interests sometimes, you’re a good listener which Sherlock appreciates.
  • John is usually out when you come over, but the first time he meets you he’s confused. Very confused.
  • “Wait, so you said you’ve been friends with Sherlock for how long?” “Since… well, forever?” “Wow. That’s amazing.”
  • You become friends with John too pretty quickly, and sometimes he calls you when he needs help dealing with Sherlock or he’s just frustrated with him.
  • “(y/n), he’s doing it again.” “Doing what, John? Be more specific.” “Just come over here, please, or else I might punch him.” “Oh alright, give me ten minutes.” 
  • Mrs. Hudson likes you a lot too, and secretly thinks you and Sherlock would be a good couple. 
  • You influence Sherlock in a good way. You make him become more empathetic and help him show his emotions better, because we all know he doesn’t do that very well. 
  • Mycroft ‘kidnaps’ you every now and then, which you’re probably used to by now. He likes to check up on Sherlock through you, and he makes you promise to take care of him.
  • You like to give him random hugs when you can tell he’s sad. Sherlock doesn’t hug back and rolls his eyes, but it does secretly make him feel better. 
  • He gets insecure that you won’t show up one day. That you’ll see him as a freak just like everyone else and leave him.
  • “Where’s (y/n)?” “They’re on their way, Sherlock.” “It’s been two minutes, John! Why aren’t they here at their usual time?” “Sherlock, they can’t control the traffic here.”
  • But you always remind him that you’ve been his best friend since you were young, and that is not going to change anytime in the future.


okay wait one last victorian femlock thing. john going down on sherlock on the sofa and mrs hudson comes in suddenly, so john just hides partly under sherlock’s big skirt and partly under the sofa itself. and mrs hudson is like !! Miss Holmes! You look unwell, all flushed and perspiring and breathing heavy like you’re going to faint! You should have Dr Watson take a look at you. and sherlock is like, Thank you Mrs Hudson, I will definitely do that.

I’m just casually watching Silence of the Lambs. What is this?

Hannibal Lecter: People will say we’re in love.

John Watson: You, ripping my clothes off in a darkened swimming pool. People might talk.


Hannibal Lecter: Ticktock, ticktock, ticktock.

Mycroft Holmes:  Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.


Hannibal Lecter: All good things to those who wait.

Mark Gatiss at Sherlocked: All good things come to those who wait.


How do we first start to covet? We covet what we see every day…

Clever you, guessing about Carl Powers. I never liked him. Carl laughed at me, so I stopped him laughing.


A cut off face as a disguise:



It’s a Death’s-Head Hawkmoth btw… like

Oh, and this…

pics by @cheuwing @gosherlocked

In the spirit of the special, this is the full list of mirrors and heartrooms in every episode of sherlock. i posted one ages ago on an old sideblog but it was totally incomplete as i was still figuring shit out. :))

They mark mirrors with: callbacks & narrative mirroring, onscreen mirroring (interposing mirrors directly over their characters etc), sharing physical traits & clothing, sharing names, soundtrack cues, just putting them in mirrors, mirrors freaking everywhere. etc.

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I don’t at all want to falsely raise anyone’s hopes, but

the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that there has to be a fourth episode.  I know that’s a conspiracy nutter, off-the-deep-end thing to say, I know that.  But once you’ve eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.  It’s literally the only theory that fits all the data.

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Yet another alexxphoenix42 fic list!

They are the ONLY person that Tumblr wont let me reblog.  I try and it says error. I don’t get it.  Anyway, follow them. They are awesome.

Virginlock Fic Recs

Halving Infinity by sophiahelix, 9 k, explicit. First season Autistic Sherlock. Sweet progress from platonic mates to lovers. Staying at a B & B for a wedding of John’s old friend, they take their odd relationship to the next level. Straight John & Virgin!lock. (Part of series - A Matter of Degrees)

The Very Unlikely Existence of a Flightless Bird in a Tuxedo by cwb, 8 k, explicit. This is magic. The author takes the very topical joke that Benny Cumberbatch can’t pronounce “penguins” correctly to save his life, and spins it into gold. A bomb at a zoo has Sherlock saying “pengwings” and “penglings” as fast as hail falling. This adorable mistake has John admitting his buried love for this man, and adorable first time, competent John and virginlock sex ensues. SO sweet. (Locked to AO3 users.)

Praise Me by testosterone_tea, 11 k, explicit. Virgin!lock. John realizes how much Sherlock is affected by praise, and he starts watching Sherlock closely after he praises him. Sherlock is sort of an inexperienced demi-sexual here, and they slide very slowly into a physical relationship. Adorable and sweet. Oh, my gay baby penguins!

Dr. John H. Watson, Sexual Surrogate by smurff, 21 k, explicit. Sherlock hires a sexual surrogate when the man becomes a suspect for several recent murders. Dr. John H Watson has no clue Sherlock is investigating him when he comes to see him for help with leaving his virginity behind. Professionalism is quickly left behind on both sides. Adorable and thumbs up!

How Do You Know? by LaurieRoar, 8 k, explicit. John takes a virgin!lock to bed when he asks Sherlock, how do you if you don’t like sex if you’ve never had it? Slightly awkward, bumbling first time “sex for science” turns steamy. Nice.

The Battle in the Palace by Avice, 6 k, explicit. Sherlock is having a battle in his mind palace between his logical intellect, and the new part that wants to celebrate all things John. When Sherlock simply announces his desire to have sex with John, thankfully good things come of it. Features Virginlock, and a sweet accommodating John. The two of them wait for NSY to catch up. OH THIS WAS SO CUTE! I loved this – fluffy and funny and wonderful!!!! (part 1 of “Love is Round the Corner” series)

Collections of Clues by ianavi, 8 k, explicit. Virginlock. Older John, younger Sherlock. Sherlock works in a library, and one of the patrons, an army veteran, has him stalking the man through the stacks and collecting clues. For some reason, he is simply fascinating. John has Sherlock home for dinner, making pasta, and making out on the couch. OH THIS IS SO SWEET.

Sherlock Gets Dirty by wendymarlowe, 3 k, explicit. Sherlock believes profanity is the refuge of a lesser mind. John tries to prove that profanity and precision both have their place. John talking dirty can get *anyone* going, even a “married to his work” detective …

Slow and Steady by SailorChibi, 7 k, explicit. One night after a case Sherlock and John have sex. Sherlock, who was a virgin, is not prepared for how messy and overwhelming sex can be. John shows him how to slow things down.

At the Heart of it All by SilentAuror, 19 k, explicit. John has been back at Baker Street for four months now and thinks it’s about time they had the Talk to see whether or not they could be more than friends. Sherlock has a lot of uncertainty about this concept for multiple reasons. Unabashed romance.

The Result of It All by magikspell, 4 k, explicit. John and Sherlock have sex for the first time. Virgin!Sherlock, understanding!John. Absolutely no plot whatsoever. Just overly-detailed porn.

Your Idea Of Fun by berlynn_wohl, 4 k, explicit. “Treasure this moment, because you may never hear me utter these words again: I’ve no idea what I’m doing.”

For Sleep by Gem_Gem, 7 k, explicit. “I want to sleep. For once, I want to sleep and I cannot do so because I…I…” Sherlock trailed off with a growl of frustration and pulled at his curls, flopping down onto his back. “I can’t! I just…can’t.”

For you, there’s only me by shock_blanket, 19 k, explicit. Sherlock realizes he has fallen in love with John, but believes he is unlovable. Cue lots of pining and jealousy on Sherlock’s part, followed by our favorite cuddly marksman making it all better. Because for Sherlock, there’s only John.

Corner the Market by sweetcupncakes, 4 k, explicit. John bites the vulnerable skin that maps over kidneys.  Sherlock moans and struggles, which seems like a worthwhile thing so John does it again. “You can want it.  You’re allowed to want it.”  John tells him. Sherlock closes his eyes and shakes his head in disagreement.

State of Flux by Atiki, 24 k, explicit. John’s marriage is over and he is finally back home (i.e. at Baker Street, where he belongs). Sherlock is awfully insecure and John is awfully hesitant, and they’re both awkward idiots, of course, but they figure it out. Many First Times happen.

5 Times Dr. John Watson Touched Sherlock’s Bum and the 1 Time He Asked Him To by brage, 13 k, explicit. 5+1 fic in which the title is the summary. Loads of minor medical issues that leave poor Sherlock a bit wumped with each chapter, but no worries, John is an excellent doctor.


i really just cannot get over the performance of young sherlock. he was (is) absolutely wonderful. he’s gonna grow up to do big things, heck, he’s already doing them! tom was (is) a great sherlock, as good as or better than ben. i am so forever grateful to have them be our sherlock. no matter what your opinion of the episode was, you have to agree that it is a privilege to have such wonderful actors playing our favorite roles. thank you, tom, for the marvelously adorable acting, can’t wait to see what else comes of you! @richstoughton