things i do on a snow day instead of work

I have all the feels guys about anything nsfw feat. twink!cas and older!dean but I love the cute things they do together that’s not smutty!!!

-when they just cuddle up in bed instead of doing a scene and watch Law & Order or The Great British Baking Show
-when cas tried to cook for Dean but the only thing he’s really good at is ramen noodles!!!
-snow days when they can’t get to work and stay inside all day, in blankets and thick socks, but cas insists they go outside to play in the snow
-dean’s well rehearsed lines of ‘love doesn’t have an age’ to people when he says he’s dating cas, currently running around sephora (he picked it up from cas who tells him all the time)
-on their first trip cas is expectant to only have sex and so when he starts Dean gives him a weird look and says ‘I’m reading on the beach, you brought a book right?’ and that’s the moment when cas falls in love with Dean :)
-at night Dean reads cas to sleep since his lil babe is too tired to keep his eyes open but he wants to know what happens next