things i do instead of schoolwork

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hey, do you have any advice for focusing on non SI related stuff? I have a lot of trouble focusing on schoolwork and stuff and i recently developed a new special interest and i'm having such a hard time focusing on my school because I just want to be interacting with my special interest instead. and i can't relate my SI to my schoolwork, they're too different.

There are few different things you can try in order to focus on schoolwork.

First, try to see if there’s a way you can make your schoolwork more interesting. Maybe you can make songs of what you need to learn or maybe drawing pictures of what you’re learning will help you stay more engaged. Maybe reading the text aloud in a funny voice will help you focus better or tapping out the rhythm of what you’re reading. Whatever you choose to do, try to find a way to get yourself more engaged in what you’re learning. This should help you focus better.

Next, do whatever you can to prevent yourself from engaging with your SI while you’re supposed to be doing work. If you don’t need a computer for your work, turn off any electronics so that you can’t look up anything related to your SI. If it involves tangible things (books, collectibles, etc), remove them from the space you are working in. Do whatever you can to eliminate your SI from the space you are working in so that it can’t distract you.

Set small goals for yourself. Plan to work for 15 minutes and then take a break for five. You can use that break to engage with your SI if you know you’ll be able to pull yourself away from it at the end of five minutes or you can do something else you enjoy. Set goals for yourself of what you will accomplish in those 15 minutes and do your best to stick with those goals. You can make a deal with yourself that if you accomplish everything you planned to in 15 minutes, then you can take a 10 minute break instead of a 5 minute break. Use timers to keep track of time so that you’re not constantly checking the clock.

If nothing you try is helping and you find yourself consistently struggling to focus, it might be worth exploring ADHD to see if that fits you.


i’ve been keeping a private blog for venting of big negative stuff and it’s actually really helpful in moving past things (instead of dwelling on bad thoughts constantly and crying for the rest of eternity). whenever i can’t sleep i type a huge load of shit in there and then it’s a bit better.

anyway tomorrow i’m gonna ride my bike to this noice bakery nearby really early to get breakfast then i’m gonna smash out the schoolwork i need to do and then i might work on my cross stitch