things i do instead of my design homework

dingodingodingodingo  asked:

Semi-New to tumblr, everything is still pretty alien to me. But i’m an aspiring artist (as most people) and I was just wondering, when you were still starting out, like without a style nailed down.. how did you practice? Like any methods or techniques you would recommend?

boy that’s a tough one…… i’ll try my best

disclaimer: i’m dumb as shit

before i hit this particular style, way back, i did sorta have a Style but it wasn’t… Mine i guess i was kinda subconsciously mimicking the style from only one or two inspirations (when i was a kid, that happened to be naruto and yu yu hakusho) – i just drew in those styles and accumulated the practice as i broadened my inspirational sources, with the Broadening i found more things to experiment with in terms of style which spurred my motivation

and methods… i found reasons to practice instead of forcing myself down and doing it as if its homework, practice should be enjoyable someway that suits your way of learning– it can be experimenting with styles from different artists, messing around with colour or just reading colour theory, using models and doing a trace over for personal study, art classes (only if you work well in a school environment otherwise you may hate it), creating and designing OCs or making AUs for your fave characters

remember go easy on yourself too, my wording might make it sound like it was smooth sailing but the Art Road is paved with as much doubt and frustration as it is satisfaction and joy