things i do instead of homework whoops

actuallysecretlygrantaire asked:

I have an assignment due in 9 hours, and I'm crying over Hartwin again instead of doing my homework. Whoops

You’re making good life choices. I am proud of you. (no. Seriously tho. Babe. No. Wipe your tears. Do RL things first and then come back to the Hartwin)


3.16.15 - 3.20.15

It’s been awhile. The week of 3/16 was pretty rough. My stress levels could be measured by the amount of unclean clothes on the ground, piles of to-do-later lists, days of using dry shampoo instead of showering, messiness of my bed, pimples on my face, unfinished homework, bowls of ice cream, rare naps, and episodes of Parks&Rec.

Things that happened: got called out in front of my entire class, had a anxiety attack at 4AM, stayed after to finish a project, finished my art piece for MOCA, practiced for Gel’s debut, and learned about God as a creator. I have a horrible memory whoops