things i did while the power was out


“What was it? Hm? Did you not trust me or something?” You sobbed while stuffing things into your bag. Clint was the only one left that had anything to say to you.

“They didn’t, I did though. (Y/N) think about this. The Avengers are a very powerful group and they don’t want wrong information falling into the wrong hands,” Clint tried to reason but you stormed pass him. 

“Don’t bother trying to contact me - it’s not like they’ll try anyway. I don’t want anything to do with you or your stupid team.” You demanded before walking out.

And you know what they did next? The worst thing they did? Made me used to it. I shout my power. I shout my toughness and my danger, but I’m shouting it to children. It’s like they just… They just amputated an essential part of who I was. Who I am.
—  Miss Quill (while ripping my heart out)
Bath Time

An Eddie Redmayne one-shot for anon

The power couple. I’d never imagined that would be what Eddie and my relationship would be like, but things were moving constantly between us. We were both easygoing, verging on lazy people, but lately all the two of us had been doing was working. Eddie took on various acting projects while I worked on the movie adaptation of the book I’d written a few years previous.

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rainingpatch  asked:

Feel free to ignore this if you've been asked already lol. Do u happen to know why Woo helped Bum when he was being bullied by others in the military? He's so awful idk why he cared to save him. He himself has done worse to other ppl? He is satan?

Some people think Bum might have been mistaken and that it wasn’t Sangwoo at all. Personally, while I recognize the possibility, I wouldn’t be  too surprised if it really was Sangwoo did help Bum. A ‘persona’ is a powerful thing, and if you spend a lot of time acting in a certain way to be perceived in a certain way, you know exactly what to do to further boost that public perception. Sangwoo didn’t get that ‘kind and popular’ reputation in school out of nowhere, after all.

Moon God Saitama

From the amazing Eclipse!AU I knew about in @cinensis‘ blog~

Well this whole thing was just to try out the new watercolor paper I bought the other day so it’s not really the same design Moon Sai has in the original AU. I wanted to try and use a lot of paint to really soak the paper and see how it worked so I did this design, based in the moon’s influence over tides. Basically the concept is him while using his power to move the oceans. The cloak has a starfield on the inside and the outside goes from plain water-like colours to actual water and crashing waves. Also the original Au kind of talks a bit about it, saying that this Moon God’s heart beat sounds like the ocean (and it’s just so perfect I’m going to die). Btw the background is totally half-assed so don’t really look for logic there lol

Things I’ve learned from this: this paper works pretty awesomely, I have no idea how to draw fabric (also, proportions? poses? hah, what that) and painting water is a pain in the ass. 

alphagodith replied to your photoset “that one time she stole the clothes right off him…”

when i found out we could dress up our settlers the first thing i did was test out if we could put dresses on dudes. sturges looks damn fine in a red sequin dress.

I love me a man in heels

sh*t my friend said while catching up with Miraculous Ladybug:
  • “what kind of high school is this that takes up particle physics?????”
  • “The mayor drives a shiny chrome car if that doesnt scream abuse of power I don’t know what does”
  • “oh Roger I do apologize for BEING CORRUPT AS FUCK
  • “why does he look like goku”
  • “so not only did he become evil but he also became super fluent in french”
  • “wait isn’t naming the villian ‘kung food’ as racist as calling him ching chong chew
  • “why does plagg sound like he fought in the war alongside napoleon”
  • “so black bill cipher is attacking france”
  • “what does adrien have against the zoo??”
  • “is the panther getting salty from kim—wait so the main issue in this episode is that kim made the guy and his cat salty?”
  • “these puns are giraffing me crazy”

and every 10 minutes:


anonymous asked:

Thank you (I also meant to say gogi berries, the healthies berry in the world. Darn auto correct). Let's hope together. Maybe someone in power at DC will no longer be able to stay idle while the cries of fans persist and do something about it. Like have Tim save canon to make up for how awful they've been to him in particular. N52 will then become that thing no one talks about qhain, both in and out universe.

Huh I did not know that, interesting.

I’m waiting for DC is actually knowledge what they’re doing wrong and listen to what their fans are saying. Like it’s not that extreme to ask for cohesive plots and well written characters.

Help us Tim Drake, you’re our only ho

My Hisoka Headcanon:

I think Hisoka is heterosexual and if you don’t like it then that is fine. 

:0) A lot who did send me anon hate last year for even sharing this headcanon are all just plain stupid. They all acted like he is canonly gay when in fact they know nothing about him as much as I do. All we know is that he asked Machi out on a date, his fascination for fighting the strongest, he is a devious selfish ass and likes sweet treats. :0) if you headcanon him whatever, I really don’t care, but if you are going to be a ass making posts saying Hisoka is canonly this or that. Let me ask you one thing. Is Hisoka your character? What in God’s right gave you the power to say he is canonly this? I myself never said he was canonly anything all I did was give some canon facts supporting my headcanon. While some people made facts that did not even relate to the manga. They made a long list on things that were stereotypical and saying this is canon when they infact are just idiots. They are not Togashi, I am not Togashi, but I have enough sense to use manga facts since that is where most of my supporting info comes from. If you are headheaded to say that never happened when it is written in the manga itself then you yourself are a bafoon, yo. I have a friend from japan who read the Japanese version of the manga and when Machi and Hisoka are talking he does not ask her on a date, he asks her to sleep with him. Also, Hisoka does ask Machi a lot in the manga and anime if she was impressed by his moves or his technique in fighting. Once in Heaven’s arena. Another time he asks her who would she rather have survive. Him or Chrollo. She says Chrollo in the manga, but his face is not devious like it is in the anime it is more serene and calm. Lastly Ch. 357 Machi was concerned for Hisoka. Though their relationship is complicated and her duties with the PT are prime matter number 1. I do think there is something there for Hisoka even though he teases her a lot. 

:0) Though feel free to reblog or not. Many peeps think I am a whiny quack ,but there it is. 

So, I actually did something original this time!!!!

Basically, I did this random factor generator thing a while back that said bone wings, three sets of wings, black eyes, time travel powers, steampunk clothing, and introvert. I knew when I got bone wings that I wanted to create something out oft, but I couldn’t get any ideas… Until I thought of layering the wings vertically like they are here. When I thought of that last week, I started on up with drawing and just finished today!

I don’t have a name for her yet, but I really think I should make a character out of her. If anyone has an idea for a name, throw them at me! I believe I want to include her in a book I’m already planning to write. :)

A/n: Now before i begin it is important to tell you that i ship Narusaku and Ichihime

Now let us begin

I don’t really know why people think ichihime and naruhina are alike, same with narusaku and ichiruki. I’m mean Naruto and Ichigo are COMPLETELY different, the only thing they have in common is the will to protect. Naruto never had a family growing up and acted out to get attention. He was seen as dead last and was either hated or treated indifferently by the village, he doesn’t always think things through and often gets in trouble as a result. Ichigo lost his mother but he still had his family, the only times he ‘acted out’(got into fights pre getting his powers)was in the defence of himself or another. Ichigo was actually pretty smart and while he did have enemies he also had friends who stuck by him.

Now on to Orihime and hinata. I feel like the first thing people think is that they are both shy, which is very far from the truth. Orihime is NOT shy, she gets nervous around new people sometimes but not shy. She is more outgoing and bubbly, the only times Orihime has ever shown a little 'shyness’ is around Ichigo but even than it’s NOWHERE NEAR the level of hinata, who hides behind poles, hardly ever talks to her crush, and has fainted when he got to close. hinata is from a rich and well known family and despite being passed over as heir was well respected and taken care of, she was never abused by her family or bullied by other kids.

Orihime however had abusive parents and had to be taken away by her brother. They struggled to live and Orihime was bullied, those bullies forcefully cut her hair. Orihime lost her brother in a car accident and had been angry when he left for work the day of the crash so she carries the regret of never saying good bye to him.

And now Sakura and Rukia. People seem to find them similar because Rukia hits ichigo and Sakura has hit Naruto (though not nearly has much as anti’s claim, only 3-4 times)but other than that they aren’t really similar at all. Rukia, again, comes from a rich, well known, and respected clan. She has had prior training in her abilities and was extensively taught in her shinigami training. Rukia was not bullied in her child hood, has had alot of support since she was young, and has alot of confidence in her skills.

Sakura comes from a civilian family, which means she didn’t have anyone at home to help her with her learning. Sakura was bullied harshly in her childhood and while she was helped by ino she was still lacking self esteem. Sakura didn’t even get any real training from Kakashi, most of her skills came from Tsunade. Sakura had a tough and rocky start on her way to becoming a ninja but overcame it and is now a great shinobi.

Honestly if you think about it Narusaku and Ichihime are more similar to each other. Naruto is like Orihime and Sakura is like Ichigo. Both Naruto and Orihime are the bubbly, out going , slightly airheaded type. They both have pasts of bullying, they both never really knew their parents, they were both kinda weak when they first appeared but they both grew stronger to protect the ones they love. They are used to people doubting them, hardly anyone save 1 or 2 friends believed that they could be strong. They both fell in love with the slightly intimidating, character with strange hair color.

Sakura and Ichigo both had their families and loved them despite being annoyed by them alot. They are both pretty hot headed and can be seen as scary especially when angry. They both get made fun of/teased due to certain physical traits ( Ichigo’s hair/scowl and sakura’s forehead)and they both trained very hard so that they can protect and help their loved ones. Both Sakura and Ichigo didn’t really know Naruto or Orihime but over time got to know and become very close to their cheery friends.

Chapter Ten

Everyone in the pipeline is gone. The Weather Wizard, the Mist, Rainbow Raider, Deathbolt (RIP) and my beloved Peekaboo. (Actually, not so beloved. Turns out Shawna Baez is mean.) I needed a freaking drink or a whole chocolate cake. I decided on both because…well I’m an adult! I brought a bottle of Rebel Yell and sat in WW’s cell for a while trying to imagine what it must have been like for my super-powered super angry metahuman prisoners. Sure, I tried to make things dare I say fun for them but did I do enough? Could I have done more? Another swig or two later and about halfway through my cake, I decided to read over my previous entries for the first time.  

Before I knew it, the bottle was empty, rolling around my feet and I may or may not have been reading aloud in my best Shakespearean accent, my face covered in frosting. Wait, when did I take my shoes off? Focus Cisco. I had some damn good times down here. Remember Cinema Cisco? Bumble and the Destroyer? What about that time Bivolo and I really bonded and he painted my portrait? Sure, I’ve almost died (been murdered) like a million times but hey, I’m still kicking. We thought we could rehabilitate the metas, when that failed, we thought we could at least save their lives by moving them out of the pipeline. But maybe this whole operation was doomed from the start. I guess without any prisoners, these chronicles are coming to a close. I will leave you with the following observations.

Don’t go after the bad girl (or boy.) It ain’t worth it. Shawna was kinda a jerk after all. Caitlin warned me and as always, Caitlin was right. I thought Shawna was cool and misunderstood. Like a bully in a 80s movie that just needs a buddy or someone to believe in them. Then she tried killing Caitlin and bounced without a second glance. I gave you my mom’s enchiladas, woman! Go on, find Clay – I’m sure he’s going to treat you right.

The key to metahuman happiness is Tina Fey. I eventually screened the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for the Pipeline and then some Tina heavy episodes of Saturday Night Live and they literally did not try to kill me for like… two days. Bivolo kept trying to act out different skits with me, though. That got old real quick.

Not all Gorillas like bananas. In fact, they get very angry at the sight of them. DO NOT try to give a telepathic gorilla a banana.

Trust no Snarts. No matter how cute they are. I’m talking about you Captain Cold. With your steel blue eyes. You stabbed us in the back, and then yes you saved Barry’s life, but still we are NOT EVEN. (Say hi to your sis.)

Well it’s been fun documenting the best year of my life. I hope you enjoyed the chronicles as much as I loved writing them.

Cisco, Out!

That’s not the best attitude to have about it. Yeah, you shouldn’t worry about things that you can’t control, but letting yourself be a pawn to fate is not the solution either. You choose your own path.

“The more I know, the more I know that I don’t know.”

Man, I didn’t know Descartes had Future Vision. Guess it explains some things.

Yeah, called it, Garnet did this on purpose. It’s nice that nothing actually bad was gonna happen to Steven there, and while I’m not a fan of giving him any more paranoia, I can understand why she did it.

Out of the three she’s probable the least close to Steven, and she wanted to fix that, but she doesn’t know how because she’s Garnet. This is how she expresses her emotions.

“I see so many things that can hurt you. I should have never let one of them be me.”

Man, what a powerful line and scene right there. This might be my favorite Garnet moment to date.

I’m very interested in what Uta was like as a kid. I mean its not like he just popped up as a powerful teenager/young adult and fought and then became leader of the 4th ward right after birth. The first thing we see of Uta is just young adult him beating the crap out of a group of ghouls while saying “die.”

Outside of that when and why did he become a member of Pierrot? was he there when it started? was he there when the group was first “destroyed?” What made him the manipulative person he is today?

Did he have a family? Was he a parentless street child like Nutcracker?

There isn’t even any artwork official or fan of him as a child, that I can find, and I can’t be the only one who’s wondered.

When Skye’s planet was heading for imminent danger her parents did the one thing they could and sent her to another planet, Earth, to live there. While she was old enough to stumble out of the pod unfortunately Skye wasn’t quick enough to hide it and the government found it, leaving her to flee and be found on the streets later and put in a foster home. Beyond one crystal she managed to save with barely enough information about her world and her powers she feels lost and is just trying to do what she can to survive and help out the planet she’s come to think as her own, including getting a job at the Daily Planet as a tech reviewer as it let’s her hear of danger and ‘arrive in style’ as she tells her confident Trip.

Of course being on the radar as a superhero meant the government is quick to find her again, bringing her in to a secret branch of the government that’s recording superhuman beings and keeping an eye on them and now they need Skye’s help to contain any that go rogue. Along the way she meets Jemma Simmons, a scientist who studied Skye’s ship intensely and now seems to know more about her than she does and is thrilled to get to know her and just wants to know all the answers to whatever else is out there.

Together they’ll find the answers they’re both looking for, growing closer, saving the world, and falling in love.


Happy Saturday! 

I woke up this morning and was feeling.. squishy. Ya know? So I put something cute on to help improve the mood. I did some cleaning, which also always helps boost my mood. A clean house is a powerful thing. After tumblring for a while, I decided to get outside and go check out the local farmer’s market. I haven’t been over there yet this year, and since B is working today, it was the perfect day for it. 

I could have turned around after that, but I decided to keep walking, and ended up doing just about 5k. That leaves me at 8,000 steps so far, so I’m feeling good. It was HOT out today - boy did I work up a sweat. The bottom post-walk photo does not do the sweatiness justice. I’ve got at least 60 oz of water down so far.

Now I’m off to put in some laundry and make a grocery list for the upcoming week. I’ve got Forensic Files on in the background.. why do I love these kinda shows so much? *shrug*

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

With their powers combined, the three alicorn princess became the prettiest pink pony princess ever!

So for a while, more than a year, I’ve wanted to try my hand at the hexafusion thing, and I did try starting it with this combo, but after sketching the Celestia/Cadance fusion I realized it was a bigger project than I thought it’d be (and I wasn’t too thrilled how the sketch came out at first) so I shelved it for at least a year, but with the recent SU Gemsona week and thinking on fusions for those it got me to remember this, and recently I went back and worked on it in between working on finals for class and just last night I finished the final fusion. And for the first hexafusion I’ve ever done I really like how all the fusions came out. The Luna/Cadance fusion is one of my favs. The last one was tricky but I think I nailed it. 

So much hair. And sparkles.

I had a lot of fun with this and I definitely want to make more hexafusions soon.

Things I have said while playing Fallout 4

“Okay. I hit a button too fast. HOW DO I GET OUT OF THE POWER ARMOR?” [and increased panicking about getting stuck in it if the power cell dies]

“Did I just shoot the dog?”

“I love you Wadsworth– er. Codsworth? Worth?”

“Wrong button…”


“Maybe he won’t shoot the missile launcher at me when I’m a foot in front of him, right?”

“He shot the missile launcher a foot away from me.”



“Are you a robot…? You’re a robot! YOURE A BADASS ROBOT.”

needless to say, this game is amazing.

sera + reaching up to touch her cropped hair when she sees a child eating a cookie

cassandra + doubting herself, staring down at the callouses on her scarred hands

iron bull + running a finger over his eye patch, wondering what life would be like if he’d done things differently

cole + making sure the dogs are well fed and well cared for, because nobody did that for him

blackwall + pausing while he runs a brush through his beard, knuckles going white against the handle

vivienne + overlooking skyhold from her balcony, taking pride in where she’s at despite it not being what she planned for

solas + sketching out his time with the inquisitor, starting with them laying unmovingly in a cell at haven and ending with their fingers grazing the broken orb

dorian + fearing that all his efforts to make a change are for nothing, that he’s fighting a hopeless battle

varric + holding the book he wrote detailing the champion of kirkwall’s rise to power, fingers strained against the binding. i could have prevented this.

cullen + moving his hands to rest on the hilt of his sword to stop them from shaking

josephine + raking her fingers through her hair, inwardly terrified at the thought of disappointing her family

leliana + gracefully plucking the strings of her lute when nobody’s around, thinking of another life