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Sometimes all it takes is breathing in a familiar smell to trigger the most painful memories.

Death is the Maiden.

Drew this to see if I could still digitally paint for Gabby. Also because I WISH TO SHARE A DUMB HEADCANON FOR THE HANDMAID. Terezi spoke that she’s sort of a grim reaper-like figure on Alternia. Now, since Alternia is such a violent place, it only makes sense there’s a lot of death.

So, I like to think that in certain lowblood circles, the Handmaid was revered as a kind of goddess of death and mercy. Children learn very young to pray to the Cullmistress for a swift and painless death. A peaceful death is considered a blessing by the Handmaid, and escaping death more than once is often a sign that the Handmaid has taken a pale or red interest in you.

There is iconography of her sold underground, and soldiers trapped off-planet leave offerings to her. To lowbloods she’s a benevolent figure. She comforts the dying and carries dying wrigglers in her arms off to paradise. The Summoner often spoke well of her, and addressed her before battle.

Highbloods pray to her in secret, for a heroic or blazing death of glory. It’s far more seen as lowblood superstition though.

As for the handmaid herself, she finds this terribly stupid, but endearing. It was nice to be welcomed instead of greeted with screaming and writhing. But when the Psiioniic welcomed her near, she was glad the universe was ending.

@parkersanders I did a thing.. listen, I did most of this last night until like 3am, I had the idea for it and I had to do it haha.

This was the first animatic I’ve ever actually “finished” hehe it was fun~

ignore the part where its literally just one picture for longer than necessary, I didn’t know what to do there lol

Based off of @parkersanders ‘s fic Silence and Duality (Chapter 10)!

Clenches fist cause ilu archosaurman


//The Anatomy of Techno//

Chapter 7 - Curry and Plaid

University is supposed to be the best time of your life, they said. But Patsy Mount, doctor in training, can’t seem to shake the public school girls, the affections of rugby lads, and angry post-it notes in the kitchen. But most of all, she can’t seem to shake a certain edgy Welsh ticket rep.

guys… i did a thing at 3am last night. i am the biggest stucky trash ever right now and i have descended further than hell. these two have taken control of my life and completely ruined it with their love and devotion towards each other. and i blame @victimsteve + @jbuchananb for this, but if i have to suffer with extreme feels for these two then i’m taking everyone down with me.

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