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to future michael,

this is your backup mix because god knows you’re gonna get dragged onto the dance floor so you can critique rich’s cha cha slide or some shit. this will suck, i know, but as a groomsman you must rise to the call, young padawan. just try to remember everyone will be drunk on holy matrimony and white wine for them to notice you have no idea how to do the cupid shuffle. gl dude

p.s. try to play carly rae for an hour straight. see if anyone notices. (if they do, marry them on the spot. practice catching the bouquet for this reason only)

- past michael

i had some free time, so i made a silly little richjake wedding reception playlist!! it’s pretty short but you can listen to the playlist on spotify! ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧

Best Out of Context Quotes

You may touch this pigeon’s feathers

Keith KoGAYne’s new hit single: Lance Mc-Stay-in-Your-Lain

give lance some ghost pound cake you monster.


Not everything can be about murder, Keith.

Fake news Keith is as smooth as sandpaper.

I will no longer question the laws of reality, I’m hungry please I would like some pound cake.

“I’m sorry” and “I apologize” mean the same thing. Except at a funeral.

Do CPR on your router, trust me, I’m a rocket surgeon.

What about, Lasheith?

Lemme get you a step stool little buddy

Okay, who gave the self-destructive insomniac the keyboard?

we all know Matt looks like a Ritz cracker 

I win at Rainbow Road and cackle maniacally as my opponents fall to the imminent death awaiting them in the cold unforgiving void.

My aesthetic is watching them try to play Mario Kart stoned.

She says as half a Pringle falls from her mouth onto the stained shirt she’s been wearing to bed for the past four days in a row.

Or maybe Kieth and Lance should invest in some self control.

I bought your Klance shirts even though you offered them to me for free

Lmao Space Daddy is everyone’s sexuality.

Don’t quote John Cena at me 

Keith, we’re lesbians.

Cram it pineapple boy.

The pineapple discourse has been solved.

Well we can’t all be James Earl Jones, Pidge!

5 Things

I got tagged by @itsmartinbruh

5 things you find on my blog
-cute guys
-things I find funny
-things that need to be said
-me trying hard to be noticed
5 things you would find in my room
-gaming laptop
-clothes on the floor
-glow in the dark stars from 10 years ago
-unread books
-rainbow flag
5 things I have always wanted to do
-write and direct a movie
-live in Ireland by myself
-see my life back and forth
-raise kids while still having fun
-have meaning
5 things that make me happy
-lana, lorde, Kesha while also liking electro
-feeling sexy
-the outdoors
-men in underwear
5 things on my to do list
-talk to friends
-find some weed lol
-pack for college
-work out
-move on/find relationship on any kind
5 things you might not know about me
-embarrassed about last 4 years of life
-embarrassed that I don’t have a drivers license
-bad at communication
-i dated a guy with a large age gap

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Some days, I fight alongside the Imperial Army. Others, with hulking Knights and Sisters of Battle. All of them are honourable warriors, and deserve much praise for their skill at arms.

Rarely, too rarely, I can fight together with Legiones Astartes.
The many advancements made by the Space Marines over ten thousand years are a point of contention with me.

While I appreciate the sentiment behind Roboute’s book, and the points it tries to make, it leaves little room for individuality. Gone are the Pyroclasts of old, along with the glorious Phalanx Warders and Gorgon Terminators. Even his own Invictarius Suzerains have been lost to time and this great purge of individuality.

The Codex Astartes is an imperfect work, and should not be an instruction manual for Space Marine tactics, as it leaves very little room for varying doctrines of war, preferring instead to put its faith in “Demi-Companies” and “Strike Forces”, rather than coming into its own role and strategy as a Chapter.

On the other hand, the deeds wrought by these Chapters are high points in the Imperium’s history, and I do not want to dishonour them.

I am conflicted. I do not know what to do in this case. Well, except for in the case of these “Black Templars” I keep hearing about. They appear to be all insane lunatics.

Damn it all, Roboute, you just HAD to write a more popular book than Lorgar, didn’t you?


                    ❝     do  not  be  quickly  provoked  in  your  spirit,
                              for  anger  resides  in  the  lap  of  fools!           ❞

formerly @girodigioia

anonymous asked:

;(TGATNW)n I saw you replied in a comment that Jack was mentally ill, I know it's probably obvious but what type does he have

While I’m writing Pitch and Jack like they both have (different manifestations of) PTSD, in general, I’m mostly just writing them with impaired behaviours as opposed to writing them to any specific DSM criteria. (And it is impaired behaviours that have their root in how we think that defines whether something is a disorder or not - if you have a disorder but you’re actually functioning fine, then…how are you disordered?) So instead of writing specific ‘types’ of mental illness (outside of post-trauma, which features in so much of what I do, and is an umbrella term for a lot of other illnesses), I look at impairments.

Jack in particular shows a lot of ongoing conditioning / brainwashing responses to how he’s been treated within the Tsar’s governance and the infuence of his cult of personality. He also has some impaired attachment issues (he doesn’t connect to people ‘properly’, even when they invite friendship, and making steps towards friendship are difficult for him, which is why he constantly thinks about old friends like Jamie more often than he thinks about how he could work on new friendships; he sometimes has an inability to consider others and their wellbeing, because he doesn’t consider himself as having an impact on other people (unless it’s negative), so he doesn’t often consider the positive things he could do for others, like be empathetic or offer to listen to them. So the times when he does offer that behaviour, it’s often because he learned it early: i.e. he can bond with Seraphina, because he bonded with Pippa).

There’d be a lot of other things too that people have picked up as the story has gone on - manifestations of anxiety and depression, for example. But I tend to veer away from anything diagnostic when we’re dealing with fantasy beings on fantasy lands. Disorders are generally very cultural, which is why some countries have disorders we don’t have, and vice versa. There’d probably be something very specific and new to describe Jack’s specific complex of issues associated with growing up in a lower class creche during the Tsar’s rule, because it’s not really Stockholm Syndrome, but it’s not exactly unlike it either, but Stockholm Syndrome has different diagnostic criteria, so it doesn’t work, etc.

So it’s probably just more helpful to think of Jack as having a post-trauma disorder, and a lot of impaired behaviours that lead him to live in a generally mentally ill state. Poor guy. Someone take these characters away from me.