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How to make custom lace appliques – the “Frankenlace” method

A lot of people asked for more info on how I made the appliques that decorate the bottom of Zelda’s gown. Here’s my tutorial for the whole process! This method can be used to make all kinds of applique shapes and designs if you get creative with it.

  1. These lace appliques are made out of other lace – hence the nickname. To get started, you’ll need to collect a few lace trims to use as raw material. Look for styles that are similar or complement each other, because you’ll be combining them. This is some, but not all, of the trims I used. I bought these in the LA fabric district, but most are available at
  2. Cut your lace down into smaller pieces that are more modular. Don’t cut up ALL your lace – this is just an experimentation stage, to practice rearranging the design.
  3. Using a template of your desired shape (I made mine digitally, but you can hand draw one too) practice arranging your pieces until you find a design that suits your needs. This is not my final design in the picture – I went through several versions before I was totally happy with how it looked. You might discover that you need more lace, which is why planning and experimentation are so important. When you’re satisfied with how it looks, it’s time to start putting it all together.
  4. You’ll need an embroidery hoop large enough to cover your whole template, plus some netting that is as close to transparent as you can find. Most generic tulle is NOT fine enough to do well with this technique – the holes are too large and the tulle stretches too much when handled. Look for netting that does not stretch or fray, if possible. Put some netting in your embroidery hoop, tightening the surface like a drum. I taped my template to a small sheet of masonite to give myself a portable work surface. I also ended up using clamps to hold the embroidery hoop to the masonite, but forgot to get a picture. This is optional, but really helps the design from shifting too much as you work.
  5. Tools for the next step: fabric glue (other brands work too), a small paintbrush, and a water cup. I watered my glue down a little to make it easier to spread with the paintbrush. Be careful not to add TOO much water, or your glue will be too thin, not grip well, and take a long time to dry.
  6. Working in small sections, begin gluing your lace pieces onto the netting. Start at the center and work outward, if possible. Continue until all your lace pieces are glued onto the netting.
  7. Here’s what mine looked like with all the lace attached! At this point, I flipped the embroidery hoop over and applied a second coat of glue over the entire back of the work. The netting is so thin that you can continue to apply more glue from the backside to get a more secure grip.
  8. Optional: add rhinestones to taste. I used E6000 for this step. Not every applique requires rhinestones, but in this case I wanted Zelda to sparkle as much as possible.
  9. Repeat to create as many appliques as you need! Zelda has 8 along the bottom of her dress. Here’s part of my assembly line.
  10. When you’re ready to attach the applique to your fashion fabric, trim away some of the netting along the outside, but leave any “interior” portions that help stabilize the design. I simply glued my appliques onto the silk, but I later went back and hand-stitched them down for a more secure hold. After they are properly attached to your fabric, you can VERY CAREFULLY trim away the “interior” pockets of plain netting using small scissors.
  11. The final look of my gown, after all the appliques and trim were attached.

This method is very time consuming and requires a lot of patience and concentration – but I just love the results! I wanted to achieve the look of professionally-made applique, but without access to industrial equipment, this was the next best thing I could come up with. 

The white-on-white effect is subtle, but matches the look I was going for. Photo by Vontography.

I hope this is helpful to some of you in your own costume projects. Let me know if you have any questions, and good luck!

Just sat down and did some budgeting for cosplay 

Solid plans so far: 

  • Beach Lance
  • Formal Lance 
  • Prisoner Matt
  • BOM Keith
  • Black Lion 
  • Prince Lotor (if the vld design is good) 

in total will cost me about: $500 

non solid plans:

  • 80′s Lance
  • Mall pirate Keith
  • casual outfit Keith
  • Shiro 
  • Cheer boys main character
  • Blue spirit Zuko
  • Kyoshi warrior 
  • Fire Fighter Makoto (free!) 
  • Hiccup (from the 2nd httyd)
  • probably a fuck ton of other things I can’t think of and can’t afford right now

surprisingly I have almost enough in my cosplay fund for my solid plans but redbubble sales and charms will definitely help more!  I need some less expensive hobbies, hot damn


just got the photos back from one of my shoots at anime boston!!!! i’m so proud of this costume and makeup and the whole thing and i had so so much fun!!!! can’t wait to wear this around more!

photos and edits by @amiephoto, costume by @eldritcharts, claws by dark matter props, and original costume design by @branch56

This costume has so many little details that were really fun to work on! My litmus test for every material I chose was, “can I make it shinier?” Almost every fabric, pigment or thread in this thing reflects the light in some way. I might have an addiction.✨

Photo by Ngo Photography
Costume made and worn by me

Sexism in One Piece

I was asked to collab in a youtube video about sexism in One Piece and accidentally got upset about it. I did not realise that I would get this worked up about it and I think that’s because when you’re watching the series, there are little moments of sexism that you can ignore. But when you actually research it and think about all the moments that have made you feel uncomfortable, it becomes overwhelmingly clear that One Piece is sexist.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m embarrassed to tell my friends that I watch One Piece, because I know that they’re going to google it to check it out and they’re just going to see boobs. I would never buy a figurine of a female character in One Piece because I wouldn’t even be able to look at it.  I’m not saying that large boobs don’t exist in real life but it’s a problem in One Piece because it’s gotten to the point where every young and attractive female character has giant boobs. There is barely any diversity between female characters. And to be honest this isn’t the type of anime I signed up for. The first time I remember feeling uncomfortable when watching the anime was in the Alabasta arc and seeing Miss Doublefinger outfit. I was like wtf, who would dress like that but I could just write it off to her being a crazy villain. But after that moment the boobs grew bigger every One Piece arc, until after the timeskip when in the manga you couldn’t even tell which female character was speaking because they all looked the same.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I saw your Bendy cosplay a while back and I thought it looked great. Seeing costumes like that inspire me to make my own, but whenever I draw a sketch, I always cringe because the proportions are typically way off of the actual character because i'm human. Has this ever happened to you, and what can I do to fix it?

Well, you’re starting on the right foot by sketching out what you want first!  If it helps any, here’s what my original concept for the Bendy cosplay looked like:

…and here’s the (nearly final; I’ve adjusted it a tad since taking this photo) result:

I suppose the most important thing to do with planning out your cosplay is to accept the fact that you are not likely to get the proportions exactly right.  Bendy’s proportions are physically impossible for any human being to achieve, so I decided to adapt my cosplay’s shape as much as possible.

The other thing I would say is to BE SURE that your sketch of your own body’s shape is accurate!  If you base your cosplay on a shape that isn’t almost exactly the same as you, you’re not gonna like the results.  For this sketch, I had my roommate take a photo of me standing in this position so that I had an accurate figure to use as a reference for my drawing.

The rest is just drawing the original character design on top of your own figure, adapting things here and there to make them work.  The most important thing here is to ensure that the key elements of the character’s design are nearly perfect.  For Bendy, the key elements of his design are his head, his hands, his feet, and his bowtie – all of which are somewhat too large, proportionally, on his original design.  By nailing those down, the rest of the body, though it’s still not quite proportional to the character, appears to anybody looking at it like it’s the correct proportions.

For another reference, take a look at the official Sonic the Hedgehog mascot suit:

Obviously, it’s not exactly Sonic’s proportions, because Sonic’s proportions are, again, physically impossible for any human.  But by nailing down the head’s shape and abnormally-large size, the hands’ size in relation to the head, and the same for the feet, the fact that the body and arms aren’t EXACTLY RIGHT still falls into place as within the “acceptable” range of deviation from his official design.

I hope this helps some!  Mascot suits can be tricky!


I got really excited about old man Corvo today


also something funny
I had a few professors in my studio today and one of my professors pointed to Lucida (who I had art up for design purposes .i.e this is what a character sketch looks like. That and motivational lucida is motivational)

Professor: I don’t fully understand how this “internet subculture” thing works, but I like this one character. she looks pure
Me: she’s evil
Professor: *audible gasp* b-But she has a halo! That means she has to be good!
Me: * insert lengthy 20 minute description on why Lucida is evil*
Professor: b-But NO! I like her she can’t be evil!
Me: *sets hand on professor’s shoulder* are you sure you don’t understand what being in a fandom is like?
Professor: *silence for about 20 secs* I want someone to dress up as Lucida so I can hug her. Also can you finish Cypher’s design so I can …it’s like dressing up but…what’s it called?
Me: Cosplay?
Professor: I want to cosplay Cypher at your gallery. 
Me: … dear god I have ruined you


Hey guys!

Sorry there hasn’t been a lot of artwork lately! But I went to Supanova last weekend in my Newt Scamander cosplay and debuted these boys I’d made for it!

I’m thinking of opening an online store and selling little nifflers and bowtruckles like these (as well as prints and other things) and that has kept me pretty busy!

Hope you like them! If you want to follow my design work you can find me on Insta @ lunadezigns 


“Dear Die-Ary, today some friends came over…” (Dear Die-Ary #1)


“The noise makes me uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that sometimes I wonder… why I just don’t get myself a pair of earplugs.” (Things that make noise)


“No! No! No! Stop it! Just shut up!! I have no choice! Save your noise for later!!” (Goblins)

We tried to re-create a few pannels of the original comic during our shooting. Of course, we didn’t have the right props and/or places to do them but I’m still pretty satisfied with the outcome. :)

Character Design/Copyright - jhonenv
Johnny - Me
Photographer - fourthinstance
Photo Editing - Me

skully-cat  asked:

Hi Nina! After losing interest in cosplay over the last few years, your Sheik cosplay inspired me to decide on cosplaying an art nouveau design by Hannah Alexander! The problem is, I'm a huge perfectionist - sometimes I get so obsessed with producing a perfect end result, that I'll legitimately feel bad when things don't turn out the way I want them to. Have you ever been fixated on perfecting details of a cosplay? And did this affect how you felt about wearing it?

Hey there! I’m so glad to hear you’re giving cosplay a shot again. This post may help you out when it comes to perfectionism; it’s something I deal with a lot and wrote about there!

Good luck, and welcome back to the world of cosplay~ <3

hirilelfwraith  asked:

concept: saruman cosplay made entirely out of silver/white holo fabric

IS THIS FOR THE MEME bc IDK if I have at least three thoughts about this but:

1. DO IT DO IT take pics and tag me pls

2. Given Saruman’s ability to make false words seem true and beautiful and delude people with his voice and stuff, holo fabric sounds like exactly the right visual match for this sort of thing.

3. Gonna claim right now that this is a 100% canon-compliant design because Saruman smoked too much pipeweed and thought it looked amazing while stoned and then when the high wore off he couldn’t admit even to himself that it was fucking ridiculous so he kept on sticking with it.

4. He wears it to the White Council to try to float a lowkey prototypical test of his Many Colors doctrine but everyone there is too busy goggling at Gandalf’s many-colored smoke rings to give a shit, so he decides Gandalf did it on purpose to make him look bad and then later that night he lies in bed getting really angry about this while elves keep singing suspiciously about rainbows outside his window.


Heyo! Guess who’s taking commissions!

I’m going to Florida Supercon this July and I want to raise money for a Sapphire cosplay, could you guys help me out??


  • NSFW and anything with heavy “sexual intimacy”
  • Complicated designs
  • Offensive drawings ( sexist/ racist/ LGBT-phobic/ abusive/ ect. )
  • IRL people with an offensive background
  • Canon characters/ OCs from an offensive series
  • Incest/ Pedophilia/ ect.
  • Other things if it comes up


  • OCs
  • Characters from fandoms I’m not in ( send me an image so I get the right person just in case )
  • Ships and crack ships
  • Light NSFW, please remember I’m a minor ( Ex: Kissing/ making out/ PARTIAL nudity like lingerie and swimsuits but not and I say NOT anything sexualized/ ect  )
  • Gore
  • Other


  • Please be very, VERY descriptive of what you want. Especially, referring to the appearance of the character itself, if you don’t have a proper ref for them
  • An extra character will cost 75% of the original cost of the commission
  • I will only accept payment through PayPal
  • Contact me through my Tumblr, my Twitter.
  • If you want to discuss your commission by E-mail ( ) sent me an ask that you’ve sent the message because I don’t check it very often, I have anon turned on
  • My PayPal is not my E-mail, it’s my dad’s E-mail
  • If I get too many requests I will only complete the pieces for the people who’ve asked the soonest
  • EDIT: I’ll take lineless commissions at the same prices of the lined pieces 

It’ll really help me if you reblog and share this post, even if you’re not planning on getting a commission it really helps! Thank You!

5 Things I Didn’t Know When I Started Cosplaying

I’ve been delaying posting on this blog because I have lots of ideas for things I want to write but none of them seemed worthy of being the First Post™. I think the first post on any blog is always a bit awkward because you know it’s probably not going to be read by many, at least not right away. So if you are reading this post as some archival interloper at some point in the near or distant future, welcome! I hope listicles are still as trendy as they were when I wrote this post.

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Okay so y’all know this pic right? It’s in the newest video the overwatch tem put out on their youtube page.

So I’m cosplaying this version of Hanzo at colossal this year and I saw that giant thing on his jacket that I don’t have on mine. Rip me.

I went and designed a few things I think it might be. I’m going with the third one but I liked them all and wanted to share them with y’all as well.

Anyway, enjoy.


¡Volvamos a la medianoche!

The person I commissioned my Sombra coat from has been sending me periodic WIP pics and I get more and more excited as things start taking shape.

Honestly I can’t wait to finally be able to cosplay Sombra. As a Mexican cosplayer, I was super excited when Blizzard announced her and mentioned she was Mexican. I waited patiently for her reveal and fell in love with her design the day they released her and even more when I played with her. She definitely fits my play style.

I’m also super excited to be able to talk in Spanish and still be in character =) 

Hi there!! 🍑🍒

I’m Megs or “mangamegs” as known on ig and I’m sorta new to tumblr so I’m sorta new to all this 😂

This account will mostly be a studyblr (I hope so anyway xD) because I rly need to get my act together and evise for my upcoming exams in May!! 😭😭😭

However I may post some of my cosplay pics here since that is one of my favourite things to do!!! 🌸🌼
I hope to make some new friends on here so hit me up!

anonymous asked:

You know Amy, Mark's girlfriend, right? What are your thoughts on her dressing up as you and saying that she's a fan of yours?

“SHE IS THE CUTEST- ahem, I figURed she woULd like mE the most because I’m the obvious choice here since I’m SOoo charismatic and funNy~” Wilford picked up the hand mirror on his desk and checked to make sure his bowtie was straight.

“Her female cosplay of me was sUper accuRate. I woUldn’t change a thing….EX-cept the shirt colOr. If it wAS yell-ow it would be spOt on, trust yooou mE.” Wilford adores Amy but will be picky no matter what. Nothing pleases this guy 100 percent if it wasn’t his idea or design. 

Editor: Sorry, I was a little upset that Wilford didn’t hang the drawing I gave him up on the fridge.

MINI TUTORIAL and tips for making FNAF animatronic cosplay [Part 1- Materials and tools, base of head]

Hello, Hello~? I’m Shin and I’m gonna give you some advices about making Five Nights at Freddy’s animatronic costume. For first I wanna thank you so much, guys! I really really appreciate it. I’m glad that you like my Springtrap’s cosplay, even if this is only WIP of head. I’m really glad~!
And now, I’m gonna sorry for my horrible english xD My english sucks you know? I’m from Poland~ So, sorry again.
And let know- I’m not professional cosplayer! ST is my very first cosplay! 

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