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mer!Klance? wholesome


Yes hello I’d like to join in on the theory of Wolf Link being in Breath of the Wild for the sake of Twilight Princess Link looking after the new guy and babysitting showing him the ropes.


well, I,


I’m not crazy, y’all. Dragonball Supers animation is bad on a basic level.

Not sure if the Animation Director or the story-artist is more at fault but regardless, the product is bad and someone should have known better.

(scans from the book “Character Mentor” by Tom Bancroft)

You know, reading @whitefire321′s post gave me another opportunity to draw background Camilla and here she is


[ December 2017. ]

(actually just wanted to do Rey for a quick warm-up and ended up sticking with this until almost 4 am wtf 😂 tried drawing without line art for the first time and it’s kinda relaxing, but definitely takes too long ;;;)


Aaaand more triforce voyage AU, now with colors.

Expect a comic soon.

anonymous asked:

Will you draw jumin x zen ;w; ?

Hahaha yes yes these two are too cute together~

But I don’’t know if I should draw them cute…

– Jumin and Zen got shrunk… somehow (*°▽°*) –

…Or something more… idk… intense (?) \(★▽★)/

So I did both. ❤ ° ╰(▔∀▔)╯ ° ❤


2017 book releases I’m most looking forward to

The Muffin Scale

I just realized we have a sliding scale of Muffin here in Bendy AU Hell

2D Bendy AU– Mega Muffin, Freshly Baked, Little Messy But Still Pure

Good Bend(y) AU– This Muffin Fell Apart In The Oven, Still Sweet But Crumbly, Quick Get Icing To Glue Him Back Together

Hell’s Studio– Slightly Stale Muffin, Might’ve Accidentally Added Salt In Batter

Lampblack City– BURNT Stale Muffin, Trying To Cover With Icing To Pretend Still Fresh


In other news it’s nearly five am and I was dragged out of bed early today so I got about mmmmm 4 hours of sleep max.