things i am nerdy about


This is my entry for @luci-in-trenchcoats‘s 2K Follower Challenge.  My prompt was #36  “I don’t see half the nerdy stuff that you do, it doesn’t mean that you don’t do nerdy stuff.“

Summary: Dean decides to make fun of you for being a nerd.

warnings: none, just making fun of nerdiness and nerd defense

word count: ~700

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“God, Y/N, you’re such a nerd,” Dean teased as he walked into the library, poking at your ‘select your spaceship’ t-shirt.

You rolled your eyes, not really in the mood for his teasing today.  “Yeah, yeah, whatever Dean.”

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motivational monday #1

concept: i wake up with the sun and immediately smile at the chirping of the birds outside. my classes at the Julliard school are cancelled for the day and my bullet journal tells me what i’ll be doing instead. my heart swells with the exciting things i have planned with my nerdy friends later that day. i am excited about my studies, happy with myself, and content with my life.