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This is my entry for @luci-in-trenchcoats‘s 2K Follower Challenge.  My prompt was #36  “I don’t see half the nerdy stuff that you do, it doesn’t mean that you don’t do nerdy stuff.“

Summary: Dean decides to make fun of you for being a nerd.

warnings: none, just making fun of nerdiness and nerd defense

word count: ~700

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“God, Y/N, you’re such a nerd,” Dean teased as he walked into the library, poking at your ‘select your spaceship’ t-shirt.

You rolled your eyes, not really in the mood for his teasing today.  “Yeah, yeah, whatever Dean.”

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motivational monday #1

concept: i wake up with the sun and immediately smile at the chirping of the birds outside. my classes at the Julliard school are cancelled for the day and my bullet journal tells me what i’ll be doing instead. my heart swells with the exciting things i have planned with my nerdy friends later that day. i am excited about my studies, happy with myself, and content with my life.

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 1. What’s a song that speaks to your heart no matter how many times you’ve heard it?

 I have like too many to count but at the moment Adele from 19-25 and Skyfall on repeat daily and I fucken cry and sob like a baby! Right now WIsh you were her by Pink Floyd omg! One of my favourite characters from a book named Ash! When his wife is away for a few hours or a week he plays this song on acoustic guitar and sings along and it annoys all his friends but omg loving it right now!

 2. What’s one thing not many people know about you?

 I am nerdy/random/weird/stupid/anxious/worrier. God I worry a lot and anxious about anything and everything. I freak out when an unknown number rings me or private number worry if it is work, people I don’t know. I don’t do well with meeting new people I freak out so bad that I come across as rude and awkward. Phone calls like job interviews are the same I am so awkward I start to worry so much about all these random things and I say the wrong thing. Even with family and relos I just worry a lot and I get myself so anxious I look for reasons not to go i.e. sick or work. I have a party to go to tomorrow and I am so anxious about and worrying about it like I want to go but I don’t want to be ambushed by my aunts like I always am so I am freaking out.

 3. How do you deal with stress?

 I don’t deal with it like I should, I try and distract myself with reading/movies/ music and I can’t sometimes it works but others it makes it worse and I freak out and have a break down and not sure if my parents know that I am suffering from stress and all that because they tell me I am worrying for nothing, that it will all be fine and it does get better but god I am a wreck when I get one. I have gotten into the habit of not answering the phone as the last time I did my aunt was on and omg the abuse I copped I was like fkn no more so I refuse to and every time the home phone rings I freak and not answer it even if it is like 2cms away from me! So, in other words I don’t actually take the time for me to find that inner balance and peace to handle the stress episode.

 4. If you had to be stranded on an island with someone, who would you want it to be?

 Oh, so many to choose from but I would say Chris Evans and like pray to god we fell in love is that too weird or corny?? Or someone that falls in love with me but for me not what’s on the outside but what I have inside and I would love them to the end of time!

 5. What’s your favorite color?

 Dark Blue/Dark Green the Green is so dark it looks black or a dark blue and in the sun you get this gorgeous colour. The colours looks good on me so I love wearing them suits my eye colour and hair.

 6. Do you speak any languages other than your native one?

I wish I can speak like a few words on Jap, French and German but not fluently to save my ass!!

 7. Are you a coffee drinker?

No I have tried but what I noticed is that as soon as I finished a cup I’d go and get more and more and I was like hang on no no no! Plus the amount of sugar I put in it to make it taste nice, So I stick to my iced/hot chocolate.

 8. What are your thoughts on Tom Cruise?

 EWEEWEWEWW! Those are my thoughts omg I remember watching years ago for the first time Days of Thunder and saying this is just crap/ then saw top gun which was again crap. Then saw that movie that he did Cocktails omg what a hunk of junk the only good thing in that movie was Bryan Brown! Saw that spy movie he did with Cameron Diaz omg that was a fkn waste of money! I am so sorry if there are TC fans but honestly I have had arguments with my sis who is 4 yrs older than me she adores him and I fkn hate him and will to the day I die. Most overrated Actor ever Like I love and adore Hugh Jackman/Chris Evans/Robert Downey/Bryan Brown.

 9. What time is it where you are?

 9.26am now and Autumn and it is fkn cold! Freezing.

 10.What’s your favorite thing about Tumblr?

 That would be @littleplebe nagged me enough that I caved and bit the bullet and signed up and finding all my fave authors from Ao3 on here and trying not to freak them out so much by following them which kind of feels like stalking but I am told by the lovely @littleplebe that it is not and to continue lol.

 11.What made you decide to follow me (or follow me back)? 

 When I found out you are one of my favourite authors I had to follow you, you are not just funny, but come across as a gorgeous human being. So wise and I love your look on life and you inspire me to be myself and not you everyone wants me to be! So I am so glad I am following you! ❤ xooxox

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My 11 quetsions

1) Favourite or dream job?

2) Favourite lyric and why? like for me “We are just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year” 

3) Do you play a musical instrument? for me I can play Piano a little. 

4) Your spirit animal and why?

5) Favourite movie? 

6) Least or most hated movie?

7) Favourite Book series/Author and why?

8) Favourite Hobby?

9) Favourite food?

10) One thing you regret? 

11) What do you love doing everyday? 

T H E  S H A D O W S  W E  D R A W
written by viviansface (deanghostchester) | art by padaleckhi

coming to AO3 on october 30th

Senior year of high school is generally considered to be a struggle; with a new boyfriend and a group of jocks who won’t stop straight-out harassing him, it’s nearly impossible. Despite being in love and enjoying its perks, Dean grows desperate enough to seek aid from a practiser of one of the oldest arts – witchcraft – to hopefully make their lives (especially Cas’) easier. Spells are a dangerous business, though, and oftentimes, not even the best intentions can make a difference.