things i am excited to see more of in inquisition: qunari

DA:I Romance Rant

The Good

All romances are now out and about, they all seem like great characters and I can’t wait to meet each and everyone of them. Cullen’s race-gates are no surprise (fan-service, eh, maybe.), I mean Qunari is obviously out for the same reason Varric distrust Qunari Kirkwall and Dwarves? Well perhaps there is some kind of lyrium association thing *shrugs* (seriously not sure about that one). Straight Blackwall, a little surprising, but okay. I’m more excited to see more things from Aimo than I am for his actual romance though (o o p s sorry).

The Bad

There are two aspects to look at for Inquisition romances, Representation vs actual Romance. Unfortunately this time Bioware met one and not the other. There is equal representation, so yay! That’s excellent, 4 straight characters and 4 queer! However, when it comes down to actual romance, same-sex romances are lacking. Where opposite sex romances exist with 6, same-sex romances are still at 4. Not bad, but I know it can be better. So let’s please try and even up same-sex vs opposite sex next game, that’s not too much to ask for right?

The Ugly

Vivienne is not romancable and suddenly people are cancelling orders, attacking writers, and condemning Blackwall. Once again, for the thousandth time, not cool. It would have been nice to see Vivienne as a romance, but it didn’t happen and probably for good reason (we don’t know yet, please stop jumping the gun and pointing towards independent black woman stereotype. If it turn out like that, then please proceed with the manhunt). She doesn’t have to be romanceable at all and that can be choice or even the fact she is Pro-Circle, meaning relationships (especially outside of the Circle) are often forbidden anyways, no one thought about did they?