things i am doing instead of my business plan

For all school teachers/ coaches

If the nurse writes a care plan for a child, READ IT. The nurse has obviously written it for a reason and trust me, they’re busy people so they could’ve been doing a lot of important things instead of writing that out for you. The plan on the sheet is not optional, it’s mandatory. Many students can end up with severe issues if you don’t want to simply follow the plan. For example I am in loads of pain currently because my PE coach did not want to follow my care plan. It explains how with this one condition exercise is of course good for me but I have a limit and I know exactly when to stop or else I’ll end up bleeding very heavily and doubled over in pain. I told her I was at that point and needed to stop but she said nothing but “Every girl has pms get over it”. (I wish it was like every other girl’s pms. Please educate yourself on my condition before you try and tell me how I feel) So as I stated before I am in a heap of pain. This could have been prevented.
So what I’m saying is if you work with children please please please read and follow their care plans. If they say they need a break because of their condition, give it to them, don’t be ignorant please educate yourself on your children I am begging you.