things i am craving

And I am so tired of answering questions about my career. About the money I’m earning. I was so tired of explaining people about my degree. For once, I honestly want people to ask me how my soul is. How my heart is doing—if it is still beating. I just want a minute and talk about more meaningful things. I was such a deep thinker. I am craving for open mind and honest souls. I was such a lonely wolf wandering on a moonlit world.
—  Please Give Me a Minute to Forget About Some Things
I miss her.
I miss laughing and kissing,
My mouth exploring every inch of her.
I miss the way we hold each other,
Look at each other,
Love each other.
I miss the way my mind flies around the room when her lips embrace mine,
And I miss her touch.
Whether it’s rough but necessary,
Or the most sensitive, yet moving, thing I am ever going to crave.
—  My aching heart

                                                                       “You okay?”


TEAM MINATO x AESTHETIC for @blackkatmagic.

Those who break the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash!


hey y’all i’m coming out of nowhere and springing this on you because apparently i have built up the audacity to. i will be having a blurb night tonight 6 august 2017, and here are the following topics you can vote for yo holla at me!

  • peter parker
  • fluff night
  • sinful (nsfw) night
  • harry styles
  • bucky barnes
  • steve rogers
  • t’challa
  • domestic!au night
  • soulmate!au night
  • tom holland

have fun voting, you have until 8:45pm bc blurb night will start at 9pm :))

today i feel a soft cotton sunflower feeling. yearning for swedish crisp septembers and hot bright lisbon streets. ready for the future, excited for what’s coming. playing the strings of my favourite instruments and adoring the symphonies in simple melodies. i feel a longing after rainy days and blueberry tea. i feel an understanding of myself and an acceptance of all of my pieces. 

today i’m reading the fifth harry potter book, tumblr poetry posts, my thoughts and other people’s thoughts. i’m thinking that i should stop trying to read others too much and start reading my own a bit more. 

today i’m listening to my co-workers talk and laugh. birds singing in the trees. i listen to artists/bands like imagine dragons, john hartford, ac/dc and queen. a mixture of things i like. i am listening to the sound of footsteps, the sound of the wind and plenty of mainstream songs on the radio.

today i am watching people smile, question things, wonder, think, laugh, get excited and eat. i am watching how eyes light up when smiles are created and it’s still one of my favourite things on this planet. i watch my co-worker study for her drivers license, my other co-worker eat candy and the rest just chill. not much is going on today.

today i am thinking of ways to improve myself, how to act, how to fill blank spaces, how to live more in the present, how to become a better person in general and things i need to do. i am thinking of words i need to write and stories i want to tell someday.

today i am wanting inner peace, to care less and more time to do things. i am in need of more time. i am wanting and craving laughter, not just for today, but for my entire life. 

today i am wondering which songs to sing, what things to say and what to do tonight. i am trying not to wonder too much, just to stay in touch with my feelings. understand them, trust them and accept them.

—  tina jaxén // 31/7/17 // today i… #1

I am having some deep feelings about this pages, I just wanted to share my thoughts to get them out of my system.

Not cool Mr. officer, have you ever heard something called manners?

Not cool Mr. Mid-East Union soldier, haven’t your mama taught you to say a simple thank you to people who just saved your life?

You know, I trust Isayama when it comes to character writing, I am aware he is not the best storyteller but he always nailed character writings. Always. So I am really curious, Isayama are you really going down with showing every human character, i mean Marley and Mid-Easterners when i refer human, like they have no human feelings? Marley is like the real monster in this story, yet they are the actually humans.

I get it, I really do. Eldians are Titans in reality, they are the monsters of this story yet they are so human. Marley are the actual human origined side yet they are presented worse than a monster. Ironic. It really is. Now, can we get to see some humans acting like one? Please?

 That is what I am craving currently, out of things I am craving most in this story, this topic climbs up and up on my list every month.

I want to see at least one human origined character feeling a little sympathy, a little guilt towards Eldians. Even a little. Except Mikasa and Levi, if they are not indeed Eldians. What were they by the way?

To Marley and to the world, Eldians are not humans, they are even lower than rats to humans’ eyes. Every human being hates them. Okay. Okay, but can we get a human character acting with a little sense and showing some understanding? I am getting tired from Humans Suck™ concept. I get it, I accept it. Humans really do suck. Now, can we break this down at least a little please? Can we get some human characters having humane feelings? 

I can kinda get what Isa is trying to do. He is trying to make us hate Marley and other human races, pitying Eldians we are already feeling enough sympathy and then boom! He is going to give us a human character and break our bias, similar to how he showed Titans as monsters at the beginning of story then we learned they are actually humans.

But this time, I am not buying it. 

It bothers me.

I don’t want to see Marley as some kind of Big Bad Boss™ our heroes need to defeat.

I want to see them as the way they are, as humans. With every complexity they have.

I trust Isayama will deliver my wish soon, but when will I get to see my wish, or will i ever is still a mystery.

This is actually why I am probably one of the those few people who is happy to see Marley side, I want to know them better and I will be happy if we got a whole volume special for Warriors. We craved to learn who enemy is for years, in a series like Shingeki no Kyojin we learn that enemy is human nature as time goes by. But we finally got some other thing that represented as humans and an enemy and I want to get them know better. In the complex human way they are, not the monsters they presented.

confession: i rarely follow people who don’t tag their stuff. even if their posts are great, i want tags, crazy tags, random tags, rant tags, long tags, short tags, spazz tags, any kind of tags to read so i can relate to their feelings or maybe notice something new about a gif or edit that they see but i didn’t. i want my dash to be alive with people and their train of thought instead of just pictures so mind you i do read all of your tags and i love you to bits for sharing them

me @ me: okay this retrograde dont go so overboard with the Old Jams it makes you feel kinda weird after a while

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I don’t want a relationship, I just want to cuddle, kiss and canoodle with someone!
—  said by the person who only can do these things if it’s someone they know and have feelings for 

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Okay. Here is the thing. I am kinda craving Professor Daddy right now. Like all the bad but really good stuff. Help me? 😊😉


But i just posted for him yesterday XD i’ll write the next thing for him later next week or so…AND IT WILL BE SMUTTY

Here is the link to everything i have of him as of now

You Have A Bad Sex Life With Him

“Hey babe” I greet Harry, taking off my heels and placing them in the closet.
Harry smiles at me, placing a small kiss on my lips. He rubs his eyes after, letting out an obnoxious yawn. Tears of exhaustion fill his eyes, out of his control.
“Awe, honey, why don’t we go to bed, huh?” I question, placing loose hair behind his ear.
He nods, smiling slightly as he took my hand, holding it in his as he guides me to the bedroom.
Once we enter our room, we start to replace our current clothes with pajamas. As Harry lifts up his shirt, I can’t help but stare at his body. The way his muscles move so delicately, and the way his hands caress the fabric of his shirt in his fisted hands as he places it in the dirty hamper. I can’t help but stare, I haven’t touched him in nearly two months. Every time I try to make love to him, he always brushes me off as if I were nothing, claiming that he’s tired or not in the mood for it. This has been strange to me for the past couple of months, considering he would always be in the mood. He used to make every excuse to touch me, feel me, hold me, make love to me. But now, none of those are his desires, and I don’t know why.
Sighing, I make my way to the bed, laying on my side as I waited patiently for Harry to take his spot next to me.
I catch myself still staring, and I quickly shake my head, trying to push the desires away.
Once he got changed, he took the empty space next to me, turning his back towards me before turning off the lamp on his night stand. He nuzzles the side of his face in the pillow, lifting the covers up until they reach his chest.
Frowning, I keep steady on my back, looking up at the ceiling. I sigh loudly, trying to relax myself, but I can’t. I am too attracted to him to keep my hands away, and I knew that it shouldn’t be like that if we are engaged.
“Harry?” I ask, turning toward his back.
I run my fingers along his spine, and I can feel the chills that arise on his skin against mine. I draw patterns on his back, spelling our names, making hearts, anything and everything upon his inked skin.
“Hm?” He hums.
“Make love to me.” I whisper, closing my eyes, silently praying that he would go through with the idea.
He groans, pushing his shoulder back, making my hand slip away from his body. He moves farther away from me, shaking his head, still not turning his body.
“Y/n, no. Not tonight, alright? I’m tired and have to work tomorrow.”
My heart drops at his statement, and I begin to realize that maybe, he will never show his love to me again. Maybe, he doesn’t love me the way he used to before. Something in him has changed. Whatever it is, it has changed for me. He doesn’t see me the way he used to. He doesn’t see me as a lover, or a fiancé. He sees me as someone to stay with. He sees me as someone who won’t make him feel lonely.
“You’re not sexually attracted to me the way you used to, have you?” I whisper.
Harry doesn’t answer, but his body stiffens.
“This marriage won’t work if you don’t see me as attractive, Harry. This can’t work.” I state, trying desperately for him to answer me.
But he stays silent; mute.
Tears fill my eyes, sadness consuming me as I nod my head.
I push myself off the bed, grabbing the extra couple of pillows before stomping out of the room. The most frustrating thing about the situation are my bodily desires. I am still craving his touch, his love. I am still craving the feeling of sex, since I’ve had a lack of it for too long.
Making my way into the guest bedroom, that is right across the hall from Harry and I’s, I shut the door before entering the room.
I place the extra pillows on the bed, just the way to make me sit up in a comfortable position. I have been doing this way too often, pleasuring myself, but this has been the only way I could feel something.
Sighing, I begin to pull down my pajama shorts and underwear. My movements were slow, halfhearted, because this was never enough for me. I need Harry, he’s the only man to satisfy me. Doing things like this to myself has never been the same, and I’m beginning to believe that even I will give up on myself, just like the way he gave up on me.
I slowly placed my fingers on my folds, rubbing up and down on them, applying a soft pressure. I let out a breathy moan, immediately attaching my fingers to my clit. I squeal, as quietly as I can. I tighten my lips together, moaning with a closed mouth, just so Harry didn’t hear what I’m doing to myself.
With one thumb attached to my clit, I place my free hand on my inner thigh, caressing the wet skin. I begin to place my fingers inside myself, slowly pumping my fingers in and out.
“Oh shit” I moan out.
“Oh shit”
I twist my fingers, pump them, rub my thumb in figure eights, circles, repeat.
As I was nearing my climax, nearing my edge, I feel a hand pull my fingers away from myself. My moans come to a halt, my eyes opening and staring at Harry in complete shock.
He looked sad, yet concerned. As if he didn’t understand what I was doing. Before I could speak, his lips meet passionately against mine.
His hand slithered behind my head, massaging my scalp with his soft finger tips. I almost pushed him away from me. I almost punched his chest repeatedly, asking why it had to be like this. But I couldn’t. I had missed him and needed him too much to push him away.
“I love you. I’m sorry. I love you.” Harry whispers, reaching the hand that was holding onto my waist down to his boxers, pushing them down.
“You are so special to me. I’m sorry.”
He kisses me again, soft and gentle, full of love and lust. He pushes his body more against mine, and before I knew it, he was making love to me.
He was moving slowly, so passionately and delicate. I could feel his heat radiating off of his body onto mine. He was kissing me, always rubbing his skin on mine, rubbing his lips against mine, giving me all of him.
I had missed this all too much, and it hadn’t hit me until now just how much I have. A sob ripped through me, my hand clutching onto my mouth in order to prevent more from escaping.
“Sh sh sh. I’m sorry. I love you, baby. I know. I’m sorry.” He kept repeating.
It was then when we reached our climaxes. Our moans increasing its sound as they bounced off of the walls.
Harry sighed, slipping out of me.
“I’m so sorry. How often do you do this? Fuck, I am awful. I’m so awful. I’m horrible. I love you so much. I’m sorry.”
With tears still piling in my eyes, I shook my head.
“Stop it. It’s okay. Can we just, can we just work on this a little more? We can get through this, right?”
He smiled, leaning down to kiss me one more time.
“We can get through anything, my love.”