things have not been great but art helps uwu

infernal-heart-deactivated20141  asked:

Hello Blanania-san! uwu Do you have any tips on how to begin drawing? You and Orange-san have inspired me to start making artwork myself ;u; Thank you even if you can't come up with any tips at the moment; I love your work so much!

Thank you (⊙‿⊙✿)/ that was such a nice thing to hear haha, i feel honored~ 

The tips mhhh… these are what i’ve been doing this entire year and i guess it really helps you (cause i can feel the change in my art after one year, great change i must say) 

  • Draw everyday (Yeah i mean it)
  • Use reference and tutorial whenever you feel confused
  • Pick up something you really love and draw it 432234253412 times (otp or characters or pugs, draw a hundred pugs)
  • If you’re going to draw digitally, youtube should be your best friend, watch people’s speed painting videos, i’ve learned a lot from them, tricks, steps, how they do the lineart, how they adjust everything, and all. 
  • I can recommend you yennineii​, oceantann​ and Sycra (they’re my fav youtuber btw)

That’s all and remember to keep practicing c: