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Guys I did it , I am done with my bachelors degree. I know have a 24k debt another trillion years of study , but I’m officially done with my degree. 

The amount of effort and years it took to get to this point i never thought I would be able to make it and yet I did. After starting my uni journey at 18 , developing anorexia , 4 hospital admissions ,  NG tubes an overdose , moving countries , starting a nursing degree twice and withdrawing as it looked better then staying and being on academic probation and having DNC. To then relapsing again with anorexia , starting therapy with H , going through all of that , then losing H , then going non contact with mum , to having the thing happen with FZ, to starting a new job , moving house and losing my church I somehow made it through. 

I made it through and finished the degree. 
I even rang my parents to tell them and mum said she was proud and i dont know the last time i heard her say that and she didnt turn it around or anything, she was proud.  

Even though i have lots of other study left to do , from starting my degree at 18 and being 22 before i was able to start actually studying full time and not having to withdraw to finishing the degree at 24 , although it has been a 2.5 year journey at the same time its also been one I’ve been on for 6 years. 

  • Hufflepuff: Okay, when do you want me to wake you up?
  • Ravenclaw: Never.
  • Hufflepuff: We have the final for Charms tomorrow.
  • Ravenclaw: I know.
  • Hufflepuff: So, when should I wake you?
  • Ravenclaw: I asked Flitwick if I'd pass if I just didn't show up for the test, and he said I'd get an "A" in the class.
  • Hufflepuff: So, you're giving up your "O" in the class just so you don't have to get up tomorrow?
  • Ravenclaw: Yup.

Let me tell you, this is a wonderful music collection, and I’m glad I plunked down the ridiculous amount of money to get it. 

HOWEVER, the actual music box portion of the enormous decorative box? It occasionally starts randomly playing. For no reason. Say, when you’re sitting on the other side of the room, and the cats are nowhere near it.

HELP MY HOUSE IS BEING HAUNTED BY DANNY ELFMAN MUSIC. Wait, no, I don’t need help for that. I’m fine with it.

So how often do you think Fëanor and Nerdanel did that thing parents do, where they forget the name of the kid they’re calling for and just cycle through all of them? I mean like, especially considering that Elves generally tend to have two names to choose from, and that’s not even counting nicknames, and you have seven sons so it’s like,

“"Ambarussa…Maitim-, no, Kana-…Huan….I mean…Tyelco. ai! You. There! with the hair!“

“It’s Curufin, Atar. I’m Curvo. -.-”


If this doesn’t give off Miraculous Ladybug vibes,, idk what does (´・ω・`)  

I have this headcanon in which William and Julia meet the Property Brothers...

No, really! Consider this two juggernauts of Canadian television together…

Early Edwardian ancestors of Drew and Jonathan Scott would ask them about their dream house.

DREW SCOTT: So Mr. and Mrs Murdoch, in order to help you, tell us what is in the wish list of  your dream house.

JULIA: We don’t ask for much, just the usual rooms…a master bedroom, an eventual nursery..

WILLIAM: (shows the model of the house he made): A room that Julia could use as a laboratory and I could use as my workshop. I like to build things. It must be shared. We work best when we’re together.


JULIA: And it must be easy to clean. Look at this washing cupboard William designed for me. It would make our lives so much easier….

DREW: Do you prefer a neighborhood in particular?

JULIA: Not exactly, as long as it is calm and safe. We found a perfect place once. Close to the city and to the suburbs at the same time.

WILLIAM: Unfortunately we found bodies burried in the property. And I arrested most of the neighboors.

DREW: …..

JULIA: We’d also like to have some sort of security measures in display, considering that two people died in our bed when we lived in the hotel.

WILLIAM: Julia was shot once at the door and both of us were kidnaped there. Maybe we could use this scrutinity camera I made?




Bonus points for them actually going for the open concept and right then they discover a skeleton within a wall Jonathan and William were supposed to bring down.

Going Shopping: Stress Relief or Necessary Burden?

It is almost a rule nowadays to associate smiling happy women and frowning men while going shopping and buying clothes. The reverse might be true when we talk about buying computers or different technical equipment. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but, generally, we tend to associate more women spending too much time on choosing and buying things like nice clothes, accessories or jewelry, whereas men tend to do more substantial and planned purchases. But why do we, in general, spend so much time on shopping? Why do some people even become addicted to shopping?

We are living in a high-speed society, which puts a lot of pressure on us demanding to be good at different things: to have a nice job, to be a good parent, to have a lot of interests and hobbies, to speak several foreign languages, etc. As we fail something or cannot do everything at once, we might often feel stressed. This stress has to be relieved somehow or, otherwise, the tension will grow to the extent that we might even get sick. Retail therapy can be one of many ways to elevate the mood and get rid of stress.

I have tried retail therapy personally and I can say that it does work. Buying a silk scarf or silver earrings after a hard working week does make you feel much better. It is a kind of reward you give to yourself as if saying: “You did a good job. You deserve to have this silk scarf”. And it is not even the thing itself that brings so much joy, but rather the process of going shopping, choosing one scarf among many others, trying them all on. It really can take you more than two hours to buy some small and, usually, irrelevant thing. It can be compared to going to a café and drinking coffee with your friends for more than an hour. You can have the same coffee at home, but it’s not really the coffee that matters, but the atmosphere in the café, nice background music, talking to your friends. For the majority of men (with the exceptions, of course) it might be difficult to understand how one can spend hours buying a scarf. Maybe, that’s because men tend to be more practical, maybe because they are more interested in other things than buying clothes. Furthermore, I noticed that men often get irritated when they have to spend too much time shopping, and it might even be ‘dangerous’ to ask your boyfriend to go shopping with you and spend hours there. Asking myself why it is so, I suddenly came to realize that shopping can be both very entertaining and frustrating depending on your mood, interests and whether you buy things that you like or things that you really have to buy. Somehow, when you absolutely have to buy something, especially quickly, the fun of going shopping disappears and shopping turns into a kind of burden.

I remember spending several days looking for beige shoes that would go with the dress I was supposed to wear as a bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding party. I was short of time and all the shoes I found were either way too expensive or uncomfortable or not my size. It wasn’t fun at all. The same situation happens when I have to buy some practical things I need for my house. Being not technically proficient, I also find it difficult to make a right choice. In such a case, retail therapy turns into a retail nightmare. To eliminate this kind of stress from my life, I found online shopping particularly useful, especially when I have to buy some home appliances as I can choose myself when to look at the goods, to read reviews, to contact customer support with additional questions. I still prefer buying clothes in shops, trying things on, touching the material, but I can eliminate some stress by doing online shopping when it comes to buying some other necessary things.

As in every situation, there are two sides of one coin, and since everybody’s experience is unique, it is important to choose for oneself how much time to spend on shopping, how and where to buy things. Going shopping does relieve stress, but only when you do it the way that is most suitable for you.


Littlefinger was no threat to anyone. A clever, smiling, genial man, everyone’s friend, always able to find whatever gold the king or the Hand required, and yet of undistinguished birth, one step up from hedge knight, he was not a man to fear.

It’s a Black thing...

It wasn’t until they started dating that Remus noticed. Before he had tried not to look at Sirius too often in class. He didn’t want to make his feelings to obvious.

But now that he could look at him as much as he wanted he noticed everything.

The look of pain on his face that lasted only a blink every time a teacher called him Mr. Black. The way he slightly jumped at quick movements and tried to hide it with a laugh. How he would position himself protectively in front of his friends when someone screamed at them without even noticing.

And then there was the shaking…

It happened from time to time when Sirius was writing and it started to worry Remus. A lot. So he payed closer attention and noticed a pattern. The shaking would occur every time Sirius made a mistake while writing or when his handwriting became messy.

At first he tried to ignore it. He was sure that Sirius wouldn’t want to talk about it. But it made him feel unsettled. He couldn’t do much about the other things he had noticed but maybe he could actually help with the shaking…

So a few days later when they were alone he asked him about it. They were lying on Sirius bed. Sirius was finishing his potions essay and Remus lay on his back his head on Sirius’ stomach.

“Why do you do that?” Sirius looked at him questioningly.

“Do what?” Remus pointed at his yet again shaking hand.

“Writing the essay? Well, I’m sure I mentioned several times that there are probably a million things I would rather do but you insisted so…”

“Not that. I mean… the shaking…” Sirius looked at him surprised, then put on a neutral face again.

“It’s nothing. Just happens sometimes.”

“I see… you are aware that I won’t stop asking until you either tell me or explain to me why exactly you won’t tell me?” Sirius sighed.

“It’s a Black thing…”

“Go on.”

“As the heir of the ‘nobel and most ancient house of Black’ I was more or less expected to be perfect in everything. You know… otherwise I would bring dishonour onto the family name and so on… So when I was taught how to write my family came up with this funny little idea. They though it would make me learn faster if they put a charm on my quill that made it jab itself into my hand every time I made a mistake or got messy. It was a bloody affair during the first few weeks, I can tell you.” He gave a dry laugh.

“You can’t be serious?!” He shushed Sirius before he could even attempt any kind of pun. “They really did this to you?”

“You know how they are. At least they were decent enough to heal my wounds afterwards.” Sirius shrugged his shoulders and kept on writing. Remus stared at him in disbelief. Just when he though he couldn’t hate Sirius’s parents any more… Remus noticed that Sirius was concentrating harder now, probably to prevent any further shaking. It still happened again a few minutes later. Sirius avoided Remus’ gaze but this didn’t mean he would give up. He reached his hand up to Sirius’ neck and brough his face down to kiss him. Sirius smiled at him.

“What was that for?”

“Nothing. Keep going.” He pointed at the essay. Another 3 minutes later Sirius’ ‘H’ was not as neat as it should be and his hand began to shake again. Like before Remus reached up, brought his face down and kissed him. This time Sirius gave him an ‘I know what you’re doing there’ look but Remus just made his most innocent face and the other kept on writing. This process of shaking and kissing repeated itself a few times and Remus noticed that Sirius was making more and more mistakes…

In the following week Sirius insisted on doing his school work only with Remus in reach. Never in his six years at Hogwarts had Remus seen him making that many mistakes. He realised that his plan had a big weakness. And that was Sirius’ enthusiasm for make out sessions.

Remus’ plans rarely didn’t work out. And when he watched Sirius write ‘acording’ instead of ‘according’ without any sign of shaking by the end of the week, he knew that this plan had worked out. Even if a bit differently than expected…

Hey guys, Dax Holt here. So recently Louis Tomlinson had a baby with Briana Jungwirth. ….Or did he? That is the question that the internet wants to know. And they have put it to us very lightly with the hashtag #EndBabyGate. So. We’re investigating. (transcript after the jump)

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What have you done? (1/?) (Justin Foley x Reader)

Summary: You’re the new kid in Liberty High, and everybody is freaking out about some tapes from a girl you never heard of. You start dating your neighbor, Justin, that goes to another school. Everything is going just fine until you finally find out what the hell happened to Hannah Baker.

Warnings: there is a spoiler from episode 9.

It’s not finished btw. It will probably have a part two :)


It was still early when you heard a knock in your apartment’s door. You lived alone, so you had to answer yourself. Your hair was still wet from the shower and you had only a black bra and blue jeans on. You didn’t mind. It was a weird time for anyone but Justin, your boyfriend and neighbor, show up. Leaning your ear against the door, you asked who was it for precaution.

“It’s me, babe” Justin’s voice answered. You let him in, and the first thing he did was check you out with a smile on his face. “Okay, you’re teasing. Just admit it. You enjoy my pain”

“I’m not teasing. It’s your fault. If you had arrived just two minutes later, I would be fully dressed” you laughed softly, then turned your back to him, going back to your room. Before you could take a single step, Justin pulled you back by the waist.

“I like it better when you’re shirtless” he whispered, then put his hands on your neck, gently pressing his thumbs on your throat. You felt his lips against yours and what started as a sweet kiss suddenly turned into an intense make out session. Which turned into sex.


“GOD DAMN IT” you yelled, scaring Justin so much he almost fell out of bed. “Shit, shit, shit” you mumbled as you picked up your clothes from the floor and graceless put them on.

“What’s the matter? Why are you yelling?” He covered his face with a pillow.

“Justin, the third period is almost over. I’ll have to hurry if I wanna make it to the fourth” you realized your shirt was inside out, so you had to take it off and put it back on properly.

“I don’t wanna make it to the fourth” he said with a grin.

“Your school doesn’t call your parents when you miss out too many classes. Liberty High does and this is, like, the fifth time this year I skipped school to fool around with you. They will call my mom and she will drag me back to Arizona!” you were totally freaking out, so much you couldn’t even remember where you left your backpack.

“I’m sorry, did you say ‘fool around’? Am I just an object to satisfy your sexual needs?” he pretended to be crying, which made you look at him and laugh. He pressed both hands on the left side of his chest, faking a heart attack.

“God Justin, you’re an idiot”

“Yeah” he said, and got up from the bed too quickly for you to run away. He picked you up by the tights and put you on the table.

“Not agaaaaain” you sighed before Justin could kiss you. “I have to go to school and satisfy my learning needs”

“Okay, okay” he was about to let you go, but that grin suddenly showed up again on his handsome little face. “Oh, wait. I think I can change your mind. I have something to tell you and you won’t be able to resist”

You rolled your eyes.

“You wish”

“Are you ready? Here it goes” he breathed in and out, but the grin disappeared just as fast as it came. Justin looked serious. He coughed a few times, ran his fingers through his hair, then looked away from you and stared at the floor. “Okay, no, you go. I can’t tell you like that”

“Tell me what?” You asked, but he simply put you back on the floor.

“Text me when you get to school and I’ll tell you by message. I can’t do it looking at you. It’s… well… I don’t… Jesus, I can’t even talk like a normal person. Just go away and I’ll let you know in a text” he just went on like a machine gun, so fast you barely understood. You didn’t had a chance to ask again. He picked up his clothes and left the apartment with only his underwear on. Luckily, his place was just next door.


[You | 11:04 A.M.] I’m at school. tell me now and hurry bc the bell is about to ring
[You | 11:04 A.M.] come onnnnnnnn
[You | 11:04 A.M.] babe I’m waiting
[You | 11:04 A.M.] if it rings before I hear from you I swear to god justin foley
[You | 11:05 A.M.] i will MURDER you
[You | 11:05 A.M.] jussssstinnnnnnn
[You | 11:06 A.M.] you’re dead. seriously.
[You | 11:06 A.M.] damn justin. the bell rang. now I’ll have to wait till noon!

You put your phone on your bag angrily. You didn’t reacted well to curiosity, especially when it came from Justin. You cared too much about him and you needed to be in control all the time, otherwise it just felt like you might lose him. To hell with cared too much. You loved him. You started to think maybe he wanted to break up or maybe he cheated, and you were glad you hadn’t told him you loved him yet. Then you remembered whatever was it that he wanted you to know was supposed to make you want to spend more time with him, so your paranoia went away.

“Miss (Y/L/N), do you mind answering the question I just asked the class?” Mr. Hoechlin called you, and you felt your face burn.

“Well, of course, my beloved teacher. The answer is… uhhhh… no. Definitely no.” you said, jokingly, hoping it was the right answer even though it was absolutely clear you had no idea what the question was. You barely finished your sentence when the whole class burst into laughters.

“Very well, miss (Y/L/N). You’re truly a prodigious child. The future of our nation” the teacher said, which made people laugh even more.

You turned around to a familiar face, Clay’s, and saw a shy smile on his face. He wanted to laugh, but he was your friend so he tried really hard to conceal it.

“Okay, Argila” you called by the nickname you gave him, which was portuguese for clay/loam. He didn’t even frown this time. He was too busy laughing-without-laughing. “What was the question anyway?”

“He asked how much…” Clay started, but then he interrupted his sentence. He was looking at something right behind you. You were about to turn around and look for whatever caught his eye, but he talked again. “Huh… who’s Justin, Y/N?”

“My boyfriend slash neighbor. I told you about him” you answered and turned around. Your phone was lighting up with texts from Justin.

“You never told me his name… but, uh, he isn’t by any chance… Justin Foley… is he?” Clay sounded a little upset, but also something else. Almost like he was worried about me.

“You know him?” you asked, surprised.

“God damn it (Y/N). Out of every asshole in this freaking city, you had to be Justin Foley’s girlfriend?!” He was a little loud, but thankfully no one heard.

“What are you talking about?”

“Wait until this period is over” Clay was somewhere between crazy angry and crazy worried.

It felt like ten years passed by till that bell rang. You and Clay got out of the class faster than anyone else, and he pulled you into an empty room. He sighed loudly and heavily.

“Okay, shoot” you said, anxious. The whole thing got into your skin so badly that you even forgot to check Justin’s messages. You had a bad feeling about whatever was it that Clay wanted you to know. You didn’t want to hear it but you wanted it to be over asap. He didn’t spoke a single word. “Clay! Seriously! Tell me now!”

He looked into your eyes, and all the anger was gone. You realized he wasn’t just worried, he was sad. He knew he was about to shatter your heart into a million pieces. And so he did.


You knocked in Justin’s door with so much strength that your hand started to hurt and bruise. You knew he was home. He was probably procrastinating on his couch like he did everyday after school. That fucking idiot. That fucking, fucking idiot.

“JUSTIN OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR RIGHT NOW” you yelled so loud your throat burned. You heard his hurried footsteps and the noise of the keys while he gracelessly unlocked the door to let you in.

You didn’t even look at him. You were so mad that your whole vision was red and blurry. He reached out for you quickly, tried to touch your arm and desperately checked out if you were hurt or something. You pushed him and, since he wasn’t expecting it, he did move a few inches back.


“You shut up and listen!” you weren’t screaming anymore, but your voice was filled with hate and anger. He shut the door with his foot and walked towards you, but you backed away.

“Babe I’m sorry that I told you by text, but I didn’t had the guts to tell you in person”

“I didn’t even read your text, that’s not what this is about”

He seemed a little hurt.

“You didn’t read it” you couldn’t tell if it was a question or an affirmation. You didn’t care either.

“I was too busy finding out you spread out lies that lead a girl to kill herself and, oh, also you let a guy RAPE your last girlfriend!” your throat ached. Justin looked like he was punched in the stomach repeatedly. His eyes filled with tears immediately. “Oh stop crying, it’s too late for that”

He didn’t move or say anything. He just stood there and cried, not much at first, but then his silent tears turned into sobbing and it looked like he was hardly breathing. Still, he didn’t move a finger. Neither did you.

It just went on and on. He wouldn’t stop. It was so horrible, the whole thing, that you started crying too. The second he noticed, he forced himself to stop crying and ran to you.

“No, no, baby please don’t cry” Justin said with a broken voice. He tried to wipe your tears but you didn’t let him.

“Why, Justin? Why would you do that?” you asked, so low he barely heard. He breathed heavily.

“Bryce… he gave me everything. He was all I had. Since we were kids he and his family, they knew… they knew things about me” he looked away.

“This is not the time for secrets” you spoke more fiercely now.

“I’m sorry. I mean- Bryce and his family knew about the things that happened in my house. My mom took a lot of guys home and they were all just… animals, you know? They would choke me, beat me, kick me, punch me, and my mom would just stand there and watch. They didn’t give me food and didn’t give me money to buy it myself. They let me starve for days. Sometimes there wasn’t even water, just their vodka and their whiskey. It was hell, (Y/N). All the food I had, Bryce was the one who gave me. All my clothes. All the pain killers. It was all him, always. He was a brother to me. I let him share Hannah’s picture, but I hated myself for it. Unfortunately I wasn’t man enough to stop him or even apologize to Hannah. And I let him inside the room with Jessica, yes, but I didn’t want to. I tried to tell him she was my girlfriend and I didn’t want him to touch her. He didn’t listen. When I tried to stop him he pushed me out and locked the door. I could have done more, I know that. I could have screamed and called the cops, but I couldn’t do it to either of them. Jessica would be exposed, Bryce would go to jail. I loved them, both of them. I just couldn’t”

You listened to every word in complete silence, your eyes widened. You didn’t know about any of the things he said about his house situation. He never told you. Also, he never even mentioned Bryce or Jessica. You didn’t even know he used to go to Liberty High until Clay told you.

“I don’t know you at all” you whispered. “I have to leave. I need some time to think… to figure it all out, I mean”

Justin nodded, looking heartbroken. You quietly made your way to the door and left, stopping only to give him a sad glance before closing the door behind you. You entered your apartment, ripped off your shoes aggressively and lied down on the carpet. You felt your phone buzz inside your jeans’ pocket and slowly reached out for it. You saw lots of notifications, the most recent coming from Clay.

[Argila | 3:32 P.M.] Hey
[Argila | 3:45 P.M.] I’m worried about you
[Argila | 3:57 P.M.] Did you talk to Justin?
[Argila | 4:01 P.M.] (Y/N) please answer me
[Argila | 4:01 P.M.] if I don’t hear from you until 4:15 I’ll send the police to your building

You checked the time. 4:13 p.m., still on time.

[You | 4:13 P.M.] chill

You checked your other notifications and saw the texts Justin sent you while you were at class. You knew you would regret it, but you opened his chat.

[Justin | 11:27 A.M.] Okay here it goes
[Justin | 11:27 A.M.] I’m sorry I only said it once in my life and even then it ended up badly
[Justin | 11:27 A.M.] I’m afraid and I’m sorry, I wish I could tell you like a normal guy would… looking at your beautiful face and holding your hands
[Justin | 11:28 A.M.] but I can’t so you’ll have to settle for this
[Justin | 11:28 A.M.] I love you
[Justin | 11:28 A.M.] So much it aches
[Justin | 11:29 A.M.] You’re the best thing that ever happened to me and I don’t ever wanna lose you

Imagine, Noct and Luna going for a long, leisurely walk around some of the rural parts of Insomnia. (This city is like fully a quarter of the landmass of all of Lucis, it has to have a lot of rural and farming spots, I cannot believe otherwise in the practical application of this city and nation)

They aren’t really paying attention cause they’re caught up in conversation and exploration, so they’re somewhere that Noctis doesn’t know. They’re walking a decently wide dirt path that they found, and it’s surrounded by trees so that it’s a nice little nature walk of sorts.

Then they hear high pitched revving of a small motor, and as they get to the tree line for safety, a bunch of dirt bikes go racing past. Noct is excited, but he tenders that they should go somewhere else.

He’s not prepared for Luna’s thrilled expression. She didn’t even hear his suggestion, she grabs him and points, “Let’s see where they’re going!”

It takes a decent walk, but they hear the sounds of motors whining as they’re pushed hard, and a large group of people talking and cheering. Finally they come to it, a wide open area. It’s a dirt bike track, and those bikes from earlier as well as plenty others are racing on it, doing jumps, flips.

There’s a lot of people watching, and where they came in, they have a great view and no one is right there. They stay back from the track to keep safe, but have an amazing view of the races. They linger for a long time, wandering around the outside of the track, and even past when the last of the drivers leaves.

It’s dark, and they’re a bit lost, but it’s at least within the city, and they can certainly protect one another as they find their way home. Or to the nearest hotel, depending on how tired they are when they finally find people again, lol

i’m trying out a new style

conclusion: i’m never fucking doing that again CHANGE IS TERRIBLE