things happen at my house

  • Hufflepuff: Okay, when do you want me to wake you up?
  • Ravenclaw: Never.
  • Hufflepuff: We have the final for Charms tomorrow.
  • Ravenclaw: I know.
  • Hufflepuff: So, when should I wake you?
  • Ravenclaw: I asked Flitwick if I'd pass if I just didn't show up for the test, and he said I'd get an "A" in the class.
  • Hufflepuff: So, you're giving up your "O" in the class just so you don't have to get up tomorrow?
  • Ravenclaw: Yup.

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I bring to you beyoncè's lemonade and a home - made tiramisu as a sacrifice. Is it enough to tell us about the Cat - racoon Incident?

man, you guys are bored today, because in ten minutes ive had ten requests for this. so i will briefly tell the story of the cat-raccoon incident.

in most of the camps we stayed at, there were cats. dogs, too, but the cats were everywhere. food stores and garbage that a good-size camp needs means there’s a high chance of rats or mice, and one of the best ways to deal with that problem was a good mousing cat. so most every camp had a couple hanging around. the officers mostly turned a blind eye to them.

there was one camp we were at for a few months, and the mouser there was this huge fluffy grey lump they called Kilroy.  (it was not a very original name; i think i met six camp cats called kilroy) Kilroy was a remarkably lazy cat, when he wasnt hunting, but also pretty friendly. he was also an amazingly warm personal heater for whoever he decided to grace with his presence. that being the case, he was welcome in most barracks when the weather started to go cold. 

mice are active at night, though, so often he would linger in the kitchen until a couple hours after sundown, then head to the nearest barracks and scratch at the door until somebody let him in. 

one chilly night in february, there was a scratching at the door of our barracks at nearly two in the morning. we were all asleep and even when it got loud enough to wake us up, none of us wanted to move. but it persisted. so eventually falsworth got out of his bunk–he was closest to the door–let Kilroy in, and got back in bed. 

Kilroy ambled a few steps in, then started heading for gabe’s bunk. which was when gabe and falsworth realized that what had been let in wasnt a Kilroy.

it was a raccoon. 

i dont know if gabe had some sort of raccoon related trauma in his past or if he just hates them in general, but he screamed and bolted upright in his bed. which woke the rest of us up, quite startled, and, since we were in bunks, resulted in about half of us hitting our heads on the upper bunks. dumdum, who’d insisted on sleeping top bunk, lunged awake so hard it actually tipped the whole bunkbed over, and wound up spilling him and happy sam on the floor. 

all the chaos caused the raccoon to be terrified, and it started running around, looking for an exit. all of us were tangled in blankets, and most of us had no idea what was happening, and the only two who did were gabe and falsworth. gabe was screaming like he was being attacked by a six foot spider, and falsworth had started chasing the raccoon around. the rest of us were yelling, trying to figure out what was going on, and there was this angry bright-eyed thing running around, scratching and biting anyone who came near. soon enough, it cornered itself behind steves footlocker, but it kept biting at anyone who tried to grab it.

at that point we’d made enough noise to wake half the camp. peggy, who’d been staying nearby in the ops center, stormed over to see what was happening. she burst through the door like an avenging angel and found a squad of battle hardened commandoes with bedhead, wrapped in blankets, two bunks overturned, gabe still yelling, and half of us bleeding from raccoon bites. 

she marched in , stole steve’s blanket, tossed it over the raccoon, bundled it up, and carried the whole thing right back out of the barracks. 

when she came and found us at the medic’s after she’d let the raccoon loose in the woods, she was not impressed to discover that every single howlie had somehow gotten injured, either from the raccoon itself, by blundering into each other in the dark, or by falling out of bed.

The Houses reacting to being catcalled

Gryffindor : *shouts back abusé as her male friends strike up poses and say “thank you !” In a high-pitched voice*

Hufflepuff : *straight up ignores it*

Ravenclaw : *turns around really slowly, creepily lick her lips and say in a creepy voice* yeeeeessss ?

Slytherin : *turns around really slowly, imitated by all her friends, and says in a deep, cold voice :* What did you call me ?


Let me tell you, this is a wonderful music collection, and I’m glad I plunked down the ridiculous amount of money to get it. 

HOWEVER, the actual music box portion of the enormous decorative box? It occasionally starts randomly playing. For no reason. Say, when you’re sitting on the other side of the room, and the cats are nowhere near it.

HELP MY HOUSE IS BEING HAUNTED BY DANNY ELFMAN MUSIC. Wait, no, I don’t need help for that. I’m fine with it.

It’s a Black thing...

It wasn’t until they started dating that Remus noticed. Before he had tried not to look at Sirius too often in class. He didn’t want to make his feelings to obvious.

But now that he could look at him as much as he wanted he noticed everything.

The look of pain on his face that lasted only a blink every time a teacher called him Mr. Black. The way he slightly jumped at quick movements and tried to hide it with a laugh. How he would position himself protectively in front of his friends when someone screamed at them without even noticing.

And then there was the shaking…

It happened from time to time when Sirius was writing and it started to worry Remus. A lot. So he payed closer attention and noticed a pattern. The shaking would occur every time Sirius made a mistake while writing or when his handwriting became messy.

At first he tried to ignore it. He was sure that Sirius wouldn’t want to talk about it. But it made him feel unsettled. He couldn’t do much about the other things he had noticed but maybe he could actually help with the shaking…

So a few days later when they were alone he asked him about it. They were lying on Sirius bed. Sirius was finishing his potions essay and Remus lay on his back his head on Sirius’ stomach.

“Why do you do that?” Sirius looked at him questioningly.

“Do what?” Remus pointed at his yet again shaking hand.

“Writing the essay? Well, I’m sure I mentioned several times that there are probably a million things I would rather do but you insisted so…”

“Not that. I mean… the shaking…” Sirius looked at him surprised, then put on a neutral face again.

“It’s nothing. Just happens sometimes.”

“I see… you are aware that I won’t stop asking until you either tell me or explain to me why exactly you won’t tell me?” Sirius sighed.

“It’s a Black thing…”

“Go on.”

“As the heir of the ‘nobel and most ancient house of Black’ I was more or less expected to be perfect in everything. You know… otherwise I would bring dishonour onto the family name and so on… So when I was taught how to write my family came up with this funny little idea. They though it would make me learn faster if they put a charm on my quill that made it jab itself into my hand every time I made a mistake or got messy. It was a bloody affair during the first few weeks, I can tell you.” He gave a dry laugh.

“You can’t be serious?!” He shushed Sirius before he could even attempt any kind of pun. “They really did this to you?”

“You know how they are. At least they were decent enough to heal my wounds afterwards.” Sirius shrugged his shoulders and kept on writing. Remus stared at him in disbelief. Just when he though he couldn’t hate Sirius’s parents any more… Remus noticed that Sirius was concentrating harder now, probably to prevent any further shaking. It still happened again a few minutes later. Sirius avoided Remus’ gaze but this didn’t mean he would give up. He reached his hand up to Sirius’ neck and brough his face down to kiss him. Sirius smiled at him.

“What was that for?”

“Nothing. Keep going.” He pointed at the essay. Another 3 minutes later Sirius’ ‘H’ was not as neat as it should be and his hand began to shake again. Like before Remus reached up, brought his face down and kissed him. This time Sirius gave him an ‘I know what you’re doing there’ look but Remus just made his most innocent face and the other kept on writing. This process of shaking and kissing repeated itself a few times and Remus noticed that Sirius was making more and more mistakes…

In the following week Sirius insisted on doing his school work only with Remus in reach. Never in his six years at Hogwarts had Remus seen him making that many mistakes. He realised that his plan had a big weakness. And that was Sirius’ enthusiasm for make out sessions.

Remus’ plans rarely didn’t work out. And when he watched Sirius write ‘acording’ instead of ‘according’ without any sign of shaking by the end of the week, he knew that this plan had worked out. Even if a bit differently than expected…


If this doesn’t give off Miraculous Ladybug vibes,, idk what does (´・ω・`)  

I have this headcanon in which William and Julia meet the Property Brothers...

No, really! Consider this two juggernauts of Canadian television together…

Early Edwardian ancestors of Drew and Jonathan Scott would ask them about their dream house.

DREW SCOTT: So Mr. and Mrs Murdoch, in order to help you, tell us what is in the wish list of  your dream house.

JULIA: We don’t ask for much, just the usual rooms…a master bedroom, an eventual nursery..

WILLIAM: (shows the model of the house he made): A room that Julia could use as a laboratory and I could use as my workshop. I like to build things. It must be shared. We work best when we’re together.


JULIA: And it must be easy to clean. Look at this washing cupboard William designed for me. It would make our lives so much easier….

DREW: Do you prefer a neighborhood in particular?

JULIA: Not exactly, as long as it is calm and safe. We found a perfect place once. Close to the city and to the suburbs at the same time.

WILLIAM: Unfortunately we found bodies burried in the property. And I arrested most of the neighboors.

DREW: …..

JULIA: We’d also like to have some sort of security measures in display, considering that two people died in our bed when we lived in the hotel.

WILLIAM: Julia was shot once at the door and both of us were kidnaped there. Maybe we could use this scrutinity camera I made?




Bonus points for them actually going for the open concept and right then they discover a skeleton within a wall Jonathan and William were supposed to bring down.

Here’s my theory for why students were sorted into their houses in Harry Potter - the student’s deepest motivations were what the Sorting Hat pinged.

I narrowed down the four motivations between the houses as these: Gryffindor is for justice, Ravenclaw for truth, Hufflepuff for love, and Slytherin for power.


Gryffindor: Justice

Gryffindor is commonly known as the ‘courage’ house. Basically any quote associated with it on HP blogs has the word ‘courage’ or ‘fear’ in it. But courage isn’t a goal or motivation, courage is a reaction to a circumstance. My theory is that Gryffindors are motivated to pursue justice despite difficulties. In a seedy crime serial TV show, the Gryffindor character would be the grizzled cop. Righteous and spiteful.

While fighting against injustice is usually good, it can also go too far. Whether it’s against perceived injustice that is taken out of context, or simply punishment for wrongdoings taken to extreme violence, it can become twisted into revenge or cruelty. 

Harry, for example, is elated when Sirius Black is rescued from an unjust fate in PoA. He’s practically gleeful when Aunt Marge is blown up like a balloon. He’s beyond irate when questioned in the Wizenmagot for saving himself and Dudley from dementors in a farce of a trial. He’s also beyond pissed when he unfairly doesn’t get to go to Hogsmeade because his uncle wouldn’t sign his stupid form. But… Harry also gets so angry at Bellatrix Lestrange for killing Sirius that he successfully Crucios her with cruelty on his mind. He wants to hurt her - punish her - for what she’d done.

Hermione campaigns for house elves to be freed in her S.P.E.W. program for years after she learns about them being mistreated and oppressed. She also starts up the resistance group Dumbledore’s Army. But… she gets so angry at Marietta Edgecombe for snitching on the group - betraying them to a corrupted authority - that she permanently scars Marietta’s face with a nasty hex.

Ron is the most laid back in the Golden Trio, but even he gets Fred and George to help him break Harry out of Privet Drive in CoS with the Ford Anglia. He yells at Snape for calling Hermione a know-it-all after he’d done it to her a thousand times as a friend. But… He also gets so mad he doesn’t talk to to Harry after Harry gets picked in the Triwizard Tournament, because he thinks Harry went behind his back to get in.


Ravenclaw: Truth

Ravenclaw is known for being the scholarly house, all about books and learning. But I think the motivation underlying is for the student to find truth. Not all truth is in books, after all. In a seedy crime serial TV show, the Ravenclaw would be the nosy reporter. Uncovers the truth, but can be unfeeling or callous towards victims or people they deem stupid.

Luna Lovegood is the perfect example of this. Even though she is in Ravenclaw, she doesn’t ascribe to the by-the-book way of looking at things. She explores the world around her without preconceptions. She reads her Quibbler upside-down, which seems mad to other people until they know that the Quibbler’s articles are printed upside down. She believes in magical creatures like nargles that nobody can see, she loves thinking about complex riddles, she believes Harry when nobody else does… Luna searches for truth in the world around her, even if she doesn’t fit the stereotype of the put-together scholar. She’s the dreamy philosopher your mother warned you about. It makes sense that her father runs a newspaper the way he does, as he was also in Ravenclaw.


Hufflepuff: Love

Hufflepuff is known for hard work and loyalty. I think the underlying motivation here is love. If you love something, you work hard at it, whether it’s an art piece or a sport or a musical instrument. You want it to succeed. Loyalty is love, of a sort; steadfastness, absolute devotion, unquestioned support. In a seedy crime serial TV show, the Hufflepuff would be the consoling, sympathetic profiler. Caring, but sometimes too fragile for the realities of life.

Newt Scamander, for example, rolls up his sleeves and gets messy in the dirt to take care of his magical creatures. He travels all over the world to find them or transport them, gets into incredibly dangerous situations to help them, and spends all his time taking care of them. He wholeheartedly cares for and toils for them, to the point of sacrifice. He’s also unfailingly loyal to magical creatures in general - even though many of them are dangerous, he argues to anyone that will listen that humans are the problem. He writes a book to help people understand the creatures a little better, so as to stop hurting them. He equally loyal to his human friends, like when he gifts the silver shells to Jacob at the end of Fantastic Beasts. Everything he does, Newt does out of love for someone. Even if it hurts him, in the end.


Slytherin: Power

Slytherin is known as the ‘ambitious’ house that strives for ‘greatness.’ I take this to mean power is the main motivation. In a seedy crime serial TV show, the Slytherin would be the police chief, or possibly a lawyer, someone influential in the goings-on of the plot’s conclusion. Whether the character is positive or negative depends on the characterization and which side they’re on. Power is not inherently bad - it is only as bad as the people that wield it.

Individual agency, for example, is a good thing. I can easily imagine an abused child coming to Hogwarts such as Snape, wanting to assert their newfound agency. Someone wanting to protect the vulnerable with the authority they earn, someone wanting to use their platforms or successes to let silenced people be heard, someone just wanting to protect themselves from any more suffering; these are worthy ambitions.

On the other hand, power is easy to abuse once it’s been acquired. The climb to power can also be corrupt. Using people as stepping stones, throwing loyalties aside for a promotion, feeding lies about the opponent… you get the idea. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and all that.

So yes, Voldemort was a prime example of power abuse. And manipulation. And warmongering. And racism. Etc. So is Lucius Malfoy, on a lesser scale, with all his politicking in the Ministry and constant one-up-manship games against Arthur Weasley, not to mention his additional Death Eater status.

But Merlin was also in Slytherin, as in the King Arthur’s court Merlin. A great wizard, who made amazing discoveries and advancements in magic while advising the king at the time. He had influence, both in his own time and down the line. His name is known even now. Merlin wasn’t evil, but he was unquestionably powerful.


In the end, there are pros and cons for every house. Everyone wants at least a little bit of every four of these motivations; what determines the house is the leading motivation for you.

Hope this helps when you’re trying to find out your house and you hit a wall! It definitely does for me. Tag yourself I’m the grizzled cop :P

Hux Drabble Thing

“Come to beeddddd,” Y/N whined, sticking out her tongue. Hux rolled his eyes.

“Go to sleep, Y/N, I just need to finish this-”

“You can finish it in the morning!” Y/N sat up in bed, brushing her hair down and reaching out for him. She intertwined her fingers with his, smiling as the corners of his mouth turned down. “You need to sleep. You’ve been so stressed lately-”

Hux’s mouth turned down in distaste. “Ren is a-”

“I know, ssh.” she whispered it with a laugh. She noticed his eyes beginning to droop. She slowly pulled the datapad out his hands and set it on the nightstand, pulled the blankets out from underneath his fully-clothed body and pulled the covers around his shoulder. With a sigh, Hux slowly settled under the blankets and pulled her close against his chest. He pressed a kiss to her hair.

“Goodnight, love. Thank you.”

“Goodnight.” Y/N settled in his arms and drifted off to sleep, well aware that he would be up and awake in just a few hours, his hair already somehow perfectly in place, his uniform neat and tidy and dust-free, but for now, she was content in knowing her Armitage was, if for only a few moments, hers.

You guys know Nick Nocturn right? I had a weird dream about him.

It started out at my house I was noticing odd things were happening.

It was a beautiful morning an I decided to check outside my backyard window, what I saw was my dog. She wasn’t her normal self. She was part anaconda to my suprise I started to get scared. My dogs long body had bumps over bumps on her scaley long body, I concluded that my dogs half body was almost eating every rock or small object in sight. She was getting bit bigger.

I then looked around my house a bit more an what I saw was that oil was leaking beneath the carpet floor and wood walls. The oil apparently it lead off in a trail. Like it had a mind of its own.

It didn’t look like oil but I was very sure it was black. The liquid, it kind of shaped like… semen and lava lamp-ish. I don’t know what it meant but it really scared me, I was more concerned about my house turning into charcoal than the strange oil oozing onto my street.

I’d probably take a guess, that kind of oil was leaking from my basement and I didn’t even know about it.

Next is when NightMind came up.

I was in a different setting later on in the dream.

I was in a classroom, dim lighted, I recognized a few people, friends mostly. The screen popped up to the signatures NM and I already know who it was. @nick-nocturn

He talked about my friends one by one, row by row, a bit like Jigsaw style kind of talking.

But when he talked about me next. I was horrified. He knew almost everything about me that I started to ball out crying, mouthing “No! Thats not true! STOP IT!” I had enough of the truth. The truth was getting to me and I knew it, I knew I shouldn’t hide it.

While I was continuously crying, I recognized a hug from behind me, it first felt like a familiar pal who I knew. It then changed, formatting from one familiar embrace to another until it came to just one. A one friend who I knew betrayed me. She was trying to apologize to me. She’s never done that before. It felt so warm, so nice of her for a change even, she wasn’t like this. Not ever had this happened before in my life. My tears had stopped rolling down my cheeks, I am complete in a warm embrace.

But, on the screen NM was slowly fading and the camera was revealing his face. I could make out a mouth, facial hear, and a nose. A bit of glasses maybe-? The screen was gonna show more features until it cutted off, the screen turned to black. I guess he was behind the oil leaks in my house?

I don’t know. Its over.

Littlefinger was no threat to anyone. A clever, smiling, genial man, everyone’s friend, always able to find whatever gold the king or the Hand required, and yet of undistinguished birth, one step up from hedge knight, he was not a man to fear.

The comfy way of living


Request : Hey there! I wanted to request a peter parker x reader! Can the reader wear glasses and keeps their hair pulled back in a loose ponytail all the time? And one day peter sees her without her glasses and with her hair down? And becomes absolutely smitten with her? (But make sure he loves her even with the glasses though) pretty please write this! Sorry if it doesn’t make any sense! ( @nevaehsuga )

Characters : Peter Parker x reader

Word count : ~1400

A/N : Oookay guys, not a new part of the hallway this time. Hope you’ll enjoy it too anyway. Clearly not my best but here it goes !

You never cared about beauty. You weren’t interested in makeup nor dresses. Actually, you lived for natural comfort. All you had in your closet was jean slims and large sweatshirts or t-shirt that you liked to put in your pants. It was your own definition of beauty, in fact. Comfort was the real way of living. You were disappointing your mother on this part, since she was all about girly things, for her a lady had to wear heels everyday, have makeup on her face even if it was just to take the trash out, and smile all day long. But your vans were way more comfy and you couldn’t swap them for some fake Louboutins.

People at school always pointed you out calling you ugly or weird. Fortunately, you weren’t the only one in this position. You made one friend few years back, MJ, who was like you on this point. For both of you, the most important was to be in harmony with your true self. Didn’t matter if this true self didn’t please the others.

You arrived at school with your eternal loose ponytail, and your new glasses you had received yesterday. You went with your friends of the decathlon, MJ, Ned and Peter. They were sat down in the courtyard, so you imitated them.

“Yop.” That was your personal hello. “What’s up people ?”

You caught Peter staring at you, which was kind of embarrassing. He had this power of intimidating you even if he was such a sweet puppy. You blushed a little.

“Don’t you have new glasses ?” Peter asked with an innocent and adorable smile. You were so pleased he noticed this small change.

“Stop looking at me with those amorous eyes.” You giggled.

Peter’s mouth opened on a grand scale, and it seemed that his eyes wanted to quit his orbites. “I just.. I..” He stammered. He couldn’t talk or think properly so he just turned his head, his cheeks getting pink. Michelle was staring at Peter and his reaction. What was that ?

The bell rang and you all went to class.

“My parents aren’t home tonight, anyone wants to come for a movie night ? I don’t feel like being alone.”

Michelle laughed, making fun of you and the fear she knew you had. “Again with that pseudoghosts haunting your apartment, [Y/N] ? There were no response when we tried to communicate last time. Don’t be afraid of something that isn’t there.”

“But I can’t help it ! Told you weird things happen all the time at my house, all these creepy noises.” You folded your arms and pouted. “Stop making a fool out of me please.”

“I’ll come, if you want.” Said Peter wringling his nose. “May invited some friends of the hospital, I was planning on walking down the streets all night.”

“Thank you, Peter.”

Michelle rolled her eyes. “You dumb, it’s just that your apartment is old.” She mutterred.

It was 6 pm and you were already in your pajamas, a large t-shirt you had stolen to your father, waiting for Peter to arrive. You felt a little bit stupid since Michelle pointed out your fear of ghosts, you knew many people didn’t believe in them and you were wondering if Peter was one of this believers.

Knock knock knock.

It was him. Who else could it be after all ? You opened the door, and found a fresh Peter Parker with packages in his hands. Potatoe chips and other salted stuff. While you were focused on the food, Peter was focused on you. You got out of the shower few minutes ago and your face was still slightly red, you had damp hair and didn’t put your glasses back on -actually you never wore them home. He seemed speechless, and you didn’t even noticed. Peter licked his lips, trying to come back from his thoughts. But God he found you so beautiful like that, he wasn’t used to you being such a cutie. You were beautiful everydays, of course, he was always amazed by how soft your traits were, but right now it was… Such a delight.

“You look… Different.” Peter finally said, entering the apartment.

“Oh ? I don’t know what you’re talking about, I didn’t change anything since we saw each other today.”

“Your… I don’t know, it may be your hair. It isn’t in a ponytail, I’ve never seen you with your hair down.” Peter sat down on the couch, his eyes couldn’t stare at anything else but you. “Why don’t you let them like that more often ?”

You shrugged. “I just don’t like to have my hair in front of my face. They fly everywhere and at some point I can’t see anymore. That’s really annoying, you’d understand if you had long hair.” You sat down next to him, checking Netflix. “What do you want to watch first ?”

He would have liked to respond “you” to that question, but that would have seemed really embarrassing. “Something funny. I guess you don’t want to watch horror movies so…”. You immediately blushed and hit his arm. Peter laughed at your reaction. Something was really different now in his heart, he felt that something was going on with him. You both had hanged out many times, but the atmosphere seemed different. Different.

You choose Bruce Almighty, which didn’t surprised Peter because he knew you were such a big fan of Jim Carrey. You talked during the movie, laughed, Peter couldn’t help but glance at you at times. Your hair was now dry and you were more beautiful than ever. He licked his lips each time he saw you laughing.

You noticed that your friend looked at you, but acted as you didn’t. You could feel that it was different between you two too. As if you were closer, as if there were no barreer. Peter was lying on the couch, and so you were half on him, your head on his chest. You never realized how muscled he was until now, but it was maybe because you had never been this close to him. You had never hugged before, but now it seemed like a normal thing. His hand came on your back, he was fondling it through your shirt with his thumb. It was cute, you felt great. Your heart was anormally beating.

Peter was hoping he wasn’t going too fast with this little gesture, but he wasn’t reflecting on it, he just did what he wanted to do, it felt right and you didn’t seem to be against it. On the contrary, you seemed to like it. You grabbed his shirt in your fist and raised your head to reach his jawline you slightly kissed few times. Peter smiled, pulling you closer to him after your lips touched his skin. It was electric. None of you was focusing on the movie anymore, you were too occupied by flirting.

Your heartbeats were dancing on the same rhythm. Peter pulled you closer to him once again, crashing you on his body. Your hair tickled his neck and he was so pleased you didn’t wear a ponytail right now.

“[Y/N]” He whispered. He didn’t really know why, he just wanted to say your name, felt like home.

You raised your head again so your eyes could meet. You both remained silent for some seconds before you took the floor. “Yes, Peter ?” Your fist compressed his shirt even more, he bit his lower lip. There was some kind of connection you never felt before. A magic connection you wanted to last forever.

“I want to kiss you.” He responded, didn’t knowing where he found the courage to tell you. You didn’t wait for him to make a move, you turned a bit to sit on his lap and his hands found your hips under your metallica shirt. You went down until your lips touched his for a magistral kiss you didn’t know you wanted that much. “Please always keep your hair down honey, you’re too sexy.” He told between two kisses.

It wouldn’t be your last movie night, for sure.

Hey guys, Dax Holt here. So recently Louis Tomlinson had a baby with Briana Jungwirth. ….Or did he? That is the question that the internet wants to know. And they have put it to us very lightly with the hashtag #EndBabyGate. So. We’re investigating. (transcript after the jump)

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