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I’m not going to pretend a blonde Natasha doesn’t bother me in a ways because 1) it’s a crime against all religions to take away that Iconic trait from her that we’ve all known to grow and love 2) There’s another BW who’s not Natasha named Yelana Belova who is naturally blonde and the Russos ain’t gonna fool nobody with that 3) We have another natural blonde who’s Steve’s heart and soul but she remains to be shafted and sideline because they didn’t give her a real chance to shine in her last two appearances 4) It reinforces the notion that maybe…just maybe…Sharon was to be Steve’s partner in TWS 5) it tells me Nat and Sharon are seen as interchangeable and according to some that’s a VERY bad thing.


🌠 Welcome back, Shiro.

Hello and this is what happens when I experiment with thumbnails and dynamics they “Magically” turn into space dad… yeah ‘magic’

jskadbsadk okay so my mom has this giant book of like what it means when you were born on a certain day and i was flipping through it for all the paladins birthdays and

day of the winner

Mycroft | Watercolour, white gel pen & coloured pencil on hot press watercolour paper

humans more like ew-mans am i right

  • Ravenclaw 1: What time is it?
  • Ravenclaw 2: 6.
  • Ravenclaw 1: AM or PM?
  • Ravenclaw 2: I don't even know, did we just have dinner or breakfast?
  • Ravenclaw 1: *shrugs*