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And I can chat with you baby
Flirt a little maybe
Does your mother know that you’re out?

Wowww, a pic where I’m actually smiling! What a rare find!!

Sunshine Boys 2

Pairing: Bones/Jim/Reader

Word Count: 1262

Warnings: A couple swears, a couple nsfw mentions but nothing outright, other than that just fluff!

A/N: Sequel to Sunshine Boys but can be read separate. I would like to personally apologize for still not writing the sequel to I Told You so but this idea popped into my head and I couldn’t resist. I promise it’s coming, though!! 

If anyone asked you who started the prank war, you and Jim both agreed to blame Leonard. He was the one who had every replicator reprogrammed to only give you one cup of decaf a day. Then, just to spite you, he made it so every time you tried to punch in for pizza, you got a salad instead. Two of your favorite things gone in the blink of an eye.

Unluckily for Leonard, pranking was your third favorite thing, although working with Leonard in Medbay made it hard to find the perfect time to put your pranks in place. Jim was happy to help drive Leonard up the wall for cutting his coffee rations, and even happier to spend time with you after your last shore leave together. Splitting his time between the beach and the bedroom with you and Leonard was exactly what he needed after such a long run in space.

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i haven’t accomplished anything all day, i have so many things i need to do and i have reached the ‘frozen in fear’ stage of how many things i need to do

fic rec

Why Didn’t I tell You by CarnivalofBrokenDolls (yourrhinestoneeyes)

Summary: No matter what Ed does he can’t shake Oswald from his mind, he especially can’t shake the memories of the night they shared on the loveseat. What could have gone differently if he’d been a little braver.


A beautiful fic inspired by this pic:

You know, of Oswald sitting on that couch. @rose-for-dead-alice and i were speculating about the possibility of hallucination!Oswald bring that night up. And how differently things could have gone if they’d both just kissed god damn it! 

They came so damn close:

Read the fic. Prepare for some feels. I dare you not to cry.

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Wait what's going on with this Kevin and Trump thing? I've been gone a day wow.

well the whole #phevin thing started because there is an old picture of phil where he looked like kevin jonas basically

then people started freaking out and sending those people hate because kevin jonas is apparently a trump supporter (there’s no real proof for that though)

so today my friend basically “defended” trump supporters simply because people can have different opinions, many people have family members that voted for him and you can’t just hate them for that. they probably don’t even fully support him, they’re just republicans (that’s what i think). so people in the phandom (especially young kids) hated and made fun of her for that, which is absolutely disgusting

so it was a joke from the start and people basically freaked out about someone saying that people can have their own opinions, wow, how mature of you all


You had thought that things would have gone back to normal with Lincoln after he had gotten out of Fox River.  If anything, it had gotten worse.  He had been pulling away from you, and it was becoming hard to keep up your happy face.  The final straw came when you climbed into bed behind him and had tried to curl into his side, like you had done so many times before, only for him to detach from you and roll over.  Giving you his back once more.

Angrily you shot up and switched on your bedside light, glowering at Lincoln as he slowly flopped onto his back to look at you.  “What the hell is your problem?”

“I’m just tired.”

“Bullshit!”  He sat up slowly to lean against the headboard.  “You’ve been an ass for the past two weeks.  What’s going on?”

He huffed lowly, shifting uncomfortably as he crossed his arms.  “Why do you stay with me?  I put you through all this crap, but you don’t even bat an eye.  You’re on the run because of me.  You’re in danger because of me.”  He grumbled, eyes studying your face.  “I’m no good for you.”

With a sigh, most of your anger dissipated at how upset Lincoln seemed to be at himself.  Reaching out you entwined your fingers with his, squeezing his hand tightly as you leaned against his arm.  “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, Lincoln.  I stay because you’re a good man.  You don’t give yourself enough credit.”  You pressed your lips against his jawline firmly.  “I stay with you because I love you, and you are good enough for me.  You’re perfect.”

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how do you feel about SU Crit blogs??

I’m kind of jaded about the SU c/rit/ical thing. So like disclaimer, if you’re a fan of the show providing legitimate criticism, that’s one thing. I respect that, like, a lot! But I’ve seen “su cr/iti/cal” blogs complain about such trivial things, down to (literally) inconsistency in Pumpkin’s tongue texture. I feel like at the beginning there was actual valid criticism, but now it’s just turned into a hotbed of negativity.

I think the problem is that some people feel like ragging on something for its flaws somehow demonstrates that you’re more objective or enlightened than those who choose to celebrate the good things about it. But how can you provide a valuable critique of something you’ve already decided you hate? In my opinion, if you find it impossible to acknowledge anything good happening in the show, you’re pretty much just as subjective as someone who is incapable of acknowledging its flaws.

The thing that I mostly don’t like is that when a fan of the show says “I don’t like su c/ri/tical’”, their immediate response is to say “foolish sheeple^tm, you special snowflakes are unable to take criticism about anything you like. these damn millennials !!!” Which is so ironic, because like, that’s just a weak response that gets tossed out by people who claim to be “critics” but are unable to handle when anyone says “hey, that’s a dumb argument and here’s why.”

I do really appreciate that they keep the criticism in their own tag rather than just the general SU one, though, so like, props. They can keep doing their thing, they aren’t hurting anyone. A lot of the time w/ ships and stuff, the actual ship tag is just filled with hate, so it’s nice that these guys don’t post their stuff in the main tag.

also–in case you’re worried this is suddenly gonna transform into a Discourse Blog^tm or something, worry not lol, we are returning to your regular programming right after this post. I just have gotten a lot of messages about this and feel like I should voice my thoughts about it \o/