things go well

tag yourself im the camera man taking a step back so he can take pics of sehun smiling cause kai mentioned them learning calligraphy together 

I’m 100% interpreting this as “get ready for the romo which you totally wanted right?”

I’m out fam.

I know

The fridge is broken.
Yeah, the new one.

Kids have been brats.

The house is a wreck.

Work. I’m working tonight on things that we’re having a meeting about tomorrow.

No luck on finding a babysitter.

Foster care has been quiet. Too quiet and it’s making my spidey sense tingle. I mean, things are going fairly well, everyone is settled and then bombshell is the typical trajectory, amirite?

And Trump is the president? I kept waiting for Ashton to come out and scream “punkd!” and then they’d show some takeout reels with a shirtless Putin and Pence laughing in an Indiana cornfield.

the-normal-potato  asked:

I know things aren't going so well on your end, but please know that me and the other people are here for you and you can always talk to us if you want to. We love you and I hope you're having a good day/night over there (because you deserve it :D)... *huggles you and gives you cake*

Awww thank you ❤️

Also my “omg why is L texting me after 3 weeks of no contact to try to come up with a way to see me” face?

Does he have radar knowing things are about to go well with D?

Still. I’m not a fool (also D is way hotter in more ways than one), but I do have a level of friendship care for him. I’m glad to hear he’s doing well.

tfw you’re writing and your fic is turning into something you didn’t intend it to be

tfw you’re writing and a character says something you didn’t expect them to say and it sort of opens up a new plot point you’re going to have to resolve now by the end of the fic


while we’re all freaking out about instagram never forget this gem from isak “have you heard about my rapping” valtersen


she had the world // panic! at the disco

Think what you like about YA novels, but it is easily one of the most progressive genres in fiction at the moment. it’s doing far more for representation of women and minorities and tackling social injustice than some Adult/literary novelists ever have

  • Me: *Wakes up* Ah what a beautiful dream I had. I dreamt that Yuri and Victor got engaged, i saw Yuri pole dancing, and realized that Victor loved him all along. How cute! Oh well, let's see what going on on social media.
  • Me: *Opens tumblr*
  • Me: *See's pictures of drunken Yuri, and Victuuri engagement*
  • Me: *Drops phone*
  • Me: *Drops dead*

Too often, we put limitations on ourselves based on what we think we can and cannot possibly achieve. Although, what we perceive to be our own limit falls short of what we are actually capable of. Push passed your end point. Break records. You have so much potential.

Heat Headcanons

-With a mate, an Omega’s heat will usually only last a week. But without at least the scent of an Alpha, the Omega could be forced to suffer for up to three weeks

-During a heat the desperation to be knotted comes in waves. The length of breaks between these waves depends entirely on the pace set at the beginning of the heat. If the Alpha starts trying to knot the Omega before the heat has even really taken hold, the continuing duration of the heat will be more intense and exhausting with hardly any breaks between waves. But if they wait until the Omega is completely slick and ready for it, the heat will be easier and more relaxed for them

-An Omega’s first time going through heat with a mate and being nervous about everything. Worrying that being knotted will hurt, that the Alpha won’t find them attractive enough, worrying that their nest won’t be good enough. The Alpha picking up on the anxieties and despite how badly they just want to rut into the Omega, they take the time to snuggle into the nest and praise the Omega for how cozy and well put together it is, before gently coaxing their overheating mate from their clothes and slowly getting them to open up for them, and it’s all very nice and gentle…until the Omega arches and starts pleading for more

-During a heat is when bonding usually occurs. A couple bonds by biting into each others scent glands hard enough to draw blood and scar, doing it while being knotted helps distract the Omega from the pain of it

-Between waves of heat the Alpha will try to force the Omega to eat and drink and occasionally help them wash up in the shower…just so they can get them all dirty again ten minutes later

-Omegas in heat like to taunt their Alphas and try to aggravate them, because on an instinctual level they want the Alpha to pursue and dominate them and that’s exactly the reaction they get when they rile the Alpha up enough to snap and pin the Omega down with their full body weight and bite the back of their neck harshly to make them submit

-An Omega’s heat being unusually intense to the point that their Alpha is too wrecked and breathless to even move so the aggravated Omega just pushes them to lie back before sliding down onto the Alpha and satisfying themselves…it only injures a small portion of the Alpha’s pride

-Most Alphas love heats because they have a bit of a slick fetish and will happily spend a ridiculous amount of time licking up the excessive amount if slick their Omega mate is producing

-Alpha and Omega that are best friends and they are both fully aware that they are in love with each other, the Omega is waiting for the Alpha to initiate something but the Alpha is too nervous but one day the Omega goes into heat and pleads for the Alpha to help them out because it hurt so badly…a whole mess of instincts later and the Alpha is deep inside the Omega waiting for their knot to go down and freaking out because “oh my God I haven’t even asked you out yet! I’m so sorry, was this okay? Oh My God did I just take advantage of you?!” and the exhausted Omega telling them to shut up and that they’d arranged it all because the Alpha was obviously a scared little shit that needed a shove in the right direction

-An Alpha and Omega couple arranging to spend the Omega’s heat together, a few months in advance to ensure they are both level headed when discussing it (because consent is important) but the Alpha is too nervous once they actually go to do it. The Omega is literally all spread out and submissive in front of them and suddenly the Alpha is just like “Are you sure the heat wasn’t affecting you at all when we made this decision?” and the Omega is just so done “we’ve been planning this for months and if you don’t start fucking me right now for the love of god I will walk right out that door stark naked and get another Alp-” and that’s all the threatening encouragement the Alpha needs to start possessively latching on to the Omega’s neck and sliding themself right in