things from the car

Me: *sees a car pass my house*
My brain: !!! You’re being watched !!! They’re stalking you !!! Close your blinds !!! watched !!!!
Me: can you like,,, shut the fuck up and be realistic for once please


The baby crabs are coming back and this year has been the biggest return since like 1995 or something! ( ゚▽゚)/ Usually there’s only been smatterings for the longest time but this is a SEA. The buildings down at the Kampong have been inundated and a whole load of the crablets have made it up near the top town parts of the island which hardly anyone has seen in recent memory! :D

So glad they are not spiders lol. Three of them fell from the ceiling (one landed on my head and the others on my laptop). I’ve had to put off this post for a while because i’ve been spotting more of them running around the house and priorities i have to go and throw them outside BEFORE THEY DIE. WHERE THE HECK ARE THEY COMING IN FROM???


billy hargrove

summary: billy is used to rough slaps, hard punches, nails scratching his skin and teeth biting his shoulder, but he’s never experienced soft, delicate touches that warm the heart. that is until he meets you and he can recollect all the moments where he fell in love with your touch.. and slowly with you

disclaimer: me writing this is not me excusing his racist, abusive and impulsive behavior.

warnings: swear words bc this is a diana written story lol, some innuendos to smut?

an: im so overwhelmed by the response ive received from ‘starstruck’ it really warms my heart to know that you guys enjoyed it so much! i’ll make sure to have the next part up sometime next week since im currently out of town. love you all, my doves. (yes im working on requests, thank you for sending some in)

words: 3.6k+ literally the longest thing ive ever written oh myyy

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Happy Birthday, Sophie Hunter! (March 16 1978)


They never went on a spontaneous road trip again

charatherabbit  asked:

If spoingy was in anime which anime would he be in? (Naruto/SAO/Parasite/ect.)

You know I do actually have a secret racing anime AU I made from listening to too much Initial D music (not that it looks much like “anime” but hey)

I mean I like the idea of Sproing in any of those though, Parasyte especially would be freakin wild


After seeing @sproingtrep‘s AU-Springtrap, I just HAD to draw him. Hope you like, Sproing. ♥♥♥

And I can’t draw cars worth a crap. x~x Not to mention there are a LOT of errors. *dies*

Listen, I have an update from Taako Central. I’ve updated my list of men I trust and things I enjoy to no one and nothing! Not a joke, I don’t trust you, half-pint, I don’t trust Jeff from Today’s Special, I don’t trust Busto whatever his name - nobody, I trust nobody, nothing. And I’m - I have, you’ve convinced me to add Nick Robinson to that list, but it does not extend - it is no one. There is nothing and no one. 

Neptunian Sea Magick 🌊

Neptune, otherwise known as Poseidon in Greek mythology, is the ruler and guardian of the sea. 

  • Collect seashells, hag stones, beach sand, sea glass, and sea water
  • Leave biodegradable offerings to Neptune and the sea
  • Make magickal powders from beach sand and/or sea salt
  • Use seaweed for banishing negative energy, cleansing, luck, wealth, protection, and summoning storms
  • Create an altar or shrine dedicated to Neptune (either the deity, the planet, or both if you wish)
  • Decorate your altar with items that correspond to Neptune and the sea
    • Sea salt, beach sand, seaweed, Neptunian crystals & herbs, a statue of Neptune/Poseidon, the symbol of Neptune, oceanic imagery, etc.
  • Spend time at the beach
  • Perform acts of kindness and self-sacrifice for others (Actions as Offerings)
  • Burn ocean-scented candles or incense to invite oceanic energies into your home
  • Create a sachet made with sea salt, jasmine & neroli (orange blossom) essential oil, and seaweed - add to a ritual bath dedicated to Neptune
  • Design a crystal grid using Neptunian crystals to empower you during spells or rituals 
  • Arrange herbs, flowers, or crystals in the shape of Neptune’s symbol to harness Neptunian energy
  • Wear a crystal pendant that corresponds with Neptune for aid in divination, intuition, inner visions, and heightened perception
  • Create a bottle charm that contains Neptunian gem chips and herbs to wear around your neck or to keep in your backpack, purse, car, etc.
  • Wear talismans made from things like shark teeth, seashells, coral, hag stones, etc. (all safely and ethically harvested, of course)
  • Wear the symbol of Neptune as a talisman
  • Anoint yourself and other objects with Neptunian oil
  • Create a crystal elixir made from Neptunian crystals
    • Anoint yourself or any magickal tools with this elixir 
  • Use shark teeth, catfish spines, and murex seashells for wards and curses
  • Use The Hanged Man or The Moon tarot card to represent Neptune in spells and rituals
  • Keep the symbol of Neptune under your pillow or above your bed when performing dreamwork
  • Harness Neptunian energy before performing divination (Channeling Cosmic Energy)
  • Create a Neptunian powder for use in spells
  • Create a Neptunian Charm Jar
  • Create bath salts or shower disks that correspond to Neptune

Neptune Correspondences