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oh my gosh!!! i was just looking through your blog and you know the picture of the clown jar you posted?? my family has that same one at home!! except ours is painted (i think its supposed to be one of those paint it yourself things maybe??) but it's literally the same exact thing. my mom got it from my grandma's house. we use it to store our receipts. it's in the kitchen and when i was little i would be afraid to walk past it to get a glass of water at night. oh my gosh

It’s somehow more unsettling unpainted I think.  Naked.  Raw.

BTS being submissive~ I’ve scrolled up and down my inbox trying to find this request, but I guess either I deleted it on accident or Tumblr did it in a vain attempt to save my innocence, so I guess it’s a good thing I screenshot these asks xP So, fair warning, I’m an asexual virgin that learned everything about sub/dom things from the 50 Shades trilogy yes i read them at my grandmas house actually my life is a sin so this may not be totally accurate or make sense 100% of the time. Also, there isn’t really anything explicit, so i’m not going to tag it NSFW, but tell me if you think i should~ I hope you all enjoy it!

Gifs aren’t mine also two gifs for namjoon bc one fit but was silly so i thought id add a sexy one for the namjoon stans xp

Seokjin would struggle in his role as a submissive, but not because he wanted to be dominant. No, if he had asked or agreed to be submissive, then that was what he was going to be, and that was why he struggled; he was reluctant to disobey any order you gave or do something that he knew would make you upset, but he really liked being punished. And in the beginning, he was fine just breaking small rules here and there; rules that didn’t make you angry when broken but that he still needed to be punished for. But those punishments were light and over quickly, and soon it wasn’t enough. So he would struggle, obeying you for as long as he could before finally snapping and breaking a multitude of rules all at once, sometimes even while the two of you were in public, and wondering how long that punishment would hold him over before he had to do it again.

At first, Yoongi didn’t really seem like he would be the best submissive; he was more dominant by nature, but there were times when he did want to be submissive. Plus, if it was something you wanted, then he was even more willing to do it, but he still wasn’t going to give you the satisfaction of dominating him very early on in the night; you wanted him to be loud, and he refused. Before he started being submissive, he was always quiet in the bedroom, low groans and grunts that only you could hear being breathed into your ear rather than filling the room. And so, when you started being dominant, only for him to disobey when you told him to be loud, shaking his head and biting his lip to muffle his grunts, you worried that he wasn’t fit for the role. But you kept going, and when you finally broke him, his moan filled the building, not just the room, and the both of you nearly lost it then and there.

Hoseok was very comfortable in his role as a submissive. Not in the sense that he talked to everyone about it, of course, but he wasn’t against letting other people watch, in a sense. Humiliation - public and private - seemed to be one of his kinks, which you found out early on. That being said, though, his sex life and his work were very separate, so public humiliation had to be somewhat limited; you couldn’t publicly humiliate him in a way that would cause him to lose fans or cast a bad light on him, his band, or his company. Anything that the company wasn’t against, he was all for, even if that meant that you only humiliated him in front of his band mates - if it didn’t make them uncomfortable - or in private. And beyond that, he was the perfect submissive, save for the few times he lost control and snapped his hips up to meet you.

If Namjoon was going to be submissive, you were going to need a lot of ropes or cuffs. Ties and bandanas weren’t going to cut it, because he was either going to find a way to untie them or end up ripping them in his attempts to touch you. It wasn’t as if he hated being submissive; quite the opposite, actually. Putting all of his trust in you, letting you blindfold him and cuff him to the bed, it turned the both of you on like nothing else. But, unlike Namjoon, you could still take things slow when you were that horny. You could still tease and linger and drive him fucking insane. He wasn’t above begging, he really wasn’t, but he quickly found out that his begging just led to more teasing. It wasn’t as if he couldn’t handle it, though, and the longer you made him wait, the better his release was, so neither of you were really complaining afterwards.

Whenever was Jimin was being submissive, you never had to tell him to be loud; he wasn’t exactly quiet when he wasn’t being submissive, but whenever you had him tied down, torturing pleasuring him without letting him touch you, he felt like words were the only way to express just how much he enjoyed whatever it was you were doing. Unfortunately, he couldn’t really form words most of the time, so they ended up coming out as loud, unashamed moans, the force of which made his own back arch as they spilled from his mouth. It would be more of a struggle to get him to be quiet, but if that was what you wanted him to do, then he would do his best to quiet down, only to get loud once more as you started rewarding him for following orders. And then you punished him, and he failed to muffle the whimper that would lead to yet another punishment.

Taehyung was excellent as a submissive. He was quick to follow orders and willing to do anything that you asked of him, so long as it didn’t break any limits the two of you had set. But he also knew not to be too obedient; there would be no fun in being a submissive if he didn’t get punished from time to time. Plus, he knew a big part of being dominant was dealing out those punishments, so he’d want you to find as much pleasure with him as you could. He knew exactly what rules to break and when to break them, never making you angry but ensuring that he would get punished later. He might squirm a bit too much at times, and he would occasionally want to take nights off from being submissive and just devote time to pleasuring you for a change, but other than that, he made sure that you both got as much pleasure as possible out of every night.

Jungkook was always a cheeky little shit. Being submissive didn’t change that in the least. Sure, now he knew that he would be punished for it, but that didn’t stop him from rubbing his hand up your thigh under the table at dinner. It didn’t stop him from slapping or pinching your butt as he passed by you. And it certainly didn’t stop him from smirking and cocking an eyebrow when he’d actually managed to get you turned on while the two of you were in public. However, in the bedroom, he was anything but cheeky. He loved being punished by you; loved that you knew just what he could handle and just how to soothe or reward him now that he was actually following orders, and he would do whatever it took to make sure that you continued pleasuring him until he just couldn’t take it anymore.