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how to pass your ap classes
  • ap euro: it's probably the catholic church's fault so you can blame them for everything
  • apush: just remember that the white men will fuck over everyone else, and even on occasion, other white men
  • ap english lit: tattoo the complete works of shakespeare on your person
  • ap spanish language: put everything in the subjunctive to show how much you doubt everything you do
  • ap physics i: make a blood sacrifice to sir isaac newton
  • ap physics ii: cry on a battery
  • ap calc ab: take the derivative, set it equal to zero, and pray

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you know how jock herds are a thing?

they’re made up 4-5 weirdly tall dudes and a token short one. their uniform is basketball shorts, Sports™ brand tops, and long black or neon socks with Jordans. generally either deep in discussion or laughing and thumping each other on the back. possibly even chanting. function as a singular organism. they seem like Emotionless Manly Men, but if one of them is having relationship problems, the others help him pick out the appropriate emoji sequence to send to his partner. they all whip their heads around when someone shouts bro! or dude. a member looks naked and slightly fearful when seperated from the group.

jock herds, man.

everything could use more glitter

Large chain pet stores, like Petco and Petsmart, are notorious for neglect and abuse of the animals they sell. People especially look over animals that are not cats or dogs. People think “Oh its just a fish” or see reptiles and birds as display items. These stores sell the animals as a commodity.

I personally have gone and talked to someone about their ball pythons because they had no water, humidity under 15 degrees and no shelter for the two little wrinkly pythons. And I have seen and heard stories about employees who do their best and inform costumers about the animals. Take time and research the animal you want and if you can afford it and care for it properly and find a someone/or group who sell healthy animals.

One of the nicest feelings?? Is when a friend remembers the thing you really don’t like and/or the thing you really like without being prompted for a reminder. Like if my own family can’t remember a simple, yet vital thing to my personality, why would other people? And yet they do… and its just… really nice

this gif is seriously the most accurate portrayal of what it’s like to watch sailor moon

When you forget to renew that demonic pact you made a decade ago and the creature inside you tries to escape…

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Hello! Do you have any tips for what to do when you've fallen behind? I have a very hard time concentrating, and not knowing what the teacher is talking about just makes it worse. I really wanna get back on track, but I have no idea where to start. Thank you!!

You and me both anon! Here’s a few tips on how to catch up (and keep ontop of class content)

Work backwards

  • Assume the following. Your class is steamrolling ahead - they’ve started topic 6 this week and you haven’t even finished your notes for topic 1. What do you do? 
  • Start straight from topic 6. Drop the rest; start with the topic your class is currently covering. Don’t start from topic 1 and then ‘expect’ to catch up to topic 6 within the week. That way, you’ll have all your notes for topic 6 completed, and can slowly chip away at the previous topics.
  • If your subject is cumulative, skim over the key points of the previous topics (definitions etc) before doing this. Once you’e learnt the advanced application of the principle, it’ll be much easier to learn all the preliminary stuff (and faster too!) Its easier to fill in the blanks because you gain context. 
  • BUT WHY?!? Basically, its the theory of diminishing returns and all that jazz. A little about a lot goes a long way; a lot about a little does not. When it comes to exam time, you’ll be able to answer a larger number of questions - statistically that holds you in better stead (the first 50% of marks for a question are the easiest to achieve) c.f. answering one question very well and bombing three. 

Cover the basics! Target Spotting! 

  • Cover the BASICS: If you can answer the core questions and issues of your course, you’ll be able to pass. Granted, getting an A lies in the nuance of application, examples etc. But you can’t get there if you don’t know how to apply the foundational principles - its like building a house on sand. 
  • Look at your syllabus - what are the key themes or topics which you have to cover? 
  • Look at review questions/ sheets at the end of a textbook chapter (if any). What are the key concepts, definitions and examples given? 
  • Answer these. Then, move the fuck on. When it comes to exam revision, you can go back and fill in examples and add in all the ‘details’. 

Affordable Losses (if you’re really under the time crunch

  • Make sure your study correlates with your assessment outcomes. 
  • See which areas are ‘affordable losses’. List all the issues within the chapter. Use the revision page/your course syllabus/ what points your teacher emphasised in class to identify core questions and ‘secondary aka not so important’ questions. Those core issues are the ones you should be able to easily answer. Don’t bother about the secondary ones - they’re affordable losses. 
  • Remember, its all about prioritisation. So for example…. 
  • If its not going to be covered in your most immediate assessment - fuck it, cover the topics which are 
  • If the area you’re struggling through only makes up 5% of the course, and some other topic is worth 15%? fuck it, move to that latter topic. 
  • If its only a secondary example or tangential/ related issue to the core issue covered in the chapter? fuck it, I know the basics, that’ll give me 50% of the marks for that question. Fuck the rest. Move on. 

Pre Reading 

  • If you get handouts or slides etc, flick through them before class. Note or highlight  any new phrases/ concepts/ words you don’t understand on one side of your page. 
  • That way, you’ll anticipate the areas of class you’ll need to pay specific attention to. As the teacher covers the content, you’ll be able to fill in your quick glossary

Change up your study techniques! aka Mini Revision/ Revision on Steroids 

  • After each class, list three things key points (words) from class. That way, when you go to write your notes, you’ll have some sort of context to begin with. 
  • When it comes to revising, don’t bother about writing it down or making it neat. Try speaking your notes aloud, reciting them to a mirror etc. Draw a mindmap. Colour code similar topics. Screw making fancy revision notes and notecards. You don’t have the time. Making it neater and copying it out doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll absorb the information faster. 
  • Bear Grylls It. Basically, this means attempting a practice exam with what you have - no fancy notes, no fancy revision cards - just the notes you’ve got as of the current moment. After your attempt, note what questions you couldn’t answer and begin your revision from there. You learn a lot more through application than passive copy-rewrite-recite

Lots of study tips start with “don’t leave things till the last minute”. But you know what? Shit Happens. Life Happens. We’re only human. So swear, curse, bemoan the time you’ve use procrastinating, load up on coffee, boot up your computer. Then start. In the end, being behind doesn’t mean you’ll fail. You’ll fail if you don’t try at all. 

As someone who is about to embark on a tortuous revision session (read: three days, half a semester BRING IT ON, BRING ON ALL THE COFFEE), I wish you all the luck. 

I’ll see you on the other side! 

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I understand that it takes a lot of work and I hella appreciate it but WHEN WILL MY PERI RETURN FROM WAR

( when

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