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Okay @mostfantasticdream I’m on mobile so I apologize for how messy this will be but I love this prompt!!! Also thank you so much for the compliment omg wow I’m honestly so flattered you like my writing?!? So my prompt for this is “nurseydex with nursey being clumsy on purpose to get a rise out of Dex” gonna tag my dear @penitus-potes as well because well… It’s nurseydex 😂😂
Guys this is rough wow but enjoy!!!

-ok so nursey is clumsy like 85% of the time it’s true
-it’s not always his fault ok
-mostly it is but like there are times he’s graceful
-so like yeah maybe he tripped up the dorm stairs last month and MAYBE the bruise lasted for like three weeks
-the point is that he’s not always clumsy and sometimes he ends up doing shit on purpose
-I mean it’s incredibly fun to get Dex to turn that magnificent shade of red. First his cheeks flush pink and then the color seeps over his ears and down his neck and he’s all shades of red
-and nursey loves this
-(NO he doesn’t have poems written about that shade of red. And no poems on freckles. Nursey doesn’t write poems pfft. He’s also not hiding his comp books as I type so it’s fine.)
-but there are days where Dex just grates on him and his nerves and “clumsy nursey” comes out in full force
-like that time he “tripped” and splashed his entire bowl of ice cream down dex’s back
-(after that he had to get sneaky because he’s pretty sure bitty had caught on and was giving him the “I’m not mad I’m dissapointed™” face and nursey just doesn’t want bitty to look like that because what would he do without the pie???)
-but okay so there was one time that they were on the ice and MAYBE nursey exaggerated catching his edge on something and maybe he ran full force into dex’s legs and bowled them into the wall
-that was a good one
-Dex yelled for like 10 minutes straight
-and turned that brilliant shade of red
-nursey loves that red okay
-(hides more poems)
-he just likes that color and likes getting a rise out of Dex it’s fine okay
- he’d never admit it though. Never. Not for a million dollars.
-(he loves it)
-Dex eventually catches on a little bit and nursey stops being obvious
-maybe it’s how nursey flirts, idk what to tell you honestly

-dude like a few years later after they start dating, nursey “trips” and splatters a bowl of rice crispies over dex’s head
-and he laughs until he cries
-and then while Dex is angrily muttering and changing his shirt and shoving his head under the faucet to wash off the milk nursey catches him by the arm and presses a kiss to his cheek
-Dex is still red but his eyes soften just a tad and he says “you’re such a klutz. You’re lucky I love you.”
-and nursey replies “yeah, I am”


Many thanks to @crwilley, @urbanhymnal and @bittybae for their help in fashioning Dex-centric headcanons to feed this fic!

Everybody knows that Nursey annoys Dex. Nursey annoying Dex is a fact of life, like the sun coming up or Bitty baking pies. Nursey’s privileged as hell, and he thinks he’s a special sweet poetry-reading snowflake, and no matter how close they’ve gotten there will always be something about Nursey that just rankles Dex to his core.

But Nursey’s not the only thing that annoys Dex. And Dex feels fucking lousy about it. Because Nursey deserves it. But Chowder. Damn it, Chowder annoys Dex too, despite the fact that he’s never done a thing to deserve it.

It’s not even Chowder himself, really. It’s the way people respond to him. He’s everybody’s favorite puppy dog in goalie form, and everyone treats him like that, lining up to feed him or scratch him behind the ears. Dex doesn’t get that kind of treatment. He doesn’t have the right temperament. And who needs to be babied and coddled and loved on like that, anyway? It’d be humiliating, he’s almost sure of it.

But damn it, sometimes he wishes someone would treat him like he’s special, too.

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Sons of Old Poseidon

That time again? Well, my-friend-the-frog inspired me and I went with the flow, which swept me off course and into a wide open expanse of “why the fuck not?”

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Of noble blood are these fair seas,
Split and cut by wave on wave-
For safe passage we can plead,
Drag us not down to our grave-

Below the waters still and deep
Their guardians ‘er
e never sleep

A man’s a stranger to the sea
Let me pass oh merc’less one-
So let me home, God, pity me
Oh Sons of old Poseidon.

Harley learns the old songs quickly, the ones that lulled you to sleep when in the folly of your youth you drifted beneath the boats of his kind and listened to them shake the water like the softest summer current. He sings them with such a strong tenor that you can’t help but simply settle and stare, knowing you have lit like the most eager of bulls mid-mating season.

He tells you you sing a baritone, and together you find a harmony that is sweet and light as moonlight on the water. The notes flow, a melody that steals your breath and has your heart singing as loudly as your lungs, drawing you to him until you are curled around him again and leaving more marks across his shoulders while he runs his fingers over the flushing lights that silently call his name.

This man, this walker of air, he is yours, and yours alone. Let your father call a far wickeder storm, for you will weather it, and do so with your Mate wound tight around you, his being and breath now deeply ingrained in all that you are or might be. Some would call you polluted, corrupted, ensnared-

Yet you are but loved and loving; this shadow has set you free.

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“You wanted to see me, sir?”

Fury turns his chair around to face his old friend, fingers steepling in front of him. “I wanted to talk to you about a few rumors I’ve heard floating around base lately. Something about you and Barton screwing like teenagers?”

Coulson smirks, briefly, before he gets himself under control. “Are you asking me this as my boss, or my friend? If you’re playing the role of my boss, I’m going to tell you it’s none of your business, sir. But, if you’re asking as my friend, well, I can give you all the sordid details about how I f—”

“For fucks’ sake, Cheese, I don’t need to hear any of that.”

By that point, Coulson had descended into full blown laughter. It’s more than worth it for the look on Fury’s face.