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Okkayy, so I did a lot of researching to buy the real thing, but ebay prices is ridiculous. So I found a manufacture on alibaba that can produce it. However, there is a minimum quanitity for me to buy. Was wondering how many of you would be interested?? I’m not going to make money out of it. It’s whatever cost from the company($~2) + shipping. Just let me know and please commit! Will update about once they get back to me. Only thing is they won’t talk (i dont mind tbh).

Reply “yes” if you are forsure interested!

Reblog to spread the word please :) The more the better because the price would be cheaper!


Tangled Rapunzel Wig Tutorial by nocturnalbloom

Hello bunnies, this is my rapunzel wig I just finished for Anime Revolution 2015 in Vancouver. No photoshoot pics yet because the con is August 14-16. The wig is 150 cm and does not weigh too much! I saw these on etsy selling for like 300$??? I think in total this costed me like 75$. Not gonna lie though, this wig made me cry once, I hate tangly wigs ToT. Thinking about adding battery operated lights? I looked up a ton of tutorials but i ended up doing it a bit differently. Anywho here’s how I did this, i’m sorry I’m terrible at explaining things:

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Transformers: Masterpiece Optimus Prime

It’s about time I upgraded to the newer model of Masterpiece Prime. I gave in to wanting my Masterpiece collection to scale better together, and I was fine with Prime being extra large, but since all attempts at a MP Megatron are scaled with the new Prime, I decided to finally get one.

I bought mine without a trailer and many of the accessories. All I wanted and needed was the cab and his weapons, I wouldn’t have gotten any use from the other things, so I just found an ebay listing selling just the main bot. I really like the upgrade, It’s a welcome change to the heavy, hard to balance MP-01 Prime. It also looks sleeker and much more accurate in vehicle mode, as well as still having a strong robot mode. I am certainly satisfied with this version of Prime.