things found on ebay


Okkayy, so I did a lot of researching to buy the real thing, but ebay prices is ridiculous. So I found a manufacture on alibaba that can produce it. However, there is a minimum quanitity for me to buy. Was wondering how many of you would be interested?? I’m not going to make money out of it. It’s whatever cost from the company($~2) + shipping. Just let me know and please commit! Will update about once they get back to me. Only thing is they won’t talk (i dont mind tbh).

Reply “yes” if you are forsure interested!

Reblog to spread the word please :) The more the better because the price would be cheaper!


I’m a relatively new mayor (about two months), however, not entirely new to the series. Me and my sister were obsessed with Wild World when we were younger. It was probably one of the last things we ever bonded over and Bones was our collective fave. We were devastated when he left. So, when I found out you amiibo cards were a thing, I immediately went to ebay to buy Bones and move him in. It maybe corny, but it’s like getting an old friend back.

I can’t wait till she comes home and see’s him again~