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Kurt Wagner Headcanons

 Hello! I’m finally done writing these, I hope you enjoy them! Shortly after I post these I will post the list of things I am planning on writing. Feel free to request :) 

-Kurt is very religious, you have to take things slow with him, considering this would be his first with just kissing and even hugging. He is uncomfortable at first, but he learns to love it. Before long he cuddles you every time he gets the chance.

-He always makes sure that you feel comfortable with whatever you two are doing together saying things like “Are you sure this is alright with you?” also “I don’t want to make you feel awkward for doing this”. Kurt is such a gentleman and constantly puts your needs before his.

-You love showing Kurt around to your favorite spots in town, even if it is just something small like an ice cream shop. He loves experiencing and learning about American culture with you.

-Him always bamfing you to some of his favorite places whenever he wants to surprise you.

-Walking to the bookstore and him telling you about his favorite books. Looking in the isles and seeing so many options, you two end up buying a numerous amount of books the pair of you can hardy carry them. You two end up going to a coffee shop and reading one, discussing your favorite authors and what is happening in the book you are reading.

-Kurt tends to need continual reassurance, he gets depressed about the way he looks often. Even though you want him to be confident and see him how you do, it will take him some time to have that faith in himself.

-He takes a liking to slow dancing, though he has no clue how to. One day Kurt randomly asked you if you could teach him, and slowly he became one of the best slow dancers you know.

-When he gets nervous he will gently reach out for your hand, sometimes not even noticing he does it. You softly grasp his hand back and tell him everything is going to be alright.

-He will often compliment you often in German, usually due to him not being able to think of the English words to say or not wanting to mess up. It is often about how ambitious, smart, and bright you are. Additionally the normal “Ich liebe dich” 

-Also will revert to German when he is nervous, or thinks too much.

-Kurt always makes sure everyone at the school feels accepted, if he sees anyone that looks upset he will usually ask them what is wrong. Secretly he knows all of the school drama from this but never tells anyone, and from his experience he has a lot of wisdom and is good at giving advice.

-If you ever can’t reach something he will just pick you up so you can get what you were searching for.

-Calls you things like Schatz and Liebling, and occasionally blushes at himself in doing so.

-You once heard him say “Du bist die Liebe meines Lebens” before you fell asleep, and you were confused because you didn’t know what it meant. You asked around, but nobody knew German at the school. So one day you decided to ask Kurt, “Oh my, I didn’t think you heard that. It means ‘you are the love of my life’, Liebling” He was embarrassed profoundly, but you reassured him that you loved him that much too. Kurt was so shocked, he smiled widely, picked you up, spun you around and kissed you.