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Breakfast on the Beach

Me and Kierra finally got up early enough to enjoy breakfast on the beach. The past couple mornings every time we tried, we either was all out doing something, or still drunk from the night before and over slept. This vacation was well needed though, even though it was mainly a business trip, we extended the trip just to have a little fun. Only thing I was missing on this trip was my man. Everyone else all boo’d up, I wanted to be boo’d up with my man. But because basketball playoffs was really soon, and he had practices to attend, he really didn’t have the time to come with me. If he missed practice, coach didn’t allow them to play in the game. However, I woke up this morning to what I felt was disturbing news. So there was a blog post about a girl being seen with Cameron, at one of the clubs him and his friends usually go to after games. I know with this lifestyle comes groupies, and I wasn’t too sure, if she was really just a fan or a groupie trying to push up on my man and get in my bed. However, this news put me into a place I haven’t been since I was with Mecca. I refused to let that happen again. So this morning I had no way of talking to him. I just assumed because he hadn’t returned my call he was in practice when I tried to call him, but he has yet to call or text me back. I kinda wanted to push that to the back of my head, until I talked to him. I didn’t want to bring that up off rip, with Ki. Plus her and Nik have been having the time of their life. I didn’t want to be a “Debby-Downer” all of a sudden. I mainly wanted to talk to her about being my personal stylist though. like legitimate start a team, I been so heavy in thought about my career, and with the success of my Sports Illustrated Magazine Cover, I honestly was ready to take on more gigs. I know she would be there for me when I need her for a job, but I was def willing to pay her at any costs for her services… so this morning I laid out my business plan.

“I need a really good manager, I really plan on continuing with modeling. And I need to take this serious. With all these new business ventures I’m starting, ‘The Loft” and “Get Inked”, I need a manager, an assistant, a receptionist, a nanny. It just so much I have to do.”I said, with frustration in my voice.

Even though it was kind-of stressful thinking about what the next chapter in my life was going to be like. I was really happy that I finally made a step in chasing my dreams. I hadn’t really paid attention but Kierra was not playing with her food, sis was half way done with her food because whole time I was talking she was eating, I figured I slide my little idea.

“Damn sis, you’re hungry huh?” I said laughing “But also i thought, since your so good with everything, my outfits, my make-up and hair n‘shit, why not do it as a part-time job for me.” I tried to make it so sweet and innocent by giving her the hardest grin. She damn near choked from laughing.”I’m sorry I was trying make it seem as sweet and innocent by smiling.” I started laughing. “But I’m very serious, I would definitely pay you what ever you charge or want to charge me.”

She really started considering it, I could tell in her face. Sis started rubbing her chin. I knew I had her thinking about it.

“Well first, dick and liquor did this to mean because I haven’t ate since yesterday. Blame your cousin, I’m hungry!!”

“Yea that’s TMI, I don’t want to hear about my cousin sis ew.“ I said jokingly.

“I’ll consider it seriously though, I’ve been trying to get into somebody store or salon since we been in Cali. I haven’t came across any stores that suits me there” She said with this look on her face.

Just then, a light bulb went off in my head. Marciano has the perfect basement space in his Shop. I figured why not let her use that has her lil studio for the time being.

“I really didn’t know you were trying to get into someones salon. I would’ve helped out with that when you guys moved to Cali. You know I could’ve helped I know people. I mean honestly, a bitch with hands and style as you, you need your own business. I think I have an idea though,” I said while rubbing my hands like I got the master plan. “Marciano has space in his basement, we can turn that into a little something for you. I mean, the space is unoccupied. You and Nik ever talked about getting you your own spot?”

“We’ve talked about it. but he’s stays downstairs in the studio with B all day.”

“So have you brought back up to him? I mean he’s at the shop with Marciano sometimes too, I’m sure he knew about the space in the basement.“

“Yeah, I’ve been looking online at places all the time. But nothing has caught my eye and has been damn near out of our budget right now since the move.” 

I could tell in her tone that, that was her dream. And she wanted to do the one thing she loved. I know Nik dragged her to California, It was only right he help her achieve her dreams. I figured let’s kill two birds with one stone. Since I need a stylist, she needs a studio to work out of. Let’s ask the owner of Get Inked.

“I can definitely tell you that you have a talent, and you can make money off that talent. I can tell that doing hair and fashion is your passion. I’m going to talk to my brother about using the space. And if he wants to charge something, I’ll handle that because I need you on my team at all cost.” Once I said that she was as eager I was. The conversation we had honestly went in another direction than I thought.

“Girl that would be dope as hell, and if your brother tries to charge us anything besides a little rent, he can cut it. And I would beat his ass.” she said laughing.

“I honestly would have never known you wanted your own salon if i never asked. And you would have never known it was an extra room in Marciano studio. See what happens when great minds come together. And you’re right as fuck, if he try to tax, all three of us, Me, You and Yas gon beat his ass.”

We got up and hauled ass out to find my brother. We had business offers ready for approval. I’m just the friend that’s gon’ make sure everybody eating good.

We had finished our food by now,  doing all that “business” talk and I had for got all about telling her about the Cameron situation earlier. We had came up with an idea and business offer for the business man him-self. I figured I’d tell her about Cameron behind closed doors. I was very suspicious of the guy there, he kept walking past our table. I couldn’t let the paparazzi hear such sensitive information. Our brainstorming conversation was sensitive as well anyway but I wasn’t going to be caught slipping.

To Be Continued…

20 follower celebration blog compliments

So I’m at 20 followers(which may not seem like a lot, but this blog is pretty new.) And I see every one on Tumblr doing things for follower milestones. For ten I did a post thanking those ten followers, but I want to do something a bit more interactive for this one. So I decided to do something a bit more interactive : Blog Compliments!

Things you need to do:

  • Follow this awkward potterhead.
  • Reblog this post, so I know who’s Sirius (pardon the pun)
  • Send me an ask.
  • In said ask, all you need to do is send me a blog. Send it off anon, on anon, I don’t care. Just send me a blog. I will tag the complimented blogs so everyone can feel the love.
  • I really want this to do good, and I may feel really sad if I don’t get one ask.
  • blacklist #spencercelebrates if you don’t want to see these, but I hope you do!
I need new blogs to follow

kinda starting over here,unfollowed everyone I used to follow, and I’m looking for a cool dash.So…heres what I like:

-horror movies (horror stuffs in general too)

-tv shows(ahs,twd,scream,spn,t100,to,got,st,bm,etc…)


-Emily Kinney



i don’t know,like this and I’ll check your blog or just tell me some

2 statements on each sign

Aries: Drags everyone they love. Emotional but doesn’t always express it constructively (tbh never does).

Taurus: Secretly the momfriend, but doesn’t want anyone to know that. Might use you with ulterior motives, but is grateful for you nonetheless.

Gemini: Well-known, but whether they are adored or hated depends on the person. Secretly emo trash, mostly for bands.

Cancer: Can’t settle down, even if they need to. Does things they don’t enjoy because other people invite them to.

Leo: The party friend, but knows their own limits. Probably the only person you know who is genuinely good at flirting.

Virgo: Intelligent and not always equipped socially, even if they may be popular. Dirty joke factory but might not always show it.

Libra: Doesn’t talk about feelings unless the other people involved make themselves vulnerable first. Cool Nerd™ of the friend group.

Scorpio: Intense in pretty much every sense of the word and often misunderstood. Posts ~dark and twisted aesthetics~ on Tumblr but positive quotes on Facebook.

Sagittarius: Full time conspiracy theorist because they are extremely distrustful of everyone on the planet. Into health but whether or not they actually act on it is questionable.

Capricorn: Either the worst or best person you’ll ever meet. When you become their best friend they open up immensely.

Aquarius: Goes on two dates and then books it. Probably has a silly tattoo but pretends it’s really meaningful because while they’re outwardly aloof, they crave depth.

Pisces: Does yoga but has an inner conflict wondering if western yoga practices are cultural appropriation. Will cry if you yell at them, probably while trying to yell back.

Just my experiences, y'all. If you don’t identify with yours try checking moon or dominant, maybe rising.

Born to...

*Check moon sign

Aries: To rise again once knocked down, to protect who they value and love

Taurus: To see beauty in everything, to be humble to everyone around them

Gemini: To inspire others with their wisdom, to teach others to laugh more

Cancer: To nurture those who need it, to give people the will and encouragement to do big things

Leo: To inspire generosity upon others, to inspire others with their confidence and strength

Virgo: To see the value in small things, to show others to care for one another’s well-being.

Libra: To show fairness and equality to others, to help others be at peace with themselves in their presence

Scorpio: To bring the authenticity out of everybody, to show the value of secrecy and intimacy

Sagittarius: To question everything, to laugh and live freely

Capricorn: To help others follow dreams, to show support to those around them

Aquarius: To break barriers and boundaries, to show the beauty of weird

Pisces: To show true compassion and love to all, to teach how to disconnect from the materialistic world

There is a lot of fear and uncertainty in the world tonight. When I feel scared, I try to take a step back, close my eyes, and feel my place in the universe instead.

The problems and challenges we face are indeed intimidating and significant, especially when some people fear for their very lives. But there is a future worth heading toward. The universe is so immensely vast. It will endure. And so will we.

“I believe in humanity.”

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Hello everyone! crazycupcake here! Welcome to my secondary blog :) Here I will post resources/recolors/palettes for you guys! Everything will be adfly free (I will add an optional adfly link on things I made if you want to support me :)

So I recolored the amazing love crater hair from LittleCakes ! (the palette will be available for download :)

You will need the mesh that you can find HERE
And the recolor! HERE 

hii!! this is just a friendly reminder to not shame people for eating meat and other animal products, even if you think it’s the most deplorable thing in the world.

there are tons of people with dietary issues, sensory issues, and even finiancial issues that can all contribute to a need for meat. veganism is not possible for everyone, even if you think it’s the absolute best option.

please stop throwing poor and disabled people under the bus just so you can say that meat-eaters are evil.

sincerely, an autistic person with arfid,


Studyblr Introduction!

Hey everyone! My name is Wendy and I am a 16 year old pre-IB student living in Hong Kong. I will be starting the IB in February next year so I need as much motivation/positive study vibes as I can get! 

I’ve been in and out of the studyblr community but lately I’ve kind of drifted away from it. So now I’ve decided to start fresh and reorganise my blog into a formal studyblr to keep me motivated for IB next year!

I also need new people to follow so if you post studyblr things please like/reblog! If you guys could recommend any blogs that would be cool too!

Also enjoy some cute bits and pieces from my study space (which I have reorganised after the absolute disaster it turned into during exams). 

Oral Fixation

Yoongi X Reader (Smut…like really smutty smut oops)

Warnings: Oral fixation, Daddy Kink, (really) Dirty Talk, Sexting, Dom!Yoongi

Request HIIIII!!! I love you blog so much omg, could you do Yoongi texts when he sexts you? But like… really smutty…. Omg I’m feel so very not pure 🙈🙈-Anon

A/N Y’all…this is the most impure thing I have ever made in my life. Like I need to be drown in holy water, I will see everyone who reads this in hell bc that’s where we’re all going. This escalated so much like wow. This is SUPER smutty so if it’s not your thing please don’t read it. This is not meant to make anyone uncomfortable.

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Literally 95% of ‘Callout Posts’ on Tumblr

Okay, now first off, nobody send hate (but if anyone does because of this it ain’t my fault lmao), but tumblr user @genericusername4206969666 Is a BAD. PERSON. Examples include

  • They ship this one thing I don’t like. x
  • They don’t agree with my headcanons x
  • They said this one thing that could be bigoted if you take it out of context and quint through a glass of water. x
  • They don’t use the same labels as me for similar ideologies. x
  • This one person on anon said that their friend’s mother’s cousin’s baby sister’s Chihuahua the heebie-jeebies x
  • They once called a girl in second grade a smelly cootie face. x

As you can see they’re literally trash and everyone needs to know, so make sure this goes as viral as possible!! Stay safe sweeties!! And here’s the link to their blog, just in case! x Update me with more reciepts, and if they change their username, let me know to edit it in! <3 <3

Tfw everyone else has side OTPs and your dumbass only had Ian and Mickey so after 7x11 you’re like

Originally posted by jasonfnsaint

Can everyone leave David Duchovny alone with things he said and done in the 90s? He acknowledged them, he talked about them, and he learnt from them. Now, he is a fucking amazing, kind and humble guy who is out there doing his best. Maybe you could learn some kindness and acceptance from him.

If you don’t agree with the above, please block me, unfollow me do whatever you need to do. David Duchovny is pure and cute and I’m here to say this out loud.

Peace and be kind to one another. 

And that’s a wrap!

So what started as a pick-me-up for myself ended up becoming this awesome Tumblr wide kitten drawing event. Over the last three days I was just shy of re-blogging 100 different types of cat artwork. All of it in the name of spreading some positive feelings to anyone that might need it during this moment of tension. That is such an amazing thing. Thank you so very much to anyone that was kind enough to participate and patient enough to sift through the waves of cat drawings. You’re all fantastic. 

Although Kitten Day is over, please continue to create and share art. You never know when something you make might brighten someone’s day or even just your own. Thank you again everyone and good luck. 

❤  H

- If I missed your drawing don’t fret! Any drawings that might have slipped through my fingers I’d still love to share on my submissions blog here. :)