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dany: *asks Jon to kneel but he refuses it*  You … you don’t? wTF? What does that even mean? don’t you think I deserve this? You have no idea what I went through to get here, northern manbun!  I have walked in the desert, overthrown governments, faced rebellions and dealt with fuckmen everywhere. Boy, I even walked through a flaming pyre tWICE



I think I’m in a constant state of denial about people looking up to me at all. I think that it’s probably–but I’ve definatley met a lot of people who’ve said they see me as some sort of role model and I’m deeply flattered by that on the one hand, and on the other hand, I kind of feel unworthy of that, and feel like a deeply flawed person who is underserving of much admiration from other people. -Misha Collins

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although weirdly enough out of all the people i can remember pete interacting with in the show, as far as i can tell, hes only taller than sonny and daniela,, which is weird to think about, he just seems really tall because he literally only stands by tiny tiny sonny

even so! he’s the perfect height,,

the perfect height difference for hugs and forehead kisses,, how lucky we all are