things best left unsaid

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Why does Lauren always have to get involved or start some drama? Whenever there is a drama going on in this fandom, she comments on or likes something that feeds and makes everything worse. She should learn to ignore these things.

I agree to some extent. Sometimes things are best left alone and unsaid. However, in regards to the podcast, Lauren had every right to retaliate. It should never have gotten to the point where their PR team had to step in. He should have respected her unwillingness to answer and left it at that. 

I hate you
I hate you
I hate you
I hate that you were my best friend
I hate that you believed the lies
I hate that you abandoned me
I hate that I trusted you
I hate that I forgive you
I hate that I miss you
I hate that I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
—  I hate you - @lyrics-of-a-lost-soul

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Could I pretty please get a sad, lonely Prompto who thinks his love will never see him as more than a sunny friend be consoled by said girl who places kisses on all his freckles? Love youuuuu!!! (also love his cute freckies <3)

HELLO LOVELY ANON. I am so sorry it takes me a while to get to these prompts, I hope you can forgive me, and I hope this is what you were looking for! PURE FLUFF AHEAD. Tagging some babes that may enjoy. @insomniascure @cupnoodle-queen @blindbae @themissimmortal @itshaejinju @misssarahdoll @the-lucian-archives @noxfreyas @saphscribes @louisvuittontrashbags @fieryfantasy

Prompto’s very soul blossoms under your whimsical light, truths―pleasant, unpleasant and everything between―bared on blooming petals. There are some days when he wants to curl in on himself, to let the laundry pile up and the light evade him, but then you stride in with your vim and vigor and you coax him from his loneliness, from his self-loathing and feelings of inadequacy. With gentleness and sweetness and an attentive eye, you tend to your sunflower like a devoted gardener. With hands clasped and a bounce in your step, Prompto is sucked back into the sea of you and away from the shores of his sadness. And like a sunflower, filled with the warmth of his sun’s love, he only looks at you.

 As is in the sun’s nature, your gaze spreads far and your love with it. Your love is so pure, and so plentiful that sometimes Prompto feels himself wilting when your light falls on another. He feels defective, faulty in his search for the happiness that always seems to ebb and flow, fickle as the tide. When will she look at me like that, he wonders as you search for frogs with Noctis in the swamps of Duscae. A toothy grin splays on your lips and the apples of your cheeks look ripe with happiness. It’s childlike, the way you hold the wriggling frog above your head and stomp through the mire to Noctis, a look of triumph enveloping your features. Prompto sits at the dock and watches ripples form in the water with the lazy sway of the stick he holds. With his hand curled and pressed against his cheek, his cat-like lips purse and he sighs. From a distance, you watch Prompto look more and more deflated and feel compelled to step in.

“Be right back,” you quickly murmur to Noctis as you trudge through the waters and back to the mud.

“Suit yourself,” Noctis scoffs and continues his search. “By the time you get back there’ll be none left for the taking.”

You approach Prompto on the dock, muddy and sopping wet, but he doesn’t shy away from you when you take a seat beside him. “Hey, sunshine, why the long face? Feelin’ overcast?”

You’re surprised when his lips don’t even twinge into a smile at your goofy pun. 

“I’m sorry―it was a good pun, promise. I am just…” he sighs, mind racing with all the different ways he could say everything without saying anything.

“Prom, you know you can tell me anything. I feel like ever since this trip started you’ve been acting funny.” Gently, you coax him, and your hand comfortably rests atop his, like a leaf falling to ground.

“There are just some things that are best left unsaid,” his voice is almost a whisper, his gaze is far-off and always parallel to yours. You feel your heart pumping faster in your chest, like your body knows something you haven’t caught wind of.

“If it was better left unsaid then it wouldn’t be tearing you apart from the inside out. Nothing that painful is worth bearing alone. Consider me a confessional.” Slowly, you turn on your bum and press your back against his. You hear him sigh and hope that it’s one of relief. For a moment, there’s silence, and you listen to the frogs croaking and the rustling of the branches above your head.

“Have you ever…had feelings for someone who never…looked at you that way?”

“Of course,” came your honest reply, and you leaned on the palms of your hands, head falling to Prompto’s shoulder.

“Like, everyone around you has all these outstanding qualities and you’re just…you. You don’t feel special; you don’t feel like there is anything that endears anyone to you. You’re just you, a nobody clinging to somebodys.”

“Objection,” you interject, and Prompto freezes, as if he’s forgotten he’d been talking to someone.

“You’re the most substantial person I’ve ever met. Prompto, you’ve lived through so many hardships and still there’s this light in you, this drive on dark days that propels you forward. You’re worthy of so much more than you’ll allow yourself,” your words are strong and sure as they leave your lips and Prompto is shaken by them, heart fluttering in his chest. He goes to lean against his palm and his hand meets yours, a petal fallen.

He clenches his eyes shut, pained by his indecision, and he lets his thoughts ferment. You twirl in front of him, sure hands falling to his shoulders and his eyes fly open. Like a rose, he’s flushed by your proximity and every inch of him screams to shy away. Slowly, as if gauging his response, you lean closer to him and he swears he’s never felt his heart pump so fast. His lips part, eyes wide as your lips descend on his cheeks. “Every freckle is something to love about you,” you murmur as your lips drag across his cheek to the next site. “Your sense of humor.” Another kiss. “Your courage in times where you could succumb to your fear.” Slowly, you bring yourself closer to his lips and his are quivering, anticipating. “The way you look at me and give me butterflies.” And your words give him butterflies.

You stop, so close to his lips that he can feel your breath fan against them. So close, that he can map the ripples of color in your eyes. So close, he could let himself fall into you like the ocean and be swallowed whole. When you plant your lips on his, soft, slow, languid, he feels alive―no, human. For the first time, he feels like the heart pumping inside of him is real. He feels real.

fia hadn’t seen niall in years. the boy got famous and up and left her in little old mullingar. she didn’t blame him. the first chance she got, fia left town, too. four years later they were both back in town. but can they continue their friendship where they left off or were there too many things left unsaid?


a post-1d niall / childhood best friend fia one shot based on this post

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the truth is that i think i was falling in love with you.

and like anyone who’s ever felt love go cold or watched their parents move into separate bedrooms or seen the bruises on their friend’s wrists and ribcages from the boys who held them just a little too hard–
i ran.

and i ran farther and faster than i ever have.

i started walking different ways just to avoid you, stopped looking you in the face, never reaching out first or calling back, completely stopping whatever it was that we were… whatever it was that we had.

and i did it because when you look at me i feel the butterflies tying knots inside my stomach,
and when we’re alone together i can’t stop blushing or wanting to trace the dips in your collarbone to the ridges of your torso,
and when you kissed me i never wanted it to stop,
because being with you was so easy,
being with you was like breathing.

but being with you was the kind of wonderful that can’t last,
the kind of love that slips like sand right through your hands.
so i kissed you one last time inside my head and packed you up and stored you away in a place where i put all the things i almost or did love inside my head–
in a place i’d never find them again.

and i’m sorry,
for almost falling in love and ruining everything.

i’m sorry that all it took was one kiss, or maybe it was two hands resting on my hips–
or just that rainy day in september when i learned what it was like to want someone again,
when i tried teaching myself the art of kissing someone who is something, trying to make it mean nothing, and failing.

i was falling in love with you,
i think.

and so i ran,
but i couldn’t keep myself
from looking back.

—  something i will never tell you, no matter how much i wish i could // mh
Kili x reader- (REQUEST)

Anonymous- could I have a Kili x reader with lots of fluff and then the sex ?

AN: here you go my lovely anon if you don’t like it let me know I’ll redo ((first time posting fanfic hope you enjoy)) smut warning idk

Being with the dwarves was tough going. It was your idea to go along with them but you didn’t realise just how dangerous it was, the only thought you had was selfish-to be with Kili. No one argued that you couldn’t come even Thorin seemed supportive as long as you proved you could handle danger which you expertly proved by helping to kill orcs when they tried a night attack. There wasn’t many of them but you know for a fact that you definitely proved yourself. Currently you were leaning against the cave wall while Dori and Ori started a fire. Thorin was keeping watch along with Balin and Fili and Kili were gathering more wood. You cleaned your sword and checked your provisions before closing your eyes and unknowingly fell asleep. “(Y/N)” you stirred and slowly opened your eyes,Kili was leaning down smiling, holding out a bowl of soup. “Hi there” you replied accepting the bowl. Kili sat down next to you with his own bowl. “I didn’t think you would fall asleep what with the Orc attack the other night” You shrugged. “It’s over now why would I worry” “because it was your first encounter with Orc’s” “and it won’t be the last” you respond. He tilted his head. “Do you realise how attractive you are when you’re like this?” You smiled in response and chose not to speak. Once you had both finished eating and the others had checked their own provisions Thorin stamped the fire out. “You should try to sleep we’ll take shifts watching but I don’t think many of us will sleep, but try, you need the rest” Kili lay down a blanket on the floor of the cave, you used yours as a cover for the both of you, as Kili lay down you followed, resting your head on his chest. There is no other place on middle earth where you feel more safe than by Kili. Considering you were cuddled up with a blanket you couldn’t stop shaking. “Are you okay (y/n)?” “Just c-cold” you respond curling further into his chest. He reached up out of the blanket to his bag and pulled his jacket around you, and then pulling the blanket back on the top. “Aren’t you cold?” You asked. He shook his head, leaning up on his elbow he watched you, his eyes dancing in the moonlight. “I’m so glad you’re here” he whispered, running his hand up your arm. “I’m glad I’m here too” his hand travels to the back of your neck and he leaned down pressing his lips to yours, the stubble of his beard feeling rough against your smooth skin, but you didn’t mind, in fact you sighed in response giving Kili the perfect opportunity to slide his tongue past the seam of your lips. Kissing Kili was nothing new, but each time was amazing. And you never wanted each kiss to end. Unfortunately like every other kiss this one had to end too. “Try and rest” he said pulling you close to his chest and stroking your (h/c) hair. When you opened your eyes it was still dark. You sat up and slipped your arms into Kili’s jacket, wrapping it around your body, it must be the early hours of the morning. You stood up and walked over to Thorin who was still keeping watch only Fili was there too. “Can’t sleep?” Fili asked. You shook your head. “Thorin you’ve been up for a long time, please, try and rest if only for an hour” “wake me after an hour” you nodded and he walked into the cave. “Looks like you won’t be alone guarding” fili said nodding towards the cave before patting your shoulder and walking off. You turned around to see Kili standing there. “I wondered where you was” “sorry I though you was asleep” he shook his head. “You wasn’t next to me, how could I sleep?” He sat on the large rock just outside of the cave and patted the space between his legs, you sat between them and he unwrapped the blanket that was around his shoulders so that it was covering you both. His arms slid round your waist, holding you to him and his chin rested on your shoulder. “I worry about you” he said. You leaned further back against his chest and looked up at the stars. “Why is that?” He kissed the nape of your neck. “Because I don’t want the woman I love to be hurt or worse.” “Woman you love?” You replied, surprised at his words. You turn slightly so that you can look at him. “Yes (y/n) wasn’t you aware? I am in love with you” you placed a hand either side of his face and kissed him. You knew that you wanted to be with Kili, but hearing those words from his mouth told you that you only wanted to be with Kili and belong to no one else. You pulled away but your forehead was resting on his. “And I love you, I am completely and hopelessly in love with you” he giggled which caused your stomach to fill with butterflies, he was so cute. His eyes were lowered but when he looked up, half smiling and sparkling you knew there was no going back, this boy had now become your life. His arms tightened around your waist as you kissed again, it became heated in less than a second. “We’re supposed to be keeping watch!” You manage to choke out as Kili attaches his lips to your neck sucking on a sensitive spot. “Shhh, we wouldn’t want someone to see now would we” he purred. You tilted your head back giving him more access to the exposed skin. He kissed back up your neck to your jaw before placing small pecks on your lips, you run your tongue across his bottom lip, holding it between your teeth and biting down slightly causing Kili to moan. There was crunching sounds and you broke apart, placing your hand on the handle of your sword ready to draw it. “Oh sorry did I scare you!” Dori said startled. “I heard strange noises coming from here!” He continued. Kili hid his smile. “It’s safe Dori don’t worry” you say smiling sweetly. He nodded and returned back into the cave. “Looks like there’s no time for that then” Kili said disappointedly. You moved back to your pervious position and watched the sky change from a black to a dark blue to a beautiful shade of orange. “It’s so beautiful” he grins and hugs you. “But nothing compares to your Beauty” you wave his compliment off. “We should wake the others” he groans. “Can we leave them a little longer” he said mischievously, his hand trailing from around your waist to your thigh. “Kili!” You warned. “Oh you two are disgusting!” Fili’s voice appeared from beside you and you both jumped. “We need to move out it’s not long before we head out to battle” you nod and untangle yourself from Kili. Thorin rallied everyone. “We don’t have long” his voice boomed. “Stay close. Keep on guard.” We gathered our things and started the trek to the checkpoint where we were meeting Gandalf. You and Kili were towards the back, you had a sharp sense of hearing and Kili was the fastest with a bow. “Be careful!” Thorin shouted. You were on a ledge of the mountain, it wasn’t wide enough to walk normally across you had to side step, the rock crumbling by the time you and Kili walked across. Heights never bothered you, but the idea of death by falling off a mountain did. “(Y/n) are you okay?” Kili asked. You nodded and carried on shuffling across the ledge. Your foot slipped and Kili lurched forward and caught you in one swift movement. “(Y/n)!” “I’m okay I’m okay!” The rest of the way across he held your hand, his fingers entwining with yours as you reached the safety of the next cave. Gandalf was waiting, perched on a large rock with his pipe between his pale lips. “Ah, it seems my company as arrived!” You hopped off the ledge and felt relief wash over you. “And on time too!” Thorin looked up at him and smiled. “I’m never late Gandalf” “Indeed you are not Thorin Oakenshield” a fire was started and what little food remained was laid out. “I thought we were staying at Rivendell?” Fili asked. Gandalf looked at him and laughed. “My dear boy! Of course we are, but I’m waiting for a butterfly” you sat down by the fire and you felt Kili sit behind you so you were now between his legs. His arms snaked around you and hugged you too his chest. “Shouldn’t you be helping?” Dwalin asked. Thorin shook his head. “Leave them be, if you could spend this night with your loved ones you would” Dwalin nodded and patted your shoulder. You closed your eyes and relaxed in Kili’s arms. “Are you scared love?” He whispered. “I’m not scared about the battle, I’m scared I will lose you” he kissed the top of your head. “It appears you will never lose me” you smiled and turned your head so you could kiss his neck. “The eagles are here!” Gandalf said, standing up and holding his staff. One by one you were picked up and then taken to Rivendell where Lord Elrond waited for your arrival. Sleeping arrangements were made and no dancing, singing or story happened that night. Everybody was in need of a good rest and nobody questioned it. Elrond allowed you and Kili to share a room, to which Fili again said “you two are disgusting keep it quiet” he was joking of course but you couldn’t help but well up at the idea of Fili being killed in battle. Goodnights were said and a few hugs were shared between you and the other dwarves. Kili took your hand and lead you to your room. He was currently changing out of his clothes and checking his weapons. You watched as he walked about shirtless, his muscles gleaming against the candle light, his strong arms lifting the weapons for inspection, your eyes travelled to his and he caught you staring. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing I was just admiring you.” He laughed and stood in front of you. “How about I admire you?” He pushed you back against the bed and started to tickle your sides. You thrashed about under his grip, laughing uncontrollably. Eventually he stopped tickling and your laughter turned into occasional giggles. “I’m going to miss this” you say, running you hand up one of his arms that were either side of you. “We’ll get to do this again (y/n)” he said. “What if-” “no, don’t think like that. Let’s make the most of what time we have together tonight” you nod in agreement and he smiles down at you, brushing a strand of hair behind your ear. He leaned down to kiss you, you hadn’t had much chance to kiss him properly all day, small pecks yes, but deep kisses no. You ran your hands down his back, digging your nails down slightly causing him to moan. He started to tug at your tunic, you arched your back to allow him to lift it off you completely. He attacked the newly exposed skin with his lips, biting and nipping above your collarbones, your eyelids fluttered shut against the feeling of his lips on your body. He kissed over your breasts, teasing you with his tongue. “Kili…” You started to fumble with his pants but you were shaking with excitement so he finished the job before sliding yours down your legs. “There’s no what if’s (y/n)” he said kissing down your stomach. “Can you promise that we’ll be like this together again?” You say flustered as he kissed up your thigh. “I can promise anything but I can’t be sure of everything. Well I can be sure of once thing..” He moved his head so it was between your legs and he paused. You groaned in frustration and thrusted your hips up but he pinned them back down and held you against the sheets. “What’s that?” You manage to say, your breathing now heavy. He didn’t answer, he just licked between your legs and you couldn’t hold in the moan that passed unwillingly through your lips. He teased your entrance with his tongue and you gasped but sighed when he moved it away. “Please” you begged. “What?” “Please Kili!” “I want you to plead!” He growled moving back up your body to press his lips against yours, his tongue meeting yours halfway as his teeth grazed across your lower lip. “Make me feel good Kili please, I need you!” You whined thrusting your hips up to meet his. He groaned in response and grinded his hips against yours. Eliciting moans from you both. Happy with your response he moved back between your legs softly blowing cool air causing a shiver to run down your spine in expectation. He immediately started to lick and kiss where you wanted him too, expertly making you feel shots of pleasure run through your body. He ran his tongue harshly over your clit and you yelled out in pleasure. “You never..finished your sentence” you breathed out. “I will Don’t worry” he positioned himself between your legs and kissed you one last time. “Ready?” You nodded and he pushed inside you giving you a few moments to adjust before thrusting in and out to build up a rhythm. Soon the room was filled with shouts and moans. “KILI!”he grunted and lifted your legs so you could wrap them around his waist giving him more room. “OHGOD!” He said, throwing his head back. He pulled out, re angled and then thrusted back in, and hit your sweet spot immediately causing heat to pool in your stomach. You dug your nails in his back and dragged them down as his pace quickened. He was biting and sucking on your neck as the heat grew bigger. “Close” you choked out, he nodded and thrusted harder, his lips crashed on yours and you moved your hands up to his hair and tugged slightly, his moan lost in your mouth. You lifted your hips to meet his thrusts and in no time wave after wave of pleasure shot through your body, your vision white for a brief moment as you screamed his name. He followed soon after and then collapsed on top of you, his sweat mixing with yours as you both caught your breath. He pulled out and lay there smiling. You rolled over so your hand was on his chest, he twined his fingers with yours. “What are you sure of?” You asked. “That I will always be in love with you.” “And I will always be in love with you” no other words were said that night, you both lay there together soaking up every second you had in each other’s arms. For neither of you wanted to mention the fact that the other could die tomorrow. So you stayed close, body’s tangled together not wanting morning to come.

DIVED IN TOO DEEP || Sirius x Reader

A/N: angst, but also fluff, friendship, hinted Sirius x Reader.But some things are best left unsaid.”

“Please Lily, don’t cry, don’t cry!“ You said, furiously wiping away a few of your own tears. 

A year ago, when you walked through the big, wooden doors and into the entrance hall as an exchange student, you never would have guessed that saying goodbye would end up being this hard. Even if it was only a 12 month long visit, it was the time of your life. You found friends you couldn’t imagine being without anymore. You fell in love, and you never said a word about it.

A quick glance over at the boys and their serious faces, their sad eyes and especially Sirius’ rigid and tense body, told you that now wasn’t the right time to confess it. But then again, was there ever a right time?

“I’m sorry, I’m just going to m-miss you s-so much!” Lily cried out and flung her arms around your neck. You staggered backwards but automatically wrapped your arms around the red haired girl. You never really had a friend quite as special as her. “I will miss you, too. Promise to write me whenever you can, okay?” You mumbled into her hair, trying hard to stifle the sobs that wanted to escape your lips. You heard her sniff and then she pulled back and gave you a weak, watery but honest smile. “I promise, I swear, I can give you the pinky promise.” She laughed through her tears and you couldn’t help but join in. The pinky promise was something the two of you developed fairly early in your friendship. Without hesitating you held out your finger and hooked it with hers. “You’re my best friend.” You whispered and looked into her familiar green eyes. That sentence held so many words left unspoken, so many thank you’s and so many memories that Lily burst into tears again. “I love you.” She replied, always having been more vocal about her feelings. With a lingering kiss to her cheek and a last smile you turned to the others.

Remus, Sirius, James, Peter and Alice stood about a foot away and watched the scene unfold with mixed feelings, none of which were positive. They let you into their hearts so quickly and now they had to say goodbye. Everything felt surreal to them.

Peter and Alice were the first to step forward and hug you goodbye. It wasn’t as long lasting or as painful as Lily’s goodbye, but you were grateful for that. You hugged them both at the same time and thanked them for the beautiful moments and let them go so they could join Lily and try to cheer her up.

James was the next to walk up to you and without a word he pulled you into his arms and pressed a kiss to your hair. “Stay safe, little one.” “Don’t call me that.” You protested weakly, secretly loving the nickname. “Keep an eye on Lily, okay?” You mumbled and looked into his eyes, needing his confirmation. “I would never let anything happen to her.” You smiled at him and slapped the back of his head gently. “Tell her how you feel, James.” The faint hint of a blush could be seen on his cheeks but then he nodded. “I will soon. What about you though?” “How did you know?” You looked at him with round eyes, surprise flashing across your features. “I saw the way you look at Sirius, little one. He’s my best mate, I’m bound to notice.” He grinned and flicked your forehead lovingly. “It would just make everything worse don’t you think?” “Unfortunately, I agree. The two of you would have been a dream team.” James sounded as sad as you felt. With a croaked out and broken “Goodbye James ..” you kissed his cheek as well and then made your way to Remus.

Remus smiled at you, refusing to let the sadness get the better of him. Not yet, not as long as you were still here. “Watch out for yourself, okay?” He mumbled into your hair, as soon as you stepped into his open arms. You nodded and told him to do the same. “I need you to be happy Remus, promise me you will try to be happy ..” You took his face into your hands and rested your forehead against his. Out of all the boys, as much as you loved all of them, you always had a soft spot for Remus. He’s been through so much and you never failed to remind him that he deserved so much more. “For you I will try.” His voice cracked at the end and he buried his face in your shoulder for a few precious seconds before lifting you up and spinning you around. Both of you laughed a little and then he slowly let go of you and met your eyes. “I ..” He couldn’t finish the sentence but he didn’t need to. “I know, I love you, too.” Now the sadness was overwhelming and he knew he had to leave or he would cry. You nodded, understanding him without words. “Go, it’s okay.”

At the same time as Remus left in the direction of the lake, you reached Sirius. He looked down at you, his storm grey eyes full emotions. “Do you really have to leave? Are you sure the year is over?” He asked half-jokingly. “I wish it wasn’t.” No other words were shared, as if you were one being with one mind, you stepped into each other’s arms. You wrapped yours around his waist and hid your face in his chest, while Sirius nuzzled his nose into your hair and rubbed your back soothingly. None of you knew how long you stood there, none of you cared who was still left to watch. After what seemed like ages you let go of each other. “There are so many things I want to say.” You breathed out, hands still resting on his hips, not yet ready to let him go. “I know, me too.” He stroked a curl of your hair behind your ear and leaned down to press a lingering, gentle and loving kiss to your forehead. He had to close his eyes as pain surged through him so intense that he felt it almost physically. “But some things are best left unsaid.” He finished his sentence and finally let go of you. You thought that nothing you ever experienced in your life, hurt quiet as much as this moment.

XXX (Ungjae)

Author’s Note: Please be aware that this scenario is 100% made up and is not affiliated with my knowledge of Ungjae’s behavior. I wrote this late at night while listening to G-Dragon’s ‘But I Love U’ which I will link in case you would like to listen/look at the lyrics to it as well.


Teaser:  ‘Maybe some things are best left unsaid…maybe those unsaid things are the best way to leave.’

Genre: Angst, Mild Mature Content

Word Count: 1689 +

His right hand simultaneously gripped onto the lit cigarette and bottle of alcohol in a deathly choke hold while the left held a crumpled piece of paper; with each drag of the cigarette, his emotional pain was pushed to the side until the smoke began to clear and his pain would return again. Many times he cursed himself for hurting the person he loved and many times he cursed himself for his behavior that even he couldn’t control. In the midst of all of his curses, the complicated feeling of being unapologetic clashed in his mind making his thought process too complex for even him to understand. Maybe if he just listened to you, maybe if you didn’t give up neither of you would be on this emotional spiral into a hell-like hole. The boy rested the back of his head against the hallway’s cool wall as he brought the half-done cig to his mouth for yet another drag, his body was starting to become pleasantly numb from the pain that has been suffocating him for so many months. In all of the pain, nothing set his insides on fire than when he found a note left on the bed the two of you once shared; a note that would change the course of your relationship for a lifetime.


The harsh whisper echoed the empty hallway when the opening of the bottle touched his lips as he unconsciously chugged down the alcohol; every time your face appeared in his mind he would gulp more as if to drown the memory of you out of his mind and wash away the sound of your voice that he hated but desperately wanted to hear. He needed you, he wanted you, he loathed you, he loved you, he didn’t want you back, but he couldn’t stand being away from you. So many times he screamed out in agony at his complicated feelings towards you, feelings that once were so clear but now twisted up in a complicated web. In the beginning of the relationship everything seemed fine, but as time went on it was like the once clear skies were invaded with clouds of destruction and darkness. All of the sweet symphonies that presented their existence were now replaced with piercing screams from both parties, screaming for love or possibly a way to escape. Finding the strength to stand to his feet Ungjae stumbled his way to the living area, occasionally gripping onto whatever was around to support his now weakened body. He could feel that he was no longer in control of actions, but he didn’t give a fuck as a smuggish smile appeared on his face. Every inch of the living area reminded him of you, the same you that he wanted to erase from his memory, but couldn’t no matter how much he drank and puffed frustrated clouds into the air. The apartment’s silence was interrupted when the now empty alcohol bottle was shattered against the wall causing the hanging wall decorations to lose their placing and violently drop to the ground in pieces. Why couldn’t he shake you from his mind? Why was it that you could easily walk away from him but he couldn’t do the same for you? A distressed cry erupted from the boy’s core, his body bent over in an effort to empty his soul even more from the sorrow and pain that lay dormant inside. Between the hurtful cries, a framed picture of you caught his attention from the corner of his eye causing him to step closer to it, his vision trying to focus on the face with a smile that was tauntingly lingering in his mind. A smug look appeared on his tear-stained face as he put out the cigarette by placing it in a cup of water that set on the table next to the loveseat.

“Why are you still here? You want to judge me, huh?” tears burned his eyes, he began to choke up as his volume increased with every word he spoke “You want to judge me you little shit? Judge this!”

Before he could stop himself, the frame crashed against the floor causing pieces of glass to shatter against the ground. A sharp pain ran through the sole of his foot as he lifted it up to see a small cut made by one of the shards of glass. A chaotic chuckle emerged once he saw blood starting to exit their way through the wound.

“You bitch. You’re not here but you still hurt me? Do you have a curse on me?”

The boy limped towards the bathroom where he cautiously removed the glass, sweat beads setting their place on his forehead as he tried to keep his trembling hand steady. His teeth clenched tightly onto his bottom lip to prevent any noises to escape as the rubbing alcohol touched his wound the slightest bit. While he placed the band-aid on his foot he couldn’t stop thinking of how gentle you would’ve handled his injury, that very thought of you caused him to angrily throw the open bottle of rubbing alcohol against the wall. The huffs filled with angered subsided into choked sobs of sorrow when the complicated emotions began to fill his void.

“___…I didn’t mean it, don’t leave me please.” Were the last words the boy muttered aloud before losing consciousness on the bathroom floor.

Sunlight struck its way through the small open in the blinds, making its way onto Ungjae’s pale face. An annoyed wail was the only thing sound he made when the sun hit his eyes causing the boy to cover face with one arm and using the free one to help guide his way out of the bathroom. The sudden rush of movement caused a rush of ache to spread through his body focusing on his head; the chirps from the birds were like a painful ringing in his head causing the settled thought from last night to awake and taunt him once again. The boy laid on the cool floor as he stared towards the ceiling, remembering the note that was left by you; he began to blame himself for the failed relationship and all of the hurt the both of you received. A sigh of frustration escaped his lips when his eyes closed once more before they reopened to the darkness of the night. Aimlessly, he roamed the house hoping that you would have returned to the apartment after cooling down at a friend or family member’s house. Were you okay? How were you? He just needed to know that you were okay, that you were well so maybe he could be well himself; your number set on the phone’s screen for hours it seemed before he gathered the courage to press the call button. The small glimpse of hope and happiness he found was taken over by the wave of hurt again when the automated voice on the other end said that the number he had dialed has been changed. Where did he go wrong? A wave of anger arose within him causing him to throw the lamp that set on the small table next to him towards the wall. There was no mention of your whereabouts so there was no way he could say for certain he knew where you were. The same thoughts and activities that happened last night revisited again that night and the following night for the next couple of weeks until his members felt it was their duty to step in to stop the boy from damaging himself anymore.

It’s been 3 weeks since he’s last heard from you or seen your face and he could truthfully say that he missed you, he missed your presence even if it wasn’t the healthiest because you had become his obsession. He yearned for you every day and night, every call he received he prayed that it would be you only to be let down. 

The streets were filled with people of all ages as he made his way to a local corner store to purchase another pack of cigarettes to ease the reoccurring pain that didn’t seem to go away. Was he guilty of something? He kept asking himself what he had or hadn’t done to make him feel guilty about your departure from his life. His hood covered his face as his back leaned against the store’s exterior wall opening the new box of cigarettes when a familiar laugh maneuvered its way through the noisy crowd and to his ears. The sweet laughter he knew all too well stopped him mid-track as he looked towards the direction it came from. In front of him, he saw you walking towards a restaurant that you loved dearly, but you weren’t alone as a male companion was close to you causing your face to lighten each time a smile was placed on your face. You seemed at peace, happy and content compared to before you left when you looked betrayed and hurt by every word that came out of Ungjae’s mouth and every action he took. He wanted to pull you back and explain himself to you, he wanted to speak to you one last time, but before he could step up to you he noticed a spark in your eye, the same spark that was there when you began dating each other. Inside he knew he couldn’t be selfish, he knew that if you saw him nothing but hurt would be on your mind and he couldn’t be evil enough to do that to you no matter his own desires, no matter how much he hated you.

‘Maybe some things are best left unsaid…maybe those unsaid things are the best way to leave.’

The boy kept his eye on you before lighting a cigarette and bringing it to his mouth slowly dragging it as if it would get rid of the pain faster; instead of aimlessly walking the boy seemed to have a sense of direction after seeing you for the last time and the guilty feeling that was eating him alive began to fade away the further he got from you. No matter what you thought about him, no matter what you did to get rid of your feelings for him, deep down he would always love you and miss your presence in his life.

Author’s Note: Once again I would like to say that to my knowledge, none of this behavior is 100% associated with Ungjae! :)

Things Best Left Unsaid

She couldn’t believe her luck - that she’d managed to find a laptop that the patients hadn’t destroyed; it had been sun up when she’d slipped away to leave Garrett to entertain whatever company he planned on keeping that day and she was curled up in the empty pod in the pile of blankets with it propped up on her knees, doing her homework on the assailant. 

Her first stop was local obituaries and ironically, his was the first on the list of recently deceased - his name was Bryce Kemper and…he was survived by his mother, younger sister and two children; it wasn’t a pleasant thing, but she dove deeper and discovered several domestic violence charges against him, a protective order in place preventing any contact with his kids, and two counts of sexual assault, public indecency and a pending court date for an alleged rape. 

This knowledge only alleviated her conscience slightly…knowing he was far from being saintly, and that he potentially harmed his own flesh and blood…well… 

She closed the machine and rested against the curvature of the pod, staring up at the ceiling, wondering if Garrett’s date had arrived - she couldn’t be certain as she’d triple reinforced the mental barrier between them…she wondered if whomever they were would be one of the rare few to leave this place alive…or if they’d become one more corpse. 

“…it’s too quiet.”


Ariana Grande  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Could have been a mess, but I never went wrong.”
  • “Pain is just a consequence of love.”
  • “I’m stronger than I’ve been before.”
  • “I know your motives and you know mine.”
  • “I’ll be better off without you.”
  • “I just wanna break your heart right back.”
  • “This is the part when I say I don’t want ya.”
  • “It ain’t so funny when the joke’s on you.”
  • “I don’t care about it anymore.”
  • “I don’t wanna hide the way I feel when you’re next to me.”
  • “You know I’ll be saving my love for you.” 
  • “You don’t need to worry about making me crazy.”  
  • “I was on the lookout for someone to hate.”
  • “Now I laugh about the things that used to be important to me.”
  • “I should be wiser and realize that.”  
  • “'Cause you’re the best mistake I’ve ever made.”
  • “But some things are better left unsaid.”
  • “Somethin’ ‘bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman.”
  •  I used to feel so obligated to be so much more.”
  • “Is it love when you cry, and cry, and cry?”
  • “And I feel like that everything we do is overdue.”
  • “I’ll take the pleasure, take it with the pain.”
  • “So catch up, 'cause you got an awful long way to go.”
  • “On a scale of one to ten, I’m at a hundred.”  
  • “I need to be the one who takes you home.”

sleito  asked:

Cape!kink pleaseeee


Cat, coffee, and capes

Takes place sometime during the first season, before the hug. Also, Cat knows Kara is Supergirl.



That was the answer, it was so clear to Cat now. Coffee was the solution to the problem that had been bothering her for months, to the obsession that Cat just couldn’t get out of her mind. Coffee was going to be her tool, because when it came to Kara and her relationship with the girl, coffee had always been a part of their understanding, and the two of them had developed an entire, complex language around the drink.

Coffee had come to mean so much to them, over the two years that Kara had been working for her, and so it only made sense, that now, when Cat wanted, no, needed, the answer to that nagging question, when Cat had finally been driven to the brink of insanity by her infatuation with that red cloth, it only made sense that coffee was going to be the thing to fix all of this. Well, not fix it, exactly, because there was no going back, no stopping the thoughts that had been seeping into her mind well before the girl had become a hero, thoughts that at one point had been controllable, but hadn’t been since the transformation had occurred, and so coffee…

Coffee was going to the apparatus that she used to finally stop hanging back, the mechanism by which she put her mind at rest, because coffee was how their relationship had developed and evolved in the past, and coffee was going to help bridge that final gap, and make everything that had thus far gone unspoken, possible.

Because coffee was going to help Cat finally get Kara out of her clothes.

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anonymous asked:

I love your blog, its seriously great! so, how would yomo, uta, both kanekis, ayato, nishiki, tsukiyama and touka act if their SO was mute, spoke through their phone and made very few signals? Im looking foward to this. Thanks!

S-seriously great? You flatter me, my dear! (☆^ー^☆)

YOMO signs “hello” to his partner as they approach after their shift at work. Their fingers flex in the space between them, swiftly and more practiced than his own. “It’s good to see you are well.” Yomo merely nods in response. They beam at Yomo, and he can’t help but think how transparent they are, laying their emotions bare so clearly for the world to glimpse and trample on. It was a quality he admired, one of the many things he loved about them. Because they were unable to communicate with words, their actions left a greater impression on him. So when they stand on their tip toes to give him a kiss, he finds himself burying his pink face in his jacket. His partner places a hand over their mouth in a silent laugh. “I love you so much!” They type out for him to see. He can see the sincerity in their expression and wonders how they can express such an intimate emotion so easily. Taking their smaller hand in his, Yomo leads his partner home smiling imperceptibly.

UTA watches as his partner is approached a group of people who clearly have less than noble intentions. He decides to watch how his partner handles the situation—what sort of mechanisms had they developed to get out of unpleasant incidences? Of course, if things get out of hand he’ll appear and show them that if they mess with his partner, they choose to mess with him as well. He can’t see what sort of expression his partner is making from this angle, but he can imagine that they are, at the very least annoyed. Admittedly, he is surprised when his usually demure partner lands a hit on the other’s jaw, with a satisfying, resounding crack. Uta appears behind his partner and wraps his arms around their neck. “We’ll be on our way, if you don’t mind.” He walks away with his partner, shooting them a dangerous look over his shoulder. His partner sighs before side-eyeing Uta. He looks over their shoulder as they type “I could have handled it myself, you didn’t have to interfere.” He laughs while poking their cheek. He should have figured that without words, they would have spoken through their actions.

KANEKI is considerate of his partner’s condition and helps in any way he can. If they need to make a phone call, he’ll speak on their behalf. He’ll speak for them in situations that would be impractical to communicate through typing. His partner appreciates these small gestures, and sometimes feels that they take advantage of him. Kaneki insists that it isn’t like that at all; reassuring them that he’s happy to help the one he loves in whatever way he can. He even goes as far as learning some sign language, even after learning that his partner doesn’t sign often. All Kaneki wants is to make sure his partner doesn’t feel separate from the rest of the world.

SHIRO!KANEKI much like his previous self would look after his partner in every way they could. Despite he himself feeling estranged from his prior self and life, the love he holds for his partner would remain constant, if nothing else. He’d go out of his way to have his partner feel like a part of his domain despite the barrier of communication. His partner would easily be able to differentiate when Kaneki is lying or telling half-truths through his body language, namely because that’s one of the many ways they interact with others. As such, he always tells them the truth, or says things so that he’s always technically right. His partner appreciates his honesty and understands that there are some things best left unsaid, thus they never press the issue. His partner tells Kaneki that they love him through small, seemingly insignificant gestures. In return, he protects them as best he can and ensures that they never feel alone.

AYATO finds it annoying that they can’t speak at times. He isn’t annoyed with them, but rather with the circumstances that led to their inability to vocalize. It also was reason for worry, though he would not admit it, even to himself. After all, if they couldn’t cry out for help, how would he know they were in danger? In addition, it pissed him off that he’d never hear them call his name, tell him that they loved him. His annoyance must have showed, because his partner shoves their phone in his face, the gesture as unwanted as the comment that followed. “Ayato, you look like an angry cat.” He sneers and says that he doesn’t look like one of those harmless fluff balls. In response, his partner finds a picture of the most vicious-looking tiger they can find and shows it to him, commenting with a “whose a harmless fluff ball now?” Ayato tries to come up with a clever retort, but the proud expression on his partner’s face is too endearing and so settles for scoff instead.

NISHIKI initially does research on mutism to see if there’s any way he can help them. He rules out aphasia, but doesn’t think his partner’s condition stems from an accident either. There weren’t any scars around their neck to indicate injury either. Puzzled, he asks his partner about it. “I’m congenitally mute. It’s always been this way.” Nishiki can’t begin to imagine how it must have felt to have never been able to speak since the moment they were born. They must have felt alienated, unable to speak in a world where speaking was the norm. While not one for sentimentality, he tells them that whether they’re mute or not, they’re still the same idiot he managed to fall in love with. His partner laughs silently and teases him about his uncharacteristic demeanor. Nishiki only snorts in response, telling them to shut up. “But I didn’t say anything~” they protest, using their mutism to their advantage.

TSUKIYAMA is utterly devoted to his partner. He makes it a point to learn how to sign “I love you,” because after all, sign language is another tongue he can use to express his affections. He always listens attentively when his partner talks about their day, usually accompanied by exaggerated gestures. As his partner is unable to use spoken language, he uses other methods to communicate with them as well. He uses the language of flowers to convey his thoughts about them. Tsukiyama leaves letters for them to find and read. These gestures seem wholly unnecessary to his partner; initially, they even protested such actions. Despite their initial aversion to his arrangements, they are quite flattered that he would go to such lengths for them. For Tsukiyama, such gestures are no great task; anything to ensure his partner felt loved.

TOUKA meets up with her partner after school after promising to spend some time with them. They pull out their phone, their fingers flying over the keys; “Touka! Touka! Touka! You look really cute today! How was school?” Their cheerful demeanor is almost infectious, and the corners of her mouth rise almost imperceptibly. She responds to their question nonchalantly; the two of them exchanging pleasant banter between each other. Their inability to speak didn’t really bother her—they were still the same excitable, energetic, and somewhat naïve person she was head over heels for.

This is what a TV bromance looks like

In my previous post, I talked a little about the ‘gay’-joke as a TV trope. While the first example (Big Bang Theory) was to demonstrate how writers use the trope as a joke, I also made clear that it’s not a joke in Sherlock. It’s not supposed to be. And today I’ll talk about another TV show while tackling this argument:

‘Well, it’s not a joke – Sherlock and John are friends. Best friends! So of course they are close to each other.’

If there’s anything I love about TV shows, it’s probably well written friendships. Between men, women, between a man and a woman (and hell, we’re lacking this combination in particular), between brothers and sisters – I love them. So for me, one of the best friendships on TV is between Turk and J.D. in Scrubs. Their ‘gayness’ does have a comic effect, so what makes it different from BBT? After all, it’s the same here: everyone around them knows that they are like this but they’d never actually think of them as gay, Turk ends up with Carla quite quickly and J.D. is as unsuccessful with women as ever.

Yeah, the fact that they are pretty gay with each other is true but unlike in BBT, it’s never really absurd or grotesque. To me, one of the reasons why the friendship between J.D. and Turk is so wonderful is that they themselves are completely fine with it. They are open about what they feel for each other (It’s guy love between two guys) and they adhere to it – they are aware of how other people might perceive them but they aren’t afraid to show their affection to each other. They also outright say how important they are to each other. (This is important!) When Howard is confronted with his behaviour towards Raj, he tends to start babbling nonsense, gets nervous or tries to deny it (he tried to avoid the topic of who he went to couple therapy with) – he was embarrassed of how ‘deep’ his relationship with Raj goes.

That never really happens with J.D. and Turk. You can tell they love each other in a platonic way (I hope I’m not hurting any J.D. and Turk shippers here) and aren’t afraid to show it. And it’s really refreshing too, although the show has found its end quite a while ago. It’s an honest friendship, no secrets, no hard feelings. Considering how old this show is, it’s really a surprise that the show’s main character is … not fitting to the idea of masculinity at all. And the fact that J.D. doesn’t fit to that stereotype and is quite ‘feminine’ at times and isn’t written as gay but has a very very intact friendship with Turk is one of the few things that I miss on TV nowadays.

Talking about J.D. and Turk… Just repeating here. This is what a bromance looks like:

Or like this

(look at how happy they are with each other)

Or like this!


Oh my god kill me why did I have to watch these scenes again


The accident knee grab. Mmmh, smooth Dr. Watson 

So my point is: They aren’t happy with each other. Season 3 was the peak of their friendship. And J.D. and Turk have been pretty much on the peak of their friendship since Season 1. And they are so happy with each other, at some point both of them have everything they want.

And so do John and Sherlock, right? John has a wife, Sherlock made a new friend now and that friend even seems to push their relationship! They have finally admitted their platonic feelings to each other, “of course you’re my best friend” - “my best friend John” and Sherlock has vowed to be there for him forever. If Season 1 and 2 were there to only establish their friendship, this is the peak now.

But why the hell would friends look so sad? Why do they look so unhappy, so unsatisfied? Why is there this tension between them? Why are there so many things desperately unspoken between them? “The stuff that you wanted to say, but didn’t say it… say it now.” - “No. Sorry, I can’t.” / “John, there’s something I should say, I meant to say but I never have(…)” 

Yes, Season 3 was the peak of John’s and Sherlock’s friendship. The best thing in a friendship is to recognize the other one as your best friend. But there are so many things left unsaid and they are obviously struggling with it. This doesn’t make sense unless it’s more than friendship. It’s not a bromance. It’s romance. And this tension needs to be resolved in Season 4. 

anonymous asked:

how would ayato, suzuya, and both kanekis react to experiencing their partner slowly losing their mind due to some angsty/traumatic reason? (like they have lots of extreme dissociation of themselves, more out of it, doesn't remember who they are sometimes, mood swings between before and now etc)

I put this under a read more…you know, just in case? It doesn’t get too intense or anything but it could make some people uncomfortable

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Intellectual Honesty & Unpleasant Truths…

“A deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions.” —Machiavelli

With thirty years of training in the martial arts, I can say this with absolute certainty:

There is no consistent, reliable way to stop a motivated attacker with a knife. Furthermore, there is no consistent, reliable way to disarm a motivated attacker with a knife.

That’s not to say that nobody has ever beat the odds and done it, of course they have. People win the lottery too. If someone is teaching you to defend against a knife assault with the caveat that in a real life situation it probably won’t work, but it may increase your odds of survival a bit, I have no issue with that. But if anyone tells you they can teach you to effectively counter a real-life knife assault they’re either delusional or they’re lying to you.

As a martial arts instructor I’m not supposed to tell you this. There is an unspoken agreement amongst martial arts instructors that such things are best left unsaid — it’s bad for business. We’re supposed to be in the business of selling answers. The bitter truth, however, is that sometimes they’re isn’t an answer. So rather than peddling comforting lies, here I am up on my soapbox pimping doubt.

I’m sure that some people are going to read this and immediately start rationalizing why this isn’t true and pontificating on how their system is different. They’ll assume I’m simply unaware of the magic bullet that was shared with them — the secret set of techniques that make such things possible. If you want to believe that, I’m not going to try to change your mind. If you find yourself having such thoughts, it’s probably best that you stop reading now, because it gets worse…

The issue of knife disarming is systemic of a much larger issue within the martial arts — another truth that is supposed to remain unspoken:

Most of what your are taught exists only to eat up class time.
A profitable martial arts program is generally 80% — 90% “busy work”. It’s designed to keep you occupied and to keep you paying. Most martial arts programs aren’t in the business of making you proficient, they’re in the business of selling you the illusion of proficiency.

Long complex routines, prearranged two-man drills with endless variations, convoluted locks and techniques, flashy knife and gun disarms — all of it is designed to you make you believe that you’re more adept than you really are. The money is in selling the belief.
Of course, there are ancillary benefits. You get exercise, gain confidence, meet people, and have fun. You also pick up a few fighting skills in the process. But this doesn’t change the fact that only 10% - 20% of the skills and techniques that are taught in most programs have realistic combat applications.

There are exceptions, but the masses don’t gravitate towards this kind of training. Mastering real fighting skills is boring, grueling, and repetitive. Techniques are simple and versatile, but generally not aesthetically pleasing to watch or particularly fun to train. Being prepared for real violence means having your ego checked — a lot. It means being put into scenarios where you will sometimes fail, and have to carry that failure home with you. It often means having to admit to yourself that a lot of what you may have learned elsewhere simply doesn’t work. Most of all, it means having a realistic assessment of your own skills and limitations.

It’s not for everybody…

Lying by Omission

Well I said if I hit a milestone I’d do a request so here is the one for 350 followers ♥ Thanks, you guys ^.^ ♥ 


Rating: T


(I hope this was what you were hoping for anon, I just whipped something up that I thought fitted well with the ask though I might have taken it the wrong way.)

Warnings: Implied child abuse/some slurs

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