things asian moms say

@fellow Filipinos: Is it just me or are some Filipinos (specifically older ones) are sorta….. racist.

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in response to the other ask that you wanted translated into other languages, I felt that as my duty as an asian should help another asian out so heres the chinese translation that I tried to do myself so I hope it is fairly accurate "对不起,自是我可以听到的"


the thing is my mom doesn’t literally say WATCH your language, she says it differently like JEEZ WHAT AWFUL THINGS COME OUT YOUR MOUTH. that’s why I basically cannot really use that phrase X’D
Also my mom speaks cantonese to me, idek if I translated that correctly so I’M SO SORRY BUT I REALLY APPRECIATE THIS SWEET GESTURE LMAOO

Okay, but Real Talk

Why is it that when you tell people you’re interested in things like KPop, anime, CPop, Bollywood or anything remotely relating to Asia they automatically assume that interest dictates how everything you like is Asian.

For instance, while I was in Japan I met this guy at the school I was studying at and he saw that I had EXO on my phone. So, he proceeded to ask me, “Oh, do you like SMTown?” And I said yes then we got excited and started singing YG songs, KDrama songs and even spoke to each other in Korean. But after that, people kept calling him my “Korean boyfriend” and every time we would be in the same room people would just tease me and say, “Oooooh~ Your Korean boyfriend is here~” He wasn’t my boyfriend he was just someone who had the same interests as me (and just happened to be Korean).

But even my mom will say things like, “You’ll marry an Asian boy one day. I can just see it.” or even “Oh, look. You might think he’s cute since he’s Asian.” Or even some friends I had would ask me, “Since you like anime do you have a lot of Asian friends?” Really? Just because I have a deep interest in Asian cultures doesn’t mean that I’m solely going to make every aspect of my life “Asian”. Yes, I love cute Japanese stationery but that’s because America has bland designs and I would like more colors and stickers on my planners and calendars. Yes, I do think Chen from EXO, Mark from Got7 and Suga from BTS are attractive guys but that doesn’t mean I’m going out of my way to date people who look like them! Let alone date only Asians. If my partner ends up being Asian, it’s not because I wanted to date them for their ethnicity. I’m dating them because I genuinely like them and they happen to be of that race. I have no real preference when it comes to race. In fact, my first relationship was with a German Puerto-Rican. Real Asian, huh.

Do you know how annoying and gross it feels to be fetishized for your ethnicity? As you guys have seen, I’m mixed and I’m basically a golden, caramel color. I’m not really dark like my dad nor am I as pale as my mother. But because of I guess I’ll call it my tan skin, I’ve had people come up to me and ask me out because I looked “exotic”. Some even called me a “caramel dream paradise”.  To have people approach me not because they want to know me and like my personality, but because of my “exoticness” is the grossest thing I’ve experienced in my life. And I’m not even that exotic, I’m from New Jersey. So when I hear people say things like “my Korean boyfriend” or that “I’ll only date Asians” I get angry because I’m not trying to fetishize Asian cultures. The reason why I’m so invested into learning Korean, watching KDramas and listening to KPop is because I want to understand the culture better. The reason why I want to travel to South Korea one day isn’t because I want to find my “Korean family” but because South Korea actually helps produce some of the most recent American cartoons right now (Legend of Korra, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, etc.) and I’m deeply interested in animation production since it’s my major. Just because I like one thing about a culture doesn’t mean I’m gonna make my whole entire life about that culture, or let alone pretend I am a person of that culture.