things are still pretty busy but here's a quick update

August, 16. ‘17

I decided to do this thing like quick updates when I don’t post pics so I can still have like a “record” of my days but without having the pressure to actually post pictures of things. Lmao

So here it’s what happened today: had two tests (rather easy subjects, but still) and I think both went pretty good. Practiced some physics exercises for my test tomorrow aaaaand oh I started a book!! Not the best time but I figured I can take it as a way to keep myself busy and, due to that, more productive (don’t @ me, that’s how my weird mind work lol) though I’m taking it easy with the reading because next week I have a big test (and also bc I’m trying to fight a hard reader block).

Also, thanks for the +600 followers!! :’) right now I’m keeping this blog, as I said, for keeping a record of my productivity and academic life and seeing so many ppl here its like ??? awesome ????? ahhh thank you!! I hope I don’t disappoint you all lmao but heyyy I’m clean, I never claimed this was going to be perfect (but maybe I will get closer to that with time!!)